Dear Bethel Redding Church Family,

As you likely already know, we announced on Sunday January 12, 2014 that after 13 years of dedicated ministry in this house, Danny and Sheri Silk are transitioning out of their current roles at Bethel and the Redding Civic Auditorium. This is the exciting and woeful culmination of much discussion, prayer and several prophetic words, but seems good to all of our leadership team.

This move is an opportunity to strengthen the Jesus Culture team as Sheri is joining their staff as the Events Director and Danny will give insight and consult with Banning and SeaJay’s team as they ready to launch a church plant later this year.

Sheri has done an amazing job in all her years ministering with us, most recently with Advance Redding at the Civic and we are deeply grateful. She is going to stay involved at the Civic to ensure a smooth transition but will also begin her assignment with Jesus Culture and relocate to the Sacramento area in the next month.

Like Sheri, Danny has powerfully led and enhanced many of the ministries of Bethel. Most recently he has been working with Community Development, Hope City, Transformation Center, GTI, Outreach, the BAM (Bethel Activation Ministries) Team, Bethel’s Human Resources department and the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) among others. Currently the plan is for Danny to stay in town and be regularly involved in many of these areas until the summer. During the summer he will move to Sacramento and join Sheri, but will continue to have a regular ongoing role in Bethel Redding.

Danny will continue to serve with us in Redding one week in five as he continues to influence our environment, preach at Bethel and teach in BSSM. Essentially this frees Danny from the day-to-day management of various departments while allowing him to focus on advancing Bethel’s role in ongoing city transformation in Redding, his continued speaking ministry, Loving on Purpose and Jesus Culture.

Ben and Brittney Serpell will be moving with her folks to Sacramento sometime in the summer. Brittney works for Loving on Purpose and she will continue in that role. Ben has been working fulltime in our youth department but, in Sacramento, will focus on the college studies he has already been pursuing. Both have been such a valuable part of our team. In their various ministries, they have loved our children, teenagers and their parents deeply; strengthening their skills and creating healthy families. Ben and Britt bring so much laughter, joy and “ownership” to every department they have served in and we will deeply miss their contribution to our church family.

In essence, this is kind of a slow motion, multistage process. We needed to announce it without knowing all the details so we could start creating the details! Sheri has teasingly said she wants everyone to know their marriage is strong, even though they will be living apart for a couple of months.

In the future we will have an opportunity to celebrate Sheri, Ben and Brittney and to commission and send them out. Of course, we will celebrate Danny too, but it is different as we expect to continue to be blessed by his ongoing ministry.


The Senior Leadership Team
Bethel Church
Redding California

On Earth as it is in Heaven