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Bethel Missions oversees and pastors missionaries that Bethel has sent out into the field and helps them in maintaining their connection to the church. To assist the missionaries and their ministries, Bethel Missions facilitates the spiritual and physical needs by interceding and donating funds.

Importance of Long Term Missions

We have learned from our experience of living overseas that it often takes years to develop intimate relationships cross culturally. Such relationships developed by people who have gone to the nations for the long term are changing people’s lives, which start the chain reaction of transforming a culture.

Short term missions can be helpful and at times can be the catalyst of a God encounter for many, but without people to remain in the nation, to carry the torch, to build and disciple people by living life together, the good that was started with short term efforts can often be short lived. This is the reason some go, leaving family, success, and a life they’ve known in their home countries to travel and live among people of a different nation.

Thank you for your interest and your support of our missionaries and their presence in the nations, living life with people of a completely different culture. Your involvement can bring positive change in people’s lives for generations to come! In places that now seem hopeless and impossible, we can change history!

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