Bethel Global Response CORE 1 & 2 Training
September 20, 2018 - 12:51am

We are a disaster relief ministry of Bethel Church whose mission is global revival - this is our heartbeat! Bethel Global Response exists to “Respond, Revive and Restore from the Kingdom of Heaven to communities in crisis.” We are all called to be responders to crisis, bringing hope to our families, communities and nations! We do not just want to see communities recover from disasters; we want to see them thrive in their God-given identity. Since its inception in 2012, Bethel Global Response has provided assistance to 8,000 people by helping after floods, fires, storms and tornado destruction. Our teams consist of responders equipped to serve, combining supernatural breakthrough with physical assistance. Our trained responders have all different types of backgrounds from being students to professionals, and all are carrying a passion to see people experience love in the midst of disasters. Come join us in being a Presence-based responder!

We will host a 2.5 day training beginning on the evening of October 18th (6:00pm-9:00pm), October 19th (8:30am-6:30pm) and October 20th (8:30am-6:30pm). This introductory level training is required to be a part of Bethel Global Response's roster of disaster responders. Please be prepared to attend the full training as the content builds upon itself.

BSSM Students: Third year students may take the Fall training with the local church for $49. First and second year BSSM students will have an opportunity to take the training as an AMT in January.

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