Portland 2018 Vision Cast
February 1, 2018 - 8:40pm

Portland 2018 is a stadium-seating event where we train and equip believers to fulfill the Great Commission as it is described in Matthew 28.

Our guest speakers have a passion to ignite hope in every believer to follow Jesus at all costs. The worship bands we have selected carry a zeal for the presence of God. As we gather together, every denominational barrier is broken down in the presence of our living God, and as one voice is lifted, we surrender our egos and our logos to Jesus Christ.

Alongside guest speakers and worship sessions, we will have outreach activations where our attendees are sent out to share their faith in love and power throughout the Portland and surrounding Northwest areas. These outreaches are designed to activate believers with boldness and obedience to make sharing their faith a lifestyle. This why we feel that Portland 2018 is not merely an event but a movement of passionate Jesus-followers who live out the Gospel in their city.

Come see how to get involved. Together, we’re reaching millions!


Date | Thursday March 29, 2018
Time | 7:00-9:30pm
Location | Great Room, 933 College View Drive, College View Campus

FMI | visit the website
Email | info@compassiontoaction.com

On Earth as it is in Heaven