The Healing Rooms is a place where a group of passionate, joy-filled people gather to host the Presence of God, the One Who loves to set people free from ANY sickness or disease. Below are the leaders that facilitate the Healing Rooms ministry.

Chris Gore

Director of Bethel’s Healing Ministries

Chris Gore was a Pastor in New Zealand before coming to Redding where he graduated from Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. He is now the Director of Bethel’s Healing Ministries and on the Church Leadership Team of Bethel Church. While having an unquenchable hunger for God’s Presence, Chris’s passion is to see ordinary saints walking in extraordinary exploits by releasing the Kingdom through healing and miracles. Chris travels the world, teaching and activating the church to walk in a Kingdom mindset and the full inheritance that Jesus paid for. He is married to Liz and they have three beautiful daughters.

Chuck Parry

Director of Bethel Healing Rooms

Chuck Parry’s life is marked by both faith and the miraculous. He has seen food multiplied, storms move out of the way, the supply of Heaven released through supernatural finances, and countless people healed and transformed. His passion is to see people fully alive and walking out their Kingdom purposes, loved by and in love with the King. A Pastor in Colorado for 20 years, Chuck is now the Director of Bethel Healing Rooms, and author of the book Free-Falling: True Stories of One Man's Leap Into the Miraculous. Chuck and his wife Linda live in a full house in Redding with one of their three children and their four grandchildren. He travels all over the globe teaching and preaching the Kingdom of Heaven is here, with signs and wonders following.

Marshall Belcher

Associate Director of Bethel Healing Rooms

Marshall Belcher is the Associate Director of the Bethel Healing Rooms and the Director of Bethel Firestarters. He has been involved in pastoral ministry for over 15 years, and has activated hundreds of people to heal the sick through his presence-driven approach in releasing God’s power.

Marshall’s passion is to introduce Jesus to as many people as possible through an encounter of the goodness of God and a supernatural demonstration of the power of God. He has a desire to see every Christian set ablaze with passion for God, empowered with God’s powerful presence, and activated in miracles, healing, and the prophetic as a normal lifestyle to touch as many people with the Good News of Jesus and His Kingdom. He is married to Julie and they have two amazing sons.

Les Coombs

Healing Rooms Pastor

Les Coombs has been the Healing Rooms Pastor since 2010, leading the team that pastors our 800 volunteers and BSSM students. Les also serves as an Associate Leader of Bethel Activation Ministries (B.A.M.) He encourages people to live in connection and love and to pursue wholeness in body, soul and spirit in ever-deepening intimacy with God. He is committed to helping people know their full identity and be released in their commission to heal the sick and do signs and wonders. He travels with his wife Deborah and leads ministry trips of BSSM students, preaching and releasing the power of the Holy Spirit.

Angie Hofacre

Healing Rooms Operations

Angie Hofacre loves life! Her passion is to see believers live in freedom and power and to experience God. After serving in overseas ministry for 11 years in 3 countries, she moved to Redding and completed 3 years of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. Angie has served in the Healing Rooms since 2009. She runs our Healing Rooms Operations and also leads the Prophetic Art Teams within the Healing Rooms. She and her husband Ryan have a beautiful little girl named Maddie.

Andrea Beck

Healing Rooms Administrator

Andrea Beck is a passionate worshipper whose life is marked by intimacy with Jesus. She loves to see people encounter the Prince of Peace through song, dance, and all forms of creative expression. She worked in the financial industry in South Texas for five years before moving to Redding where she completed all three years of Bethel School of Supernatural ministry. Andrea is the Healing Rooms Administrator and she also enjoys serving on the Healing Rooms worship and dance team.

Momo Barlow

Healing Rooms Database Administrator

Momo moved to Redding from Japan in 2008. She graduated from two years of BSSM during which time she met and married her husband Leland. Momo’s passion is to be an encourager, to make others feel loved, and to create an environment of safety and peace. As a Healing Rooms prophetic artist, Momo loves to see people healed and impacted through art. Momo is the Healing Rooms Database Administrator.

Taff Harvey

Healing Rooms Worship Pastor

Taff Harvey is the Worship Team Leader for Healing Rooms. Originally from Australia, she and her husband Dave moved their family to Redding, California where they now serve as the Directors of Global Legacy and the Bethel Leaders Network. Taff has pursued the heart of heaven in worship ever since she was a child, and has served as a Worship Pastor in kids, youth and church ministry. She has a passion to see people gain freedom in body, mind and spirit, through encounters with the Holy Spirit and the presence of God, and with the realization of their true identity as sons and daughters in the kingdom of heaven. Taff and Dave have three beautiful blonde boys and have a passion for creating healthy supernatural family.

On Earth as it is in Heaven