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Bethel's Creative Arts team's passion is to use the arts as a supernatural way to open the doors to the miraculous love and power of God that brings healing and transformation. Our heart is to creatively express God’s presence in church life and in the community through training believers to prophetically call out the gold in people. Through equipping and sending out anointed artists, musicians, photographers, actors, and dancers, the Creative Arts is ushering in a Culture of Celebration into the streets, businesses and schools in Redding and all over the world.


Be sure to check out the art gallery throughout the lobby and hallway of Bethel's College View campus.

If you would like information about any of the paintings you see, you are welcome to contact us by emailing


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Theresa Dedmon
Team Member: 
Jackie Grace


Family - painting by Fabiana

"One woman who had come to receive prayer in the Healing Rooms was met with an unexpected healing. On her way to a class, in a group of about 15 people, she looked up at Fabiana's family painting on the wall and immediately fell under the power of God. After taking the others to class, the leader returned only to see that another who had tried helping the woman get up and get to class, also fell! When they all finally made it into the classroom, the class broke out in laughter and no official 'class' was able to be taught. The woman who fell under God’s power while looking at the painting realized that she had a metal taste in her mouth and that she had regained mobility in her neck. Previously, she had had metal and four screws in her neck, but when she tasted the metal in her mouth, she felt the outside of her neck and could could no longer feel the four screws!"

“For years I have struggled with wanting to hide because of my weight, and over the past year God has been bringing me freedom from the things that held me in bondage to my co-dependency and food addiction. Recently I was engaged and have been seeing God’s plan unfold in the area of love and romance, but when I saw the pictures of our engagement I couldn’t stop seeing the things I didn’t like about myself, and I had a hard time believing that this gift of a man saw any beauty in me – enough to want to spend the rest of his life with me. I had been feeling very low about my body for two days before the conference and felt my old thoughts about myself creeping back in… until Nicola gave me the painting of a man and woman dancing – a picture of God showing off His precious girl: ME! I felt like a debutant at a ball – a coming out party just for God to show me off and show me how beautiful, powerful, and captivating I am to Him. Thank you Bethel team for letting God work through you to release us into a greater measure of creative anointing!" – Alycia James (Dayton Vineyard)

“Although it has always been easy to mentor and reach children and young adults, I have no voice with adults. I am very uncomfortable speaking with others, even close friends do not know my story. I love serving and doing for others. They know me as a person of few words.
Abby’s song broke through those barriers. She touched on how God is listening, and writing a longer story of my life. I was a wreck. Even as I write this two days later, my hands shake and there are tears in my eyes. She encouraged me to write. My voice can be heard by my writing even if not through speaking. God is good. Thank you! I think the fact that words came as a song made them sweeter and more heartfelt.” – P. Caldwell (Dayton Vineyard)

City Impact

The above mural was sketched by Bethel's Creative Arts team, then the city of Redding got to add their color to the mural during the Celebrate 10 events commemorating the 10 years since the Sundial bridge was built. The mural now hangs in City Hall.

On Earth as it is in Heaven