The missionaries shown below are supported regularly by the Bethel Missions fund. If you'd like to give above and beyond to a specific missionary, note their "M#" and be sure to include that with your giving.

Tracy Evans - iReachAfrica


Give to M96

Tracy is a Physician Assistant and the director of iReachAfrica, which is a non-profit organization committed to reversing the cycles of poverty, disease and death in Mozambique, Africa.

What does Good News look like in Mozambique, Africa? It looks like feeding the hungry, healing the sick and visiting those in prison. Good News looks like planting churches, building clinics and schools, and saving orphan infants whose moms have died. Good News looks like teaching agriculture, restoring the land and strengthening communities with leadership training. It’s about growing healthy communities spiritually, emotionally, socially and relationally. Good News comes with loads of encouraging words, frequent hugs and quality time, sharing life with one another. It’s about serving, honoring and modeling, what the kingdom of God looks like. And that’s what the people of iReachAfrica are busy doing in Mozambique: Declaring and demonstrating, in word and in deed, Good News to Africa!

Tracy also offers a feeding program that provides daily medical care and milk to 600 orphan infants and HIV+/handicapped children. She has served in Mozambique for 14 years.

Looking to support the Mozambique Baby Clinic with milk and supplies?​ Click here​!

Rolland & Heidi Baker

MozambiqueGive to M64

Rolland and Heidi Baker are the founding directors of Iris Ministries, which began in 1980. They arrived in Mozambique in 1995, after ministering for twelve years in Asia and three years in the UK. They began to pour out their lives and hearts among the street children in Mozambique. Iris now oversees fifteen bases worldwide and has planted thousands of churches.

Ministry teams travel to remote areas via four wheel drive and four-ton trucks, bush planes and boats. The Lord has graced this work by pouring out His healing and miraculous power in village after village. The deaf hear, the blind see and the poor hear the good news. Iris Ministries includes five bible colleges, medical clinics, bush outreaches, church based orphan care, children’s villages, primary schools, cottage industries, widow’s programs, well drilling projects, missionary training schools, village feeding programs, houses for the disabled and more.

Rolland and Heidi have co-authored five books. They are calling for a passionate tribe of holy given, laid down lovers to give their lives away for love’s sake and to bring the lost children of all ages and nations home to the Father’s house.

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Paul Manwaring

United KingdomGive to M007

After 15 years of living in California and serving on the Senior Leadership Team of Bethel Church, Paul & Sue Manwaring returned to live in the UK in December 2016. The Manwarings continue to represent Bethel in Europe and around the world and to facilitate Global Legacy and Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM) alumni. Paul & Sue have never been so certain of God’s leading than in this season of their lives. As well as representing Bethel they will be joining with Jean Luc Trachsel and other leaders in Europe as they develop a strategy for the evangelization of Europe as well as preach and teach with that goal in mind. The Manwarings will continue to travel around the world and to develop their ministry with a particular emphasis on empowering leaders in every sphere and walk of life. Paul & Sue are so grateful to those who have expressed a desire to support them in this exciting season of their lives.

William & Amy Jackson

South AfricaGive to M14

Colin (William) and Amy Jackson are BSSM graduates and have been on staff with Bethel Church for several years. They are now based in South Africa and oversee Bethel’s 11 African Bible Schools in four nations. As the International Overseers, they train, mentor and pastor the schools in leadership, Kingdom DNA, walking in power, and business development. In South Africa, they plan to develop a kingdom-based business and leadership program to help birth/advance businesses and create employment. They are passionate about seeing God’s justice established and poverty eradicated from Africa!

Child Education Center

MozambiqueGive to M80

iReachAfrica Child Education Center was established for children and youth living in poor and underprivileged rural villages to encounter Jesus, have access to quality education, and be empowered for a positive learning trajectory by supporting them through their primary education experiences.

Mark Neitz

Mark and Jessica are the founders of Why Not Now Ministries. Why Not Now Ministries provides safe loving homes for children rescued from abuse and exploitation in South East Asia. They also provide clean safe drinking water in remote and impoverished villages throughout South East Asia and around the world.

Dan & Lori Frost

Washington D.C.Give to M16

Dan & Lori Frost are Directors of D.C. Connect. For the past 11 years they have had the unique opportunity to build relationships with members of the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate in Washington, D.C. They have been able to bring Jesus into the very private world of very public people because of the trust they have garnered through those relationships.

They take leaders and teams to Washington D.C. to connect with people who are influencers of many. It is their passion to follow the Father’s heart to bring the power of the Holy Spirit into this place of position, power and protocol. They feel they are called to serve government leaders and those working in places of influence “for such a time as this” and they are seeing the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit moving on Capitol Hill in new and fresh ways. In addition, Dan teaches at Bethel’s School of Supernatural Ministry, raising up future leaders in government and the “Daniels” who will minister in the “courts of the kings.”


AfghanistanGive to M12

M12 desires to see the power of the Good News sweep the nation of Afghanistan; bringing hope and wholeness. They are passionate about helping the poor and hopeless discover their place while finding true peace and joy. They are joining with what God is doing by working alongside and developing local leaders. They are resourcing, equipping and training nationals so that they can lead the transformation of this beautiful country.


AfghanistanGive to M86

M86 have a passionate family of nine, abandonedly in love with Jesus and dedicated to seeing His Kingdom come wherever He puts them. And Afghanistan is that place right now. Light shines in the darkest places, and M86 want to see Afghanistan transformed by the love and power of the gospel. It's not about another religion or set of rules, it's about a relationship with God.

The Mission

Mexico (Rancho De Sus Niños) & RomaniaGive to M62

The Mission (formerly called Rancho De Sus Niños) is a multi-campus ministry that began in 1987 out of a simple desire to care for orphaned and abandoned children. That desire and vision has exponentially grown over the the past 30 years as they have rescued, loved and restored thousands of children's lives. Jimmy and Genea Horner are the Senior Leaders of this incredible ministry that is daily impacting so many in the nations of Mexico, Nicaragua and Romania.

Through their orphan care, education programs, family care, feeding programs and school of ministry, The Mission is passionately advancing the kingdom by loving and serving the Lord and His people.

The Mission

NicaraguaGive to M50

The Mission (formerly called Rancho De Sus Niños) is a multi-campus ministry that began in 1987 out of a simple desire to care for orphaned and abandoned children. That desire and vision has exponentially grown over the the past 30 years as they have rescued, loved and restored thousands of children's lives. Jimmy and Genea Horner are the Senior Leaders of this incredible ministry that is daily impacting so many in the nations of Mexico, Nicaragua and Romania.

Through their orphan care, education programs, family care, feeding programs and school of ministry, The Mission is passionately advancing the kingdom by loving and serving the Lord and His people.

Ben and Sheena George

NicaraguaGive to M47

Ben and Sheena George are BSSM graduates and former Bethel Staff that live with their 4 children in Nicaragua. After leading many Bethel teams to Nicaragua, they are now living in their dream: Working with at-risk children, youth and families, and gathering hungry hearts for the pursuit of the presence of God in Nicaragua. With a vision to be part of the global adoption movement the Lord is establishing before His return (Luke 1:17), they are committed to seeing Jesus get His reward as they work to rescue the abused and neglected, to love the fatherless and abandoned, and to see restoration of family. They live in Matagalpa, Nicaragua where they work with a home for former street children, feeding programs, day programs, and are establishing more justice services and ministry for children and families. Spring of 2019 marks the launch of an encounter and training school for ministry workers called 'The Honeypot'. The Georges are also owners and operators of a craft ice cream company, known as Kiss Me, that they founded in Nicaragua.


MountainsGive to M84

They moved to the mountains in 2011 after completing Second Year at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding, CA. Their passion is to be among the lost, teaching and modeling kingdom family. Long-term, he hopes that he can be like Stephen in the Bible, full of faith and the Holy Spirit, using his administrative strengths to allow the apostles to spread the Gospel. She desires to help many unreached people groups know God, bringing both physical and spiritual wholeness.


Mountains - Iris GlobalGive to M45

M45 have the joy of co-laboring with Jesus to see worship arise amongst the unreached peoples of the mountains. They live to see a wave of God's glory flood these regions, bringing kingdom transformation to individuals, communities, and nations through the power of the Holy Spirit. Out of a deep heart for the poor and oppressed, they create unique kingdom enterprises that bring dignity, justice, hope and the Father's love to serve the "least of these."


Heidi (Anderson) Van Den Berg

South AfricaGive to M01

Heidi has had a heart for Africa since she was a young child. After completing BSSM and an internship with Steve Backlund in 2013, she moved to South Africa to work with Global Legacy where she helps train, equip and provide a place of connection and unity for church leaders in the country. She also serves on the leadership team for the Breakthru School of Supernatural Ministry in Johannesburg, among other ministries, to help people come alive in their God-given identities. By trade, Heidi is a registered nurse with a passion to take Christians out of the church to release healing on the streets, in hospitals, and rural areas, providing hope and freedom to the lost, sick and broken. Her long-term vision is to see South Africa transformed by the power of God.

Joel & Laci

Thailand / AsiaGive to M43

Joel and Laci have been living in Asia since 2013, and have plans to build a long-term base in Thailand. In 2013 they also started a nonprofit organization called Glad World. They travel regularly throughout Asia, activating and raising up foreign missionaries and indigenous believers as fiery, joyful revivalists in their land. In the midst of this, the Kingdom of God is exploding in miraculous power and salvation among the unreached and those affected by poverty, drugs, and violence. Joel and Laci’s greatest pleasure and privilege is to host the manifest presence of the Lord among the least of these. Their vision is to continue in this and to be a part of building revival culture and global family in the darkest places on earth.

Becky Babcock

ArgentinaGive to M10

Becky is called to Argentina to equip and train young people in how to live a supernatural lifestyle. In 2017, she started two ministry schools in Buenos Aires. The first, the Escuela de Formación Extrema (EFX) is a 24/7 discipleship school that has 10-12 students each year and lasts for 10 months. Its focus is to form godly character and discipline in the lives of the students, as well as to activate them in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. The second, the Escuela Sobrenatural (ESN) meets every Saturday morning for 3 hours in a large church downtown, and is geared towards young people who work or attend university, but also want to be equipped in the supernatural. During the first year of ESN, there were 130 students who attended, most of whom will be coming back for a second year. Becky believes that revival and reformation will happen throughout the nation as young people realize their identity as sons and daughters of God, and begin to walk in their God-given destiny in every area of their lives.

Canon Andrew White

Iraq / IsraelGive to M28

In late 2016, Canon Andrew White resigned from Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East (FRRME). Despite his ongoing health challenges due to his Multiple Sclerosis (MS), he feels called to continue his relief and reconciliation work and ministry in Jordan, Israel, Palestine, Pakistan and hopefully other countries beyond the Middle East. Therefore, Canon White started the Canon Andrew White Reconciliation Ministries and Jerusalem Merit.

Major aspects of Canon White’s ministry and work, include running the School and the Clinic for Iraqi refugees in Jordan, his relief and reconciliation work in Israel and Palestine. All of these are totally reliant on your direct support to Canon Andrew White.

CareNet Pregnancy Center

Redding, CAGive to M39
Saving Lives • Healing Hearts • Ministering Compassion

Care Net Pregnancy Center of Northern California is an inter-denominational, volunteer based, Christ-centered ministry whose mission is to promote a culture of life within our society in order to serve people facing unplanned pregnancies and/or sexual-related issues. Our Redding and Red Bluff centers offer free, confidential services such as: pregnancy tests, sonograms, parenting incentive program, mentoring and more! Our desire is to see lives transformed through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

On Earth as it is in Heaven