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Women Groups

Activities and Special Interest, Prayer Study and Discipleship, Women, Tuesday

With an emphasis on deepening our friendship with Jesus, this is a group for women who want to learn together, share together, pray together and grow together.

Women, Friday

A Journey Into Wholehearted Living
(a group for moms with kids 0-6 years)

Activities and Special Interest, Men, Women, Wednesday

Are you suffering from a past abortion, and ready to be set free?

Prayer Study and Discipleship, Women, Friday

The home group is for moms with littles to build community through prayer and prophetic encouragement for each other.

Home Groups, Prayer Study and Discipleship, Women, Thursday

Come pray with us for your husband and marriage, and enjoy food and fellowship together.

Activities and Special Interest, Women, Monday

We meet twice a month to work on prophetic quilts and pray over the prayer requests turned in at Bethel.

Prayer Study and Discipleship, Men, Women, Thursday

Calling all singles! Designed on the Single Life Workshop e-course, our group will help you identify what is preventing you from deeper connection in your relationships.

Women, Monday

This group is for women who have recently moved into the Bethel Redding community for reasons other than attending BSSM.


To learn more about joining or leading a Women's Core Group, visit the Core Groups ministry page.

On Earth as it is in Heaven