BCS Musical 2019
March 27, 2019 - 11:27pm

Storyline: "A comment in the local newspaper is all it takes for the sparks to fly between two busy New York restaurants. The competition is fierce as Frank determines to outdo his old college friend Toni, leaving his wait staff all scrambling to keep their jobs. Hilarious displays of childish comparison play out on the stage, forcing Grace to step out into an unexpected adventure of her own. Who is August Lindy and could a new dance step forged in secret, be enough to turn Frank’s world completely upside down? Anjo could tell us, if Lucinda Loe gave up her scheming ways long enough. With doom pending, policemen lurking, homeless people demanding, customers leaving and Damon scrambling for a story, both Grace and Frank are in for the ride of their lives as the Lindy Hop hits the streets".

On Earth as it is in Heaven