The missionaries shown below are supported by your individual donations through Bethel. If you'd like to give to help support one of these missionaries, note their "M#" and be sure to include that with your giving.

Missionary Training & Care

Missionary Training & Care funds are used to train and equip new and veteran missionaries to be effective on the foreign field. These funds also help us to provide pastoral care, debriefing, counseling, medical care and other financial assistance when needed.

Mozambique Baby Clinic – Tracy Evans

MozambiqueGive to M97

The Mozambique Baby Clinic milk program provides milk for more than 600 African orphan infants, HIV-positive babies and handicapped children on a daily basis. They also provide primary medical care for these children and hundreds of their siblings.

Aaron & Ana Stafford

Aaron & Ana served with YWAM Cluj-Napoca, Romania for nearly 16 years before coming to BSSM in 2015. Driven by their love for Jesus and a passion to see the Kingdom of God powerfully manifested in and around them, they spent four years soaking up all they could from the Bethel community with a desire to take back what they learned to see revival in Romania and the nations. As the founders and directors of Living Well, a family ministry with a vision to see men, women and children passionately pursuing their full potential in Christ, they believe the family is the backbone of every society. Their calling is to raise up husbands and wives committed to loving and raising powerful children, to see orphans becoming sons and daughters, and build strong, healthy families that equip and empower society to live in wholeness.

African Bible Schools

The African Bible Schools were adopted by Bethel Church in 2007. Reaching city influencers and the poorest village pastors, the 11 schools are located in Kenya, Rwanda, Zambia and the DR Congo. They are run by principals who passionately live out their Kingdom DNA—training people to heal the sick, have intimacy with Papa, and know the Word! The next phase of development is to build in practical skills and business training to help graduates not only walk in power, but to bring justice to their nations by turning poverty into prosperity!

Ben Fitzgerald

Originally from Australia, Ben Fitzgerald was on staff at Bethel in Redding for several years when in 2014, Jesus showed him a vision at a field to take back Europe. After many confirmations, Bethel sent Ben to Germany where he and his team now live and host city wide events across the continent called Awakening Europe. These events, funded primarily by giving, serve three primary functions: to equip believers to share Jesus with no fear, to unify the church for God's plan for their nation, and to win many new people to God through mass outreaches.

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Christina Rangel

Redding, CaliforniaGive to M81

For the last four years Christina Rangel has been working with girls rescued from human trafficking and high-trauma environments, helping them become functional members of society. She's become an expert in this field and provides training and awareness to organizations internationally and across the country, including the FBI. Her hope is to be able to give rescued children the same restoration she received, and to include innovative solutions to help educate people on this issue.

Erica Greve

Unlikely HeroesGive to M15

Erica Greve is the founder of Unlikely Heroes, a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue, restoration and rehabilitation of children previously trapped in sex slavery in the US and abroad. Unlikely Heroes implements and operates restoration homes, rescue and prevention programs for child victims of sex slavery worldwide. Additionally, Unlikely Heroes is working in partnership with other non-profit organizations in the United States, Philippines and Mexico to see child victims who have been sold for sex rescued, protected and rehabilitated.

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Heroes of the Nation

Heroes of the Nation is the largest orphanage in Kenya, bringing hope and love to over 500 children. They started 11 years ago with a desire to not just feed and clothe orphans, but to train them to be the next leaders of their country. All of their kids are given a great education, empowered to lead, and taught about their identity in Christ. They have coupled their mission with a self-sustaining model: creating local businesses to generate revenue and provide jobs for the community. They believe the children on their campus are truly going to change their nation!

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South AsiaGive to M72

M72 have a vision for millions of people of South Asia being saved, discipled, and baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. They are not only passionate about bringing the gospel to over 2000 unreached people groups of South Asia but also want to bring about transformation to the entire nation they live in and see their land become a revival resource to all of Asia and the Middle East. They are also focused on discipling nationals, empowering the church and creating healthy families.


Beyond GoldGive to M22

Having been successful professional athletes themselves as well as an Olympic finalist, J+J now travel around the world together with their daughters to reach athletes and coaches with the good news and empower them to be inspiring role models to our youth and society. Over the past 16 years J+J received official accreditation for over 40 big sports events such as the Olympic Games, World Championships and World Cups where they offered a safe and performance-free place for athletes and coaches to be encouraged, receive prayer and experience a relationship with God. God’s manifest presence and unconditional love would show up in tangible ways and many athletes would experience freedom from their performance-based identity as they discovered their true identity as sons and daughters. As a family they have a passion to see athletes and professionals live a healthy, value-based and abundant life beyond their performance.

Along the way God has been opening up many doors and hearts of global influencers. J+J have had the privilege of meeting many people from the industries of politics, media as well as arts & entertainment. J+J’s heart-cry is for global influencers to experience a personal relationship with God and in turn make Him famous and known in their own spheres of influence.

Matt King

Resurrection BelgiumGive to M36

Matt is an Australian-born evangelist who has recently transitioned to Europe after 4 years based at Bethel where he was leading and training the students in the school of ministry. He now ministers itinerantly in multiple nations, partnering with churches.
Matt is the primary vision carrier for the movement – Resurrection Belgium ( Resurrection Belgium is a movement of people and churches actively building toward a penultimate stadium-event in 2020. This united movement is gathering individuals, ministries and churches for the purposes of uniting the Belgian body of Christ for a cause. That cause is the large-scale proclamation of the gospel in the heart of Europe – Brussels – and the equipping of the European church. Events, church meetings and outreaches are occurring now; and will be pivotal in achieving the goal of bringing multitudes to Jesus and reviving the Belgian body of Christ.
Matt is also a member of the evangelism core team for Europe Shall Be Saved. This network is working toward the vision of 100 million souls won to Christ in Europe, and the core team is pursuing this vision through working to connect and equip 10,000 evangelists across the continent.
Matt is also the Revival Group Leader of the Bethel Leaders Network Europe Mainland group. Through this role he provides spiritual leadership for senior and associate church leaders. (

Jaz & Chisco

Spain / Latin AmericaGive to M52

Jaz & Chisco love Spain and are passionate about the Spanish people coming to the Lord, stepping into their identity and living in the freedom Jesus paid for! They are currently running a short term ministry school, while developing discipleship material, doing evangelistic activities and working with teenagers.

Besides their work in Spain, they also travel throughout Latin America leading worship and training young people in a lifestyle of intimacy and passion.

Kirk & Denise Schauer

MozambiqueGive to M21

Kirk and Denise Schauer started Seeds of Hope International Partnerships ( 18 years ago. They have brought the kingdom of God and clean water to over 1,000,000 Africans. They are currently facilitating community development projects, debriefing, and training around the world. Their passion is for equipping people, churches, and organizations to disciple nations supernaturally. Specifically, they are involved in Water and Hygiene projects in Mozambique with Tracy Evans, and training Church leaders with the African Bible Schools in Kenya. (They are based in Redding, CA

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Rose Cantos

After a mission’s trip 15 years ago, Rose knew she was called to Spain. As she stood on her balcony and looked out over the city of Valladolid, she heard the Lord say, “This is your city”. It was clear to her that one day she would return… that was 8 years ago, as of July 2013. She is more in love with this country than ever before. She has developed incredible relationships not only with the people in her church but within her community as well. Her church is involved with the military, police association and churches of different denominations – all-working together to see changes in the mindset of Spaniards. She feels privileged to be a part of the changes that are helping to transform Spain into a nation that is proud in its belief and walk with the Lord.

Ryan & Audrey Aitken

ThailandGive to M02

Ryan and Audrey are based in Thailand, taking the power of the Kingdom of God across Asia. They have an insatiable hunger to bring in the reward of the Lamb's suffering, and to see the kingdom of God invade the earth through demonstrations of God's power and love. They love to activate and train the body of Christ to do the works of God through the ease of the Holy Spirit, equipping the church to rise up to her full potential. Their passion is partnering with the local church so together they can bring in a great harvest.

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Selah Johnson

New ZealandGive to M18

After spending three months in New Zealand and two months in Papua New Gueina, Selah Johnson knew she was called back to serve the mission of YWAM Queenstown. Her passion is to see the lives of youth radically transformed (just as hers was as a student of this ministry school) and to send young people out into the nations.

She is currently on the staff team at the YWAM base in Queenstown, New Zealand leading, discipling, and serving the students. Her goal is to see the broken and lost come to know Jesus and walk fully in freedom as sons and daughters. Selah is dedicating these years to see transformation in young people and in the earth.

On Earth as it is in Heaven