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When we Meet: 

Men's Core Groups meet in homes and other locations most days of the week. Meeting day and time is set by each group.


A men’s core group is a deep community for brothers in which friendship is the foundation. It is a place where discipleship happens naturally and men thrive spiritually, emotionally and physically. Men's Core Groups are part of BraveCo/RDD and the Bethel Community Life Ministry.

What Happens in a Core Group?

Men’s Core Groups focus on developing friendship relationships and deeply discussing and living out the Jesus-following life. Some groups may also gather around a specific focus, and others may dive into studies for a season. Each group is a place where men can talk openly with brothers about the deep issues of life. Sounds serious…..and it often is.....but there is usually a lot of laughter!

How Long Do They Last

Some groups may persist for a semester or two, some for a year; others for years. How long they last is decided by the men in the group. There is no specific time requirement, but we encourage men to be faithful in attendance during the season they are committed to being part of the group. As with many things in life, we receive value from these groups in proportion to our participation.

How Big Are They?

Group size is decided by each group. Most groups are 8 to 10 men, but each group will grow to the size that feels right to the men in it.

What Is the Age of Men in Groups?

Each group is different. Most are mixed-age groups, but a few are seniors or young men. We recommend groups with mixed ages because young men benefit from the presence of older, and older from younger; however, you can select a group that best fits you.

When and How Often Do They Meet?

Meeting frequency, days of the week and meetup times are decided by the individual group. Most core groups meet weekly.



Vision / Mission / Values

What is the Vision / Mission?

Our vision is bands of strong and confident sons of the King who are going far together in brotherhood; pure and powerful men of honor who are full of faith, courage and the Holy Spirit and unwaveringly dedicated to the expansion of the Kingdom of God and its righteous culture of love in families, communities and nations.

Our mission is to encourage the brotherhood to:
► Live from a place of intimate fellowship with God as His sons;
► Develop committed, accountable brotherhood relationships built around the Jesus-following life;
► Nurture a revival-oriented Kingdom culture in ourselves, in our families, in our communities, our nation and to the ends of the Earth;
► Build Jesus-centered families that steward multi-generational legacies of faithfulness

What are the Core Values of Men’s Core Groups?

We flow within Bethel’s core values. We also have core values unique to our purpose:
► Authenticity: being real about who we are and what we think, including our unique spiritual identities.
► Vulnerability: openness about our weaknesses, mistakes and fears.
► Safety: confidentiality that holds in trust the deep places of one another's hearts, respect that does not push for disclosure, and honor that loves even in unlovely places.
► Commitment: individually prioritizing consistent connection during the season of participation.

What are Men’s Core Groups NOT?

► We do not meet to fix one another, but rather encourage and edify one another as the Lord works in us individually and together.
► Our groups are not studies, although we often refer to the Word, and some groups may focus for a time on parts of the Bible or other Christian materials. We intend to be disciples who experientially know the Lord, rather than men who only know about Him.
► We are not looking to find sin in one another, but rather, we look for gold. We call forth that gold as we grow in Christlikeness. We do not ignore sin, and we deal with it when it is an issue, but it is not our primary focus.
► Core groups are not accountability groups, although individuals in the group might ask brothers to hold them accountable for something. We are more concerned about being accountable for positively using our gifts for the Kingdom.

How Can I Join A Group?

You can find information about our current groups on the Bethel Redding groups pages. (Please note that these groups are for men in the Bethel community. If you are part of another church family and would like to see men’s core groups there, please contact us at the email address below.) We encourage you to make direct contact with one or more group leaders and ask about the group(s)....and don’t hesitate to visit multiple groups to find one that fits you best. If you don’t see a group right away that fits, register here to be contacted as space is available and new groups form.


We are always looking for men who have a heart to serve the brotherhood as leaders of our groups. If that could be you, please read on.

What Does a Men’s Core Group Leader Do?

Leaders in this ministry are first of all servants. Our leaders serve by facilitating and maintaining a culture that nurtures a community of brothers who are following after the Lord. We look for leaders who can approach this with shepherding sensitivity and a welcoming heart. We also lead together: our leaders are relationally connected to one of our teams of core group leaders.

How Might I Become a Men’s Core Group Leader?

Think you might be interested? You can find more details on leading a group on our Leadership Interest Form. If after reading this material you think leadership may be right for you, complete the form and we will be in touch.

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When & Where
College View
Various Locations
When we Meet: 

Men's Core Groups meet in homes and other locations most days of the week. Meeting day and time is set by each group.

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