City Project

When & Where

At City Project, we partner with heaven by serving the City of Redding in maintaining beauty in our parks and open spaces, reclaiming unusable spaces, picking up trash, removing invasive plants, and restoring the land to a place where it’s usable again. As we clear brush for the river trail, we make it safer to walk on. As we make space for a kayak launch, we’re opening the door for families to spend time together. We believe that in part, revival looks like a city being restored and revitalized by service. It's often not glamorous or convenient, but it has a big impact as we love our city in a way it can hear and understand.

City Project is an expression of BSSM, but whether you're a student or not, there's room for you to volunteer and love on our city with us! We need people with technical skills, and people who may not have technical skills, but who have a heart to guide others in service. Work days are Thursdays and Fridays.

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On Earth as it is in Heaven