Healing Rooms Online

The Bethel Healing Rooms prays for the sick and injured who are unable to receive ministry from us in person via Skype. Please note: You will need a Skype account to receive prayer.

Due to the high demand for our ministry, we can only pray for physical healing needs for about 10 minutes. For prayer needs throughout the week, you are welcome to contact our Pastor on Call ministry.

How it Works:

  1. You do not need to book an appointment. We work on a first come, first serve basis. We are able to reach about 40 people each Saturday morning

  2. You cannot put in a request early. At the start of the session click here for a Skype Prayer Request Form.

    If you receive an error message, there may be a technical difficulty on our end, please try again in 15-30min.

  3. Stay logged onto Skype and monitor your Skype account for the contact request we will send you. Once you receive our contact request, immediately accept it.

Prayer request Form

Having Problems?

If you are currently experiencing problems with our Skype Online Healing Rooms, please email us at healingrooms.skype@bethel.com

We are available to:

  • Confirm your prayer request
  • If you are unsure that your Skype Prayer Request Form went through, please speak with our operator before submitting a second form.
  • Estimate when you’ll receive a call from our ministry team

While You Wait:

We you encourage you to read Healing Rooms Testimonies, watch Healing is God's Idea and watch Video Testimonies.

Skype Schedule

Current Local Redding Time:

On Earth as it is in Heaven