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House Magazine is a print publication by Bethel Redding. Our mission is to connect the Bethel Redding family and those visiting Bethel with the core values of our house through meaningful content and an inspired aesthetic, creating a snapshot of kingdom culture in action. In each issue, we communicate our mission through four "personas,” God-given roles we all have within us. Saint focuses primarily on identity, Disciple focuses on growth, Revivalist focuses on living supernaturally, and Steward focuses on stewardship and cultivation.

You will love the feel of this publication with its 68 pages of thick, matte finish beautiful content. Use as an inspirational conversation starter on your coffee table or collect each issue of House to live in your personal library of revival materials.

Issue 1: Genesis

We titled the first issue Genesis which means the origin or formation of something. Though our story has already started, in some way, we feel a freshness that is blending with our deep roots. Our story reaches back, it is propelling us forward into all that is ahead. Throughout this issue you will find many established and emerging voices from within our Bethel Family. We hope you are encouraged by the words, pictures, and stories of those living fully in the presence of our good Father.


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