Connect Groups

Activities and Special Interest, Friday

The Adoration Project is a community of songwriters, who passionately pursue the Presence of God and are actively seeking to write songs that inspire adoration form the place of

Missions and the Nations, Monday

Our mission is to establish lasting relationships among Dutch people to fuel the revival in the Netherlands, through a family-like atmosphere in partnership with the Holy spirit

Prayer Study and Discipleship, Tuesday

An historical and Biblical foundation for investing, advanced money management, and strategic planning.

Home Groups, Friday

As a group we will grow in the love of Jesus His word an promises that we can be fruitful to all we minister to an meet.

Age Specific, Tuesday

Tribe is a ministry where we go after the presence of God first and foremost in an atmosphere built to do this within the context of community and connection.

Home Groups, Thursday

This group is about lifting each other up through prayer and encouragement. All ages are welcome!


To learn more about joining or leading a Women's Core Group, visit the Core Groups ministry page.

Home Groups, Friday

We love to worship God around the piano with the whole family, talk about the Kingdom of God and the work of God in everyone's life.


On Earth as it is in Heaven