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We are a community of believers that live to serve the dream of God in Redding, CA. We believe God’s heart is for each person to be connected to Him and His body, through the sacrifice of His Son Jesus; resulting in wholeness of spirit, soul, and body and the expansion of His Kingdom within Shasta County. We are empowered to pursue to this reality through Christ’s unconditional love for us and our love for one another. We pursue transformation in individuals and communities in Redding by demonstrating the love of Jesus through meeting practical needs, healing the sick, bringing deliverance, and preaching the message of Salvation through faith in Jesus.


We believe love empowers love. We believe Jesus Christ’s sacrifice of Himself made grace available that has the power to transform any individual's life. At the core of this transformation is the ability genuinely to love back. Christ’s unconditional love for us empowers us to love God and people with the unconditional love of Christ.

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On Earth as it is in Heaven