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Equipping the Church with the heart and skills of spirit-empowered coaching

Bethel Coaching is a group of professional coaches and trainers who are knit in heart with the vision, mission, and values of Bethel Church. We are committed to providing quality training in the heart and skills of Spirit-empowered coaching, along with excellence in personal coaching, for strengthening and supporting the health and growth of the Body of Christ.

Tools for the Practical Expression of a Culture of Honor

Coaching is a unique discipline and conversational approach to helping others. It stands apart and on its own in several key ways from counseling, mentoring, and consulting. Coaching embodies many of the ways Jesus went about investing in the lives of people by creating a grace-filled environment, believing in them, asking powerful questions, employing the use of metaphor, and calling them to decision and action. As such, the coach approach is a great practical expression of loving and honoring others well. Coaching skills are powerful tools in the hands of leaders, be it CEOs, ministry leaders, managers, or parents. By interacting with others using a coach approach, leaders in their sphere of influence can have a long-lasting, empowering, and transformational effect on those they lead.

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On Earth as it is in Heaven