Short Term Missions

Short Term Missions

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Short Term Missions gives the local church and Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry the opportunity to go to the ends of the earth bring the Kingdom of Heaven. They do this by demonstrating a culture of love, honor, power, and relationship.

“We owe the world an encounter with Jesus.”


  1. To display the glory of God and to impart the kingdom of heaven wherever we go.
  2. To build relationship with our global community by serving, honoring, and adding strength to their ministry.
  3. To be challenged and go to new levels as leaders.
  4. To build strong relationships on our teams and to create an atmosphere where individuals know their place and their significance on the team.
  5. To activate the trip's team members.
  6. To encounter God in new ways and bring people into these encounters.
  7. To continue to see increase, going from glory to glory.
  8. To see Jesus get His reward.

Upcoming Trips

We encourage the local church body to get involved in missions!

Short Term Missions Trips available to you: Click here!

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Julie Mustard
Hadassah Tate
Rochelle Allnut
Alex Shea

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When & Where
Lake Building
When we Meet: 

On Earth as it is in Heaven