One of our values at Bethel is to build healthy relationships and we believe it is important for everyone to discover a place where they can connect and grow.

Loving On Purpose equips and empowers people in establishing healthy communication skills and connections.

The ManAlive Men's group at Bethel invites you to leave behind passivity, shame, sexual sin, and impoverished living.

Men's Core Groups will be forming in early 2017 to help men connect on a deeper level in small groups.

Moral Revolution is an organization of radical lovers and passionate people who have a dream of being a catalyst to a global movement.

In 2008, through a dream encounter with the Lord, Barry & Lori Byrne received a significant strategy on how to heal, strengthen and transform marriages - this was the birthi

The Nursery’s mission is to equip and release children through the impartation and demonstration of God’s manifest presence.

The Outreach team seeks to impact the lives of the poor, brokenhearted, captives, blind, and oppressed, by fulfilling the mandate of Luke 4:18.

The purpose of the Pastor on Call ministry (POC) is to respond to people in crisis who call or stop by the church needing assistance from a pastor.

The prophetic ministry of Bethel Church is about igniting purpose, hope, and identity through the gift of prophecy.


On Earth as it is in Heaven