Healing Rooms Testimonies

Healing Rooms Testimonies

May 12, 2022
Ken from Eugene, OR
Ken suffered from Dupuytren’s contracture since 2006. It caused thickening and tightening of the tissue under the skin at the base of his fingers. He had five surgeries on his hands. His ring fingers were permanently pulled in towards his palm, lower than his other fingers. During prayer, he felt heat in his hands. His pain went from level 3 to 0. Then he could hold all of his fingers straight out together, and his ring fingers were not lower than the others!

April 30, 2022
Rebecca from Red Bluff, CA
In January 2022, Rebecca underwent a biopsy, and the doctor discovered lumps in her bladder. The lumps were diagnosed cancerous, and they were removed, leaving scar tissue. Rebecca has visited the Healing Rooms numerous times since January; each time she experienced fire consuming her body during prayer. Two days ago, she returned to the doctor, and a subsequent test revealed no cancer or evidence of any scar tissue.

March 26, 2022
Ingvild from Redding, CA (BSSM 1st year student from Norway)
Ingvild visited the Healing Rooms for the first time in fall 2021 (at Twin View). As she was waiting in the lobby that day, a man said, “Who here has carpel tunnel syndrome?” “That’s me!” she said as she raised both hands. She didn’t write carpel tunnel on her sheet, but she did need healing from that, so she felt seen by God. It came on after she gave birth around 2002-2004. She is a florist and her hands would go numb as she put bouquets together or when she gripped something for a long time. Since she received prayer last year, she noticed can write with a pen for a long time without losing feeling in her fingers.
A little boy also prayed for her knees on her first visit to the Healing Rooms. She wasn’t able to sit in the car for long periods of time without experiencing pain in her knees. If she was driving for long distances, she would need to get out of the car every hour to stretch her legs. Her family recently went on a road trip along the coast of California. She was able to sit in the car without knee pain and they didn’t have to stop for stretch breaks.

Tiffany from San Diego, CA
Tiffany was in multiple car accidents and suffered from constant pain on the left side of her neck, left arm, and hand for the past five years. Her pain was about a level 8/9 when she walked into the Healing Rooms. Tiffany also suffered from fibromyalgia resulting in stiffness and joint pain throughout her body. Tiffany came ready to receive from God. The prayer team prayed and she felt the love of God like fire on her body. She said her joints were “bursting with freedom” and her joint pain and stiffness completely melted away. Her neck pain dropped from 8/9 to 0. She’s excited to go back to her doctor for tests next week. She was happy to show how fluidly she could move!

John from Beaverton, OR
John shared a healing that took place four years ago. He came to the Healing Rooms and received prayer for scoliosis he had had for 40 years. When the greeting team prayed for legs to grow out, John’s leg grew and his scoliosis was corrected. Over the next few weeks, his back pain completely left and he has not any problems since then!

March 5, 2022
Geusoir from Brazil & San Francisco, CA
In 2019 Geusoir was in a car accident and since then she had pain on the right of her body. She couldn’t make a fist, fully move her arm backward, or bend her knee on the right side because of pain. Additionally, her right hand appeared white for three years because of lack of blood flow. After prayer all the pain on her right side disappeared and blood circulation returned to her hand. She was amazed that her hand looked pinkish reddish and she was crying.

Roberto from Mill Valley, CA
Roberto had pain in his knees and legs for five years. He couldn’t put his socks and shoes on. His wife had to help him do that. He also couldn’t walk up and down stairs. When he came in the building, he felt the presence of God and started crying. A team prayed for him and he fell to the ground shaking from the power of God. After that he got up and had no more pain in his knees. He felt much lighter, like he’d been delivered from something. He demonstrated his healing by going up and down the stairs quickly, without assistance.

February 26, 2022
Brittan from Memphis, TN
About 18 months ago, Brittan was using roller shoes when she fell to the side and tore the meniscus in her ankle. Her pain fluctuated from level 3 to 8. She is a very active person and she was unable to squat, climb stairs, or hike. In the hallway, Brittan received prayer. She tested it by standing up and squatting, and had no more pain! Even more significantly, all the fear of experiencing pain was also gone. She was so grateful.

February 19, 2022
Jonathan from Morgan Hill, CA
Every morning for the last three years Jonathan woke up with pain in his knees. He felt like an old man, even though he’s only 42. The pain would fade away as the day went on, but when he twisted his body, his knees would crack.
He broke his ankle about 25 years ago in high school, and ever since then it hurt when he walked.
After prayer the pain in his knees and ankle disappeared, and his knees no longer cracked when he twisted his torso.
Ever since he was born (42 years ago) he had a shadow that filled 90% of his field of vision in his right eye. If he covered his left eye, he would basically be blind. The condition was called toxoplasmosis. After prayer the shadow in his right eye went from taking up 90% of his field of vision to only 3%.

Ryan from San Diego, CA
Ryan had constant oscillating pain in his back for ten years, ranging from 4 to 9. He came in with level 4 pain. After prayer, all the pain went away.
Ryan also had a history of drug and alcohol addiction. Three years ago, he fell on his hand when he was drunk and snapped a tendon as his pinky finger bent backward. Ever since then his left pinky wouldn’t fully bend to touch his hand when he would make a fist. It only made a C-like curve. It wasn’t painful, but it was a reminder of his past life. He didn’t request prayer for his pinky, but as the team prayed for him, he felt pain in his hand. The team gave him some words about his hands. Then he was able to fully bend his pinky and make a fist!

Mikael from Oahu, Hawaii
Mikael had medically diagnosed gluten intolerance and couldn’t eat gluten since 2015 without getting a headache, nerve pain, and body aches. She also suffered from dairy intolerance since 2012. If she ate or drank dairy, she would look like she was pregnant for three or four days. On July 17, 2021, she came to the Healing Rooms and heard Susan share her testimony of being healed of gluten intolerance. Susan prayed for Mikael. Since then, amazingly, Mikael has been able to eat gluten and dairy with no reaction.
She also used to have chronic neck and back pain (for five or six years). Since she received prayer in July 2021, she hasn’t had neck or back pain, except after occasionally strenuous workouts.

Elizabeth from England
Eighteen years ago Elizabeth gave birth to her first son. The doctor cut a group of muscles they shouldn’t have during delivery. Since then she’s had prolapse, and it felt like her insides were falling out. As she received prayer, she had a vision of Jesus creating a lattice of muscles. Simultaneously she felt her insides lift up.
She also had pain in her knees for over two years. After receiving prayer in the hallway, she was able to lift her knees up and touch her feet to her bottom.
She suffered from headaches most of her life, and more frequently for the past two years. She saw a vision of neurons sparking in her brain during prayer and heard God say, “I’m healing you from post-menopause memory loss.”
Pain in her head, feet, and back went away too.

January 22, 2022
Natasha from Sacramento, CA
Twenty-three years ago, Natasha was in a severe car accident. The car she was a passenger in hit black ice and spun into a rock wall. Natasha suffered a head injury that put her into a coma and broke her right leg. Four years ago, the old leg injury began to cause Natasha immense pain. Her knee hurt, and the pain radiated up her leg into her hip. She couldn’t put weight on her right leg without pain. Light movement would cause her pain at a level 3 which would increase the more she moved. Today at the Healing Rooms, Natasha received prayer for her leg pain. She was prayed for three times and felt the presence of the Lord on her body. Her knee was 100% better and the pain in her upper leg was 95% better.

December 11, 2021
Chris from Edmonds, WA
In August 2021, Chris’ vehicle was rear-ended, bounced into another lane, and then sideswiped by a semi-truck. As a result, a disc in his lower back was herniated and he had pain every day in his back and hips. When he twisted his torso, his back sounded like a pepper mill grinding pepper. In order to alleviate his back and hip pain and be able to walk, he used forearm crutches that wrapped around his arms.
He arrived at the Healing Rooms with level 7 or 8 hip and back pain. He didn’t expect to be healed because he had received prayer multiple times elsewhere and his condition hadn’t improved. When he received prayer in the Healing Rooms, he noticed the prayer team member’s hand was hot. After the first round of prayer his pain went down to level 3. They prayed once more and his pain went to 0! He left without needing to use his crutches.

Sandra from Redding, CA
Sandra is a caregiver to Shelley and they both visited the Healing Rooms. Shelley was receiving prayer while Sandra watched. When a team member announced Chris’ healing from the stage, Sandra realized she was worthy to receive prayer for herself and she requested prayer for knee pain from a car accident she’d had twenty years ago. Sandra experienced a popping and bubbling sensation in her knees and the pain went from level 5 to 0. She showed the team her newfound mobility by squatting and bending without pain.

Sandy from Tempe, AZ
Sandy had constant ringing in her ears for ten years and it had been getting worse. After the team prayed for her, she went outside where it was quiet to test her hearing. There was no ringing in her ears!

November 13, 2021
A mother brought her three-year-old son to receive prayer in person. He was non-verbal and couldn’t walk. As the team prayed for him, he laughed hysterically. He began walking with only one hand assisting him. He took four steps on his own!

October 9, 2021
Elizabeth from Maui (online)
Elizabeth had head, neck, and shoulder pain for two months. It went from 8 down to 1 or 2 after prayer.
She also shared a healing testimony that happened back around March 2021. Her tailbone became stuck in her leg socket in her sleep. She saw a chiropractor six times, and it didn’t help. She could only take small steps because it was painful to take bigger steps, and she couldn’t sit cross-legged.
The chiropractor said, “You’re going to have to find somebody to rub your butt.”
“I don’t have anyone to rub my butt. I’m not married.”
When she visited the Zoom Healing Rooms, she was healed after one prayer and could sit cross-legged. She hasn’t had a problem with her tailbone going into her leg socket since then.

September 25, 2021
Sean from South Africa (in person)
Sean had level 7 pain in his head and neck for several years because of sports and other injuries. When he came to the Healing Rooms the pain was a 5. After prayer it went away.
In February 2021 his stomach ruptured. Doctors thought he might need surgery, but he didn’t have time to get it taken care of before he came to BSSM in Redding. He’d been having level 7 pain in his lower abdomen on a daily basis. After prayer his stomach pain was no longer there.
He also knew something was off in the alignment of his body. In fact, he’d been praying for God to heal his posture for 15 years. In 2006 he stopped playing sports because he broke his back, which he thought happened because of misalignment. In the hallway someone prayed for the length of his legs to be the same and his leg grew out in the blink of an eye. After that he noticed his posture shifted. He was surprised and amazed at what God did for him so quickly in answer to his long-term prayers.

Wayne and his mother Amy from Singapore (online)
Wayne scheduled a Healing Rooms appointment weeks ago. On his scheduled day to call in to the Healing Rooms, his elderly mother, Amy, came down with a fever. She was battling lymphoma and was on chemotherapy, so the doctors said that if she ever had a fever they should go straight to the hospital. She didn’t want to go to the hospital however. Wayne logged in to his scheduled Zoom call and he and his mom were together during the Online Healing Rooms. After she received prayer, she checked her temperature and it was back to normal. She had a big smile on her face as Wayne shared the testimony.

September 4, 2021
Leslie from North Carolina
Leslie has been housebound—nearly bedridden—for fifteen years. She suffered from postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS), among other conditions, and had extreme fatigue. Every time she would overexert herself, it would take her “forever to recover.” Before receiving prayer, Leslie struggled to sit up on her own and had to use a wheelchair to move around. Four weeks ago, she came to the Healing Rooms for prayer and was able to walk around a short while on her own. That week she tested out her increased strength and found she was able to walk around for ten minutes but no more. Previously she was only able to walk a minute or less. Three weeks ago, she returned to the Healing Rooms for more prayer and since then she has been able to move around with the support of a cane. This has drastically increased her independence, and she was able to take care of herself for the last week without assistance. Walking is still a challenge, but Leslie is continuing to return for prayer and believing for increasing mobility and strength.

Hannah from Redding, CA
Hannah is a Flow Team leader in the Healing Rooms and has suffered from chronic shoulder pain caused by thoracic outlet syndrome for twelve years. A month ago, a teacher in the Healing Rooms released a word declaring that breakthrough was coming quickly. Soon afterward, she received a word that God was healing necks and shoulders. She felt a cold sensation through her neck and shoulder the rest of the morning. That evening, her husband popped her back for her, and all the pain in her shoulder disappeared. For twelve years she had endured pain at a level 4 daily. Since that day a month ago, she’s had no pain at all. Her chiropractor confirmed her improvement. Additionally, that same day she received a supernatural peace after she received prayer from an intercessor. That led to a calm and a sense of imperturbability that has soothed the anxiety from the previous year of global disruption. She shared her story with tears in her eyes and gratitude in her heart.

July 31, 2021
Kevin from San Jose, CA
Kevin tore his meniscus in his right knee about fifteen years ago. Ever since then he’s had pain on and off in his knee. Sometimes it would be a chronic sharp pain. Yesterday his knee locked up while he was walking. His friend invited him to come to Redding with a group of people, and he was eager to come since he’d never been to Bethel before. When he woke up before the Healing Rooms, his knee was in pain at a level 6-7. When they pulled into the Bethel parking lot, he noticed all the pain in his knee was gone!

July 24, 2021
Maged from Portland, OR
In March 2021, Maged was visiting his mom in Egypt. She had a heart condition and if she walked even six feet she would have a hard time breathing. While he was visiting her, he logged into the Healing Rooms on Zoom so she could receive prayer. After they prayed for her, she walked up five floors of stairs with no problem. She said she could tell something happened in her heart. A week later she went back to the doctor for more tests, and the tests showed that her heart was fine. Since then she’s been able to walk without trouble breathing.
On that same day, Maged’s brother and his nephew also received prayer on Zoom. His brother had been addicted to smoking for ten or more years and he didn’t want to smoke anymore. The team prayed that he wouldn’t like the smell of cigarettes. After that day, he stopped smoking and just like the team prayed, he doesn’t like the smell of cigarettes.
Maged’s baby nephew used to cry every day, and doctors said he was born with a stone in his kidney, which couldn’t be removed. The team prayed for the eyes of Jesus to dissolve the stone like a laser would. While the family doesn’t know if the stone dissolved, the baby stopped continuously crying after he received prayer.
The reason Maged knew about the Healing Rooms was because about three years ago he was healed of back pain when he came to receive prayer in person. He’d had back pain for a year and a half. The team discerned that it was because he was carrying a lot of heavy emotional weight. When they did a brushing motion to remove the weight, he felt it lift, and he felt like he got an anesthetic injection in his back. The pain went away and he hasn’t dealt with chronic back pain since then.

July 17, 2021
Susan from Redding, CA
Susan suffered from gluten intolerance for at least the past five years. If she ate anything with gluten in it her mind would become foggy, her stomach would hurt, and she’d feel tired for days. This condition ran in her family. She had to be very careful about what she ate (looking closely at the ingredients), and it caused her low-level anxiety whenever she ate out.
Two weeks ago Susan came to the Healing Rooms for the first time and requested prayer for healing from gluten intolerance. In the Encounter Room she heard God say, “Today is your day!” She felt confident she’d be healed.
When she approached a team to receive prayer they said, “Let’s wait on God for 30 seconds.” Seconds turned into minutes as they all soaked in the presence of God. Susan knelt on the ground and she felt heat on her head and the power of God flowing through her. She saw a picture of chocolate cake, which she couldn’t normally eat, and had a sense that she was going to be able to eat it.
A little later she went home and told her kids, “I’m going to eat chocolate cake!”
“You can’t have that,” they said.
“I can now,” she said.
She went straight to the store, bought a chocolate cake, and ate a piece. To her amazement, she had no reaction that day or the following day. Her thinking was clear, her stomach didn’t hurt, and her energy was normal. Every day since then she’s eaten food with gluten in it, and she feels like her body is functioning better than it did when she avoided gluten. She’s so grateful and free of fear.

Kenzie from Rancho Mission Viejo, CA
Kenzie dealt with her pelvic floor dislocating for 17 years. She injured it when she used to be a dancer. It would dislocate spontaneously multiple times a day, and sometimes she would wear a special belt to keep it from dislocating. It would be rare for her to be able to put it back into place without a doctor. For that reason, she’d been going to physiotherapy three times a week for the past two years.
It was dislocated when she came to the Healing Rooms and she had a pain level of 10, which was her normal pain level. As she received prayer, she fell out in the Spirit, and she could feel her pelvic floor was misaligned when she was flat on her back on the ground. She heard the Lord say, “Sit there.” As she lay there, her pelvic floor went back into place. She was in awe and shared her testimony with tears in her eyes and no pain.

Mikael from Hawaii
Mikael came with level 3 pain in her neck, shoulder, lower back, and hips. In the hallway the prayer team compared the length of her legs and prayed for her. Her leg lengths were slightly off. When they prayed, she felt her left shin grow, and then her legs were the same length. Her hips loosened, her back popped, and then she had no more pain in her hips or back.
In the Encounter Room she noticed her ankle was healed too. She hadn’t written “ankle” on her sheet, but she’d broken her left ankle nine years ago, and the bone didn’t feel the same as her right one. When she felt her left anklebone in the Encounter Room, it was smooth instead of jagged, and it felt the same as her right anklebone. Her ankles also used pop when she rotated them, but when she tried moving them in a circle, they no longer popped.
She’d also been experiencing pain and stiffness in her neck and shoulder for the past year, especially when she worshipped. After prayer she was able to tip her head back with no pain or stiffness.

Eric from Williamsville, IL
Eric had lower back pain for eight to ten weeks. He injured it lifting weights in the gym. It nagged him on a daily basis between level 2-4.
Eric is an artist and enjoyed looking at the art in the Encounter Room. As he was gazing at a painting of an eagle, owl, and lion he turned to look for his wife, and he felt a hand brush across his back. He works in a prison, and he’s normally very aware of sensations on his body. As he swiftly turned to look at who touched him, there was no one there. Then he noticed he didn’t have any pain when he turned his back. He felt a warm sensation over his whole body and he sensed that it was Jesus who healed him.
Four weeks ago he injured his Achilles heel hiking. He couldn’t straighten his foot out the morning of the Healing Rooms or stand on his tiptoes without pain. It was really aggravating him. When he received prayer for his heel, he felt a cold sensation, like ice cubes, where there had been pain. He pulled his shoe off and did everything he couldn’t do earlier, without pain.

July 10, 2021
James from Berkley, CA
Two months ago James injured his shoulder in the gym. Ever since then, a day or two after he lifted weights in the gym his shoulder would swell up and feel painful. He received prayer the previous Saturday from Christian and Gesa. His shoulder wasn’t in pain when he received prayer, but he didn’t experience any pain even after he lifted weights this past week. He was excited to be able to continue lifting weights and workout.

Several weeks ago James hurt his right heel as he was playing with his children. He came with a pain level of 2. As the team prayed for him in the breakthrough room his heel felt cool and tingly. When he stood up, he had no more pain in his heel.

June 12, 2021
Melissa from Redding, CA
Melissa’s back seized up yesterday and it was so stiff and sore that she couldn’t lift her baby up. She came to the Healing Rooms to get prayer instead of going to the chiropractor. She’d taken an Ibuprofen before she came and the pain in her back was a 7. After a team prayed for her, the pain totally went away. After the second prayer, the stiffness went away. She felt God’s presence strongly and was filled with joy.

May 29, 2021
Barbara from Illinois (Online)
Barbara was experiencing heaviness and a prolapse after her hysterectomy. She has to be lying down hourly. As she was listening to the Jim Baker video about healing, she felt herself saying to Lord, “Here I am.” Jesus said, “Here I am.” She saw Him holding her hands, and she could feel power. She got up off the couch and was able to sit. Her pain level went from 8 to 2. Jesus said, “Your healing will come as you stay connected to Me.”

May 8, 2021
Dave from Evans, GA (in person)
Dave injured his left knee 49 years ago in junior high and tore his meniscus and cartilage. Ever since then he had continual swelling and a dull annoying pain in that knee. About ten years ago he had knee surgery, but the condition of his knee didn’t improve. He also had steroid shots in it to no avail. When he came to the Healing Rooms he had level 4 pain in his knee. After someone prayed for him in the hallway, the pain subsided and went to 0. He went up the stairs easily and his wife was amazed.

Doris from San Jose, CA (online)
Doris was a Hepatitis B carrier for more than 20 years. She always asked God for antibodies to be immune. For years she brought people to Bethel. One time she took coworkers here for a conference (around 2010 or so). That year there was no ministry team except one morning session had two people. She said to the others with her, “We came so far; let’s go up for prayer.” She told the lady on the prayer team about the Hepatitis B (normally she was embarrassed to talk about it), and the lady grabbed her arms where she gets blood drawn. The lady put her hand right where Doris gets blood drawn and started declaring, “That’s not even there!” Doris burst out laughing and received. A few months later, she had a stomach problem. Doctors checked her liver. When the results came back, it said the Hepatitis B was undetectable. She used to have a high number. She asked them to check for antibodies. They said, “You have had this for so long,” but went ahead and did the test. When the results came back, they said, “Congratulations! You do not have Hepatitis B.” They wanted her to check it again in six months. She did not want to. A year later, God told her to go back. The antibodies are still there, so the viral count is zero.

Cheryl from Michigan (online)
Cheryl came on February 13 and received prayer from Gesa and Christian from Germany as well as others. She had two masses on her thyroid, and one was visible as a big lump on her throat. Gesa and Christian said God was healing her, and it would come as a slow healing rain. Cheryl felt nothing at all at the time. When she originally went to the doctor and found the masses, she told him her right sinus was blocked, and she could not breathe on that side. The next day after she received prayer for the thyroid masses, her sinuses opened up. She had not asked for prayer for that. Then she felt something like a scalpel moving on her throat coming and going. The lump was smaller. The next week it happened again, and the lump was smaller still. The third week it happened again, it can no longer be felt or seen. The doctors wanted to biopsy the lump that could not be felt, but she decided not to go for it. Since the big one was healed, she is trusting God the other was healed, too. All the symptoms she was having from that went away.

May 1, 2021
Elizabeth from Brandon, FL (online)
Elizabeth is a single mom and she’d been bedridden for a few days because of vertigo/dizziness. Even walking around her house caused her to throw up. She was concerned because she needed to go to the store to get supplies for her family and cat, but she wasn’t able to drive safely. She’d also been feeling pain in her shoulder for a few weeks. She thought the pain was from repetitively reaching behind her car seat to pick up her heavy purse, which hyperextended her shoulder. In each stage of the Healing Rooms online she got progressively more healing. In the breakthrough room, she received a father and a mother blessing by the prayer team members. By the end she felt no dizziness and her shoulder felt pain free.

Gustavo from Bakersfield, CA (in person)
Gustavo got in a car wreck a few years ago and injured his foot. It hadn’t been giving him problems, but the pain in his left heel flared up a week ago when he came to visit his brother’s family in Redding, so much so that he could barely walk. His pain level in his foot was a 10 when he arrived at the Healing Rooms. As soon as he stepped into the lobby his foot started tingling. The pain subsided throughout morning without anyone praying for him. At the time of sharing his testimony, he had 0 pain.

April 24, 2021
David from the Netherlands
David pulled a muscle in his upper left arm/shoulder two and a half years ago when he was remodeling his bathroom. Ever since then he felt stinging in that shoulder during the day. Today the pain was a level 5, and it went to 0 after prayer.
Back in 2018 he received prayer from the Healing Rooms via Skype. He had the beginning of Dupuytren’s contracture, or Viking’s claw, and his pinky and ring fingers on his right hand were in a permanently bent position. It’s a genetic condition. He knew someone whose finger was surgically removed because of it, and his brother had had three operations because of it. When David called in on Skype, his fingers went back into a straight position, and they’ve been fine ever since. He’s been able to play guitar with that hand, and he is so thankful that the condition reversed.

April 10, 2021
Louise from the UK
Louise had pain in her neck and back as well as tightness and pain around her ribcage for five months. Although she went to physiotherapy, it didn’t help. The pain around her ribs was level 8-9 when she came to the Healing Rooms. She’d also been experiencing hair loss and requested prayer for that.
When she received prayer, several things happened. She felt numbness on the lower half of her face, tingling in her hands, a thumb between her two shoulder blades on her back, heat on her face and chest, and tickling on her scalp. She also got hit with laughter. The team prayed several times and her pain decreased with each prayer. Afterwards she only felt a little pain in her neck and had no more pain or tightness in her rib cage area. She also had increased mental clarity.
She shared about the first time she visited the Healing Rooms in 2010 as well. She had three issues: sinusitis, a locked shoulder blade, and bladder incontinence. Ever since she was a child she had sinus issues. If the wind blew on her face it would cause a headache and a runny nose. When she received prayer and the prayer team member placed their fingers on her sinuses, she felt music in her brain and couldn’t stay standing. Since that prayer time she hasn’t had problems with her sinuses, her shoulder, or incontinence.

March 20, 2021
Tayo from the Ukraine
Tayo injured his hip and back in the gym about a month ago. His hip pain was level 5 and his back pain was level 8 before he came into the Healing Rooms. In the main Zoom room someone said that God was healing hips and that it was a “blue light special” for the day. He tested his body by pulling his leg toward his chest, and found he had no more hip pain. Then when he received personal prayer for his back, he found he could bend his back forward with no pain.

March 13, 2021
Andrea from Mondks Corner, SC
Andrea was recently diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and had been bedridden since January 26. The pain in her stomach and rectum went from 8 to 2 before she received prayer. As she received prayer she felt heat rushing through her from her head to her toes, and then her pain went to 0. A burning sensation in her intestines also disappeared. Before prayer she felt weak and faint. After prayer she felt more energized.

A woman was not able to take full breaths since she had COVID-19 in November. After prayer her breathing significantly improved and her chest felt lighter.

February 13, 2021
A man’s lungs had collapsed, and he could not breathe easily. While they were praying, he felt the presence of God and started to cry. He was breathing more easily and felt peace and no more fear. His symptoms of COVID left.

February 6, 2021
Margaret from Los Angeles, CA
For the past three weeks, Margaret’s knee was very painful. When she went up the stairs, it would hurt at a level 10 pain. She would go up one stair at a time, raising her good knee up onto the next stair before bringing the painful one up to the same stair. After she received prayer, she ran up and down the stairs without pain!

January 23, 2021
Weeks ago, a man requested and received prayer in the Healing Rooms for his sleep. Since then he’s gone from waking up 15-25 times in the night to 3-4 times.

January 16, 2021
Stanley from Canada
Stanley and his wife, Lai, have been coming to the Zoom Healing Rooms every Saturday since his wife was diagnosed with stomach cancer several months ago. Stanley wanted to share his healing testimony with us. After his wife was diagnosed with cancer, he had great anxiety, stomach pain, and pain throughout his body. He received much spiritual strength, encouragement, joy, and peace from his time in the Healing Rooms each week. A month or two ago he got delivered from anxiety, but he still had physical pain.
Two weeks ago he had a dream and woke up laughing, even though the dream wasn’t funny. The next day he went to get his stomach examined with a camera. He had pain in his stomach on the doctor’s table before he went to sleep from the anesthesia. When he woke up, he didn’t have any more stomach pain, and he hasn’t had it since then. He can also eat and drink whatever he wants, which amazed him.
He still had pain throughout his body, however. One week ago, he received prayer from Rick in the Healing Rooms. Rick asked him if he needed healing in his neck. Stanley said his neck didn’t hurt, but his doctor had said that the pain throughout his body was from problems in his neck. Within 24 hours of receiving prayer from Rick, all the pain in Stanley’s body was gone and it hasn’t returned. Last night was the first night in months he didn’t need to sleep with a hot water bottle.

A woman had a stiff neck for many years. There was no change after the prayer team prayed, but after God directed the team to have the woman’s 9-year-old daughter pray, the stiffness was gone!

December 12, 2020
Liver cancer had spread to a woman’s lungs, making it difficult for her to breathe. After prayer she could breathe freely. She also had arthritic pain in her right knee. While she was on her way to the Zoom Healing Rooms, the pain that had been in her knee all night disappeared.

November 21, 2020
Judy from Redding, CA
Two weeks ago Judy received prayer for ADHD in the Healing Rooms. She had ADHD since she was young (before there was a label for it) and she is 69 years old. It didn’t pose a problem for her because she was self-employed, but since she became a BSSM student in fall it was very challenging for her. For the past two weeks since she received prayer, she’s noticed a difference in her thinking and behavior. She’s been able to concentrate better in class, study and remember what she reads, and she doesn’t feel the need to get up and walk around.

November 14, 2020
Lidia from Canada
Lidia was suffering from severe menstrual cramps for the past four days. She couldn’t do much other than lay in bed. A friend invited her to come to the Healing Rooms, so she joined Zoom even though she had a pain level of 6 or 7 and didn’t want to get out of bed. In the main Zoom room they played a video and encouraged the guests to check their bodies out. When she stood up, the heaviness she had felt was gone and her pain was only a 1 or 2. She was surprised and happy. She immediately started to do laundry and vacuum the house, because she had felt behind on housework.

November 7, 2020
Shelby from Redding, CA
Shelby is a prayer team member and a BSSM student. At the beginning of the morning, before the guests arrived, the Healing Rooms leader called out a word of knowledge and said God was healing stomach issues. Shelby received that word for a hiatal hernia she’d had for four years. She felt jolts of God’s power in her abdomen. When she looked in the mirror at her abdomen, she couldn’t see the bump where the hernia was visible before!

October 24, 2020
Tanya from New Jersey
Tanya started experiencing pain in her foot a year ago. She went to a podiatrist two months ago and he said she had a lacerated tendon in the arch of her foot. She recently started using a walker to keep weight off her foot because the inflammation was getting worse. Two days ago she logged into the BSSM Encounter Room and received prayer. The swelling in her foot reduced over the last two days. She also received prayer yesterday from another online ministry. After receiving prayer today, she could move her foot more without as much tingling or pain. The level of peace and God’s presence she felt was the most she’d experienced for a very long time.

October 10, 2020
John from Delaware
John had been receiving prayer from the Healing Rooms every weekend for the past month (and he also received prayer several times in the last two years) for a brain injury he had three years ago in a skateboarding accident. He said his brain activity and perception has been improving. Three days ago his jaw was clenched shut, and then it was painful for two days. This morning there was pain when he ate. In the main Encounter Zoom Room, the leaders called out words of knowledge for teeth and jaw issues. The pain in his jaw went away and he felt a pleasant numbness in it.

October 3, 2020
A woman had been suffering from gastro-intestinal pain for a few months and doctors did not know why. After prayer, her level 6 intestinal pain went to 0! Itchiness in her eyes also went away.

September 26, 2020
A woman had a nervous condition for years that affected her heart, skin, digestion, and so much more. She was also wheelchair-bound. She felt the peace of God invade her. The prayer team member asked her to do something she could not do before. She said she could not walk. He asked if she could move a little. She stood up and stayed there awhile. She had not been able to stand in years. He asked if she could try to stand again and stay standing longer. She tried to walk a few steps and was able to. She had not done that in years. Her pain level went from 5 to 0.

September 19, 2020
Jeri from Visalia, CA
Jeri had tightness in her neck, shoulders, and back for 15-20 years. She had been doing Christian yoga recently, but it was painful. The day of the Healing Rooms, she woke up very tense and had a desire to find a massage therapist. Throughout the morning in the Healing Rooms (on Zoom) her range of motion in her neck increased and she didn’t feel any pain. Tension left her shoulders and her back felt loose and she could twist it. As she received prayer, the prayer team member saw the Lord behind her with His hands on her shoulders. She felt peace and rest come over her like warm melted butter. With tears of joy she said, “I am not the same as when I came this morning. I will never be the same. He has met me here today.”

September 12, 2020
Leslie from Atlanta, GA
Leslie was diagnosed with osteoarthritis and had been having pain in her left knee since July. As she received prayer, her level 4-5 knee pain went down to 2 and then was gone. She was thrilled and glad that she was going to be able to walk up the stairs in her house to unload groceries again without pain.

September 5, 2020
Kealeboga from the UK (originally Botswana)
Kealeboga called in about what appeared to be gastro-intestinal reflux. It manifested in burning chest sensations from his throat to his stomach. He received prayer, and the pain started to go down and continued to wane until he could hardly feel anything.

Also, last November he got injured playing soccer and hurt his right knee. An MRI showed he had torn a meniscus. He was taking meds against knee pain. The main problem was it locking and the feeling of it giving away while walking. Today he felt the presence of God. His knee was no longer painful and did not feel like it would give out.

August 29, 2020
Janice from England
In 1983 the disc between Janice’s L4 and L5 vertebras got knocked forward when she fell off a horse. She received a measure of healing after she received prayer at that time. Every so many years she would injure her back in that place and be in pain for awhile. About five months ago she injured her back and was in extreme pain, so much so that she wasn’t able to bend to get into a car to go to physical therapy. When she received prayer, the prayer team member said the words “it is finished” and “alignment” repeatedly, and as he did she felt God’s power. Then she had no pain and was able to bend at the waist for the first time in five months!

August 22, 2020
Leone from Vancouver, BC
During spring break 2019, Leone came to the Healing Rooms with her then 6-year-old son that they had adopted from Haiti when he was five. (They had been trying to adopt him for five years.) He had sensory processing issues for which he received prayer in the Healing Rooms, and the next day they saw changes. By the time they were back in Vancouver, he was completely healed of all symptoms. He wasn’t sleeping, but part of the huge change in him was that he slept through the night. All other symptoms associated with those issues completely disappeared.

August 15, 2020
Marta from the UK
Marta is 41 years old and had a neck condition (congenital torticollis) at birth. She always felt discomfort in her neck and sometimes had pain. In the Encounter Room her neck mobility increased about 60%. After she received prayer her level 7-8 neck pain went to 0 and her neck mobility increased to about 80%.
The main thing she wanted prayer for was a twitch in her left eye that she had had for the last five weeks. The nerve was twitching before she received prayer, and after prayer the nerve calmed down and there was no more twitching!
She also felt heat and God’s presence like electricity in her hands in the Encounter Room. This was her first time participating in the Healing Rooms. She was very thankful to have received ministry and felt extremely loved by the team and by God.

July 11, 2020
A woman received prayer for joint pain in her right hand and weakness in her hand. She broke her wrist, and her arm was in a cast. She was able to close her hand and make a fist and move her fingers, which she was unable to do prior to receiving prayer. The inflammation in her hand reduced and the pain left her hand.

June 20, 2020
Liznah from South Africa
Liznah had a chronic earache in her right ear for five years. Doctors did not have a solution for her. She learned to live with the pain, but it would normally be a level 8-9. During prayer she felt a cooling sensation in her ear, and she said she had almost no pain in her ear for the first time in five years!

June 5, 2020
A man from California requested prayer for gastric acid reflux, eczema, and tinnitus.
He had called in a month prior to this call for gastric acid problems. He said that at that time he had a radical encounter with the Holy Spirit and that his gastric acid reflux problems got way better since then, as did his eczema. He was calling this time more for hope and encouragement in life, including in finding a job right now. He felt so much peace, release of burden/tension, and hope. He is feeling hungry for more of Jesus and to see God's work in his life even more.

June 4, 2020
A woman from Taiwan wanted prayer for nightmares, digestive issues, immune issues, nose block, and brain, nose, and ear inflammation. When they first got connected, she said her pain had already reduced even before the prayer team member prayed. After prayer, some of her pain was gone. Her gut pain first reduced by 20%, then after the second prayer, the pain was gone. She felt the presence of the Lord and peace.

A woman from Nigeria was experiencing severe cramping for over five days at a pain level of 10. She went from level 10 pain to 0! Jesus healed her. The prayer team member gave her a testimony of another womb healed, and she received it.

June 3, 2020
A woman requested prayer for her teen who has had level 4 pain for about a year—hurting back, knees, ankles, joints—afflicted from gymnastics, increasingly worse even after stopping gym class. The daughter reported feeling less tense. The mom was concerned about her daughter’s overall health. The prayer team member called back and asked the mom about any unvoiced concerns for her daughter. She shared that two years ago, she herself was healed at the Bethel Healing School from a hereditary disease, which kept her wheelchair bound. She has been fearful of that for her daughter. They prayed again and agreed that their generations would not be affected/afflicted.

June 1, 2020
A woman from Florida had flulike symptoms and a sore throat. She felt warmth on her back as the prayer team member prayed. Then she swallowed, and there was almost no pain as she swallowed. She also said that the achiness was gone. The prayer team member also released a word over her and her family and saw them teaching their kids what the Kingdom looks like by including them in ministry. She said that is something they have been talking about, but were not sure if they wanted to do that or not.

May 28, 2020
A woman from Carlsbad, CA had pain in her fingers, wrists, shoulder, and ankles at a level 7. The prayer team member prayed and took authority over the pain and all the pain was gone.

A woman from Columbia, MO requested prayer for emotional healing from bullied for being Asian when she was younger. The prayer team member did a substitutionary apology and the woman experienced a release from anger when she accepted the apology. Jesus filled her with his peace and love and she felt freedom and lightness in her spirit.

May 26, 2020
A woman from the UK had inflammation and infection in her gums and at the root of her tooth. After praying and giving thanks to the Lord, her pain and inflammation went down nearly 100%.

May 25, 2020
A man from Moldova had a sore throat for two weeks. After prayer his level 7 pain went down to 0. Drinking water did not cause pain and the sensation of a lump in his throat almost disappeared.

May 22, 2020
A woman from Redding received prayer for parathyroid disease, causing severe kidney disease. She was encouraged and felt God’s presence. She had level 5 pain in her legs and stiffness from calcifications. The pain went down to level 2, and she had more mobility in her ankles.

A man from Georgia received prayer for thyroid issues, swollen lymph nodes, and problems swallowing. The swelling in his lymph nodes went down completely.

May 20, 2020
A woman from Oregon injured a disc in her back for the third time (same disc), which left her with severe pain and immobility. All the pain left, and she could do everything she was not able to before!

May 19, 2020
A man from Montana had level 5 shoulder pain that was really bad at one point of motion. After prayer, the pain was almost completely gone! Even that one point no longer sent shots of pain. He had restricted mobility and could hardly raise his arm and would wince when he did so. After receiving prayer, he was waving his arms all over the place with joy, gaining strength throughout the call!

May 18, 2020
A woman from California had pain in her shoulder, wrist, ankle and fingers that felt like arthritis. Before the call, her pain level was 8, and she was not able to move all these parts normally. After prayer, her shoulder pain left completely, and she was able to move normally. The wrist pain went down to 2, the ankle pain to 1, the finger pain and hand pain were gone completely, and she was able to move all normally.

May 16, 2020
A woman had tinnitus for the last six months and the ringing was strong in her left ear. After prayer the ringing stopped!

May 15, 2020
A woman from Austin, TX had itchy and painful rashes on her skin. After prayer the pain went from 4 to 0. She also requested prayer for feelings of being unsettled and disappointed. After receiving prayer she felt peace.

May 14, 2020
A woman from Louisville, KY had pain on her right side from a spiritual attack. As the prayer team member prayed for the blood of Jesus to cover her, suddenly all of the pain lifted off of her! She was excited because it happened so fast.

A man from Los Angeles, CA had pain, inflammation, and stiffness in his joints. After prayer his pain went from 8 to 4 and the stiffness reduced greatly. He said it usually would take and hour of stretching to get the same level of freedom of movement.

May 13, 2020
A man from Pittsburg, PA had cancer in his back and lungs. His pain went from 5 to 0 after prayer!

May 11, 2020
A woman from Costa Rica was experiencing severe itchiness from a rare liver condition that occurs only during pregnancy. After prayer there was no itchiness!

May 7, 2020
A woman from Thailand had chest and sinus congestion and fatigue. As soon as the prayer team member started to pray, the woman burst out in laughter and felt heat on her chest. She laughed for about five minutes, and then said she felt 50% better!

May 5, 2020
A woman from Australia wrote to tell us this testimony:
"I received prayer today for my bunions. I can’t walk for longer than two hours. Upon prayer, I started feeling a little sensation on my left foot, but it stopped. However, I noticed my stomach (been having diarrhea first thing in the morning for a number of days and stomach was cramping today) immediately settled. Throughout prayer, I noticed my feet were straightening. Thank you, Jesus! It’s not perfect as yet, but the physical changes are evident. I am just so excited about what’s been done for me! Yay God!"

May 4, 2020
A man from California requested prayer for his lungs. His lungs felt painful during the day and at night he would stop breathing. While receiving prayer, he felt his lungs vibrating and his chest shaking. All soreness was gone after prayer. Even a pain that he had had for one month on his right side (and hadn't asked prayer for) was gone after prayer for his lungs and respiratory system.

May 3, 2020
A woman from Chile had level 5 pain in her lower jaw because of her tooth. Her pain went from 5 to 0.

May 2, 2020
A man from Chico, CA had been experiencing nausea for about a week. After prayer the nausea went away completely!

A woman had pain in her neck and shoulders at a level 8. She had been carrying emotional burdens related to her family, so they did a prophetic act of lifting all the burdens off of her shoulders and declared peace and freedom over her body. After that the pain went down to 1. The room was full of God’s presence and she was crying.

May 1, 2020
A woman requested prayer for allergies from a leaky gut. She felt the Holy Spirit moving through her head and throat. After prayer she bent over and did not feel fluid in her throat like she normally would. She was very encouraged and felt like a weight had been lifted from her.

April 30, 2020
A woman from Taiwan requested prayer for depression, her breathing, and allergies. After the prayer team member released joy over her, she felt the depression leave, her chest opened up, and her congested nose opened up. She could breathe freely and what she felt before wasn’t there anymore.

April 29, 2020
A woman from Hemlock, MI had a constant, debilitating cough for the past 20 years. No doctor had been able to help. She didn’t cough once on the call and she felt she had been healed when she was watching the healing video beforehand.

April 28, 2020
A Brazilian woman called in with a level 8 headache, nausea, trauma, and fear. After prayer her headache went down to a 1, her nausea went away, and she felt peace and was ready to show others God’s love again.

April 26, 2020
A man from York, PA had been losing his eyesight in the past few months because of diabetic retinopathy. After prayer he recovered 30-40% of his eyesight! He was thrilled.

April 25, 2020
A woman from Texas needed healing for her neck and right shoulder. She needed two new discs in her neck and in her shoulder and a repaired tendon and rotator cuff. Before prayer, her pain level was 9 when she moved her shoulder to a particular position, but after prayer, the mobility of her shoulder improved, and the pain was completely gone.

April 24, 2020
A woman from Japan received prayer for level 5 back, neck, and knee pain from a car accident. All pain left in her whole body! She felt the fire of God, too. She had been in level 5 pain for over a month.

April 23, 2020
A woman from California had level 8 foot and toe pain. The prayer team member prayed the first time, and the pain went from level 8 to 6. He prayed again, and she was so overwhelmed by the presence and God's love, she couldn't stand. When she got back up, her pain had gone to 1.5, and she was able to stand on tiptoes, which she couldn't before. He prayed again, and the pain went to 0. She was completely healed of all pain, and all movement was completely restored. Also, her back was tight and sore, and it completely loosened and all the pain was gone. She had an amazing encounter with Jesus and felt fire and love. She was totally wrecked.

April 22, 2020
A woman from Missouri had level 4 or 5 pain in her left shoulder after reconstruction surgery from a fall in 2018. She felt warmth, and the pain lessened. She also gained more flexibility and strength in it and said it almost felt like something else was supporting it, giving it strength. She had quite a bit of pain and significantly reduced movement in her right knee after meniscus surgery nine years ago. She felt a reduction in pain and substantial increase in flexibility! She said she used to take stairs very slowly, one by one, and while on the call she tried going up the stairs and was obviously excited about how easy it was. She also sat down on her couch, which she usually would have a difficult time getting up from, and was able to easily get up from it while on the call, supporting herself by her left arm and shoulder, which was her first prayer request! It was obvious by her tone of voice she was surprised and excited by how much her movement had increased.

April 21, 2020
A woman from Redding received prayer for PTSD, chronic pain, a digestive issue, brain fog, and difficulty breathing. Her pain level was 8; then it went down to 1. While they prayed, Jesus appeared to her and took her back to when she was a little girl. He gave her a flower and told her she is safe. When the vision finished, she realized the pain, brain fog and difficulty breathing were gone. She felt a difference in her body. She was laughing! Thank you, Jesus, for showing up.

April 19, 2020
A woman from Washington had been fighting pain in her right foot, mostly in the heel and arch area. It had been difficult to walk. It was 100% healed. The pain level went from 8 to 0. She could walk and jump without pain.

April 18, 2020
A woman from Chicago, IL had level 4 pain in her left knee and level 5 pain in her right as well as stiffness in both knees. The pain went to 0 after prayer and the stiffness was gone from her right knee and almost gone from her left knee.

April 17, 2020
A woman from Gardnerville, NV had surgery the previous week to remove a 4 inch cyst from her ovary. She wasn’t able to take pain medication because of her gallbladder, so she was experiencing level 8 pain. As the prayer team member was commanding the pain to leave, they both started laughing. They laughed for about four minutes. Then the woman said she felt a tremendous release and that it didn’t even hurt to laugh. She had 0 pain! Her demeanor changed from a woman who was suffering to a woman who was rejoicing after prayer.

April 16, 2020
A woman from Jenison, MI called in requesting prayer for new lungs and a new heart. They did a prophetic act of pulling down new lungs and a new heart from Heaven and putting them in her body. After prayer her wheezing stopped and she could breathe!

A woman from Redding, CA had scoliosis that caused pain in her neck, back, and left shoulder. After she watched the pre-prayer video, her left shoulder pain reduced by 50%. She also felt lighter and more peaceful during the video. After prayer the knot in her neck and back disappeared. She was elated and started praising God!

April 15, 2020
A woman in Cincinnati, OH had Lyme disease that caused her to feel fatigue. After prayer she felt energy and joy. Her level 8 headache reduced to level 2.

April 13, 2020
A woman from Redlands, CA called in with an irregular heartbeat and level 5 pain in her back left shoulder blade. After prayer she felt a burning in her back, the knot was gone, and the pain dropped to a 1. At the end of the call her heartbeat was regular.

April 12, 2020
A woman from Monterey Park, CA had level 5 nerve pain in her right arm from an old injury. The pain went to 0 after prayer.

April 11, 2020
A woman from Oxnard, CA had a large uterine mass that had metastasized. She also had trouble breathing and used oxygen. After prayer she was still using the oxygen but said she could breathe better than she had been able to in years!

April 9, 2020
A man from Georgia had level 8 neck, shoulder and chest pain, and allergies. The neck, shoulder, and chest pain all went down 0. He was so thrilled and shocked that all the pain was gone. He was looking for it, but it was gone! Concerning his allergies, he was breathing freely.

An 81-year-old woman from Missouri had a headache from allergies, breathing problems from diabetes, and lower back and knee pain. Her headache left, and her ear popped open, too. She didn’t ask for prayer for her ear. More air went through her lungs. The pain in her lower back and knee were totally gone. She felt the power of the Holy Spirit coming over her.

April 8, 2020
A woman from Minnesota had problems with her eyesight and a cloudy veil over her eye. She watched the video on the Healing Rooms website, and before she even received the call, her faith was stirred up because the cloudy veil over her eye became see-through! Then as they prayed, she felt a “tugging” sensation in her eyes, and soon the veil was gone and she said it was clear and bright! They rejoiced and praised the Lord together!

April 6, 2020
A Canadian woman had persistent level 3–4 lower back pain for nearly ten years. The prayer team member felt God speaking Isaiah 35 her over prior to making the call and was welcomed to read it over her. Then they partnered with Heaven for healing and salvations to come following the healing as the passage talked about, “THEN will the lame leap like a deer….” She tried a few rotations/stretches that she normally does, but the pain was still there. They prayed again, with no change noted again, but she was greatly encouraged by the Word from the Lord in Isaiah 35. She messaged us on Skype a few minutes after the call ended with this testimony: “After we hung up, I felt the Holy Spirit come upon me very powerfully! I lay down on my stomach and felt I was just supposed to let God work on my back. It felt almost like it does when I go to the chiropractor! I felt my legs and hips moving side to side, but very gently. I also heard and felt some little cracks and pops! It was pinching when I first lay down, but that subsided as I lay there. I also felt God tell me to walk out my healing now and thank Him for my healing—especially if I ever feel it pinching! I am SO encouraged. Praise God! Thank you again for your prayers!”

April 5, 2020
A Canadian woman testified of having been healed when she visited Healing Rooms in August 2019 after the Prophetic Conference. Her balance had been weak because of a genetic condition, but since that morning in the Healing Rooms, she has not needed her cane or her other walking aid. They are still in their travel bags since she returned about six months ago!

A woman from Texas has had meningitis for 12 days (resulting in a sore neck, difficulty hearing, pressure in her brain, fatigue, and fever). Her level 9 pain went down to level 3! She felt the pressure mostly subside from her brain, and she could think more clearly.

April 3, 2020
A man from Santa Barbara, CA called in with level 5 chest pain, anxiety and fear, and a sore throat. After prayer the chest pain left, the anxiety and fear left, and the sore throat pain went to 0!

April 2, 2020
A woman from Humboldt, TX called in with the coronavirus and trouble breathing. Her lungs opened up after prayer and she said it was much easier to breathe. She said, “I felt something I can’t describe come over my body while you were praying. I don’t know how to describe it, but I know it was God.”

April 1, 2020
A woman from Winnetka, CA called in with coronavirus symptoms (coughing, difficulty breathing, and low energy) and was about to go to the hospital. Holy Spirit came strongly on the phone! She felt electricity and the presence of God on her right shoulder. She was shaking and laughing in the Spirit. Her symptoms got 90% better! She just had a slight cough, but her breathing went back to normal and her energy returned. She got out of bed and said, “I’m feeling so much better, like a different person!”

A woman from Los Angeles, CA called to request prayer for shut down ovaries, an immune system issue, and limited range of motion in her arm. She had not been able to move her arm for a year without pain. After prayer full range of motion was restored! She could flap her arm like a bird without pain. She also felt lots of peace.

March 26, 2020
Lauren and John from Davis, CA
Lauren wanted prayer about toxins in her head from brain scans. John had traumatic head injury. They also wanted prayer for their finances since neither one can work now.
Both felt release from brain issues and were greatly encouraged through prayer. Lauren shared that she had been diagnosed with cancer back in August and had come up to the Healing Rooms a couple of times over the past several months. Her latest report from the doctor states that there are no cancer cells present now! Lauren also had a praise report of being healed instantly of a chronic bladder infection problem when she came to the Healing Rooms several months ago!

March 14, 2020
Pam from Citrus Heights, CA
Pam had chronic pain in her back and knees since 2004 when she sustained a work injury. She was taking pain medication three times a day. After she received prayer the level 5 pain in her back and knees went to 0.
The base of her right thumb joint was painful and swollen from arthritis for the past two years. If she even bumped that part of her hand there would be shooting pain. She opened her eyes after prayer and she noticed that the joint on her right hand had shrunk! It was no longer painful or swollen.

February 29, 2020
Chris from Anaheim, CA
Chris had to have reconstructive surgery on her ankle in 2006 (perhaps because of overuse and abuse of it). Doctors used plastic screws to rebuild her ankle because she was allergic to metal. She could feel the screws through her skin because they were sharp. She came to the Healing Rooms expecting to see metal dissolve and other miracles happen for the guests. God showed her a clear picture of that, but she didn’t think it would happen to her. The team prayed for her and asked her if she wanted to see things dissolve. She said, “Yes, that’s what I came for.” They prayed and she felt electricity coming on her body from her head all the way down into her ankle. As she started to test herself, she touched her ankle and she couldn’t feel the screws anymore! She had not been able to wear high heels or sit cross-legged on the floor for the past 14 years. She tried sitting cross-legged while she shared her testimony, and she could!
She also received prayer for rosacea on her face. She felt electricity in her face, it didn’t feel itchy anymore, and the ministry team said that the redness reduced.

Melissa from Australia
Melissa had back pain for the past year. In the Encounter Room she wanted to kneel down to worship but she couldn’t because of the pain. As the team prayed for her she felt the fire of God coming on her and she fell on her knees. There was no pain in her back.

February 22, 2020
Mathew from Orland, CA
Mathew did a backflip off his bed three years ago (when he was 33 years old) and broke his left femur. He had surgery to insert a titanium rod and 13-14 screws in his upper leg. He could normally feel 4 of those screws through his skin with his hand, and the other screws were underneath his muscle and would aggravate him and cause pain when he walked. He had pain in his left leg on a daily basis up to a level 8, and he came in to the Healing Rooms with a level 3-4 pain. He actually didn’t want prayer for himself; he wanted prayer for other family members. But the ministry team members said that God was highlighting him to receive prayer for himself, so then he shared some of his own prayer needs. When the ministry team prayed, his left leg started tingling and feeling numb. He felt like water was washing over his body and just then a little girl came up to him and said, “There’s a waterfall.” When he checked his leg out, the pain was gone and he couldn’t feel the metal rod or the screws anymore!

He also released burdens he didn’t even know he was carrying for other people that the ministry team prophetically saw him carrying like a backpack. The funny thing was that he is known amongst his friends as “the backpack guy” because he is always prepared with a number of items in a backpack he keeps with him in case anyone needs them. He said it felt like 1,000 pounds was lifted off of him!

Mark from the United Kingdom
Mark was in a motorbike accident 29 years ago, resulting in paralysis to everything below his chest. He was in a wheelchair for three and a half years. He learned to walk, but then a disease in his spinal cord caused him to not have feeling in his legs. His spinal cord was so thin that no messages could be sent to his legs. Twenty minutes before he received prayer he could not feel his legs and he said that even if he stabbed his legs with a knife, he would not feel it. He could walk, but with a bad limp, and one leg was an inch shorter than the other.

When he was in the Prayer Room he felt a warmth through his body and an experience of love. The ministry team prayed for Mark, released a prophetic word, and prayed for him again. As he was receiving prayer, he felt one of them touch his leg and he looked down in amazement. He had not felt touch on his legs in 29 years! He tested it out and testified that touching his legs felt the same as touching his arms. They prayed again and his leg grew to be the same length as the other one! Thank you, Jesus.

He did still have a slight limp, but jogged for the first time in 29 years! He thought the limp was because that was his normal gait, but he said it was less severe.

February 15, 2020
Elijah and Luisa from Australia
Elijah had scarring in his right eye since he was ten years old, which always caused blurry vision. He also had pain in his neck, shoulder, and back since a car hit him six or seven years ago. He came here with his wife, Luisa, who didn’t sign up for prayer, but who had pain and swelling in her knee. Both got whacked and fell out under the power. When they came to, both realized the pain in their bodies was totally gone. Elijah checked out his eyesight and found that he could see more rows on the eye chart than he could before.

Bertha from Salinas, CA
Bertha had chronic pain all over her body, but especially the left side up to a level 7-8, as a result of being involved in six car accidents over the years. While receiving prayer, she couldn’t stop crying. She also felt tingling in her head. Afterwards, all the tingling and pain in her entire body disappeared and mobility completely returned.

Linn from Rough and Ready, CA
Linn didn’t come in for prayer, but came to support a friend. She ended up getting prayer for her knees, which had no cartilage, and her hip, which had titanium in it for the last ten years. The pain level in her knees was normally constantly between 7 and 10. While receiving prayer, she got totally whacked, saw a vision of cartilage, and then felt it in both of her knees. She also could not feel the metal in her hip any longer! She had no pain at all in her body and could walk and jump without any issues.

Jeff from Anderson, CA
Jeff had tinnitus in both ears for the last year. It had been constant and interfered with his sleep. He never had any peace and quiet. When Jeff walked into the Encounter Room, his left ear stopped ringing. While receiving prayer, his right ear stopped ringing! He said he was experiencing great peace and quiet.

February 8, 2020
Thea from the Netherlands
Thea could not bend her knees and had not been able to kneel down for one and a half years. She felt the presence of the Lord and had an encounter with Jesus. When asked to test her knees, she felt the Lord reminding her of the clothing that did not wear out when the Israelites were traveling through the wilderness. She felt that the Lord was saying to her that her knees did not need to wear out either. She then knelt down and began to weep at being able to do it!

Erica from Kansas City, MO
Erica had pain in her neck and back muscles for six months for no good reason. She couldn’t turn her head very well, which made it difficult to navigate when she drove. She arrived with level 7 pain in her head, neck, and back. When she sat down in Encountering the Healer, she noticed that all the pain was gone and she could turn her neck!

She had been experiencing pain in her right lung (from pleurisy) for the past year, which made it painful to breathe. As she was receiving prayer she melted to the ground, and the ministry team member walked her through visualizing going through all the pain and sorrow to the cross of Jesus. When she came to the feet of Jesus in her mind, all the pain in her right lung disappeared and she could take a deep breath without pain!

Jessi from Redding, CA
Jessi had been experiencing severe esophagus issues for the past four years and she had medical procedures to open it up (including inserting a balloon and inflating it). Since the last procedure was done three months ago, she had constant pain and problems breathing. She was on a waiting list to see a doctor about it because her doctor moved away. After prayer she felt like she got a new esophagus because she had no pain and could take a deep pain-free breath!

February 1, 2020
Joel from Canada
About six years ago Joel was ice-skating and he fell and dislocated his right knee. Because of the way he walked, his left knee started having problems. His knees were in constant pain and would creak when he walked. He would get relief if he sat down, but after about a half an hour of sitting, his knees would start hurting again. He was a farmer and at the end of working 14-hour days on the farm, he wouldn’t be able to stand. When he went to the doctor in 2018, the doctor said both of his knees were shot and didn’t have cartilage.

In January 2019 Joel came to the Healing Rooms after attending the Randy Clark healing conference. A ministry team member in the hallway prayed for his leg to grow out, which it did. Then he put his hands on Joel’s knees and said, “I see new knees,” without knowing he needed prayer for his knees. As soon as the word was spoken, Joel felt a burning sensation start inside his right knee where the original injury had been, and then the sensation wrapped around his knee. During lunch after the Healing Rooms his left knee started to burn in the same way. He went home to Canada and found his knees were healed as he worked around the farm. His knees have been consistently pain free for a year! He said, “There’s no doubt it was a miracle. I know it was God.”

January 25, 2020
Kylah from Iowa
Kylah came in with pain, tension, and restricted mobility in her hips due to physical and emotional abuse starting from age four and continuing until last year (she was 21 years old at the time of giving her testimony). The pain and loss of mobility greatly impacted her choices and dreams; she had wanted to dance and do gymnastics. She came to the Healing Rooms with a pain level 9 in her hips. While she was in the Encounter Room a painting of a girl kissing Jesus’ cheek caught her attention and ministered to her spirit that God is good and loving and nothing at all like the people who had abused her. While receiving prayer she started shaking, not from fear as before, but from an overwhelming peace that enveloped her. She felt freedom come into her hips, the pain went to 0, and a full range of motion manifested in her body.

January 18, 2020
Art from Russia
Art took hard drugs for about eight years, almost destroying his liver. He had a bad diagnosis from the doctor and felt a constant pressure and pain in his liver at a level 4. While receiving prayer, he felt warmth on his stomach and the rest of his body and the pain and pressure left. He planned to follow up with his doctor to see if his liver changed physically.

Sonja from Germany
Sonja experienced trauma in her left ear 12 years ago from a loud noise that caused 30% hearing loss in her ear. After receiving prayer her ear completely opened up.

Emily from Portland, OR
In November 2019, Emily came to get prayer for three things. She used to clench her jaw at night, which would tense up and be painful. When she received prayer, she heard a popping and she could open her jaw with full range. Since then she did not experience any more pain or clenching. In the Healing Rooms this day, she received more prayer for her jaw since it was still cracking. After the prayer, the cracking stopped. The second thing she got prayer for in November was lactose intolerance, which she couldn’t test then. But after eating dairy for a couple months, there was not pain in her stomach. The third thing she received prayer for was a migraine. Since then, she hasn’t had any more migraines.

January 11, 2020
Danyel from Kalamazoo, MI
Danyel received prayer for a very big cyst that she had for a while. It was hard and now it isn’t, and it is shrinking. She just had an MRI. She was having a hard time breathing because it was pushing things. She can breathe now, and her ability to sit comfortably has improved.
She has lots of cysts on her arm, and they are almost gone since today. She was not able to laugh a lot without pain, and now she is laughing a lot.

Joseph from China
A month ago, Joseph lost the hearing in his left ear and thought he might have something stuck in his ear. He could only hear a little, but after receiving prayer from the team, he could hear completely.

Gina from Redding, CA
Gina had complications for a couple of months since her appendix was removed. Her appendix tore in half and got infected. Doctors tried to clean her out and she took antibiotics, but the infection continued, and it still drained through a tube. It is possible one can die from this type of infection. She also had a pain level of 6 or 7 and limited movement. After receiving prayer, she felt heat go through all her body and then had no pain and discomfort and could move freely. Gina has an appointment on Jan. 22 to see if the tube can be removed and the infection is gone; otherwise, she will need further surgery.

January 4, 2020
Mariana from Live Oak, CA
Mariana, age 15, had been experiencing fatigue, brain fog, a little joint pain, nausea and dizziness for the past several months. She had not received a medical diagnosis. She felt all that before prayer. After prayer all symptoms left. She felt more energy than she had ever felt in her life. A prayer team member while driving through fog on the way to Healing Rooms felt like he would be praying for someone with mental fog. Mariana felt much more clarity after prayer. She received a prophetic word that she has the hands of healing to pray for others.

Kathy from Twain Harte, CA
Kathy said, “I am being healed of cancer, and it is documented.” In May, she had a lump and because she has diabetes, it grew so fast that it metastasized throughout her body to her lungs, spine, and other places. She ended up in the hospital and could not breathe because her lungs filled with fluid from the cancer. They did not think she would make it. The cancer had grown and blocked airways on both lungs. They sent her home with oxygen and she said chemo would kill her because of diabetes because she takes insulin. Insulin and chemo can cancel each other out. They put her on a hormone blocker medicine and said it would take a year before it started working.

She called Bethel, Skyped, and got lots of prayer from Bethel and her church. Her lymph nodes were swollen up and down her arm. Within three weeks, the swelling went down. Her cancer marker was at 3,000. (Normal is 30 or less.) Within five weeks, her numbers went down by half. All the noticeable lymph nodes went down. She was able to breathe more easily. They put a drain in because of the fluid. They took out a quart from one lung every three to four days. She was drowning in the fluid. The nurse would come and drain her. She was not in the hospital a long time but would have to go in to get drained. Then they gave her a tube and in-home house care. She was on full-time oxygen for four to five months and could barely breathe or talk. She still has oxygen, which she uses at night, but not full-time. She could not walk to the bathroom without being out of breath. It was really bad.

Then there were diabetes symptoms. Her stomach had gastroparesis—neuropathy of the stomach. For two years, she was throwing up and nauseated. She was having communion one night and felt a warmth in her stomach and that ended the gastroparesis. She takes the Lord’s supper every day and has been doing so for the last three or four months. It’s making a difference. Her cancer numbers are down to 500. They thought it would take a year. Her doctor said, shaking his head, “You’re a little miracle.”

December 14, 2019
John from Redding, CA
John was in close proximity to three bombs that went off at three separate times all within one month in Iraq 12 years ago. One of the explosions went off right under where he was seated in the vehicle and he was the only person to ever live through an explosion of that type and magnitude. Ever since then he experienced pain and numbness throughout his body. When John woke up before he came to the Healing Rooms, he couldn’t feel his left arm or left hand, and there was lots of pain in his head, neck, spine, and right shoulder. God told him to come to the Healing Rooms earlier in the week and so he did (it was his first visit). He received a measure of healing in each room including a leg that grew out and feeling returning to his left arm. After he received prayer, all the pain left his body. Sometimes he could grip things with his left hand and sometimes he could not. After prayer he could grasp things normally and he was able to feel his hand as he squeezed it for the first time in 12 years. He felt like he got an overhaul in his bones, joints, brain, nerves, and muscles. He normally always wore a brimmed hat because light caused him head pain, but he removed his hat in the Healing Rooms and the fluorescent lights were not bothering him!

A woman and her daughter had ringing in both of their ears. Both of them received complete freedom from it!

December 7, 2019
Kauty from Jamestown, CA
Kauty had arthritis in her hip for eight years and almost total hearing loss in her left ear for 20 years. The arthritis resulted in an inability to lie down or sit without great pain. She described her pain when she came as level 10. Her pain medications no longer made a difference, so she stopped taking them two months ago. The prayer team ministered and prayed for things that only Holy Spirit could have revealed to them. She felt a strong loving energy all over her and what felt like a cloud lifting out of her left ear. Her hearing was fully restored and the pain in her hip went to 0. Sitting at the testimony table, her hip pain went up to level 2, she took authority over it, and it went back down to 0. She could feel the healing in her hip.

November 30, 2019
Asher from Boerne, TX
Asher broke his tibia and fibula on November 8th, 2019 while playing high school football. He had six screws and a metal plate surgically inserted to help the tibia stay in place. His family had previously made plans to come to Redding to celebrate Thanksgiving with extended family members and contemplated cancelling their trip, but decided to come anyways. He came to the Healing Rooms with a cast on his leg using crutches. Even the previous day if anyone touched his leg it would be painful. He couldn’t put weight on his leg, flex his calf muscles, or wiggle his toes without pain.
After Asher received prayer he tested his leg. He could put his full weight on his broken leg, flex his calf muscles, and move his toes with no pain! He demonstrated this at the testimony table by standing on one leg with no crutches. He and his family were so happy. He was scheduled to have his cast removed on December 21st.

November 23, 2019
Sophia from Enterprise, OR
Sophia was born deaf in her right ear. Her mother prayed for her a while ago and she could hear a little better afterwards. As the team prayed for her, she said she felt something go into her ear and then she could hear the same in both ears. She could even hear whispers in her right ear.

Courtney from Portland, OR
Courtney came to the Healing Rooms for a different reason, but in the Greeter’s area she saw people’s knees getting healed and legs growing out. She had arthritis in her knees for the past 20 or so years and she had gotten used to the pain, but was reminded of it as she saw the healings around her. The team checked the length of her legs and the left one was shorter, so they prayed for it to grow out and it grew to the same length as the right one. She tested it afterwards and there was no more cracking and popping in her joints as she walked around. The pain went down more and more as she kept moving until it was completely gone. She even tested it by walking up and down the stairs and found that she didn’t have any pain in her knees at all!

November 16, 2019
Rex from Cottonwood, CA
Rex received prayer in the hallway. His level 6 hip pain completely left! His thumb had a low level pain when he came, but it was very bad on other days. When he received prayer in the Healing Rooms, all the pain left. His arm could only be raised hip high because of shoulder damage, and when he came to the testimony table, he could raise it all the way up, but he still had level 3 or 4 pain in it. Sharon prayed for him at the testimony table, and he left smiling and said, “It feels good now!”

November 9, 2019
Graham from Canada
Graham had food allergies, and his tongue and belly were swollen. He also had a headache. As the team was praying, the swelling went down, the pressure was relieved, and his headache also went away. Graham could feel the inflammation going down and he felt heat on his back. Before receiving prayer, he couldn’t even look at bright lights because of his headache, and after he could look at the lights without pain.

Nicki from Charlotte, NC
Nicki walked into the Prayer Room with immense pressure on the left side of her head. It felt like a nail was being hammered into her head. She was at pain level 8, especially walking and moving. She had it for six months every day. She would feel it constantly. Sometimes she had to change her plans because of it and also take a lot of painkillers. As the team prayed, she felt a pulsing, a warmth, and a deep sense of peace. The pain went down to level 2 and then to 0.

November 2, 2019
Jeff from Oakland, CA
Jeff had three surgeries on his left eye, and after one of the surgeries he had to lie facedown for a week. He thought that a nerve must have been pinched in his neck during that time because his right pinky and ring finger had been numb since that surgery about a year ago. He had also been feeling some eyestrain in his left eye and the eye doctor said it was because scar tissue had grown and was pulling on the eye. The eye doctor also said they might need to do another surgery to remove the scar tissue. After prayer, Jeff could not feel the strain in his left eye! He also noticed that floaters in his right eye decreased. And as they prayed he could feel electricity flowing into his right hand and the sensation was coming back to his pinky and ring fingers.

Veronica from Madera, CA
Veronica suffered from cluster headaches for the past 15 years. She was taking medication and it changed four times over the last six months. She even had an injection in her head a month ago, but it didn’t help. She couldn’t even function for the last two weeks. When she arrived at the Healing Rooms, she had a pain level of 10 in her head and a cold sensation on the left side of her head. When she received prayer, she fell to the ground and while she was on the ground she felt the cold sensation being lifted off of her head. Then she had no pain!

Casey from Bryan, OH
Casey had a ganglion cyst between the bones on his right wrist and it was removed nine months ago with surgery. After surgery and physical therapy he still only had about 75% mobility. It would hurt for him to move his wrist in certain ways and to press his hand backwards would cause intense level 10 pain. If he tried to do a pushup, his wrist would give out. After prayer he could do pushups with no pain! He also pressed his hand backwards with no pain and was moved to tears by how he was obviously touched by God.

October 26, 2019
Jey from Santa Ana, CA
Jey had hearing loss in his ears for the last 5-6 years. He normally wore hearing aids because he couldn’t hear high tones. He sometimes couldn’t even hear his wife because her voice is a higher octave. He also had lower back and shoulder pain from a car accident that happened two weeks ago. While receiving prayer, he took out his hearing aids and could hear the prayer team call his name from the other side of the room, a good 30 feet away. As he shared his story he had the hearing aids in his pocket. The pain in his back and shoulder, which had been at a level 8-9, was also completely gone. His wife did not believe in healing very much, so he was excited to go home and show her how much better his hearing became.

Glory from San Jose, CA
Glory had been suffering from moderate arthritis throughout her body for over thirty years. Her ankles were in pain from trauma for most of this year. Furthermore, she was diagnosed with Type II diabetes nine months ago. Four weeks ago, Holy Spirit made her aware of Bethel. She arrived at the Healing Rooms with a pain level 7 contending for healing and taking authority over the enemy. After prayer and going down to the floor under the power of the Spirit, the pain was 0, completely gone. While she was under the profound power of the Spirit, Jesus said to her, “The X-rays don’t show the truth. My eyes show the truth.” She was overwhelmed with gratitude and had bright hope for a future of service to Jesus without fear.

October 19, 2019
Nathan from Virginia Beach, VA
Nathan had a motorcycle accident three years ago that caused vertebrae in his back to be twisted. It caused pain to go through his left shoulder into his hand and also into his back and into his left hip and leg and toes. Although he visited the chiropractor once or twice a week for the past two years, it didn’t help the pain. He simply learned to live with constant pain. He received prayer in the hallway of the Healing Rooms and all the pain in his body went away! As he was giving his testimony, he was leaning on the testimony table with his left arm. He was happy to say that it felt totally good. Usually he would have to adjust his body to lean with his right side, because if he leaned his left arm on anything his arm would fall asleep.

Kerry from the UK
Kerry was in the Healing Rooms and hoping someone would choose her to pray for. She felt the Holy Spirit come all over her and He said, “I will heal you.” They were calling out wrist pain and other pain right then from the stage and suddenly all the pain left her shoulder and her wrist and her back. She put on her in-take sheet that she needed prayer for oppression but she came to the testimony table filled with joy and beaming.

October 12, 2019
Dorothy from Ireland
Dorothy had pain from her right knee to her right hip on a daily basis for five or six years, and it caused her to walk with a limp. She came with level 4 pain. In the Encounter Room she was touched by a painting of Jesus and was weeping because of the love she saw in His eyes. She was acutely aware of the presence of Jesus in front of her throughout the morning, and even a prayer team member said that Jesus was right by her. After she received prayer, she fell out in the Spirit and was crying and then laughing on the floor. She was able to get up off the floor with no problem and discovered that she didn’t have any more pain! She could then walked without a limp as well.

Janice from Forest Grove, OR
Janice had back pain since she was eight years old. At the time of giving her testimony she was 62, and as she aged the pain got progressively worse. There were three major areas of pain in her back when she came to the Healing Rooms. Janice experienced lots of joy, fell on the floor, and was laughing and moving around in ways that would normally cause pain, but she felt no pain while she was on the floor. Upon inspecting herself when she got up off of the floor, all of the pain had left her back!

October 5, 2019
Linda from the UK
Linda’s back pain decreased from level 7 to 0, her leg grew out, and her toes straightened out. She was waiting for an operation for a disc to be shaved so that the nerve didn't touch the disc. She'd had back pain for over two years and couldn't sleep or lie down. She felt things popping, like God was re-shaping her. As He touched her back, it moved through her body. Her legs grew out and her toes shifted.

September 28, 2019
Petteri from Finland
Petteri had a migraine for the last 15 years. His back had been out of alignment since he was a kid and his posture has been bad since he was in the army. He has also had colorblindness all his life. While receiving prayer, the felt something lift off his back and his entire body completely aligned and his posture became visibly better. When he was in the Encounter Room, Angie brought him to the prophetic paintings at the front and he noticed colors he’d never seen before. He checked an online test for colorblindness and the result said he was completely normal!

Enosh from Herlong, CA
Enosh has had sinus and respiratory issues for his entire life. He almost died recently due to blood in his nose that was blocking his airway. He also came in with his legs and hips turned sideways because of ten surgeries he underwent when he was eight years old after his appendix exploded. He was told he was going to die, but he survived and had to relearn how to walk. He was told it was irreversible and that he would end up in a wheelchair someday. He fell out under the power in the Prayer Room and felt joy and peace that he hadn’t felt in a long time. When he got up again, his sinuses were totally clear and his legs and hips were facing straight. His pain level had been at a constant 5 and it went down to a 0.

September 21, 2019
Anthony from Chico, CA
Anthony is a sophomore in high school. Six days prior to attending the Healing Rooms, Anthony’s knee popped out during football practice, which left him confined to crutches. After a visit to the hospital, the staff informed him that there was swelling and fluid in his knee. While Anthony was receiving prayer he felt a tingling sensation in his knee. Initially he had a level 6 pain when he straightened it or put weight on it. After prayer the pain in his knee was gone. Anthony walked in using his crutches and walked out carrying them.

Darren from Seattle, WA
It was Darren’s 54th birthday weekend and his wife decided to drive him down to the Healing Rooms for prayer. He had back spasm pain for a number of years that would come and go, but when it came it usually took days to resolve. When Darren arrived at the Healing Rooms his back was spasming at a pain level 3. As he received prayer, he experienced a soothing wave over his back and after prayer all the symptoms left. Darren hadn’t listed that he needed prayer for back pain, but was healed regardless. He also was able to hear more clearly and drown out background noise, which he wasn’t able to do before.

September 14, 2019
Chantey from Chula Vista, CA
Chantey came in with a tight jaw, right knee pain, and elbow pain. She sustained a work injury four years ago, which caused the cartilage to chip away in her knee, and her knee had pain from time to time. She hurt her elbow doing yoga 13 years ago and had severe pain in her elbow for five years, but not since then. She could however feel her elbow was bone on bone and sometimes it became numb. After prayer her elbow movement felt smooth and normal, and the level 5 pain in her knee went away! Her jaw also felt looser after prayer.
She had also been coughing all day the day before and also that morning in the Healing Rooms. She thought it was because her allergies were agitated from excessive dust in her Airbnb. When she stepped into the Prayer Room, she felt the thick presence of God. Her throat and lungs cleared up in that room before she received prayer and she didn’t have to cough anymore!

September 7, 2019
Pam from Citrus Heights, CA
Pam visited the Healing Rooms about a year ago. Doctors found four polyps in her lungs and thought they could be cancerous. After she got prayer for that, she went back to the doctor’s office for more tests and they said the polyps had shrunk. They also said that because cancer doesn’t shrink the polyps were not cancerous.

Xavier from San Diego, CA
Xavier had groin pain off and on for over seven years. Three weeks ago the pain was severe enough to keep him from walking well for over ten days. He came to the Healing Rooms with pain at a level 5 out of 10. Immediately upon the ministry team laying hands on him he felt fire rising up from his feet and was impressed with the presence of Holy Spirit. All pain left his groin and abdomen and he sprinted across the room to confirm his healing. He turned to sprint back and before he could, Holy Spirit spoke to him that he was healed. Tears flowed from that overwhelming measure of His presence.

August 31, 2019
Kim from Geneseo, IL
Kim came in with lower back and hip pain. She wondered if her legs could be uneven as she watched six people’s legs grow out in the waiting area of the Healing Rooms. When she received prayer, they checked her leg lengths and they were indeed uneven so they prayed for alignment in her back, hip, knees, and legs. As her leg grew out she felt something move in her back and then her hip and back pain went away.
Normally her knee would pop out of place when she bent it deeply, but she didn’t put that request on her paper. The fact that the ministry team mentioned her knees in their prayer prompted her to check out her knee by doing a deep knee bend. She did several and her knee was fine! This was exciting to her because she needs to be able to bend to do housework and to work with small children at her job.
An additional request was for two lumps in her left breast to disappear that had been there for three years. She went to the bathroom to check if they were gone, and she could not feel them!

Corey from Redding, CA
Corey was giving a surf lesson in Southern California about a month ago and one of the surfboards hit him in the head and he got a concussion. Since then he felt a fog-like pressure in his head and it had been hard to think. He also couldn’t participate in sports and he didn’t feel fully aware of his surroundings. After he received prayer, the pressure in his head was relieved. He jumped and danced, which would normally hurt his head, and he felt great. He felt his senses come back and he became aware of people around him. God gave him a vision of playing sports with his friends, which greatly encouraged him. He felt clarity come into his mind, which was perfect timing since he was about to start BSSM the next week.

August 17, 2019
David from Dallas, TX
David came in for prayer for a hiatal hernia, left eardrum damage, and a difference in the length of his legs. In the hallway the greeting team compared the length of his legs and saw his left leg was at least 1.5 inches shorter than the right. The ministry team member pushed on his shorter leg (to make a point) as they prayed, and David felt God stretching that same leg out. Sure enough, his left leg grew and became even with the right one.
Thirty three years ago he was in a car wreck and as a result of the impact of his chest hitting the steering wheel, he had a hiatal hernia, which he could feel to this day. After prayer, it wasn’t there!
Six years ago he went to a doctor to get the wax in his ears cleaned out. The doctor made a mistake in the procedure and as a result he could only hear 50-60% in his left ear. After prayer he noticed it improved to 90-95%.
He has also had an elevated heart rate and as he received prayer, his heart rate came down.

August 10, 2019
Debbie from Bladen, NE
Debbie came in with shoulder muscle pain at a level 8. She is a clerk and had pain at a level of 7 or 8 on a daily basis in her shoulders for the past five years. She had been going to an acupuncturist for pain relief, but hadn’t had a treatment for two weeks. When she received prayer, the pain in her shoulders went down to 0 and she felt like they were lubricated. She felt warmth throughout her body and realized that the blurry vision in her left eye and ringing in her ears were both better without her specifically receiving prayer for those things.

August 3, 2019
Carly from Australia
A year and a half ago Carly was teaching in Africa and she got an infection in her right eye called pseudomonas keratitis. She went back to Australia for treatment and within six hours she was hospitalized for nine days. The ophthalmologist tried to save her eye, and it was saved, but ever since then it was like there was a cloud over her eye and she could only see blurred colors. She could not read words on paper or signs with her right eye. The doctor said the only solution would be for her to have a corneal transplant. After she received prayer in the Healing Rooms, she could see big words on signs around the building. A little later in the morning she reported back saying she could read the large print on the top of the intake forms!

Katherine from Canada
Katherine had Charcot-Marie-Tooth congenital neurological disease since she was born. This condition was passed down to her from her mother and it kills nerves in feet and hands and progresses throughout body. She had a difficult time walking and balancing. She needed to wear ten-pound leg braces and walked with a walker. She also had pain in her back and right rotator cuff. After receiving prayer, she could balance and walk upright for a few minutes. She even took off her leg braces and walked around the crowd without losing her balance – something she could usually never do. There was no back pain or rotator cuff pain. She also had numbness in the bottom of her feet from the nerve damage, and the numbness left while she was walking around.

Sylvia from Los Angeles, CA
Sylvia was told “God can do small miracles,” so she decided to get prayer for varicose veins in her legs that she had for 30 years ever since giving birth. They didn’t cause her pain. After receiving prayer, the veins in her legs were gone and the bumps of the veins were gone as well.

July 27, 2019
Rona from Philippines
In 2016 Rona lived in Redding and was diagnosed with stage 3B cervical cancer. She was dying at the Mercy Hospital in Redding with pneumonia and the cancer. The doctors didn’t give her much hope, but she kept coming to the Healing Rooms every weekend. Then Jesus told her to go home to the Philippines in the middle of her chemo and radiation treatments. She decided to obey God’s voice against the wishes of her doctors, and hopped on the plane to go back to the Philippines. At that point she was in a wheelchair and weighed 80 pounds. When she went to the hospital in the Philippines they ran tests and doctors told her they must have made mistake in Redding because the cancer was only at stage 1. She did more radiation in the Philippines and not long after that she was cancer-free! Now she prays for people and they are healed of cancer, too.

Kristina from Spokane, WA
Kristina had an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto’s (a dead thyroid) for the past ten years. It caused joint pain, inflammation, and digestive issues. She shared with tears in her eyes that it saddened her to not be able to be the best wife and mom she could be because of the pain. It would hurt to pick up her children and hold them, and sometimes she had so much pain her husband could not touch her for days.
She had a pain level of 7 when she came to the Healing Rooms. A lot of her life she felt trapped in her relationship with God because of her church background. As she listened to the truth in Encountering the Healer, she felt freedom come into her heart. After she received prayer, she felt like a weight lifted off of her, and sharp pain she had since that morning in her wrists disappeared along with the rest of the pain in her body. As she gave her testimony her small daughter sat in her lap, and Kristina said she felt no pain, whereas normally she would feel a bruised-like pain.
She also had chronic ear itch, and she realized that her ears were not itching!

July 20, 2019
Joyce from Puerto Rico
In 2007 Joyce injured her back badly at work and in 2011 she had a double spinal fusion surgery. Unfortunately after surgery she had more pain than before. She experienced a daily pain level of 10 and had been on narcotics for twelve years to manage the pain, although it never went away completely. She couldn’t bend much in any direction and it was difficult to put her shoes on.
She used to be a minister and about eight years ago she had enough of the pain and blamed God for not taking it away. She’d been slowly coming back to Him however, and was attending church when she would visit family and friends in the States. She sat under Bill Johnson’s teaching at YWAM twenty years ago and had also been to the Bethel Healing Rooms years ago. A friend got healed of bladder cancer some time ago after he received prayer at the Healing Rooms, and she thought “If God can do it for Dave, He can do it for me.”
She was visiting friends in California recently and made a deal with God that if He came through for her and healed her, she would come back to Him and serve Him again. At the same time she had made a plan to take her life on this trip because she thought she was a burden to everyone.
In the Encounter Room she saw words in the air that were doctors’ diagnosis. The prayer team member told her to take an imaginary eraser and erase the words. After that she wrote in the air with an imaginary permanent marker, “I am His beloved.” When the prayer team member prayed, hope sprung up inside of her and she felt layers of shame being peeled off of her. When she tested her back out, she found she could move from side to side and could reach down to touch her calves pain free!
She also had blocked arteries in her calves and congestive heart failure, and she felt a blowing sensation on the inside of her arteries in her calves and also on her heart. She felt liquid love and was excited about her future!

Travis from Castro Valley, CA
Travis was in a car accident three or four months ago which caused his 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th discs to bulge. The 5th and 6th discs pressed on a nerve causing a constant level 6 pain, which often went much higher. He had to take between 12 to 20 pain pills a day. He would often cry in his sleep and wake up crying because of the pain. He and his family arrived at Bethel on Monday and went to the Alabaster House. As soon as he walked in, Holy Spirit overcame him and all his pain left. He had not needed or taken a pain pill in the six days since! He was not waking up crying or crying in his sleep anymore. He came to the Healing Rooms and one leg was over an inch shorter than the other. It grew out and for the first time in months, he could bend over and touch his toes. He felt the realignment happening in his body and he laughed as he said, “There's no pain!”

Cynthia from Nampa, Idaho
Cynthia fought mental illness most of her life. During prayer she felt all her sadness leave and a mental freedom come. She said it felt like she had been put back together and was all one unit.
She also suffered from chronic sciatica. Her pain level from sciatica was a 12 when she awoke the morning of the Healing Rooms and was at level 6 when she arrived at the Healing Rooms. All her pain from sciatica left and she could bend over and touch her toes after prayer.

July 13, 2019
Matt from San Francisco, CA
Seven years ago Matt was working with railroad cars and a wheel ran over his left hand. He had surgery through the middle of his palm and as a result his left ring finger and pinky finger felt tingly all the time and he could not grip anything with that hand for more than a couple of seconds. He said he had received prayer for it a million times and initially did not write it on his paper, but felt God tell him to write it down, so he did. As he received prayer, he felt an intense pain in those two fingers. Then he was able to grip a clipboard without dropping it and the feeling came back in those fingers! He shared his story with tears in his eyes and said he was so amazed that God healed him.

Loretta from Plainfield, IN
Loretta had pressure in her throat, which felt like a lump pressing against her vocal chords and esophagus since February 2019. She hadn’t gone to the doctor because she didn’t want to have surgery, but she suspected from researching her symptoms that it may have been thyroid related. As the prayer team member came near her he said he smelled fear. She admitted that fear had been a core issue she battled for years. When they prayed, the fear left and she started praying in tongues for the first time! The pressure lessened in her throat after prayer, too.

July 6, 2019
Nedra from Oakland, CA
Nedra had asthma for the past 35 years. She was told by her doctor that her lungs functioned at 53% capacity. Since October, was especially debilitating for her and she was not able to exercise or work. She described the feeling as an elephant sitting on her chest. While receiving prayer in the Healing Rooms, she felt the weight lift off her chest and she could take a full breath without difficulty. She could “breathe as deep as [her] feet.” She also normally experienced digestive issues, but she felt a release of tightness in her stomach during prayer.

Lourdes from Chatsworth, TX
Lourdes had tinnitus and hearing loss in her left ear for six months. The ringing was painful at times and she had been on lots of medication. This also led to anxiety and depression. During prayer, she started hearing for the first time in a long time and her hearing improved about 70%. The ringing was much less and was expected to disappear as her hearing got better. She also felt lighter and more joyful.

The gap in a man’s front teeth closed while receiving prayer.

June 29, 2019
Amanda from Sun River, OR
After prayer in the greeting area Amanda’s right leg grew out about two inches, completely relieving her back pain. The pain went down from a 7 to 0. As a result, she took off her pain medication patches. She had also been suffering from pulmonary fibrosis for five years and wore oxygen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. She was exhausted from the shortness of breath and was exploring getting on a lung transplant list. She had been unable to worship wholeheartedly because of shortness of breath. After prayer in the Encounter Room, Amanda could breathe deeply and sing with the worship team loudly and without hindrance. During prayer she felt like Jesus’ arms were wrapping her in cool calm peace at a measure she had never felt before. The weight of the last five years was fully lifted.

June 22, 2019
Yongming from New Mexico
Yongming had shoulder and neck pain for about seven years. He was studying for his PhD when the pain began. A few years later, he noticed a bump on his left shoulder and the pain began to be concentrated largely in that area. He was unsure of what caused the pain, but the pain would consistently be at a level 5 and about a 7 where the bump was located. While receiving prayer, the bump started shrinking, which he described as feeling like ice melting. The bump completely went down and his overall pain went down to a 2. His daughter also received prayer for her stomach pain and the pain disappeared.

Asher from Cupertino, CA
Six-year-old Asher was diagnosed with high-spectrum autism about four years ago. He would constantly throw temper tantrums and act out in public, causing embarrassment and frustration for his parents. His dad, Tim, began taking him to the Healing Rooms every couple of weeks, starting in February 2018. Since then, Tim has noticed a gradual, yet major change in Asher’s behavior. He is much more obedient now and has an easier time listening and talking. He is much more peaceful and social. His teachers have also been amazed by his progress. A few weeks ago, his teacher hurt her hand in class and Asher went right up to her and grabbed her hands and started praying for her healing. Last week, the same thing happened when Tim took Asher to Turtle Bay and a girl hurt her hand on the zip-line. Asher went straight to her and began praying for her. Tim is very excited to see such amazing things happening with his son.

June 15, 2019
Deepthi from Fremont, CA
Two years ago the doctors found pre-cancerous cells in Deepthi’s uterus. The doctors suggested surgery and treatment, but said there was no permanent cure. She came to the Healing Rooms for prayer in December 2018 and March 2019. When she went back to the doctor on March 19, 2019, the tests came back negative for cancer.

Inez from Portland, OR
Inez was diagnosed with osteoarthritis five years ago. All of her joints were bone on bone with no cartilage. She was scheduled for a hip replacement in September and had been walking with a cane for nearly a year with a body full of pain. She had not been able to lift both arms more than a few inches away from her waist for over two years. After prayer she was able to lift her right arm above her shoulder and her left arm to shoulder height. She was walking without her cane and standing straight upright (she was normally hunched over) without pain for the first time in over two years. Lastly, she was able to climb stairs for the first time in nine months. While the team was praying she felt heat in her sides and something going down her spine to her feet and across her back. As she shared her testimony she was still feeling something working in her body and left with hope for further restoration of her health.

June 8, 2019
Diana from Redding, CA
Diana came for prayer in March 2019 for stage 2 renal failure for her kidneys. She was diagnosed with that in February 2018. She suffered with type 2 diabetes for twenty years, which had caused the renal failure. Both of her parents died from complications with renal failure. In April 2019 she had further testing, and in May she went to a diabetic educator and the educator looked at her test results and told Diana she did not have renal failure.

June 1, 2019
Julie from New Zealand
Julie had breast implants put in twenty years ago, and for the last eight years she wasn’t feeling well. She noticed her lymph nodes around her collarbone and under her arms were enlarged, and when doctors did a biopsy they confirmed that the material from the implants was collecting in her lymph nodes. They said they shouldn’t remove her lymph nodes however, because they serve an important function in the body, and so they said there wasn’t much they could do, other than to keep an eye on them to make sure they didn’t become cancerous.
As the prayer team prayed for her she went down to the ground. While she was on the ground a woman shared that she couldn’t find a lump in her breast, and Julie decided to check her lumps. She couldn’t find them!

May 25, 2019
Yolanda from Rocklin, CA
Yolanda visited the Healing Rooms on April 20, 2019 for the first time. She had cardiovascular problems (artery and heart disease) and couldn’t even walk from a car into a grocery store. She felt like something was lifted off her in the Healing Rooms during prayer, and when she went back to the doctor and had more heart tests done, everything she was diagnosed with was gone. Since then she didn’t have any more pain in her chest and arm and neck and she could walk further distances.
She suffered with fibromyalgia (muscle pain) for 20 years. Her muscles always hurt and felt weak. She took pain medication, but it only took the edge off. It didn’t take the pain away. In the Healing Rooms all pain lifted off of her when she received prayer. She shared her story with great joy!

Ana from Fremont, CA
Ana’s middle finger was permanently stuck in a bent position. She had been taking diabetes medication for about fifteen years, and the finger became bent as a secondary side effect because of the medicine three years ago. If she tried to straighten out her finger, she said the pain would go from a little bit to a 10 out of 10. When she and her daughter came in the Healing Rooms and sat down to fill out their papers in the hallway, a gentleman welcoming the groups said, “God wants to heal somebody’s wrists…or their finger.” He also prompted them to raise their hands if that described their situation. Ana raised her hand by faith and as she raised her hand her finger straightened by itself with no more pain! Her previously bent finger became like any other finger with no more issues.

James from Wellington, New Zealand

James came in wearing hearing aids and could not hear high frequency sounds for three years. When he received prayer he took out his hearing aids and he could hear without them. He shared his testimony with his hearing aids in his pocket. His left eye had abnormal cells in the cornea and his vision wouldn't focus. He also had level 3 pain the eye. When the abnormality was commanded to go, all pain left and he could focus and see clearly.

A woman came in with eye pain, pain from varicose veins, swelling of her legs, vertigo, and plantar fasciitis. All the eye pain left, pain from the varicose veins left, swelling in her legs left, vertigo left, and plantar fasciitis left!

May 18, 2019
Erica from Los Angeles, CA
Erica had pain in her neck and foot. She strained her foot. She could feel it sitting down. As she was waiting, the ministry team prayed for her foot. The first time they prayed, the pain decreased. They prayed again, and it was gone, even when she walked.
Her neck pain had been there for months, probably because of stress. She would try to massage her neck, and she would feel the pain. They prayed for her neck. She was not able to bend it down side to side and after prayer she could move it.

May 11, 2019
Kathryn from Redding, CA

Kathryn was diagnosed with fibromyalgia ten years ago and has experienced severe chronic fatigue since then. She’s had chronic lower back pain at a level 5 for about three years as well as complications in her uterus bringing her pain to a level 5. While receiving prayer, her leg grew out and all the pain left in her back and uterus. She fell out in the Spirit three times. While she was on the floor, she sensed her son who is in heaven. She felt euphoric and completely refreshed. She had no more fatigue.

A woman from Asia who wasn’t a believer came to the Healing Rooms with her husband because their son is part of the Bethel environment. She had been partially deaf for a year. She received prayer in the hallway and her ears opened. She and her husband were also born again.

May 4, 2019
A man had limited use of his left arm, hand, and leg for 18 months. While receiving prayer, he could raise his arm over his head, his ability to open his hand increased, and he gained more mobility in his knee and foot. His leg also grew out, his hips were more aligned, and his shoulder released. His brain fog left and he had better clarity of speech. He walked into the Healing Rooms with a walker and left without it.

April 27, 2019
Donna from Sacramento, CA
Donna had a chronic, irreversible eye condition for over three years. She continually needed to take drops to manage the constant irritation. Also, she needed multiple sets of glasses to compensate for various levels of swelling and dryness. Her condition has been getting worse over the past two years. Before she came to the Healing Rooms that morning, both of her eyes were swollen shut and bright red. After prayer her eyes were completely clear with no pain and she was able to read fine print without glasses.

April 20, 2019
Gustavo from Los Angeles, CA
Gustavo had two herniated discs in his lower back from his time in the military 29 years ago as well as two herniated discs from a work-related injury seven years ago. He also had an accident on his scooter in March 2018, which injured his knee and foot and cut his left thigh, barely missing a major artery. The cut required 49 staples and stitches. He couldn’t walk up or down stairs because it was so painful. He had five surgeries over the last few years for his injuries. As he was receiving prayer, he felt the sharp stabbing pain in his lower back completely go away and only felt tightness in his unused muscles. He also felt the pain in his thigh, left knee, and right foot completely leave. He was called up to the stage to testify and even though he expected to feel pain as he stepped up and down the stairs to the stage, he was surprised and touched to not feel any pain.

April 13, 2019
Rose from Stockton, CA
Rose had COPD emphysema for seven years, causing breathing to be difficult. She also had arthritis in her middle finger for one year and pain in her right arm at a level 5. She couldn’t bend her fingers in at all because they were so stiff. While going through the Healing Rooms, the pain increased, but she refused to accept that. After receiving prayer, the pain and stiffness went away. She was able to bend her fingers inward. She could also breathe much easier than before.

A woman called in via Skype and asked for prayer for her son DJ who had autism. After prayer DJ started talking. He had not been able to use words. DJ also had severe migraines. They ended immediately. The Skype team member had shared a testimony about his own recovery from autism.

April 6, 2019
Christine from Colorado
Christine was diagnosed with scoliosis when she was 12 years old, more than 30 years ago. She had continuous back pain at a level 2 and neck pain at a level 8. While receiving prayer, her leg grew out. Then, as the team prayed for her back, she felt heat on her back and it popped several times. She grew taller and her back pain completely disappeared. Later, while giving her testimony, she still felt pain in her neck, so the team prayed for her again and the neck pain went away.

Pua from Switzerland
Pua had tinnitus in her left ear for nine years and scoliosis in her back for three or four years with pain at a level 6. She also had pain in her liver because of a tick bite, overstretched ligaments in her foot, and stomach issues from eating. The tinnitus disappeared when she arrived at the Healing Rooms. While receiving prayer, she felt pain increase in her stomach and itchiness on her back. The team continued to pray for her and she was filled with joy. Then the pain began to decrease until she had no pain whatsoever in any part of her body.

Dana from the Bay Area
Twelve years ago, Dana was in a car accident that caused her upper hips to move forward and her spine to curve several inches. It also caused pain in her back, hips, knees, and ankles. Even taking deep breaths would be painful. Most of the time, her pain would be at a level 4. The prayer team barely touched her, but she began to feel heat on her lower back. Then she felt her lower hips and back move back into place. All the pain throughout her body was completely gone and she could take deep breaths without pain.

March 30, 2019
Ethel from San Leandro, CA
Ethel experienced pain in her back and in the side of her stomach for four years. She had been injured in a fall and had gone to many treatment centers to find relief, including an acupuncture center. The pain was intense and moved to her knee. Ethel walked with a cane and her wrist was sore from the pressure of using a cane. Her friend suggested she to come to the Healing Rooms. She came, but a few days before she came, the pain in her stomach and side hurt so badly she had to go to the Emergency Room.
When she arrived at the Healing Rooms, they asked her what was wrong in the hallway. While she was explaining her problems, she began to feel a lot of heat in her stomach and lower back. Then they prayed for her legs and both legs grew out. The heat increased and kept increasing through every room she entered, culminating in the Prayer Room. Then the pain was all gone! She left her cane behind! She was so happy that she was crying.

March 23, 2019
Morgan from Kennewick, WA
Morgan broke her back in a sledding accident six weeks ago. She was paralyzed from the waist down for five to ten minutes. While lying there, she cried out to God, pleading for Him to help her and asking Him to clothe her with strength. She began to feel tingling and soon could wiggle her toes. Later she had spinal surgery and was in the hospital for four days. Two screws and a metal rod connecting them were placed in her back. She wore a back brace for two weeks and had limited mobility. She was unable to twist or turn or bend over because of the pain.
Her friend had a dream that Morgan came on a trip with her to Bethel from Kennewick, so she decided to come. In the Healing Rooms, the prayer team didn’t place hands on her, but instead they stood at four corners with her in the center. One man said, “There’s a fire burning.” Morgan felt intense heat and then realized she had no pain. Before prayer, there was occasional nerve pain that came on its own. Morgan told them she really wanted to dance and jump as she did before. She was in ballet, hip-hop, and lyrical dance. She tested her body and could twist, bend, and jump without pain! She stood in the corner of the room and a man on the prayer team took her hand, pulling her from the corner into a ballroom-style dance. When she danced, she was thrilled. She said, “I’m myself again!”

Leah from Idaho Springs, CO
Leah was a baby who was very sick, causing her to be in and out of the hospital since birth. In 2001, at the age of 18, she went to the eye doctor and was immediately sent to the neuro-ophthalmologist where she had a spinal tap to relieve fluid and pressure. She was diagnosed with pseudotumor cerebri. She had frequent spinal taps, sometimes every two weeks, to relieve the fluid and pressure that built up. She had blurred vision caused by excessive fluid pressing on the optic nerve. She also had severe headaches. She was even considered legally blind for a time.
She complained of constant pain all over her head that ranged from 3/5 at its lowest and 10+ at its worst. She took pain medication in the past that helped with the pain, but the medication left her so drugged that she couldn’t function. She complained of back pain around the L3/L4 at a level 5 constantly, but often much worse. All movements hurt, but prolonged standing and sitting caused more pain. She had 15 brain surgeries to place shunts and stints in it to relieve the pressure. The first surgery was in 2003 and the most recent was 2017. She also had bipolar disorder caused by the condition.
She came to Friday night service and had to leave the sanctuary because her head was hurting so badly. She received prayer from Kristin (a BSSM2 student) and her headache disappeared. She came to the Healing Rooms with pain in her head and back pain at a level of 5. While she was in the Encounter Room, her back pain almost went away. After receiving prayer, all the pain in her body left. She became completely pain-free. She could sit and stand for more than 10 minutes without pain. Also, she could raise her arms while standing and hold them in the air, which she could not do before. She said she felt amazing.

Kishore from Morgan Hill, CA
Kishore had a benign tumor in his head and asked for prayer in July 2017. He received prayer and nothing happened for six months. He had been hoping he would not need surgery. Then it slowly started to go away. One year later it was completely gone.

March 16, 2019
Maggie from Egypt
Maggie came for healing for a constant migraine pressure in her eyes, which she had for the past seven months. She was also diagnosed with early glaucoma in her left eye, which had already affected the optic nerve with her peripheral vision. The doctors said that they could stop the deterioration but could not restore any lost vision. The doctors recommended very expensive drops that she would not be able to obtain when she was scheduled to return to Egypt in about a month.
Over the past two and a half months Maggie visited the Healing Rooms for this and other issues as well. She always received prayer for the glaucoma and migraine pressure, and noticed a progressive healing for her vision. She also received occasional prayer by the ministry team on Sunday and at the Randy Clark Healing School in Redding, CA.
She had a peripheral vision test done in early March that showed the part of the optical nerve that was damaged, causing the loss of vision, was completely restored! The before and after image reveals that even the area that people naturally have as a blind spot is better than normal in both of her eyes. She was initially told by a doctor that the optical nerve could not be restored. Scientific articles also agree that damaged optic nerves from glaucoma normally do not repair themselves. God has performed a miracle.
In the Healing Rooms this day, her migraine improved, but persisted, and so she continued to believe for healing.

Andrew from Orange County, CA
Andrew’s mom brought him to the Healing Rooms instead of taking the SATs this weekend because of a severe right knee injury. He was injured a year ago while playing basketball, which is his passion. During a jump, he landed with his knee pushing inwards, causing tears and sprains, resulting in him not being able to play basketball any longer. This day, when he received prayer he started shaking. The flexibility of his knee improved and the pain reduced. When he arrived at the testimony table, he had lingering pain so the writers prayed for him. All pain then left and he was able to bend his knee, walk without pain, and climb stairs two and three at a time, pain free!

Jessica from North Dakota
Jessica had lower back pain for approximately 18 years. She came in with a level 7 pain. While in the Encounter Room, someone called out a word of knowledge for anyone with back pain to stand. The second she stood up, her back pain was instantly gone. She also had ADD. While she was in the Encounter Room she noticed a change in her focus. She was able to journal in the midst of many distractions and noises. Her focus improved.

A woman from Ohio called in via Skype and reported that she asked prayer for insomnia a while ago and now five out of seven days she is sleeping well.

March 2, 2019
Faye from the UK
Faye had back pain and numbness in the back of her leg for over two years, causing her to walk with a limp. Her pain level had been at a constant 6. When she first arrived at the Healing Rooms, someone came and asked if she had one leg shorter than the other. They prayed for her and her leg grew out. As this happened, she felt the peace of God come over her leg and all the tension left. Later, while receiving prayer from the ministry team, she fell out under the power of the Spirit. As she was lying on the ground, she noticed the pain in her back and all the numbness in her leg was completely gone. She now felt completely balanced and restored.

February 23, 2019
Taylor from Seattle, WA
Taylor is 24 years old. She picked up a can of paint when she was 12, which resulted in back pain and shooting pain down her leg. She went to eight different doctors who really didn’t know how to help her. The doctors measured the discs in her back and told her that her back should not be giving her as much pain as it had. They said they didn’t know where her pain was coming from. She went to a physical therapist and her pain would be relieved for a few hours, but would then come back. For the past seven years she decided that she would just have to live with the pain. She received a lot of prayer, but she never quite believed that it could be gone.
In the Prayer Room a woman on the ministry team said that she didn’t want to look at the paper, she just wanted to ask the Holy Spirit what to pray for. So she asked Taylor if she had pain in her knee and foot and Taylor said yes, but the origin of it came from her back. The prayer servant measured her legs and her left leg was about a half-inch shorter than her right leg. When the team prayed, her left leg grew out and the tension in her lower back, leg, and gluteal muscles released at once and all the pain left. She could put weight on her left leg and was looking forward to seeing how it would feel when she taught her next dance class.

Brenda from Vancouver, BC
Brenda had pain from levels 6-8 throughout her body. She led a motorcycle ministry but was unable to use her arms and wrists to ride her motorcycle. She was not going to participate in a big motorcycle event the next week because of her pain and limited mobility.
After she received prayer, her left knee popped and was healed. Her sciatic nerve was healed. Her left arm and shoulder mobility were restored and all areas of pain went away. She was crying tears of joy because she would be able to participate in her motorcycle ministry.

Julia from Germany
On May 6, 2018 Julia had induced labor, which turned into a C-section. Since then she had excruciating pain at a level 10+ on the right side of her body. She stated that her pain was constant no matter the level of activity or inactivity. She returned to her doctor, but the doctor was unable to find the cause of her pain. She was taking pain medication and had been on bed rest. She came in with a pain level of 6-7. After receiving prayer, she was completely pain-free on her right side and able to freely move her legs without pain.

Sarah from Billings, MT
Sarah came with back pain that reached across both her sides and down into her left leg. She had pain since she was in middle school. It began when she played softball around the age of 10 or 12.
She had x-rays and wore orthotics in her shoes. She also visited multiple doctors, physical therapists, and chiropractors, all without resolution of the pain. Her left leg was shorter than the right, more than 1.5 inches. She described her pain at a level of 9-10. It increased with prolonged activity, sitting, or lifting anything heavy. While receiving prayer, she felt a lengthening around her knee and her left leg grew out. Both of her legs became the same length. Her pain reduced to a level 3 and the prayer team prayed a second time. She became completely pain-free and felt structurally healed.

February 16, 2019
Glenn from Shelton, CT
Glenn was badly injured after falling in a manhole in the dark in July 2018. It caused severe nerve damage in both legs and in his back and head. He said the pain in his leg the night before coming to Healing Rooms was at a level 12. After receiving prayer, the pain completely disappeared. He could get up quickly and rest his leg on the other, which he couldn’t do before.

Rhoni from Redding, CA
Rhoni had multiple issues in her body for about 16 years. She had degenerative disc disorder, which caused chronic back pain, SIJ disorder from giving birth, and complications from hernia repair surgery, as well as depression. She also had a handicap in her right knee since birth, which has caused her problems while walking. Her pain level has been at a 7 or 8 and she had to walk with a cane off and on. While receiving prayer, she felt like her whole body was on fire and like she received emotional healing. Her left leg grew out and her pain greatly decreased. She was able to get up and walk up and down stairs without any issues.

Mary from Buffalo, NY
Mary had cataract surgery in December 2018, but it caused her eyesight to be worse. She also wore hearing aids and had arthritis in one of her fingers. While receiving prayer, she noticed her eyesight improving and could read the TV monitor from the other side of the room. Her hearing also improved and she took out her hearing aids and could hear the prayer team speaking from behind her. She could hear and see even better than her team could. The inflammation in her finger also reduced and her finger straightened out.

Delyssa from Pittsburg, CA
Delyssa was diagnosed with scoliosis and arthritis in her back about five or six years ago. She is very active and dances at her church. Her pain level was constantly at a level 3-5, but with increased activities it could be a 10+. After receiving prayer, the pain in her back went down to a 0-1. She said she felt a warmth in her lower back. Also, about 20 years ago she tore her ACL in her right knee while cheerleading and had an ACL reconstruction surgery in 2002. She had intermittent pain with her right knee depending on weather and activity level. In the Healing Rooms, she had no knee pain. After prayer, she could do movements without pain, such as squats and hip flexors, that would normally cause her pain. Lastly, she had pain and stiffness in both her shoulders. She had rotator cuff surgery on her right shoulder in 1999. After prayer, she had no pain or stiffness in her shoulder and she said she had fluid-like movement in both shoulders.

Jamie from Seattle, WA
Jamie had been involved in nine car accidents over a ten-year period, with the first one in 1992 and the most recent in 2014. She had back pain, neck pain, jaw pain, shooting pain from her right shoulder to her right hand, numbness across the middle of her back, and numbness in her right and left hands. Her daily pain was at a level 2-3 but it would increase to a level 8 with increased stress or activity. In 2003, she fell down a stairway, fracturing her left ankle. She had surgery to repair the damage and her left ankle clicked since then. In the Healing Rooms, her right leg grew out about 1/2 inch. She felt vibrations in her left foot and ankle and the clicking sound disappeared. She said she could feel blood flow to her foot and ankle, which she hadn’t felt before. After receiving prayer, she could feel stress falling off her shoulders and back. She felt electricity from her head to her toes and she was pain free.

February 9, 2019
Gisele from Omaha, NE
Gisele came to the Healing Rooms with poor eyesight. She was diagnosed with astigmatism when she was seven or eight years old. She was unable to have corrective surgery because of the size of her cornea and lenses. The ministry team member put her hand on Gisele’s forehead and she said that she felt electricity going into her eyes. She fell out in the Spirit and when she got up she was able to read without her glasses on, which she was not able to do before. She continued to feel a burning sensation and electricity in her eyes.

Anndawnika from Anchorage, AK
Anndawnika had flat feet since age five (she is now age sixteen.) Because of this, she could not walk with out pain and was habitually afraid to walk. She arrived to the Healing Rooms with a pain level of 8 in both feet. During prayer she felt the soles of both feet tightening up, starting with the right and then continuing to the left. Before prayer she walked on the inside of her feet to try to relieve pressure. After prayer, both feet visibly had received arches and she could walk unaffected without any pain. She was looking forward to buying new shoes and hoped to join her school soccer team!

Sandra from Tucson, AZ
Sandra broke her tailbone and herniated five disks by falling in the shower eighteen years ago. The damage was inoperable, and didn't respond to medication and physical therapy. She experienced chronic, continual, debilitating pain. She wasn’t able to climb stairs because of her weak leg. When Sandra arrived today, her pain was at a level 7. During prayer she felt a realigning in her back. She fell to the ground, and started laughing. When she got up from the ground she had zero pain, full mobility, and was able to hop on her weak leg.

February 2, 2019
Lisa from Newport Beach, CA
Lisa had two plates and ten screws put in her right wrist two months ago because she had fallen and shattered her wrist at work. Her fingers on her right hand were curled up because it was too painful to straighten them out. She also did not have mobility in her wrist. She came to the Healing Rooms with level 8 pain in her fingers and wrist. In the hallway someone shared a word of knowledge for wrists and prayed for her. Then she could open up her fingers slightly with a little bit of pain. In Encounter the Healer they also had a word of knowledge for wrists and prayed for her. Then she could open up her fingers fully with some pain and she couldn’t feel the metal in her wrist! After that she received prayer in the Prayer Room and the pain in her fingers and wrist went down to level 1 and she could move her wrist, which blew her mind! She also could see oil and glory on her wrist.

Alan from Yuba City, CA
Alan loves flagging in his church. For the past couple of years the mobility of his fingers in his left hand was restricted so that he couldn’t make a fist or grip the flag pole. In the hallway he received prayer and the mobility in his fingers was restored so that he could make a fist! The pain went down to level 1, too.
He also mentioned that he was in the hospital, close to death five weeks ago (because of a leg infection and blood clots), when a Healing Rooms prayer team member called him (a friend of his friend) and prayed for him. He recovered and lived to share the testimony, praise God!

Pam from Beaverton, OR
Pam came with right thumb and right big toe pain at a level 8. She had been diagnosed with tendonitis in her right thumb that caused her pain when she gripped something. Her right big toe was diagnosed with turf toe, which caused pain and difficulty with bending it. While she was in the hallway, she noticed the pain in her thumb and toe had significantly reduced to a level 2. Then a word of knowledge was called out for hands and fingers and Pam noticed her healing had already taken place. After receiving prayer, her pain level was 0. Also, she received prayer for her eyes and her eyesight became better.
In 2016, while surfing, she was hit in the head with a surfboard. As a result, she had constant pain at a level 6, difficulty sleeping, and was unable to lift her arms or any objects because of a painful range of motion. She saw a doctor and went to physical therapy for two years without a resolution to the issues. She came to the Healing Rooms in 2018 with right shoulder and neck pain at a level of 7. After receiving prayer, her neck and shoulder pain went to a 2 and her range of motion increased significantly. Within the next six months her pain slowly decreased to a 0.

January 26, 2019
George from Redding, CA
69-year-old George had pain at a level 7 or 8 in the right lower side of his abdomen for several years. He recently went to the emergency room because the doctors thought he had appendicitis. They ran tests but they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him and sent him home with some painkillers. He also wore hearing aids and could only hear dull noise. While receiving prayer, he simultaneously felt the pain in his side go down as well as his hearing increase. His hearing became much clearer and by the end he felt like the team was yelling at him. The pain level in his side diminished to a 1 and his hearing was about 95% improved. He felt rejuvenated and excited for what’s to come.

Nichole from Vancouver, WA
Nichole had a lump/cyst in her neck the size of a golf ball. Her husband had been massaging the lump in her neck the day before she came to the Healing Rooms, and knew it was there. Then while she was receiving prayer in the Prayer Room, the lump turned flat! The lump disappeared and her neck was completely smooth.

Not only that but Nichole also had thyroid issues for two years. She felt new sensations in her thyroid area during worship at Friday night service. When she was receiving prayer in the Healing Rooms, the sensation in her thyroid increased to a pinch-like feeling. All of a sudden there was a pop-like sensation and then her thyroid was released. Her thyroid felt significantly better than it had after years of issues.

Prayer was also received for her teeth, which were typically in a lot of pain. The pain that she had for ten years went away completely. She remained pain-free even while drinking cold water, which normally would cause discomfort.

About a month ago, Nichole’s whole family was healed in the Healing Rooms of food allergies. No one in the family has had any food allergies or symptoms since. Nichole and her husband along with their two boys were enjoying Cheez-Its they could now eat.

She shared another testimony that happened about a year ago while she was listening to a message by Bill Johnson from 2009. Bill spoke about feet being healed and she immediately stood up and believed for healing for her mother who had plantar fasciitis and chronic pain most of her life. Nichole called her mom later to see how she was doing and to ask if she noticed any sensation in her feet. Her mom said in fact around 2:00pm that same day she felt tingling in her feet. Then the pain all left. A year later her mom’s feet were still doing great!

January 19, 2019
Keith from El Paso, TX
Keith loves playing baseball with his brothers and friends. Over the years, his throwing arm gradually began to be painful. Before he came to the Healing Rooms, he couldn’t perform the motion of throwing a baseball. While receiving prayer, he felt an adjustment in his shoulder, particularly in the rotator cuff. Afterwards he could fully move his arm and shoulder in all directions. Over and over, he performed the motion of throwing a baseball and he was elated.

Bruna from Brazil
For 28 years, Bruna hadn’t been able to breathe out of both of her nostrils. Her right nostril was blocked her whole life. Several months ago, she had a dream in which God told her to come to Bethel Church. She came to the Healing Rooms and while she was in the Encounter Room she spoke with an artist who happened to be from Brazil as well. The artist prayed for her a couple of times and her nose became more and more open, about 95%. After being prompted by the Holy Spirit to go into the bathroom and touch the water, her nose became 100% open. For the first time in her life, she could breathe freely out of both sides of her nose.

January 12, 2019
Garland from Oklahoma City, OK
Garland broke his back in 2005 after falling approximately 50 feet off a piece of equipment at work. He had two back surgeries in 2005. During the second surgery his sciatic nerve was damaged, resulting in severe lower back pain radiating down his left leg ever since then. He said that his left foot felt broken all the time. He complained of constant pain at a level 7. When he received prayer he felt a warm sensation in his lower back that went down his left leg, and then his pain was gone. He had no pain anywhere in his body. He hadn’t been able to bend over and pick something up off the floor without pain and difficulty for 14 years. After prayer he could bend over and squat down without any pain.

Linda from Acme, WA
Linda had a motor vehicle accident 20 years ago. She had been to the Healing Rooms before and received healing for the damaged discs in her neck and spine. As a result of that accident, she had right shoulder pain for 20 years. Her shoulder was rotated inward causing intermittent pain at a level 10, sometimes 10+. She was unable to take any medication for her shoulder pain because of a problem she developed after she had gall bladder surgery in 2014. After that surgery in 2014 her sphincter valve allowed bile to enter her stomach, resulting in a dull and constant pain in her stomach and side. Also, she had a lump under her rib cage that she was able to palpate with her hands. When she arrived at the Healing Rooms, her right shoulder and stomach pains were at a level 3. While in Encountering the Healer, all the pain in her shoulder was gone; however, her shoulder remained rotated inward. While receiving prayer in the Prayer Room her shoulder moved and she had a little pain. They prayed again and there was a crunching sound. Then her shoulder returned to its normal position with no pain. She also felt heat in her stomach and the lump under her rib cage disappeared. She hadn’t been able to raise her hand over her head for more than 20 years and in the Healing Rooms she was able to do so, without any pain.

Michala from Slovakia
Michala had back stiffness and pain, causing her to feel chronically tired since her childhood. While she was receiving prayer she had a vision. In that vision she saw a needle that was bent and then it became straight. After that she felt energized and no longer felt the stiffness in her back. She called it “heavenly caffeine.”

January 5, 2019
Graham from British Columbia
Graham had back pain for 30 years, ever since he fell 18 feet off of a ladder. He was also in several car accidents. Some days the pain was debilitating. He came in with level 6 pain. When the team prayed for him, he felt heat and then the pain was gone. He also had level 4 abdominal pain for the past two days (probably food related), and after prayer it left, too. The team prayed for his vision too, and he realized a little later in the Encounter Room that he could read his Bible on his phone without zooming in.

December 15, 2018
Carol from Oakley, CA
Carol drove three hours to the Healing Rooms determined to receive his healing. He came in with level 3-4 knee pain in both knees. In 2015 he was carrying a 200lb. piece of glass and when he turned with his knees instead of with his feet, both meniscuses in his knees tore. As a result he had a left knee replacement and two orthoscopic surgeries on both knees. He had knee pain constantly since then. Kneeling was one thing he couldn’t do. If he had to get down to the floor he would lie down sideways instead of kneel.
When he received prayer, he didn’t feel anything, but when they asked him to try doing something he couldn’t do before, he kneeled. He was able to stay on his knees for several minutes, which he hadn’t been able to do for three years!

Matthias from Redding, CA
Matthias had certain intolerances for food like cheese and red wine, and would experience severe stomach pain when he ate certain foods. He had some medication that could combat the reaction, however he ran out of pills this fall in Redding (he is a BSSM student from Austria). Because of this he came to the Healing Rooms to receive prayer three weeks ago. When the team prayed he did not feel anything and left believing he was not healed. That same night he started having stomach pain, which he thought was odd because he had not eaten anything. He had no idea what was going on. It wasn’t until Tuesday (three days later) when he realized he was healed. He ate six pieces of pizza and he felt no pain, so he started testing all the other foods that would normally affect him, and didn’t feel any adverse reactions. Since then he has been free to eat whatever he wants!

December 8, 2018
Terry from Coarsegold, CA
Terry had been a paratrooper as well as a contractor and over the years suffered many injuries and had undergone 26 different surgeries. While working as a contractor in 1972, he fell two and a half stories and shattered his left elbow, crushed his left wrist, and split open his left eye. He also broke his hip and pelvis in this accident. He spent the next three months in the hospital with priests and nurses constantly expecting him not to make it. It took him about ten years to get back on his feet and another three years to get back to work. In another accident, three vertebrae in his neck were blown out, giving him headaches and severe neck pain at a level 6 or 7.
Recently, Terry began to lose the use of both of his hands, though he wasn’t sure why. After receiving prayer in the Healing Rooms, the pain in his neck and shoulders reduced to a level 1 or 0. His left arm, which was four inches shorter than his other arm, grew out, and his left leg, which was about two inches shorter than his other leg, grew out as well. After three knee surgeries, he would often struggle to walk and to go up and down stairs, but after prayer he was able to walk, squat, and go up and down stairs without any issues!

Harold from Raymond, WA
Eighty-five-year-old Harold worked as an electrician for a warehousing company for forty-five years. During that time, he would often clean a power generator without wearing a protective mask and would breathe in a harmful chemical without realizing it. About ten years later, he began to be short of breath and would wheeze at night. He would need to take emergency medicine sometimes. He had an on-call lung specialist in Seattle whom he saw every three months and he also had a breathing machine at home. While receiving prayer, he became numb all over and noticed that he could breathe better. His breathing became normal and he could take multiple deep breaths, something he had not been able to do for many years.

December 1, 2018
Ellen from Phoenix, OR
Ellen was diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency, caused by an auto-immune disorder known as chronic fatigue syndrome. This condition is when the adrenals on the kidneys become exhausted and produce less cortisol. Cortisol is the main hormone that helps regulate stress. She had the chronic fatigue syndrome for about twenty years and the adrenal insufficiency for about ten years. Due to this, Ellen did not work eight-hour days as a nurse/health consultant. Over the past 2-3 years she noticed incremental improvement.
In the Healing Rooms, she heard a testimony about someone recently being healing of the same condition. As they shared, she felt a sensation of something big being removed, like it was being peeled off from her feet and all the way up her body to the top of her head. She described it like the scene from Alice in Wonderland when Alice stepped into a room and majorly transformed. Ellen said she knew something major happened as she heard the related testimony.
The ministry team also prayed and her leg grew out, resulting in no more pain or stiffness in her lower back.

November 24, 2018
A man had severe pain in his neck that was at a level 10. After receiving prayer, the pain went down to a 0. He was also baptized in the Holy Spirit for the first time.

A woman came in with neck pain that was at a level 7 and she couldn’t bend her head back or roll her head at all. Her pain went down to a 0 by the time she walked into the prayer room. While receiving prayer, she felt heat on her neck and her flexibility and mobility were fully restored.

November 17, 2018
Kathy from Salem, OR
Kathy came in with a brace on her right arm that she had worn for about a year. She was not able to move her hand. There was pain that went up her whole arm (level 8). During prayer, the pain went down and her hand started moving outside of her control. Then, the pain went down more and the other hand started moving as well. They took off the brace and there was no pain. The prayer team proceeded to pray for her good hip because she had surgery planned. She had swelling (bursa) that protruded about 2-3 inches. They placed her healed hand on her hip and then put their hands on her hand. Then, the swelling started to go away. After praying three times, the swelling completely went away! There had been a small level of pain and that went away as well.

Carolyn from Boise, ID
Carolyn visited the Healing Rooms a year and a half ago. She came in with an oxygen tank. She was on 3 liters of oxygen 24 hours a day. She had idiopathic pulmonary lung disease. The doctors said it had to do with reflux (GERD) that she had for 25 years. After she left, she had no more symptoms of GERD. She went off her daily oxygen. She had formerly had problems eating and was able to eat again. She saw the doctor after the healing and they took X-Rays. Based upon examination of the X-Ray, the upper part of her lungs had improved (about 50% better by appearance).

November 10, 2018
Chase from Canada
Chase broke his back six years ago, paralyzing him for weeks and leaving him numb for a month. He broke his back again in July of this year when he slipped on wet concrete while carrying 60lbs of weight over his head. He’s been experiencing extreme back pain every day since then. He has been unable to bend over and can only sit for short periods of time. Before he came in to the Healing Rooms, his pain level was at an 8 or 9, but when he entered the building, the pain went down to a 5. While receiving prayer, he felt tingling and a cold sensation all over his body and his back pain completely disappeared. The ministry team then asked him to bend over and to his amazement he could touch his toes! He could sit, walk, turn, and bend! He was supposed to have a follow-up CT scan when he returned home so the doctor could schedule surgery. The next day, he reported to our team that he felt 100% better and he even went hiking after going to the Healing Rooms.

Melissa from Germany
For ten years, Melissa suffered from varicose veins and her pain level was at a 6. She came in to the Healing Rooms for the first time and strongly felt the presence of God even though she kept thinking the lie that she wouldn’t be able to receive healing. When the ministry team was praying for her, they simply thanked Jesus and she felt her legs become warm. One of the prayer servants began to speak in German and she felt the fire of God come upon her. Her pain level increased at that point, so she sat and soaked in the Encounter Room for a little while. Another ministry team came and prayed for her and told her to say “yes” to the healing before it even came. After receiving prayer, she tested her legs out and felt a lightness come through them and all the pain left. After this, she fell out under the Spirit and felt a fire in her legs.

November 3, 2018
Arianna from San Louis Obispo, CA
Arianna came stating that since her parents’ divorce over twenty years ago when she was seven years old, she has suffered from emotional numbness. She had been diagnosed with clinical depression and was seeking freedom. When the ministry team came and prayed over her she felt a reset take place in her mind and a fog and numbness lifted from her. She couldn’t remember the last time she felt that physically and emotionally alive. She felt like she could feel and taste colors. She was also given a prophetic promise of a child that she will return to Bethel with in the future.
She was then asked by someone on the ministry team to perform a prophetic act of stepping into her healing. Once she did that she was baptized in the Holy Spirit for the first time. She fell out in the Spirit and described it as feeling like millions of tiny angels were running all over her body healing her. She sensed the Lord was pulling out her food allergies also. All of her senses seem heightened. She even felt like she could hear better and didn’t even realize she wasn’t hearing clearly before.

Rey from Los Angeles, CA
Rey dreamed of coming to Bethel for many years. He served at The Call in L.A where he was assigned to usher the Bethel Redding attendees off the buses. That’s when a bunch of Bethel attendees surrounded him and prayed over his back and shoulder. Then God told him, “See, I will bring Redding to you!” Eventually God paved a way for him to come up to Bethel for the Leaders Conference where he was given revelations and was filled with holy laughter.
He came to the Healing Rooms to receive prayer for his back pain, which he suffered from for five years from a car accident. He also had knee issues for three years and clogged ears. In the lobby the Lord told him to sit Indian style on the floor, which was nearly impossible before. He was able to do so with no pain and get up easily. He then received complete healing in his back and knees his ears also opened!

Audrey from Escondido, CA
Seven years ago Audrey was diagnosed with chronic migraines. She received prayer two years ago to get off meds, but was still in a lot of pain. The migraines even interrupted her sleep. When the ministry team prayed over her they received a word of knowledge to pray over her right shoulder, which had an old sports injury. She felt peace and love start flowing from her shoulder through the top of her spine and then up to her head. For the first time in years she felt no pain! Her pain level was a 7 when she arrived and it went down to 0. She felt complete freedom and peace. She also said it was the first time she tangibly felt the physical touch of the Holy Spirit.

October 27, 2018
Brenda from Hauser, ID
Brenda came in for hip pain from a fall that caused sublabral tearing in her right hip. She went to the doctor the week before and was told she needed a hip replacement. Her pain level was at a constant 6 and she would often feel a burning in her hip and cramping in her thigh. While receiving prayer, she felt tingling and the sensation of fire in her hip. Then the pain was completely gone. She has a doctor appointment in November and will follow up with us. She also felt she was healed from an orphan spirit and became fearless.

Jerry from Ukiah, CA
Jerry had severe carpal tunnel in his right hand from years of drug addiction and construction work. When grabbing or lifting any kind of object, even a water bottle, his middle finger would sting painfully and his whole arm would go numb. The pain was often at a level 6 for his finger, which he couldn’t bend.
His back had also been injured from a car accident when he was 14 years old. He would have spasms in his back at a level 8 pain and would often have to lie down because of the pain. He was told by the doctor to undergo physical therapy, but he refused to go.
While the team was praying he felt a sensation of cool water running from his hand down into his body. He could then lift anything without any issues. He then received prayer for his middle finger and could bend it without any pain. While receiving prayer for his back, he felt and heard it pop and he felt his leg grow out while he was standing. The pain in his back was almost completely gone. He felt his entire body was completely balanced and straightened out.

October 20, 2018
Emad from Orange County, CA
Emad had extreme pain in his shoulders as a result of years of lifting at work. Because of two torn rotator cuffs, his pain was at a level 8-10, his sleep was greatly affected, and his mobility was very limited. He could only lift a maximum of four pounds. Two years ago, a doctor told him he would need surgery in both shoulders, but he decided not to go forward with that because the recovery time would take him out of work too long. While receiving prayer, he experienced numbness and shaking and was brought to tears. All the pain disappeared and mobility was restored so that he could lift his arms up high. The pain in his lower back, which was at a level 9-10, also disappeared.

October 13, 2018
Meg from Albany, OR
Meg had a cyst about the size of a quarter, which developed on the right side of her neck at age 16, about 14 years ago. Her family had a history of brain cancer, but she was not worried about the cyst because there was no change in size. She also was experiencing a popping in her jaw that caused a level 5 pain. At times both sides would pop. Once a month she would experience lockjaw and would try to force realignment to fix it. A doctor looked at it, but the exercises that he recommended did not seem to help.
As she received prayer in the Healing Rooms, she fell down in the Spirit multiple times and experienced heat in her neck and jaw. She said the last time she fell, as she laid down, she felt God say, “Get up, my daughter, because you are healed.” Meg then checked her neck and could not feel the cyst anymore and when she tested her jaw, there was no more pain!

October 6, 2018
Dohee from Menlo Park, CA
For seven or eight years, Dohee had problems with the rotator cuff in her right shoulder, causing her to have limited mobility since it was often stiff. Her pain level was constantly at level 5. If she lifted her kids or something similar, it would go to an 8. She felt pain even carrying her bag. In the Healing Rooms, the pain went down to a 0. She had complete mobility and the frozen stiffness in her shoulder was all melted. She could feel the blood flow from her shoulder through her neck up to her head. She could feel electricity going from her arm down to her fingertips. She felt a complete release of tension, pain, and stiffness. As she shared her testimony, the tension in her sister’s back went away as well.

Frank from Hawaii
Frank had asthma for 25 years and had not been able to take a deep breath. As soon as he walked down the hallway, his lungs completely cleared.

Christine from Oroville, CA
The first time Christine came to the Healing Rooms, her leg grew out. After she had been struck by a forklift at work and was pinned down by it, she experienced horrible sciatic nerve pain in her back that affected her leg and right hip. It took several years for her to walk again and she still had some pain, even after physical therapy. A man and two little girls prayed for her leg to grow out and her hips evened out. Over the last year, because of physical and emotional stress, she’d been in a lot of pain. She had not been able to straighten her body or walk very well. She also had severe pain in her neck for two months. After another visit to the Healing Rooms, all her pain has disappeared and she had completely mobility in her neck.

September 29, 2018
A man had asked prayer for depression and anxiety for so many years, that it left him full of doubt that he would receive any healing. He had almost given up. The prayer team prayed and said the words, “joy and shalom” over him and he went down in the Spirit. This was the first time he could feel the Presence of God in such a tangible way. While on the ground he saw an image of Jesus holding a lamb in his arms tenderly and then the vision changed to flashes of a baby. When he saw the images he also heard “I love you.” He felt such peace and joy and the anxiety and depression left completely. He was quite joyful.

Charlotte from Yreka, CA
Charlotte came in to the Healing Rooms for hip and back pain, which was constantly at a 4 or 5. While receiving prayer, her pain went down to a 0, but at the same time her ears were healed, which she hadn’t written down for prayer. She had constant popping and ringing in her ears and her hearing had become very muffled. She was diagnosed a few weeks ago with 86% hearing loss, but now she can hear about 90% better.

A mother received prayer for her baby whose fists were always closed. The baby began to open his hands and grasp his mother’s finger after they had received prayer.

September 22, 2018
Susan from Raleigh, NC
Susan had an accident in 2014 that caused her to get a spider web type floater in her left eye. It covered her full field of view in that eye. She heard a testimony about vision healed. When she received prayer, she felt a surge of energy in her head (near her eye). Within a couple of minutes, they tested it by having her look at a white piece of paper. In doing so, she reported the obstruction had gone away.

Alicia from Redding, CA
Alicia shared a testimony from when she visited about six months ago, in March 2018. She had been having problems with her right lateral incisor tooth. It had been twisted inappropriately when she got braces as a child and therefore the root was damaged. She started experiencing level 7-8 pain in the tooth in January. It was causing her to have headaches. The dentists told her that she would need to go through a three-stage surgery to get a replacement tooth, which would cost about $6,000. She did not have the money so she came to the Healing Rooms hoping for it to get healed. When she came to the Healing Rooms she did not have instantaneous relief. However, the pain completely went away after about two weeks. Since then, she has seen two dentists who have commented that the tooth root has not changed (x-rays were taken again). Regardless, she is not experiencing pain symptoms that would be expected given the condition of the root. Because she is not in pain, the dentists are saying she does not need to do the surgery!

A woman who received prayer for blindness in one of her eyes (98% gone, associated with macular degeneration and cataracts) had vision restored to 50%. She had been blind since 2001. Her color and peripheral vision were restored. One of the prayer servants felt pulsing in her head while praying.

Donna from Fresno, CA
Donna was diagnosed with polio as a child in 1958. She had multiple surgeries during her life. Her right leg was 1 ¾ inches shorter and significantly smaller than the left. She used crutches for many years and graduated to a leg brace to be able to walk. She walked with a severe limp for her entire life. She also had constant back, hip, and knee pain at a level 10 for her entire life. Upon arriving at the Healing Rooms, her pain level was a 10. When she received prayer in the hallway, she felt a “pulling sensation” and her right leg grew out and all of her pain stopped. She was able to walk straight with only a slight limp. She removed her leg brace in the Encounter Room and left it there. After receiving prayer in the Prayer Room, she felt an “indescribable” difference. She left pain free!

September 15, 2018
Some memories were restored to a man that had lost them after he had a stroke about a month ago.

A woman had range of motion restored to her neck, and her right hand began to be warm and tingled as the numbness left.

September 8, 2018
A woman with hypothyroidism felt the lump in her neck disappear. She requested prayer for her mother, so the team called her and prayed for her over the phone. Her mother had pain in her feet, shoulder, and back. After prayer her pain decreased significantly and the range of motion in her shoulder increased.

September 1, 2018
Marlon from Redding, CA
Marlon is an incoming 1st year BSSM student and this was his first visit to the Healing Rooms. When Marlon was playing basketball two years ago, he went up for a layup and someone pushed him. He fell straight on his back. Two weeks later his entire back was in pain and he couldn’t even walk for a few days. He went to a specialist who diagnosed him with a bulging/herniated disc in his lower back that was pinching his sciatic nerve. This caused chronic pain for the past two years that radiated from his back into both of his legs. At different times of the day he would feel more or less pain, but he always had pain on a daily basis.
When he came into the Healing Rooms he couldn’t lift his right leg more than 25 degrees (when he was sitting down) because of the pain. A ministry team prayed for joy and peace for him and they were all laughing and having a great time. Then one person prayed for his hips. His hips started moving in a circle and he fell on the floor in the Holy Spirit. He couldn’t move or open his eyes. He had only ever witnessed this happen to other people, and it was the first time it happened to him. When he got up, all of his pain was gone and he could lift his leg fully without pain!

Dina from Los Angeles, CA
Dina injured her knee 28 years ago, which resulted in continued pain. Ten years ago her meniscus tore in pieces. Dina then had surgery and a small plate was placed in her knee. Pain continued for Dina in her knee, even after the surgery.

She came to the Healing Rooms for help. A team member placed his hand on her knee and prayed. She felt intense heat on her knee and there was a sensation that her knee was very light. It was relief, she said. Then she realized there was no pain. She felt like her whole knee was taken out and replaced. She could stand and also sit, crossing her legs. She was sitting for 20 minutes or longer with her legs crossed, remarking how prior to prayer she could not do that without pain. Dina cannot tell if the plate is still in place. She might see a doctor to see if the plate is gone.

In addition, four months ago a metal locker fell on Dina, hitting her head, slamming her to the floor. This bad head injury caused an insane amount of pain and she could not stand it. A team member prayed for her head, placing her hand on Dina’s head. Previously if people would touch her head she felt excruciating pain, but when the team member placed her hand on Dina’s head there was no pain. More power came when the team member got close to her and hugged her. This brought a strong feeling of electricity through Dina’s whole body, down to her toes. Whenever the team member got close, she would feel the electricity and if the team member backed away, it was gone, so Dina knew this was God. Dina felt like she was floating and didn’t even know what was going on. She had never felt anything like that.

Also, two noteworthy things happened. While waiting for prayer Dina spoke to the Lord about how many people were there and said to Him, “I am coming like the woman who touched Jesus in the midst of the crowd.”

Secondly, while waiting in the lobby for healing, Dina had a vision. In it, she saw her daughter Mishael’s sandal. The bottom of the sandal, where the foot slips in, was very dirty. Then, a water hose turned on and sprayed the sandal. Finally, the vision showed the sandal was really clean. Dina felt like that meant healing, like the dirty would be washed clean. She felt like the dirt was sickness. Because of that vision she knew there would be healing.

Dina also commented that God used both of the ministry members to help her in the Healing Rooms (the one who prayed for her knee and the one who prayed for her head).

August 25, 2018
A Skype caller wrote, “You prayed for me three weeks ago. 1) Praise! My brain scan showed 2 of 3 cancerous spots gone and 3rd is reduced 2) Request continued prayer for healing of brain, lung, lymph nodes.”

A man who was suicidal gave his life to the Lord! He was laughing and felt like he was walking on a cloud.

August 18, 2018
Patsy from San Mateo, CA
Patsy had very intense pain in her lower back for the last week. She arrived in a lot of pain and before she went into the Encounter Room she found herself standing in front of the portrait of M. Earl Johnson. While she was reading the memorial about his life, she had the sensation of someone massaging her back. She looked around and no one was there. Then she realized that all of the pain in her back was gone and she came over to give her testimony at the table with great joy before she went in to receive prayer.

Michelle from Reston, VA
Michelle shared a story about her daughter Nicole’s healing from Lyme disease.
Nicole was diagnosed with Lyme disease from a deer tick bite when she was 19 years old in 2012. Doctors thought she had had the disease for about six years by then. There was damage to her central nervous system, which affected all of her nerves and caused acute pain. The symptoms for Nicole had were “mind-fog” where she could not finish her sentences, “Lyme rage” where she would have emotional outbursts, and nerve and joint pain. She was on medication for both Lyme disease and pain. Doctors were considering putting her in IV Lyme treatment.
Around 2014, they came to the Bethel Healing Rooms at Nicole’s request. She said, “I don’t know what I believe about God but I believe in healing. Would you take me to Bethel?” When they arrived, Nicole and Michelle felt the presence of God. Three teams prayed for Nicole and each one said that she would begin to be healed that day, but it would be a progressive healing.
Not long after their visit to the Healing Rooms the doctors said that the Lyme disease was gone, and she stopped taking her medicine for the disease itself. However, she still had neurological damage that required three different pain meds, including morphine. Nine months after she came to the Healing Rooms all of her symptoms were gone and she stopped taking her pain medication! The doctor used the word “miraculous” and nurses couldn’t believe it when there was no need for her to return for follow-up appointments. Nicole then went on to finish her Bachelor of Science degree in biology (with straight A’s in her final year) and did well on her Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). At the time of this testimony, she was in the process of applying to medical schools.

August 11, 2018
Rick from Colorado Springs, CO
The pain of sciatica had started eight months ago. Rick had been a basketball coach his entire life, but this pain brought him to the decision to quit and retire. He received what sounded like a simple prayer, and he felt a tingle down his back and was completely healed! He then came back later and said he had jogged around the building! He hadn't jogged in a year!

Lynn from Fullerton, CA

Lynn came to the Healing Rooms with her husband. She was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1985. She used a cane and walker for many years, only using a wheelchair occasionally. She had been in a wheelchair full-time since 2013. She was diagnosed with osteoporosis in 2008 and scoliosis in 2015, which caused her to have chronic back pain at a level of 8 or 9 out of 10. When she came to the Healing Rooms her pain was at level 8, but after receiving prayer, her pain went down to 0. Also, while seeing a chiropractor, she discovered that her left leg was shorter than her right leg. After receiving prayer, she felt a squeezing sensation and her left leg grew out about two inches. She stated she felt more strength in both legs.

August 4, 2018
Doug from Porter Ranch, CA
Doug injured his back 28 years ago and has had back problems ever since. He had been going to chiropractors for years, which only gave him temporary relief. If he moved around he wouldn’t have pain, but when he lay on his back, he felt pain. This had been causing sleeping problems for quite a while. When Doug came into the Healing Rooms he sensed the presence of God and he knew he would be healed. With tears in his eyes he shared that after the ministry team member put their hand on his back and he lay down, he felt no pain.

Berliana from Indonesia
Berliana came to the Bethel Healing School in May 2018. While she was in the States, her mom had a stroke in Indonesia. Her throat became paralyzed and as a result, eating or drinking liquids would go into her lungs. Even swallowing saliva would cause her to virtually drown. By the time Berliana went back to Indonesia her mom had not been eating or drinking for four days. Her lungs were swollen with white spots on them and were seriously infected. She couldn’t breathe normally because of this. Her heart was also enlarged because of 30 years of high blood pressure. Because of a fall that happened when she had the stroke, her back was injured and she could not walk.
Berliana came into the hospital and prayed. In two days her mom’s lungs cleared, her heart went back to a normal size, and she could eat and drink again. The doctor couldn’t believe it and released her to go home. Within a week her mom was walking again and her blood pressure returned to normal levels.
Additionally, her mom had suffered from digestive problems for 50 years. She could only eat bland foods like muesli, and she would experience discomfort whenever she would eat. Tests from an endoscopy before the stoke had showed a greyish color in both her stomach and intestines. Recent tests showed red color! She could also eat or drink anything, including pineapple juice, which she hadn’t been able to do for 50 years.
Her mom had also lost her ability to taste about six months ago, and that was miraculously restored!
Previously her mom did not believe in God or in miracles. As a result of this miracle, her daughter Berliana led her to believe in Jesus.
Berliana’s pastor invited her to share this testimony at church, which she was hesitant to do because she felt a bit shy. But she remembered learning about the power of the testimony at Bethel, so she decided to go ahead and share. A woman in her church said that her father was in the hospital with kidney failure, a lung condition, and diabetes. Doctors had said there wasn’t anything more they could do for him. Berliana and another church member went with the daughter to the hospital to pray for her father. Within two days his kidney function went up and he was released from the hospital!

July 21, 2018
Celestine from New York
Celestine came into the Healing Rooms with a group of her friends from Worship U on July 7th. One of her Worship U friends asked for prayer to be taller and she watched as his legs grew. So she asked him to pray for her because she wanted to be taller as well. At this point, she didn’t realize that her legs were different lengths, causing her walk to be lopsided, rather than straight. She looked back in hindsight and could tell that there was something off about how she walked. She received prayer and she could feel and see as her left leg grew out. For the past two weeks, she noticed that her two legs were exactly the same length and was so grateful she asked for prayer!

Alice from Seattle, WA
When Alice arrived at the Healing Rooms, someone met her in the hallway and gave her a word about her back being in pain. As they prayed for her, she could feel the pain on the right side of her lower back begin to fade until it was completely gone. She said that her pain level was about a 4 and it went down to 0.
Her right knee was injured after she fell on it about four years ago. Since then, although she had felt little pain, it had sent a weird feeling sensation through her legs when she touched her knee. So she avoided touching her knee at all costs. When she was in the Encounter Room, she touched her knee and there was no weird feeling anymore!
Her left knee had been bad for a couple of years, and two months ago she injured it and the pain was so bad sometimes that she couldn’t walk. She received prayer for it in the Healing Rooms and all her mobility returned and the level 5 pain she felt left!

July 14, 2018
A breast lump the size of a golf ball was gone!

Bill from Michigan
Nine years ago, on vacation with his son, Bill picked up his son to throw him in the pool and felt something happen to one of his discs. The pain was so bad he was throwing up. He had his first back surgery. Three months later, he popped another disc. Then another disintegrated. Three in a row disintegrated. They did not know why. He was sent to the University of Michigan Hospital. They put two rods and six screws in his back and though they did everything they could, he had arthritis and could not even bend over to put on his own shorts.

Today he was sitting with friends and felt God say to go up to the front, and Martin and Cheryl came up and spoke to him, and as soon as Martin touched his back, fire went through it. He had never experienced anything like that before, and then he felt no pain. He felt good. He had not been able to cut his own toenails, and then he felt he could if he wanted to. He and his wife and two friends were praying they would receive everything God has for them.

July 7, 2018
Scott from Brunswick, GA
Scott and his twin sister were born prematurely which caused many problems. During this time, Scott’s grandmother was directed by the doctors to choose to save only one child and decided to save his sister. He was put in an incubator and lived, but this seeming abandonment created many lies in Scott’s life about not being wanted. In addition to this, his father had anger problems and would shake Scott when he was small. At one point he threw him into a corner, which caused great damage to his neck, and continual pain in his neck throughout his adult life.
When Scott came to the Healing Rooms he had neck pain, and by the time he left all the pain was gone and he had full mobility. During his time in the Healing Rooms, God began showing him that he was never alone during his time in the incubator as a baby. Scott knew in his head that God loved him, but he had a whole new revelation this day that God wanted him and saw him as a treasure! He also said that he was very grateful to have a family that loves him and a heavenly Father that cares for him daily.

June 30, 2018
Heather from Maui, HI
Heather had a car accident in high school that affected the alignment of her jaw. It was off for 12 years. After prayer, it completely aligned.

June 23, 2018
Maria from Albany, OR
Maria has had a lump in her calf for a year and a half that suddenly appeared one day. During prayer, she felt a refreshing coolness on her leg and fell out in the Spirit, and she had a vision of sitting on Jesus’ lap as a child next to a red river of life. When she stood back up the lump was gone.

acie from Medford, OR
Stacie has had carpal tunnel syndrome in her left hand for five years. When she came in her pain level was 8. Normally her pain was a constant 2 or 3 unless the hand was hit, or someone touched it. She had also been experiencing cracking and popping lately. As soon as she began receiving prayer in the Healing Rooms, her pain went to 0, the cracking and the popping stopped, and the swelling began to go down. She had 0 pain and increased range of motion and mobility in that hand.

June 16, 2018
Chris from Portland, OR
For 25 years, Chris had pain in his back ever since he threw his back out while helping a friend carry a couch up the stairs. Since then, any time he was working outside, sitting for too long, or doing any strenuous work, his back would be in pain again. Two years ago, he got prayer at the Healing Rooms for lower back pain after an injury. When he received prayer, he wasn’t in pain, but since he hasn’t felt any pain at all.
A year and a half ago in February, his wife, Jennifer, got prayer at a healing conference at Bethel for joint pain that would float around her body and cause pain and discomfort. She wasn’t healed that day, but gradually since then, she has noticed her pain level go down until it was completely gone. Now she is completely pain free.

June 9, 2018
Steven from CA
Steven came in with a long history of hearing loss in his ears. He had a virus in his left ear that left him completely deaf in that ear. Two years ago, he had only 3% hearing in his right ear. He came into the Healing Rooms two years ago and after prayer, his hearing improved to 30% in the right ear. He returned two weeks later and received prayer from Chris Gore and his hearing improved to 89% in the right ear. He wears hearing aids, and as he came in today, his batteries died. After receiving prayer, he was hearing without the use of his hearing aids and stated that he felt the presence of God.

LaRhonda from El Cerrito, CA
LaRhonda fell from a tree when she was in six years old, breaking her right hip and pelvis. She was unable to walk for weeks, but never saw a doctor. Because of the fall, she had pain in her neck, hip, back, and spine that would increase with anxiety or stress. She suffered daily with level 8 pain since her injury, over 40 years ago. Her pain level when she arrived at the Healing Rooms was 10. While in the hallway, she felt heat radiating in and through her stomach. After she received prayer, she felt healed. She received prayer by a second ministry team, and she felt a “vice grip” being removed from her head. She felt whole again and said she didn’t feel like the same person that walked in the Healing Rooms.

June 2, 2018
Linda from Redding, CA
Linda came in with a lot of large floaters in her eyes. In an exam, a doctor commented on how unusually large they were. She had more in her left eye, and they were as big as the size of a quarter (in her vision). She said there may have been 12 in one eye and 14 in another. In prayer, a woman with the same name prayed for her. When Linda introduced herself to Linda, the presence of God fell. Linda, the prayer team member, shared that she had been healed of floaters and indicated it was easy. She took Linda’s hand and touched her head, and she went down. When she got up, some of the floaters had disappeared. Then, they prayed again, and Linda went down again. When she got up the next time, the floaters were all gone!

Harold from Raymond, WA
About 2-3 days ago, Harold fell and hurt his ribs. He was visiting his brother and got up in the night and fell in the bathroom. He fell on his side. It was bad enough he could not even get out of bed (level 8 pain). He also came in not being able to hear. He formerly had a job for 44 years that affected his hearing. When he went up for prayer, he was able to hear, and the pain significantly went away in his side so he could move again. He gave his testimony without his hearing aids!

Leigh from Canada
Leigh came in with intense pressure in her head related to allergies. It involved constant nasal dripping. It is a condition she had her whole life; she felt that way every year in the summer. During prayer, Leigh experienced a release that she described as a sort of flushing and the fogginess left. After prayer, she experienced complete relief and she could breathe again! She also received prayer for her back, as she had a lot of problems with it. After prayer, she felt a lengthening in her spine, and it was much looser.

May 26, 2018
Mary from California
Mary was diagnosed with stage 4 rectal cancer in September of 2016. Mary had an 8cm rectal tumor, four lymph nodes affected and eight spots of cancer in her colon. She was in treatment for 20 months at UC Davis getting 33 rounds of radiation, and every Saturday that she was not having chemotherapy, she was at the Healing Rooms getting prayer. Two months ago, during a routine appointment, her tumor had completely disappeared, and so she went to the head of the Radiology Department to confirm. She had a new pelvic MRI and PET scan. The scans found that the tumor was gone, all four lymph nodes were clear and all eight spots in her colon were now just scar tissue, but there was no trace of cancer.

Grace from California
Grace had surgery in her left foot in 1992 that left her big toe unable to be bent. She used to be a dancer and had to stop because she could no longer move her toe. Recently she had another surgery and the physical therapist said that her toe would slowly be able to bend, but it would take time. She saw a lady dancing in the Encounter Room, and God told her to take her shoe off and dance with her. She tried a move and her toe bent like it always had. She could feel cracking as it was opening again.

Linda from Washington
Linda had a migraine, sciatica pain, allergies to dairy, and vision issues. Her pain level was 10 for her migraine, her back pain 8. When she was in Encountering the Healer, her migraine began to lift, and the pain went to one side. While in the Encounter Room receiving prayer, she danced with her husband as a prophetic act and felt a pop in her back, and her sciatica pain was gone. Her migraine went away as she received prayer in the Great Room, and her shoulder pain related to it disappeared. Her eyesight was also coming into focus, and she could read the name badges.

May 23, 2018
George from Olympia, WA
George came in for prayer over an injury he had 42–43 years ago to his right knee, causing him to live with chronic pain and a loss of strength in that leg. He also requested prayer for his eyesight and hearing. After the team prayed with him, the pain in his knee was completely gone. He could bend it without pain or support, and all the strength returned to his right leg. In addition, he said his eyesight and hearing were better. He was unable to read the eye exam chart without his glasses, and then he was able to read it all the way to the bottom!

May 19, 2018
Kevin from Vancouver, WA
Kevin had an ear infection in his left ear for six months that made his ear feel numb—like it was under water—and caused him to be unable to hear anything in that ear. His doctor did not know what to do, and antibiotics were not helping. After receiving prayer, his ear opened up, and he was able to hear again. He also rededicated his life to Jesus! He was still experiencing the “underwater” feeling. After sharing his testimony at the testimony table, the testimony writer asked to pray one more time. When the testimony writer put his hand on Kevin’s ear, Kevin said that he could hear popping in the testimony writer’s hand. After the prayer, Kevin said that he felt further improvement in his ear. He went to the car, and his ear was fully healed, so he came back to the testimony table to share the good news!

A man had pressure around his heart, lungs, and chest for about six or seven weeks, which was completely relieved after he received prayer. He also had neck and lumbar pain for years. His left leg grew out during prayer, and all of the pain in his neck and back was gone, and his mobility was restored. He had poor eyesight for years as well, and he said that his vision improved by about 15% after receiving prayer.

Susan from Monterey, CA
Susan had a shooting accident three years ago, resulting in loss of hearing. She could only hear about 50% in both ears. She has been praying for healing and felt an improvement over the last year. When she received prayer in the Healing Rooms, her hearing was completely restored. The neuroma in her foot was also healed, and the pain was gone. She was able to jump up and down without any pain.

Jonathan from Norwalk, OH
Jonathan was diagnosed with Osgood-Schlatter disease, experiencing pain in his left knee for the last eight years. This disease caused a lump underneath his kneecap, pulling his bone apart. His pain level was 2. After receiving prayer, he was filled with the Holy Spirit, and the pain was gone. After receiving prayer for the second time, the lump shrunk and disappeared.

May 12, 2018
Sofia from Irvine, CA
Sofia has been experiencing intense pain in her stomach for 15 years after several surgeries to correct internal bleeding from her organs. She normally could not eat or drink anything without level 10 pain and discomfort, to the point that she was afraid to eat. During prayer, she felt like there was fire in her stomach and it started moving around intensely. She then drank some water to test how her stomach was and felt no pain at all. She also had an accident in 2014 that shifted her hip and caused a lot of pain to a level 9 and limited her movement. During prayer she felt like her hip and leg were stretched to the correct position and all pain left.

A woman wanted to be taller. The person leading the hallway heard the Lord tell him to ask if anyone wanted to be taller. A lady said yes and he prayed for her legs to grow, and before everyone’s eyes, they grew out around two inches.

May 5, 2018
Chum from Singapore
Chum had a firm lump on her right side that was the size of her fist. She had it for two years. It completely flattened out during prayer. She had not seen a doctor about it before so there was no information on what it was.

Gary from North Fork, CA
Gary received radiation therapy when he had prostate cancer five years ago. There was scar tissue in his urethra afterwards (documented by a urologist). It affected his ability to urinate. After prayer, he went to the restroom, and it was quite a bit better. He also received prayer for his neck. He had been told that he had a bone spur in his neck 15 years ago. It caused him pain when pressure was applied, and his hands and arms would fall asleep. After prayer, he was no longer having the problem with his hands and arms falling asleep.

April 28, 2018
Marjoke from the Netherlands
Marjoke came in for prayer for her daughter, and while she was sitting, she realized that she could ask for prayer for her feet, which were different sizes. She sat in a chair and she put her feet side by side. The ministry team laid hands on her, and her right foot shrank to be the same size as her left foot (which was what she requested). She also has stiffness in her upper back that was released a bit.
After Marjoke shared her testimony with the testimony writer (Mikylla), the writer asked her to pray for her feet, which were two different sizes as well, probably by ¾ of an inch. The writer had received prayer for her different sized feet before, but the size of her feet hadn’t changed. Marjoke prayed and the writer could visibly see her left foot grow to be the same size as her right foot!
Then, someone came out from the Prayer Room and told Marjoke that her testimony was just shared with another woman and her feet grew out!

April 21, 2018
Danny from San José, CA
Danny had sciatic pain in his back for a year and a half. He had not been able to bend over well since the pain started. In the Healing Rooms it was the first day he was able to bend over 90 degrees with no pain. He had about a level 7 or 8 pain when he came in. He did not think he deserved the healing or that God wanted to heal him, but when someone said in the beginning it was not about our faith but about God’s faith, that encouraged him to trust.

Aenny from Germany
Aenny broke her tailbone in childbirth about twenty months ago and has had difficulty sitting since then. She could not sit on a hard surface, or sit up when laying down without severe pain, and had to have a special cushion. As she received prayer, she felt warmth and comfort wrap around her as she was healed. She sat on the floor of the Prayer Room and had no pain at all, and she could get up and down totally fine without needing help.

April 14, 2018
Trevor from Canada
Trevor had an enormous amount fear and anxiety for a year, to the point that he could not even leave his home. He also struggled with OCD for ten years. During prayer, he felt overwhelming joy take over and experienced a freedom in his mind he had not had for a long time. He also had liver pain off and on for a year, which completely went away after prayer.

Joy from Los Angeles, CA
Joy experienced healing from deafness. She could almost hear nothing in her left ear. As the team leader prayed for her, she fell out under the Holy Spirit. When she got up and tested her ear, she found it was healed and she could hear perfectly.

April 7, 2018
Christine from the Bay Area, CA
Christine brought a friend who had prostate cancer. He was on a testosterone lowering drug, but never went on chemo. He had an extremely high PSA level of 3,700 (Prostate Specific Antigen or PSA, is an enzyme found in a man’s blood produced exclusively by prostate cells). They came when Heidi Baker was here and visited the Healing Rooms that weekend. A month later he was tested again his PSA was 7. His oncologist said, “don’t try to understand it.” His PSA is now down to a 3.

Ruth from Redding, CA
Ruth was struggling with a lot of fatigue and was sensitive to light. Her doctor said her optic nerve was weak and suggested she had glaucoma. She received prayer last Saturday in the Healing Rooms. This past week, she had more energy and was less sensitive to light.

Joshua came with a level 8 pain in his left foot caused by gout. It had been bothering him in flare ups for two weeks. After he received prayer last Saturday, the pain went to a level of 4, but was still significant. When he woke up the next day, the pain was gone and it did not hurt since (about a week later).

Freddie from Redding, CA
Freddie had a large wart on the knuckle of her right middle finger. She had the wart for over 20 years. She also had a wart on the tip of her right thumb. Both disappeared.

March 31, 2018
David from Washington
In 2003 David had a prosthetic disc installed in his back. It was part of a clinical trial for research. He was pain free until January 2017. He came home from work and walked upstairs, went to take off his shoes and fell on the floor in excruciating pain. He ended up in bed for two weeks and couldn’t roll his body out of bed. He was in so many doctors’ offices, but no one wanted to test him or work on him because of his prosthetic disc. He had to figure out how to work and stay out of pain. He finally went to Sweden to see a specialist. The doctor said that the disc was doing everything it was supposed to do. Physical therapy revealed that his back was out of place and a chiropractic therapist found through x-rays where the problem was. The body was trying to protect the back because it was fused together in the wrong direction and caused his organs to be strained.
When he came in to the Healing Rooms and sat in a chair, a woman came and prayed over him and his leg grew out. He started to feel better, but the problem was that the pain began to increase intensely all throughout his legs, hips, and lower back. He was in the Encounter Room and someone told him to raise his arms, which he couldn’t do before. He did and everything popped into place and all pain left.

March 24, 2018
Kris from Bakersville, CA
Kris had been experiencing numbness in his feet accompanied by intermittent sharp pains for the last eight to nine years. During prayer, he started to feel a burning sensation in his foot. He was able to feel circulation in his feet again. He used to drag his feet and move slowly, and after prayer, he could walk and feel his feet. There was no more pain when he walks.

March 17, 2018
John from Redding, CA
John broke his back in 1996 and suffered from chronic pain (pain level 7-8) ever since. About three years ago, he developed migraines (pain level 8-11) for three years that caused him constant pain on a daily basis. Pain medication only masked the issue and caused him to feel like he was in a constant fog. His back pain was so bad, he could barely bend to touch his knees and he developed knots on his head that his wife regularly tried to massage away. While he was in the Encounter Room, his wife was massaging his head, and she felt the knots begin to decrease in size. Later, while he received prayer in the Prayer Room, he felt warmth come over his whole body. His chronic pain began leaving his body! He could bend to touch his toes, he had full range of motion in his neck, and all the pain he came in with was completely gone!

Victoria from Oakland, CA
Victoria came to the Healing Rooms with severe pain in her left shoulder (pain level 8) which was due to a work injury in June 2017. The lift gate of a moving truck fell on her head and shoulder and she was in the hospital for three days. She could not lift her arm without great pain. Upon entering the building, Victoria felt heat begin to emanate from her left elbow up to her shoulder. She noticed that it kept getting hotter and hotter as she moved from room to room. When she met the ministry team, before she could share what she was sensing, they sang a prophetic song over her with the simple phrase, “All-consuming fire!” Immediately, all the pain left her body. Not only was she pain-free, she could also lift her arm above her head and even rotate it 360o!

Gayong from South Korea
Gayong was diagnosed at a very young age with Muscular Dystrophy in her hip and legs. Doctors said it was hereditary, but she did not remember any symptoms of the disease until she was eleven years old. Since then, she suffered from extreme weakness and fatigue in her legs. Due to ever-increasing stiffness, her range of motion in her hip and legs was greatly reduced. She could not walk straight and often required assistance to do so. While Gayong was in the Encounter Room, she laid on the floor to enjoy God’s presence. She began to feel an icy-hot sensation running down her spine and felt strong enough to get up and dance! She noticed 80% improvement in her muscular strength and mobility. Her legs, which once felt heavy and were difficult to lift, felt lighter and stronger. She danced around the Encounter Room and then even went up and down stairs unassisted—something she has not been able to do since she was eleven years old!

John from Diamond Springs, CA
John had back pain for twenty years. He had two heart bypass surgeries, the first in 2000 and the second in 2017. In 2017, he was in the hospital for two weeks and unfortunately had had consistent pain since that surgery at a level of 2-3. He came to the Healing Rooms two weeks ago and reported having 0 pain anywhere in his body since then.

March 3, 2018
Laila from Los Angeles, CA
When Laila was in the Encounter Room, they shared a testimony about someone getting healed by declaring “by His stripes, you are healed.” She started to declare it over herself and she began to cry. All the pain in her feet completely left. Previously, if she had walked too much or exercised, she would be in pain. She had a level 8 when she came in, but after declaring over herself she was completely pain free.

February 24, 2018
Sharon from Apple Valley, CA
Sharon came in with severe pain in her shoulder and shoulder blade. This was due to her discs being worn out because of a car accident in 1998. The pain was lingering for the last five years. While receiving prayer, she felt heat and then the pain was completely gone. She was able to pick up her leg without any pain.

Kristin from Norway
Kristin had pain in her right shoulder and could not raise her hand up or put weight on her shoulder (like doing pushups) for about a year. She had scheduled an appointment to see a physiotherapist. She believes that the pain was caused by the chemotherapy she had received for breast cancer. After prayer, she was able to raise her hands and do pushups without any pain. Her right foot was also itchy and the itchy feeling left.

Kelli from Eagle, ID
Kelli had pain in her right knee: it was hyperextended and she had joint pain. Her pain started four days ago but it was on and off for all her life. When she came for prayer, the pain level was at a level 8 and then the pain was completely gone. Kelli has a blood condition where her body makes too much iron, and her pain was linked to this. She will check if her blood condition has been healed as well since she had no more pain in her joints.

February 17, 2018
Kevin from Houston, TX
Kevin was in a car accident two weeks ago and injured his left leg. In addition to anxiety and feeling down, he sustained abrasions from his knee to his toes as well as a sprain of his left ankle. As a result, he felt tightness in his ankle and could not put any weight on it without extreme pain. He arrived to the Healing Rooms with crutches and was suffering from level 7 pain. The team prayed for him, and he received the baptism of the Holy Spirit! There was only minor discomfort from the bandages rubbing against the abrasions on his leg. However, the anxiety left, and he could stand on his left foot with no pain! He was blown away by the love of God!

Lisa from San Marcos, TX
Lisa was diagnosed with essential tremor disease (a genetic disorder she’s endured all her life); there is no cure. About ten years ago, the symptoms worsened, and her hands constantly shook uncontrollably. The prayer team prayed several times, and each time, she noticed marked improvement until eventually the tremors completely stopped!

Lorrie from Tri-Cities, WA
Lorrie suffered from chronic back and neck pain for the last 45 years. That morning, her pain was so extreme (level 10) she was forced to take Excedrin Migraine, which brought the pain down to level 2. When she arrived in the Healing Rooms, it hurt to bend or even turn her head, and she could not twist her torso because it felt as if her spine was bound. As the team prayed for her, Lorrie felt peace flow down her entire spine and the pain leave completely. She regained full range of motion and said, “Everything feels like it’s the way it should be!”

Gary from Springfield, OR
In 1999, Gary started feeling numbness from his feet up to his ankles. It lasted for about 14 years, and then four years ago, it started moving up his legs. In the last six months, it had moved all the way up to his waist. He had no sensation at all in his legs. Around the same time, Gary noticed numbness in his fingertips and it gradually spread up to his elbow. When the team started praying, he felt sensation return from his elbow down to his hand and felt tingling in his fingers. He also wore cotton gloves, which kept his hands from cramping up and taking a claw-like shape. For the first time in a long time, he was able to remove the gloves with no cramping or pain. And he could feel touch on both legs all the way to just below his knees!

Julie from Australia
Julie came to the Healing Rooms with pain in her right leg. She developed leg pain as the result of back pain, which caused her to over-compensate. The pain was at level 4 and would ordinarily require medication to relieve. She received healing in the first class when Chuck sat next to her and lay hands on her. It was only after he got up that she realized the pain was completely gone. She was so jubilant over her healing, she found herself dancing pain-free in the Encounter Room! She was still dancing when she arrived in the Prayer Room without any prayer from the Ministry Team.

February 10, 2018
Jessie from Electric City, WA
Jessie’s right leg grew out a half inch. She came in with level 4 hip pain. After her leg grew out the pain completely went away. She also received prayer for nerve damage. For four years her left leg had been completely numb. After prayer, she was able to bend, put weight on her leg, and run around.
She also received prayer for a genetic chromosome disorder called NF-2 (missing her 22nd chromosome). It causes her to develop tumors. She had a tumor on her optic nerve behind her left eye. It caused blindness for 15 years. As a result, her eye had become lazy and it took a lot of effort to keep the eye open. After prayer, she no longer had to strain to keep the eye open. During prayer, she saw a lion and saw shapes and colors in the Spirit. At that time, the Lord said her full healing is coming soon.

Shirley from Chico, CA
Shirley came with her daughter to get healing for arthritis in her knee and for recently diagnosed atrial fibrillation. Her knee was often in intense pain after extended use, and she could feel and hear her heart murmur. She also began to experience difficulty when breathing, feeling like she was suffocating because her lungs had filled with fluid. She had to have surgery to drain her lungs and was told to use an oxygen mask at night to help her breathe. Shirley’s daughter brought her to the Healing Rooms to seek total healing from all these afflictions. After prayer, Shirley said she could lift her knee higher than she has in a long time with no pain (pain went from an 8 to a 0). She felt that her breathing was much deeper than it had been for months, and she could no longer feel a murmur in her heartbeat.

February 3, 2018
Julie from Redding, CA
Julie walked into the Healing Rooms with level 10 pain because her back had been locked since before January 1st. The last two weeks especially, her back had been so tight she went to the chiropractor every day, always in excruciating pain. When she walked into the Healing Rooms a little boy, Moses, prayed for her twice and she could feel the pain go down to about an 8. At that point, everywhere she walked, she could feel her body begin to pop back into place. When the ministry team prayed, all the pain left and she was able to bend down and pick up her paper off the floor.

January 27, 2018
Alexa from San Francisco, CA
Ten years ago, Alexa was in a bicycle accident in which she was hit by a drunk driver. Since the accident, Alexa has suffered from constant chronic pain in her neck, back, shoulder, and hip on the right side. Even while sleeping, she felt significant pain and would often wake from it in the night. As a team in the Healing Rooms prayed for her, the Lord worked to heal trauma in her life, and she felt Jesus encouraging her to forgive the man who hit her in the accident. As soon as she did, she felt physical release and felt God’s power moving through her. She felt that her body was moving back into proper alignment as her back and hips popped and cracked. The pain in her right side reduced from a 7 to a 1. Then, the team praying for Alexa received words of knowledge about several physical issues that were not even listed on the Healing Rooms form, and she felt God working to heal her of food allergies and several other conditions.

January 20, 2018
Yeonhui from Redding, CA
Yeonhui had pain in her neck and shoulders for more than ten years. She received prayer from adults on the ministry team, but her pain level did not change. As she was leaving someone encouraged her to ask for prayer from two little girls who were on the prayer team. The little girls prayed for Yeonhui and the pain went down. They prayed again and it went down to 3.5. Then the little girls wanted to dance over her, so they went into the hall for more space. When they danced, she felt freedom. Then the pain went to 0 in one shoulder and 1.5 in her other shoulder. They danced more and she tested her neck and was able to move it around freely! She just had a little bit of pain in one shoulder at the end.

Paula from Fairhope, AL
After receiving a CT scan in August 2017, Paula was diagnosed with a stage 4 tumor in her brain the size of a man’s hand. She underwent surgery after which she was given a maximum of nine month to live. She has seven metal screws in her skull from the surgery. As a result of the surgery, Paula was very weak from the waist down. She could only walk about ten steps and would need to hold on to a wall or her husband.
Paula had a dream to come to the Healing Rooms and also to go back to Israel. After receiving prayer in the Healing Rooms, she felt strength in her legs and she got up from her wheelchair. She was able to walk around the outside of the Prayer Room unaided. She also realized that the sharp pain in her back went down from a level 10 to a level 0.

Sita from Modesto, CA
Sita had breast cancer and after receiving prayer in the Healing Rooms, she noticed that the pain was at a level 0 and the lump on her breast didn’t feel as hard after the prayer as it did before.
Sita also had arthritis in her arms and the rest of her body at a level 6. After receiving prayer, the pain went to level 0.

January 13, 2018
Tyler from Seattle, WA
Tyler visited the Healing Rooms in June/July 2017. He came because he had ankle pain in both feet due to several sports injuries. When the team prayed, he felt a huge pop and noticed a slight difference in his pain and mobility. When he went back home, he noticed more and more that not only was the pain gone, but he could also do all the sports maneuvers that were previously impossible with his injuries. He also struggled with asthma and received prayer. Since then, he’s no longer had a need for his inhaler and has been able to lead worship again.
Today, Tyler came to the Healing Rooms because of pain in his shoulder. He dislocated his shoulder recently while playing sports and suffered from pain ever since. After receiving prayer, his pain level decreased from a 4 to a 1.

January 6, 2018
Leanne from Canada
Three weeks ago, while Leanne was walking on ice, she slipped and fell and broke her foot in three places. Since the accident, she has been in excruciating pain and has had to wear an air cast at all times. It was even more painful for her because she had a bone that was protruding out of her foot. She received prayer, and the bone flattened out and went back into place! She is going to go to the doctor on Monday for X-rays, and she is excited to see the doctor’s expression!

December 16, 2017
Patti from Redding, CA
Patti had a wisdom tooth pulled a month ago and afterwards got a bad infection. She went on antibiotics to treat it for two months and started having a bad reaction to medicine. Today she came into the Healing Rooms and received prayer and left to go to the dentist because she already had an appointment scheduled. While at the dentist, they said the infection was gone. They also said a bone was growing in where the socket was. They were surprised that it was growing in so fast because it normally takes four to six months.

Patti’s husband Randy had to go to the ER recently for a heart attack. They were told it was the type of heart attack that damages the heart rapidly. They put in three stents and said there was substantial damage. The day of the surgery the Resurrection Team came and prayed for him at the hospital. The next day he came in for another assessment and an echocardiogram. At that point, the doctor was surprised and reported there was no more damage and gave him a release to continue life as normal with no restrictions.

Jeff from Chowchilla, CA
Jeff had an eardrum that was restricted. He had impaired hearing for about 35 years. Today after prayer, a ministry team member tested his hearing from about 50 feet away, and he could hear her. Before, he could be sitting close to his wife and not be able to hear anything. He had tried using hearing aids over the years, but they never really worked. He also came in with knee problems. After prayer, he was able to do a full lunge on the floor with no problem. They also prayed for his shoulders, and they became a lot looser.

December 9, 2017
Myriam from Switzerland
Myriam was a 1st year BSSM student last year and the Healing Rooms was her assigned City Service outreach. She had a disc injury in her neck for two years, which doctors said might have been from working and from stress. As a result she had pain in her head and neck on a regular basis and limited neck mobility. Every Saturday she received prayer in the Healing Rooms for her neck. Every neck she prayed for got healed, but hers did not until March 2017. A ministry team member did a funny prophetic act of drilling into her head and saying all the pain would go. She recognized that she did not have a headache at that moment and when she woke up the next morning she didn’t have pain either. Normally when she served in the Healing Rooms she would have headaches and pain for a week afterwards from standing all morning.
She moved back to Switzerland after 1st year and came back to visit the Healing Rooms to receive prayer for something else that couldn’t be tested and to share the story that she has not had head or neck pain since last March. She even had a baby and was amazed that carrying him did not cause her pain.

Patrick from Thicket, TX
Patrick came to the Healing Rooms last March and received prayer for an addiction to chewing tobacco, which he had had for 10-12 years. He didn’t notice a difference initially, but about a week after he went home he went to work remotely for 25 days and didn’t take any tobacco with him. He didn’t have the cravings he would normally have. He also made a conscious decision to throw the tobacco he did have away, knowing he had received prayer and trusting he was free. He said, “Now I can choose the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit without having to carry an addiction with me.”

December 2, 2017
Darrin from Redding, CA
Darrin had been coming to the Healing Rooms for the past few months to receive prayer for his mom who had cancer. His mom and dad both got diagnosed with small cell lung cancer a year ago. His dad died within three weeks. The lung cancer in his mom spread to her brain and doctors didn’t give her long to live. She was receiving chemo and radiation treatments. The other day Darrin called her and to his surprise, she told him that the doctor sent her home from the hospital because all of the cancer was gone!

George from Redding, CA
George brought a friend from Denver to the Healing Rooms and he didn’t fill out a paper for himself. He was soaking in God’s presence and a child on the ministry team had a word of knowledge about shoulder pain. He fell and injured his shoulder six months ago and it was painful to even put on a jacket and do simple daily tasks. When he received prayer for his shoulder, the pain went to 0 and he demonstrated that he was able to take off his jacket and put it on with no pain!
He also had minimal sensation in his lower legs because of neuropathy. He felt the ministry team member touch his legs during prayer, which he said he might have not been able to feel before.

Kate from Highlands Ranch, CA
Kate had surgery three months ago on her stomach. The place where the incision was on her left side had hurt to the touch, and felt painful where her jeans touched it. She shared with tears in her eyes that after receiving prayer, the incision did not hurt, even when she pressed on it.

November 25, 2017
Daniel from Kirkland, WA
Daniel has had limited mobility in his arm for nine months caused by a partially torn rotator cuff. He could not stretch his arm out without feeling intense pain at a level 8 or 9. After prayer, he tested it out by stretching out his arm and felt no pain.

Sandra from Singapore
For 13 years, Sandra had not been able to hear out of her right ear; everything was muffled. After prayer, she could hear! She covered her good ear while the ministry team called out numbers and she could hear everyone.

November 18, 2017
Hudson from Cambodia
Hudson came with his family to the Healing Rooms five and half years ago when he was 3. He had an IQ of 78 and was diagnosed with autism and borderline retardation. Within a year, he experienced healing. The doctors and specialists verified that he was healed and is now normal.

Charles from South Africa
Charles was visiting for the next two months and was encouraged to come to the Healing Rooms to receive prayer for type 2 diabetes. The diabetes had begun to affect his eyesight and caused circulation issues in his feet. He constantly felt like he was walking on pins and needles. When he came to the Healing Rooms, his eyesight was so blurry, he couldn’t even read large bolded print on a paper right in front of him, and he had a tremor behind his left eye. The ministry team prayed with him, and his eyesight was completely healed. He could read and see clearly, and the tremor was completely gone! He also felt a difference in his circulation—no more pins and needles in his feet!

November 11, 2017
Matt from Oregon
Matt encountered God in the Healing Rooms a year ago because a friend had told him to come. As the dancers started dancing and prophesying over him he was overwhelmed by the presence of God. One of the dancers put his hands on his feet. Matt had had an operation in his left leg and was scheduled for another surgery soon, and they didn’t know that. The first surgery he had three years ago (neuroma surgery) was meant to cut the nerve, but instead the opposite happened. It is called stump neuroma, and the nerve grew back and sprouted other nerves. Because of this he walked with a limp. He described it like he was walking around on a marble with spikes on it. He was unable to walk anywhere barefoot. He felt God use electricity on it, and all the pain was fully gone. He was walking without a limp and with a smile on his face! In addition to that, Matt was a veteran and November 11th was Veteran’s Day!

November 4, 2017
Sooyeon from Redding, CA
Sooyeon received prayer last week for a sprained ankle. She had level 7 to 8 pain for about a month. After prayer last week, the pain went away, and she has not felt it since then.

Melissa from Hanford, CA
Melissa’s pelvis was tilted after someone hugged her so tightly that something popped in her ribs to her back. After that, she had a muscle weakness on her right side for over six years. She went to a physical therapist but the muscle was not the same on that side as the other. Her leg did not work as it should. It was atrophied. She was so out of alignment that her right butt cheek was shrinking. Her thigh was so small that she would touch her fingers when putting her hands around them. She went to the bathroom to check the size of her thighs and could not touch her fingers around her thigh like she used to. The size of her thighs were the same. One used to be at least an inch smaller. This was a creative miracle of muscles.

Ann from Virginia
Ann came to Bethel for the upcoming Sozo Conference. She had been nearly deaf in her right ear and had worn a hearing aid for many years. While she was in Encountering the Healer, she felt warmth on her right ear. She received prayer from the ministry team and took her hearing aid out to test her hearing. She could hear clearly! Then through a word of knowledge, one of the ministry team members spoke the word “Shalom” over her left foot. At the time, she was experiencing level 8-9 pain. Once he prayed, her pain disappeared, and she could put her weight on it again. When she came to share her testimony at the table, she reported that her ears were burning with the fire of God.

October 28, 2017
Natalia from Brazil
Natalia had a deviated septum from birth, which caused several problems since she was a baby. She even momentarily died as a newborn, not breathing for 20 minutes and being revived by doctors. 22 years later, she still had problems breathing. The ministry team had a word of knowledge that Jesus was holding a bouquet of flowers and wanting her to smell them. As she took a breath, it felt like the skin opened in her nostrils and she could breathe deeply. She said she could feel the air going through her entire nostril.
She also usually felt very dizzy, like her equilibrium was off balance. She could not even drive without medication, otherwise she would be extremely nauseated. While receiving prayer, her head started to shake violently, and she received an image of plates coming together, like the balance in her head had been broken and separated but were coming back into place. She no longer felt dizzy.
She also used to have intense pain in her jaw; she could hear it pop frequently and could not hold her mouth open long. A woman on the ministry team began to pray for her bones in German, and she could feel her jaw loosen and the pain leave, though at the time she did not know what they were praying for.

October 21, 2017
Georgia from San Diego, CA
Georgia came in with an 8+ pain level in her back that she formerly had for nine years. After prayer, the pain completely went away. She described a warm Novocain type feeling. She released anger, and the pain gradually released. She sensed stress come off.

October 14, 2017
Tonya from Redding, CA
When Tonya was 18, she was in a car accident and displaced three vertebrae in her back. She suffered from scoliosis in the form of a lump the size of a golf ball on her neck. The lump began to form when she had surgery 12 years ago. She had a curve in her back that didn’t allow her to put her back flat against the back of the chair.
After receiving prayer, the lump was gone and her back was completely straightened. She came in with a pain level of 8-9. She left with absolutely no pain. She also felt tingling in her right arm and believed the Lord was healing her right rotator cuff from a bike accident that happened years ago.

October 7, 2017
Todd from Redding, CA
Two and a half years ago, Todd broke both of his ankles and had surgery to fix them, which had resulted in continuous pain in his ankles at a level 8 when he was standing or walking. During prayer, he felt warmth in his feet, and all pain leave. After he was healed, he gave his life to Jesus and was then filled with the Holy Spirit.

Samuel from Korea
A ministry team member woke up this morning with a toothache, which then grew into jaw pain. He realized that it was a word of knowledge and asked a group if they had been experiencing pain in that area. Samuel responded and they began to pray. Samuel had come with so much tooth pain that his gums were swollen and his whole face was in pain. While soaking in the sanctuary, the face pain left him. After prayer, to Samuel’s amazement, the toothache was gone! He bit into a nut to test it out. There was no pain at all. He then prayed for the ministry team member and all his pain left as well.

Victoria from Phoenix, AZ
Victoria injured her knee four years ago, which caused discomfort and pain at a constant level 6 or 7 that would get worse and swell up if she walked on it for too long. This was very hard for her as a dancer. After receiving prayer, she felt no more pain, even when she put pressure on it. Her knee would also pop out of socket occasionally and after prayer it felt very stable.

Brad from Knoxville, TN
Four years ago, Brad tore his meniscus and has had constant pain in his knee at a level 4 that would sometimes spike to a level 6 or 7. It would also click very loudly whenever he stood still or sat down too long. After the first prayer the pain left, and after the second prayer, the clicking stopped.

September 30, 2017
Viv from Australia
Viv had chronic back pain since 2000 and was on the highest dose of morphine a person can be on, and this caused respiratory failure in July 2016. The doctors then put her into an induced coma and intubated her. This damaged her vocals chords. The doctors were worried that she might never come out of the coma and if she did, she had a high chance of brain damage.

She was in coma for approximately 12 days and in intensive care for approximately 3 and she had a lot of friends and family come into the hospital to pray over her. Her recovery was miraculous even though she had to relearn to walk and feed herself. Viv was released after 3 days in the ward. Two weeks after going home Viv received prayer at church and was 95% healed in all areas except for her voice. She initially wasn’t too concerned because she was told by her doctor that it would take up to 2 months for her voice to return; however, her voice didn’t return.

Viv believed that God said that she would be healed in the Healing Rooms at Bethel. In the Encounter Room, Viv noticed that she was able to dance, lie flat on her back and do certain movements she hadn’t done for a while. Whilst receiving prayer in the Healing Rooms, she was encouraged to test out her voice, and she went ahead and tried to sing out in faith. She noticed that her voice was restored! She also started to jump in faith and noticed that she could jump a lot more than she could before!

Jack from South St. Paul, MN
Jack had pain in his neck from a car accident nine months ago. He had a lot of visits to the chiropractor and although he had some improvement, the pain mostly persisted. The pain was at a level 4 before prayer and he also had limited motion in his neck. After he received prayer three times in the Healing Rooms, the pain progressively reduced and went down to a level 0.5.

Jack also had open heart surgery seven years ago, during which they accidentally clipped a nerve in his lungs. This caused his lungs to have reduced capacity. After receiving prayer in the Healing Rooms for his lungs, he was encouraged to go out and run in the hallway. He proceeded to run up and down the hallway a number of times, and he was not out of breath as he would normally be. Jack was also able to run further and faster than he had in the last seven years.

A woman who came in for prayer for her heart and lung put a device on her finger that measured her blood oxygen level while the prayer team prayed. When they started, the level was 87% and it increased to 93% by the end of prayer.

Ari from St Cloud, MN
Ari had shin splits for the past 11 years in her right leg, the result of a very weak ankle. God gave her a dream about a week ago of her running with Him and bouncing up and down on the trails. Ari was hesitant to join Him in the dream, and she said, “Lord I really need strong ankles for that.” Her pain was at level 3 when she arrived at the Healing Rooms. After receiving prayer in the Healing Rooms three times, her pain gradually reduced until she had virtually no pain left. She jogged around the room, and her pain was at level 1.

Ari also had sensitive teeth from fillings she received whilst she was on missions in the Philippines. Her pain level was at level 8, and after receiving prayer in the Healing Rooms, her pain went down to level 5.

A woman came in three weeks ago for prayer for her mom who had cancer. Her mom went to the doctor and received a report that she is cancer free!

September 23, 2017
Michael from Reunion Island
Michael was sitting in the Encounter Room, worshipping, when he thought to check his knee and noticed there was no more pain in his thigh bone. Exactly at that same time, a ministry team member had a word of knowledge that a bone was being healed!

Jason from Anderson, CA
Jason visited the Healing Rooms two weeks ago. He received prayer for his level 2 ankle pain as well as level 3 tooth pain. Nothing happened immediately, but within three days, both his tooth pain and ankle pain were completely healed.

September 16, 2017
Barbara from Malaysia
Barbara had a benign cyst/lump on her neck for ten years. She went to the doctor and had a CAT scan and they said they could do surgery, but it wasn’t necessary since the lump was benign. It grew a little larger through the years. About three years ago Joel and Lacy Hill stayed with her in Malaysia and they prayed for the lump. She noticed it decrease in size by 50% and it stayed that size for the past three years. She came to the Healing Rooms to get prayer for her husband’s hearing, but she also received prayer. While they were praying for her husband she felt her neck and the lump was gone! About a year ago God highlighted the verse John 11:40 to her which says, “Jesus said to her, ‘Did I not say to you that if you would believe you would see the glory of God?’”(NKJV). Barbara said, “We continue to believe. Today we see His glory. Like the woman, we reached out to touch the hem of His garment and we received.”

Damian from Australia
Damian came in with level 2-3 knee pain and he couldn’t bend his knee all the way. As soon as he received prayer, he fell under the presence. He could feel God working on his knee while he was under, and when he came to his knee was completely healed! All pain was gone and mobility was restored. He had ongoing knee pain for five to eight years, and in the Healing Rooms he could walk with absolutely no pain.

September 9, 2017
Angeline from Switzerland
Angeline came to the Healing Rooms on 9/2/17 to receive prayer for her eczema that was covering her back. This eczema left her in severe and constant pain. At the time of prayer, she did not notice a significant change. She came back to report that her back was approximately 90% better, the redness has disappeared, and she was no longer scratching! She was excited to see her doctor in the next week to show him what God did!

Doris from Redding, CA
Two years ago, Doris was diagnosed with macular degeneration in both of her eyes. She received the same diagnosis from two separate doctors. She had been visiting Healing Rooms consistently for a year to see a breakthrough in her eyesight and to see her condition change. On 9/8/17 she went to a new doctor, the third one she has seen for her condition. She went for an annual checkup and her doctor reported that her eyes are like that of a twenty-year-old! She had no symptoms or signs of macular degeneration!

Mimi from Redding, CA
Mimi came to the Healing Rooms to receive a breakthrough concerning the love of the Father. While in the sanctuary, a child brought a hand-drawn picture of a barn with big cathedral doors to her. Over the barn were the words, “grace will anoint you.” The little girl told her that “in this barn, you will feel more love than you have ever felt before.” Immediately she fell out and had a love encounter with the Lord!

September 2, 2017
Angela from Stockton, CA
Angela’s tooth was hollow on the inside to the root, and she had been in severe pain at a level 10 anytime she would touch her tooth for a year. After prayer, the pain level went down to a 2 and then went away completely.

Lowell from Redding, CA
Five years ago Lowell had a stroke, which weakened his body, impaired his balance, and limited his mobility. After prayer, he felt much stronger and was able to stand without his walker.

August 26, 2017
Larry from Placerville, CA
In November of 2016, Larry was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He felt the Lord said to come to Bethel for prayer. While at the Healing Rooms, he and his wife looked at one of the artist’s paintings of a heart and musical notes and heard the Lord say that music was going to be a big part of his healing as well as his pain management. After returning home, they put the scope in and reported that his tumors had become operable! They safely removed 22 nodules. He did not need chemotherapy and had been declared cancer free!

Agnes and Madeline from Kelowna, BC
Four years ago, nine-year-old Madeline was diagnosed with a rare illness: Stevens-Johnson syndrome, also known as Tens. She lost 73% of her skin and her organs shut down and her lungs collapsed. She was five at the time. She also had her eyes sealed shut. Once discharged from the Intensive Care Unit, she had to live with those symptoms for four years. She’s had chronic pneumonia and congestion and severe sensitivity to light. Her family has not seen the whites of her eyes those four years. After prayer today, her lungs were clearer. Her mom, Agnes, could not feel shaking or rattling in her lungs when she breathed. There was very minimal mucus in her chest. Normally, when she sneezed, it poured out of her lungs. She sneezed twice, and it did not come out. They could see the whites in her eyes at least twice and could see her blue eyes.

Jessie from Lacey, WA
After being slain in the Spirit, Jessie got up and sat down in chair. She looked up at the screen and was shocked that she could read the screen clearly! Her eyes were not blurry any longer. Also, she was feeling needles pricking her skin for several months and after getting up off the floor, the needle pain had disappeared! Knee pain was gone as well. She believed she was healed of glaucoma and will get tested.

August 19, 2017
Mayda from Miami, FL
Mayda had an MRI that showed herniated discs in her back, which caused back and neck pain. She also had pain in the rhomboid muscles in the cervical area of her spine and upper back, which may have been caused by stress. She had been taking pain medication and had to stand in a hunched over position in order to not feel sharp pain. When she arrived in Redding a few days earlier, she felt a measure of healing and stopped taking her pain medication. She was getting gradually better, but still couldn’t move her neck or back freely without pain. In the Healing Rooms she felt God’s peace when they prayed and then could turn her neck freely, bend over, stand up straight, and move all around without pain!

Amy from Canton, TX
When Amy was in the hallway before coming into the sanctuary, she received prayer for her legs for hip pain. Her left leg grew out, and though the hip pain did not go away, she had relief from pain she had been having in her right shoulder and upper back. She had formerly had it for about six months (at a level 4 or 5). After prayer, it went down to a 0. Muscle tension, for which she had been seeing a chiropractor 2 to 3 times a month for three years, completely went away. When she came into the sanctuary, the prayer team prayed for her left ear that she only had 50% hearing in (since she was four due to scar tissue from early ear infections beginning at six months of age). When they prayed, Amy said it felt like her ear drained. After that, a prayer servant snapped his fingers beside her ear, and she said it was super loud. She said the hearing in her left ear became the same as the other and was super clear. The team later prayed for her legs again, and her left leg grew again. After that she said her hip pain had gone from level 4 to 1. She also received prayer for rosacea and while receiving prayer, she felt the oil of God’s presence. She also stressed that she just felt the presence of the Lord.

August 12, 2017
Lisa from Chico, CA
Lisa had pain in her hip for the last eight months and after prayer the pain went from 6 to 2. She felt a burning heat throughout her body. She said, “The most important thing was that I really got how much Jesus loves me. Me! I got that for the first time today.”

Shileta from Boston, MA
Shileta had scoliosis for her entire life. As a result of this, she had multiple disc issues and experienced muscle tension on her left side of her shoulder. The team released prayer over her back, and suddenly she felt a “pulling” of her back and felt everything straighten! She was able to bend down without pain and without any “crack” sounds. The tension pain from her shoulder disappeared as well! The team also prayed for her thyroid and she felt fire. Additionally, while she was waiting in the lobby to enter the Healing Rooms, her rotator cuff was healed of severe pain after another woman released her testimony of being healed!

August 5, 2017
DeAnn from Boise, ID
DeAnn had tightness in her shoulders and level 3 pain for three months. After being anointed with oil on her back, she could feel her muscles relax and the tension leave. Also, level 5 knee pain that she had had for about a week, which would flare up when she went upstairs, went away after prayer.
A few years ago, DeAnn came to the Healing Rooms to receive prayer for her heart and her blood. She had heart murmurs, and her blood work was coming back with very discouraging results, which were causing her distress. A little girl came up to her, gave her a picture of a heart and told her that Jesus would heal her to show her how much He loved her. She did not feel any different after prayer, but at her annual exam, her doctor was shocked by the perfectly normal results of her blood work. She has since had exams and is still in perfect health.

In 2009-2010 Cynthia was ministered to at the Healing Rooms while having breast cancer. During a time of ministry here, a shofar was blown over her, and she received a word from the Lord from the person ministering that she would never have to worry about cancer again. She has been cancer-free since that time.

July 29, 2017
Ariel from Andove, MN
Ariel came in for prayer for back problems and rheumatoid arthritis. Before prayer, her left hand was tingling, and that was the side of her body she had struggled with arthritis in. She had a level 5 pain in that hand, but it went away (level 0). She sensed the Lord say there was a healing, and with time it would completely be healed. The ministry team started by praying for her back. They asked her to check if she had a leg that was shorter. She did not think she did, but found out she actually did. They proceeded to pray and as they did, her right leg began to tingle and then grew out. She had come in with level 7/8 pain in her upper back that was so bad she could not sleep well the night before. After the leg grew out, the pain went down to a 1 or 2.

July 22, 2017
Kate from Sacramento, CA
Kate was battling Lyme disease for 13 years (half her life). When she came in, she had tormenting pain in her body and while worshipping, her jaw locked up. She felt cold during prayer, then felt weakness change to feeling really strong and very warm. She was experiencing very little pain in her body. She chose to stand while giving her testimony because she was so happy to have the strength to stand.

Skype: A woman who has had untreated breast cancer for 18 months had her tumor shrink to almost completely gone! She asked for the gift of tongues as well and received prayer for the baptism of the Spirit.

July 15, 2017
Susan from Belton, SC
Susan had Lyme disease for three years, but was only diagnosed last November 2016. She was suffering from excruciating pain in her legs and hadn’t been able to walk easily by herself for a year. Once in a while she could walk only if she hung onto something or someone. Even though she really wanted to walk, her muscles would not cooperate so she mostly just stayed in bed. While she was bedridden she would listen to Bill Johnson and Bethel Music on her earphones through her iPad. At times she would go into paralytic spells where she could only move her forehead muscles to answer people when they talked to her. She also had heart arrhythmia and trouble breathing sometimes.

Day and night she described the pain she was feeling in her legs like a cement bridge was crushing them. She said last week, “This is beyond torture, this is torment.”

Amazingly, she was able to go to Bethel for WorshipU with her daughter and friend/caretaker, which was the week before her visit to the Bethel Healing Rooms. Unfortunately some of her symptoms got worse during the week and she ended up going to an urgent care clinic and then to the ER the night before she came to the Healing Rooms. They did a few things to stabilize her, but told her that in the shape that she was in she wouldn’t be able to fly back home. Her caretaker had to pick her up to move her since she couldn’t move herself.

During WorshipU she had an encounter where she went to Heaven. The man leading the room said, “Close your eyes and focus on God.” She did and then she saw Jesus and Jesus said, “Would you like to see Heaven?” She said, “Of course I would.” A minute later the man leading the room said, “Some of you may have trouble connecting with the Father, so why don’t you just go on a journey with Him to Heaven.” Then Jesus showed her healing rooms in Heaven. She was not aware at the time that there were Healing Rooms at Bethel. She asked Jesus what she needed to do to receive her healing. She had prayed and contended for her healing in so many different ways up to that point. He said, “You don’t have to do anything.” Then she was on her knees bowing down before Jesus and was immediately healed in the vision.

Despite the fact that she was up most of the night before in the ER, she and her caretaker decided to come to the Healing Rooms. As soon as she got out of the vehicle and into the wheelchair in the parking lot at Bethel, she felt the presence of God and she knew that she would be healed that day. Her caretaker felt the presence of God strongly, too.

On this day in the Healing Rooms the prayer teams were praying for people in the sanctuary. She came into the sanctuary and was praising Jesus. A team came to pray for her and one member told her, “God says you don’t have to do anything for your healing.”

Then the team prayed for her. The next thing she knew she was on the floor out of her wheelchair screaming. She felt something leave and told the team, “It’s gone.” They asked her if she needed help up and she said she wanted to try getting up by herself. She could never get up by herself without grabbing onto something or someone. She got up off the ground by herself! They asked her if she wanted to walk without assistance and she did! The leader asked her if she wanted to share her testimony on stage and she said that she would. There were stairs leading up to the stage however, and she wasn’t sure if she could climb them by herself. She couldn’t even lift her leg up over a four-inch-ledge at the house she was staying at in Redding the week before. Incredibly, she climbed up the stairs to the stage in the sanctuary by herself and shared her testimony!

She had been standing on the Scripture, “It is finished” (John 19:30) and that the blood of Jesus is enough. She walked out of the sanctuary pushing her wheelchair, with a huge smile on her face!

John from Peoria, AZ
John had arthritis in his hands and knees for ten years causing them to be stiff and in intense pain. They were hurting in the Healing Rooms, but after prayer, he had greater mobility and could feel no pain. He also had an ear infection for six weeks causing pain at a level 6. The day before while he was reading a book by Randy Clark and Bill Johnson about healing, he could feel the pain in his ear greatly reduce. In the Healing Rooms after prayer it was completely gone.

July 8, 2017
Jaw from Temecula, CA
In March, Jaw received prayer from the Bethel team in Refuge Church for swollen arteries in his brain that doctors told him he would need surgery for or he could have a brain aneurysm at any moment. After prayer, he could feel something happening in his brain, and when he got a scan, the doctor was astounded to find that his arteries were completely fine and no longer swollen.

Diane from Chico, CA
Diane has had pain in her jaw for several years that would normally start at a level 10 in the morning from clenching her teeth during the night and then move to a level 4 for the rest of the day. During prayer, the team had a word of knowledge for the jaw, and she could feel the muscles soften and the pain leave. She was also healed a month ago of hip pain caused by a deformity of the joint since birth. She had not noticed a difference when she was here, but when she got home, she started walking differently and noticed that it felt strange because her hip had been healed, and she was walking with proper form and could also ride her bike with no pain.

July 1, 2017
Sophia from San Jose, CA
Prayer for Sophia started with a prophetic word that she is like a child sitting on His knee. There was also a word about holding onto things (like the Israelites and the manna) and it was associated with anxiety she had her whole life. She was encouraged to keep her eyes on God and not dwell on the past. As the ministry team prayed these things, she felt something leave her fingers and just then the prayer team said something about things leaving her fingers. She saw a peace going up and down her body. She came in with pain and scar tissue in her wrist from doing a hand-stand in the past. One of the prayer team members had been healed of a similar injury and shared the testimony. After that was shared and they prayed, she felt something on her wrist float away, like a layer had lifted off and it felt lighter. They also prayed for her knee, which had caused her problems. When they looked at her legs, one was shorter than the other. They prayed that it would grow out. It did, and all knee pain went away. When she stood up, things were in alignment, and some pain from her hips had gone away. She also asked for prayer over astigmatisms, which affected her vision. They prayed for that. Afterwards when she put her glasses on, her vision was blurry because her glasses were overcorrecting. She was tested on the vision chart and was able to read to the bottom of the chart without her glasses.

June 24, 2017
Marjorie from Redding, CA
For three years, Marjorie has not been able to jump, skip or walk without losing her balance. It was like someone was pressing her into the pavement. For three years, she’d received prayer. Her mom finally suggested she go to the Healing Rooms. Through her healing, others would be able to see God’s goodness. She came to the Healing Rooms to declare that today was her day. And it was! She could do things she had not been able to do for three years. In joy and tears, she demonstrated what she could not do before, running quickly around and jumping and skipping exuberantly.

June 17, 2017
Lorenzo from Redding, CA
Lorenzo had shoulder and neck pain for eight years caused by dislocating his shoulder in the 6th grade. He used to feel like his shoulders would pop out of place randomly. After prayer, he felt like his arm was moving into place, and all pain in his shoulder and neck went away from a level 3 to 0. He also had excruciating pain in his back after fracturing his hips during a dance rehearsal a week ago, and felt that his back was out of alignment and one of his legs was one inch shorter. During prayer, his leg grew out, he felt his back go into alignment, and all pain left.

Sally from Redding, CA
Sally had suffered from post-partum pain throughout her body for the past seven and a half months. The pain was found in her left shoulder, left hip, and lower back. She also has had TMJ in her jaw for approximately three years. The night before attending Healing Rooms, she could not sleep because of level 10 searing pain in her hip. While waiting to go into the Encounter Room, someone said the word “euphoric” in the hallway and she felt 70% of the pain leave. Then as the team released prayer, Sally felt the rest of the pain leave her body. She had full mobility in her body and couldn’t stop dancing!

June 10, 2017
Sue from Portland, OR
Sue came in with shoulder pain that she had for two days, and it went away. She also had arthritis pain in her right thumb for 15 years. The pain completely went away.
In a former visit, she came in with problems with an autoimmune disease, which she had for 20 years and experienced a vision of Jesus taking the disease, and she has had no symptoms since then. The disease had affected all of her voluntary muscles. For example, her eyes would close outside of her control. After receiving prayer, she no longer had the problems with the muscles. Follow up: she is going to see the doctor in four months, specifically to check her white blood cells, which were formerly affected by the autoimmune disease.

Olga from Frisco, TX
Twenty years ago, Olga was in a car accident, which resulted in nerve damage in her brain and caused problems in her right eye. The doctors used Botox to numb the nerves around her eye. This actually caused more problems where the muscles around the right side of her face completely drooped. The muscles eventually got better, but she continued to experience a constant twitching and a pulling of all the muscles in that section of her face. She came in to the Healing Rooms with the twitching. A prayer servant got a word of knowledge that there was a problem on the skull on the top of the head—without seeing the form. This corresponded to a particular nerve she had problems with. After prayer, the twitching stopped and the straining on the muscles completely went away.
She also came in with level 9 lower back pain. Before coming, she could not bend over. A prayer team member got a vision of a sword in her back, which he pulled out. In doing so, she felt the sword coming out and something growing in her spine. After that, the pain went down to less than level 1.

June 3, 2017
Julie from Redding, CA
Julie’s left foot, from the time she was a child, was about a half-size smaller than her right. The only issue was that she had to buy inserts for her shoes to fit. The team prayed for her feet. Following the prayer, her feet were the same size.

Anastasia from Los Angeles, CA
Anastasia did not think she needed healing. She came with her mom who had cancer. The Lord told her to write down sinus headaches/migraines and missed periods. The prayer minister had words of knowledge for those two things. She prayed peace over her body. Anastasia said she had not experienced peace like that in a long time. She had a lot of pressure in her head coming in, and it was gone.

May 27, 2017
Keith from Grants Pass, OR
Keith fell on the job in 2013, and his T8 and T9 were bulging, and he lived in a lot of pain since then. He slipped on the ice and fell backwards on his framing hammer, and that caused his discs to bulge. He had been going in for back injections about every three months. In the Healing Rooms he felt warmth in the hands of the prayer minister and it went in his back. Then the pain started to decrease. It decreased a little the first time and then more the second time as another person joined in the prayer. Then it completely left!

Debbie from Redding CA
Debbie had cataracts in her eyes for 15 years. Cloudiness left her eyes.

May 24, 2017
Beki from OR
Beki had a cyst in her left breast for the last two years the size of an avocado. Although non-cancerous, it made it hard to breathe and caused her pain and discomfort. After receiving prayer in the Healing Rooms, she went into the bathroom to check and the cyst was totally dissolved.

Gail from Calgary, Alberta
Gail had an eye disease (Keratoconus) and would see double without her glasses; she no longer has double vision. When she walked in, she had level 7 pain in her knees. She no longer has knee pain. She cannot remember how long she’s had knee pain. Her knees started to get healed in the Encounter Room. She was visualizing great big hearts on her eyes when she was in there. Her right knee pain left when she came up the steps. Five years ago, she woke up and couldn’t walk at all. The inability to walk went away, but the pain stayed. She giggled with joy as she shared her testimony and nearly danced as she walked out of the room, still bubbling over with gratitude.

Jon from Reno, NV
Jon says he didn’t even believe in healing when he came to the conference. He said his sister brought him to the Prophetic Conference in the spring, but he didn’t even go to the Healing Rooms then because he didn’t believe he would be healed.
During the conference he experienced several healings without anyone praying for him. The first was a tumor on his upper left arm that had been there for 25-30 years. It disappeared during the conference! He also had a scar in his right eye from an injury about 25 years ago, and he could always see a white spot where the scar was. He doesn’t see that spot anymore. He was healed of back pain during the conference from a fall in 2009. The pain totally left, and he was able to run up the stairs for the first time in years! He also experienced healing from arthritis in his knees and ankles during the conference.
Jon came into the Healing Rooms with constant pain in his feet from arthritis. He felt the presence of the Holy Spirit come over him very strongly. All the pain left his right foot after prayer. There was a word of knowledge from the front that God was healing arches, and his left arch was getting progressively better and the pain was decreasing. He now believes in healing! He said he couldn’t explain it. He could only say it is Jesus!

May 20, 2017
Dennis from OR
Just before Dennis and his wife left Oregon, Dennis’ hearing aid broke. He felt it was an attack at the time, but when he came into the Healing Rooms, he received healing.
The team prayed over his heart, and he felt a deep emotional healing taking place in both his mind and his heart.
He realized as he got up to leave that he was hearing normally, and he didn’t have to rely on the “amplified” type of hearing he usually does. When talking to him, his wife commented on how she usually has to yell so he can hear her, but she was talking at a noticeably softer level.

May 13, 2017
Royce from Bend, OR
Seven years ago, a semi-truck ran Royce over as he was working on the truck, breaking his back in five places, crushing his right arm, and leaving his elbow in pieces. When the back grew back together, it grew back offset and was constantly in pain. He started to feel the pain leave and a tingling down his back when he received prayer, and his mobility improved. He had no pain and could even touch his toes with no discomfort.

Betty from Bend, OR
Betty had a lump the size of a strawberry and severe pain (level 5) in her upper right thigh muscle, just below the hip. She had both of these for approximately four years. After prayer in the Healing Room, the pain went down to level 0 and the lump was completely gone.

April fell off a horse approximately four years ago, which caused a lot of injuries to her left side and made using her left side unable. She had been gradually getting better over the last few years yet had ongoing pain and numbness on the left side. This meant that whenever she held something with her left hand, her hand would go numb and she’d lose all the feeling. Whenever April would lift her left hand above her shoulder, this would cause her pain. Her pain was at level 2 and numbness was approximately at level 4.
After prayer in the Healing Rooms, April had no numbness, and her pain was completely gone. She also had full mobility and complete feeling in her left side restored.
Twelve years ago, April’s muscles in her neck started “pulling more than normal” which cut off the blood supply and led to misalignment in her muscles, pain in her neck and a migraine. The severity of this misalignment was at level 8. After prayer in the Healing Rooms, April felt her neck muscles pop back into place. All the pain in her neck was completely gone, and her muscles were completely realigned. All the migraine pain was also completely gone.

May 6, 2017
Jean from Taiwan
Jean suffered from the aftermath of childhood polio 59 years ago. She had lifelong tremors in her hand that ceased following prayer last week. She received prayer again this week, and her left leg lengthened, smoothing out her gait.

Henry from the San Francisco Bay Area
Henry had had surgery in both his knees for ligament damage. His right knee would always lock when he bent it, and it was very painful. He had this for two years, until he came to the Healing Rooms. The prayer servants weren’t even praying specifically for his knee, but it was healed, and he had 0 pain and could bend his knees without any problems!
Henry’s wife also received healing. She had had neck level 6/7 pain for ten years. During prayer, she felt heat “like at a salon spa” and received prophetic words. After prayer, the pain was totally gone!

April 29, 2017
Johnny from Dallas, TX
Johnny injured his back in 1989 after carrying a 200-pound compressor and then slipping in the mud. Since then he has had 18 reconstructed spinal surgeries. The doctor said he had a degenerative spine. His disks were cascading and bursting, and there was little that could be done. The doctors could have put rods in his back, but he wouldn’t have been able to bend over. After receiving prayer in the Healing Rooms, Johnny could suddenly feel his right big toe for the first time in 20 years. He felt a pull in his back “like a rope being pulled up through my spine.” Johnny reached down and touched his toes with his legs straight for the first time in 28 years!

Tess from Washington State
Tess had stage 4 bone / breast cancer. Six months ago a tumor appeared as big as a golf ball. It was resistant to the chemotherapy. The doctor had put her on a new one, and it still was not responding. The bone cancer was also causing her pain all through her body, particularly in the back and ribs. She was resistant to prayer because she thought maybe it was God’s will for her to be in pain. After the prayer, the tumor decreased by 80 percent, and then after a second time, she couldn’t feel it any longer. The pain decreased dramatically.

April 22, 2017
Gary from Taiwan
Gary had been experiencing intense back pain at a level 8 for five months when he would sit down. He went to three different hospitals and four different doctors to find out what was wrong, but as far as they could tell he was perfectly healthy, but he was still experiencing pain. The prayer team got a word of knowledge to pray for soft tissues in Gary’s back and waved his hand along his spine, and he started trembling under the power of God. He sat down to see if there was a change, and when he did, he felt no pain. He also jumped and sat several times to test out his back and still felt no pain.

Emma from Wilsonville, OR
Emma came in with a gentic disorder called thalassemia, which caused her red blood cells to be deformed. Regular red blood cells are supposed to be round but hers were all different shapes. As a result of this disorder, Emma was anemic and didn’t have good circulation, which caused her fingers to tingle constantly. She didn’t put this disorder on the sheet for prayer, instead asking for prayer for her level 5 back pain and some other issues. As the team prayed for her, one team member told her she got a picture of God washing her veins out. After prayer, the tingling in Emma’s fingers went away completely, as did her back pain! She believes the thalassemia has been completely healed and is going to check in with her doctor.

August from Laguna Beach, CA
August’s healing started the night before she came in to the Healing Rooms. She couldn’t breath out of her left nostril at all originally, as it had been blocked after three broken noses and bad car accident “pulverized” the bone in her nose. The way the bone was put back together blocked her left nostril and didn’t allow any airflow through.
At the Leader’s Advance the night before, August had received prayer and found she was able to breath through her left nostril! She said it was about 25% of normal. In the Healing Rooms she received prayer and said it was past 50%, a fact she demonstrated by pinching her right nostril and only breathing through her left!

April 15, 2017
Jimmie Sue from Anchorage, AK
Jimmie Sue came in with neuropathy in her hands and a loss of feeling in them. She’d had the condition for five years. It had been caused by diabetes. In the hallway, she felt a breeze on her hands and felt tingling before coming into the Healing Room. After prayer she could feel her hands!

Nina from Fairfield, CA
Nina came in with intense pain in her arm, which had been damaged during surgery when the doctor put the IV in her arm instead of her vein two and a half years ago. Because her right arm was impaired, she has had to relearn to do everything with her left arm and had to get a lot of help from her husband to do basic things like brushing her hair or cleaning her teeth. She generally kept her arm in a sling to protect it and had a steady pain level of 8. After prayer, she could lift her arm over her head and had no pain!

Beverly from Portland, OR
Beverly came in with a virus she’d had for a month, which caused coughing and a heaviness in her chest. She received prayer in the Healing Rooms and felt no different, so she went to the Walking in God’s Best for Your Health class. In the class, the instructor felt that Beverly should sing out her testimony. While she was singing, she was healed! She did not cough, and her voice was much clearer. She had also come in October to the Healing Rooms and had been healed of gallstones at that time. She has had no problems since.

April 8, 2017
Mike from Greenbrier, AR
Mike came to the Healing Rooms three years ago and received prayer for his wrists and an irregular heartbeat. His wrists had been hurting from typing a lot and he had had an irregular heartbeat for 20 years. Every 20-30 beats it would be off and he could feel that when he took his pulse on his neck. He didn’t feel anything in particular change when he came to the Healing Rooms, but two weeks after he went home he noticed there was no pain in his wrists. Since his wrists were healed, he decided to check his heartbeat. When he found his pulse, his heart was beating normally! Ever since then his heartbeat has been normal.
At that same visit to the Healing Rooms, his wife received prayer to become pregnant. He and his wife had been trying to get pregnant for 12 years and she had had three miscarriages. The ministry team member declared that her body was going to come into order. Two months later she was pregnant! She gave birth to a son.

Mariya from San Jose, CA
Mariya is 11 years old and visited the Healing Rooms with her family a month ago. Two days before they came she flew off a hoverboard into a glass door. She went to the doctor and they took X-rays. They saw a torn tendon in one arm and a foreign object that they thought might have been glass in the other arm. During prayer in the Healing Rooms she said she felt electricity on the tendon and fire on the part where the foreign object was. The Monday after that they went back to the doctor and a follow-up X-ray did not show the foreign object in her arm. They still scheduled exploratory surgery for the tendon but the night of the appointment they felt like God told them not to have the surgery done. They took a step of faith to cancel the surgery and instead they asked for an MRI. The MRI showed that the tendon was not torn and it is expected to fully heal by May (next month)!

April 1, 2017
Barbara from Fresno, CA
Barbara came in with a poor attitude and didn’t want to come to the Healing Rooms with her church this weekend. She had inventory to complete for her job and felt a lot of stress and pain in her shoulder. She also had sciatic pain. She pushed through to come anyway because she didn’t want to miss what God had for her. When she came into the Prayer Room she felt more peace. After prayer the pain in her shoulder left and peace came. The sciatic pain went from 7 to 1. She felt as if the weight on her was lifted and she encountered peace and joy.

March 25, 2017
Donna from Canada
Donna had a head-on collision accident in 1997. As a result of the crash she suffered from severe pain in her hip, shoulder, and neck, which was at least a level 8. Someone in the Encountering the Healer gave a word of knowledge saying, “someone has been thinking that they need to go to a chiropractor but the Lord wants to heal you today.” After the word was spoken, Donna’s pain progressively went down to about a level 4.

Later, in the Encounter Room, Donna felt the Lord saying to her, “you don’t need to understand the healing in your mind but simply receive it in your spirit.” She felt free and released from the pressure of trying to figure it all out. God also told her “today is your day.”

Finally, in the Prayer Room, the ministry team prayed for the trauma to be broken and her back to align. Her pain level went down to a 0 and she had all her mobility restored! The ministry team also prayed for the restoration of the twenty years that had been stolen from her.

Larry from Vancouver, WA
Larry came in with level 4 pain in his right ankle which he’d been dealing with for two days. He said his ankle was stiff and hurt when he walked. He came to the Healing Rooms to get prayer mainly for his thumb joints and chest cold, but decided to also put down the ankle pain on his form. As he was filling out the form, he felt a pop in his ankle and the pain completely left! When he finally did get prayer, his thumb joints–which had been stiff for 3 years–were completely healed and all pain left them!

Brian from Australia
Brian had suffered from groin pain for two months. While in his hotel room in San Francisco, he had the thought “I might even get healed on the way to Bethel, before I reach the Healing Rooms.” As he was driving to Redding, he realized the groin pain had gone down but didn’t pay much attention to it. However, when he woke up to go to the Healing Rooms, he realized there was no pain at all, which had never happened before. The muscle pain, which previously would be a level 10, went down to 0!

Brian did notice that he had cramp in his calf muscle when he woke up. He had noticed it last week temporarily but on this particular day it was still cramping when he arrived at Bethel. A lady who met him in the hallway before he went into the Healing Rooms had a word of knowledge about calf muscle cramp and told him to walk up and down the hallway and try to do some jumping jacks at the end. He did it all successfully and without pain. The lady also spoke about angels surrounding him. He was very encouraged by the word of knowledge.

After all this, Brian still had some ankle pain when he approached the testimony table. After prayer it was still at a level 1 or 2. The testimony writer shared Larry’s ankle testimony (see above) and asked if she could pray and release that testimony to him. He agreed and after praying twice, the pain level in his ankle went down to 0! The testimony writer also had a word of knowledge about migraine headaches, which he said he sometimes gets really badly. The testimony writer prayed for him a final time before he left the Healing Rooms.

Amy from Kansas City, MO
Amy was born completely cross-eyed and had three surgeries by the time she was five years old to correct the problem but it never got any better. Her left eye had trouble focusing, especially when she was tired. When she came to the Healing Rooms she wasn’t even thinking about her eyes but a member of the team had a word of knowledge and asked if she had any issues with them–particularly her left eye. After receiving prayer, the team asked Amy if she felt different and she said, “I don’t know. Am I looking at you with both eyes?” They said yes!

Amy also suffered from fibromyalgia and came in with level 7 nerve pain in her neck. As she received prayer, the neck pain lessened and she felt as though someone was pressing gently on her neck and shoulders. By the time they were done praying, the pain had completely disappeared! In addition, Amy had knee pain, which had afflicted her for around 18 years. After receiving prayer, the knee pain totally disappeared!

Andrew from England
Andrew specifically came to Redding to thank the Skype team for the support and encouragement they offered him and his wife while she was battling cancer. Andrew came in with pain in his back, which he’d had for a couple of days. The pain was about a level 7 in his legs and lower body. It was so bad, Andrew was barely able to walk and getting from the parking lot to the Healing Rooms was very difficult. After encouraging the Skype team, he noticed the pain had gone down from 7 to 4 as he stepped down from the stage. After he received prayer, his pain went down to a level 0!

March 18, 2017
Ksenia from Russia
Ksenia came with emotional pain from bad things that happened throughout her whole life. She went to many different temples and places for healing around the world, but the healing didn’t last. She moved near to Redding and felt drawn to come to Bethel. She had been praying to Jesus and noticed things got better when she prayed, but she hadn’t made Jesus Lord of her life yet. She received prayer in the Healing Rooms for some fibroid tumors and felt God’s presence. When asked if she would like to be born again and choose to make Jesus number one in her life, she said she did and she prayed to receive Jesus. Afterwards she said she felt light and clean!

David from Redding, CA
David’s leg grew out about 2.5 inches in the lobby two months ago when he came to the Healing Rooms. After that day a significant amount of pain throughout his body decreased and his strength and endurance increased so that he was able to travel with his wife and do some projects that he wouldn’t have been able to do before.

March 4, 2017
Isabel from Germany
Isabel had an unusual condition that she had suffered from for about ten years, which caused her to have a high temperature and constant sweating. She was often literally running with perspiration as her whole body secreted excess perspiration. It had made her ministry to refugees in Germany very difficult. She had felt this was a “thorn in her flesh” to prevent her getting proud of her ministry and had felt ashamed of the condition because people often didn’t understand it. Doctors had told her there was nothing physiologically they could do without a costly operation.
At first as she received prayer in the Healing Rooms the problem appeared to get worse. However as the team continued to pray, her body completely cooled down, she stopped perspiring, and felt completely normal. She felt as if God gave her body a thermostat and it was now able to regulate its temperature correctly. She left rejoicing.

February 25, 2017
Moses from Kenya, Africa
Moses suffered an injury to his left eye, a macular hole when an assailant struck him in the head with a machete. He lost about 80% of his vision in this eye, and it was worsening. He was also highly light sensitive. After prayer, he could read 16-point font and was no longer sensitive to light. Before, he was unable to read anything.

Michaela from Germany
Michaela had suffered from inflammation in her right shoulder since the beginning of January and her mobility was very limited. While receiving prayer her shoulder became very warm and she experienced a feeling like heat inside. The pain completely left and full mobility was restored.
She also had problems with allergies and she had eaten something on the plane on the way to Redding that caused her tongue to swell and become sore. After receiving prayer the swelling went down completely and her tongue went back to normal.
Lastly her right foot had been operated on twice some time ago, after which the doctor said she wouldn’t be able to jump or run again because it was too damaged and there was nothing more they could do. It caused her to walk on the side of her foot. After receiving prayer, her foot became normal and she was able to jump without pain.

February 18, 2017
Francisco (a.k.a. Frank) from Stockton, CA
Francisco was a tree trimmer and last May he fell out of a tree that was 50 feet tall (three stories high). Miraculously he landed on his feet on a patch of dirt, but he broke his back, chest and leg. In the hospital they didn’t think he would be able to walk. He recovered and was able to walk. Since then he has had pain in his back and on the bottom of his foot. Sometimes he wore several pairs of socks to cushion his foot. He was scheduled to have a lumbar medial branch block injection and radio frequency ablation in his back to numb the nerves.
The last two days he didn’t take any medication because he knew he would be healed. When he came into the Healing Rooms he had pain in his back and his foot. The pain in his back was 4 and the pain in his foot was 7. The ministry team prayed three times, he felt heat, and the pain in his back and foot went to 0. He bent over to touch his toes and said, “No pain!” He and his wife were overjoyed.
He had been on disability since the accident, but he said he had just received a call from someone asking him to trim a tree. He was excited about going back to work!

Karen from Redding, CA
Karen is part of the Healing Rooms ministry team and had been struggling with a wart on the bottom of her right foot for four years. She’d been treating it with different things and sometimes it would be smaller and sometimes it would be larger, but it never went away entirely. In fact, it had turned into a double wart. Last week Mary Webb, leader of Team 1, released a testimony of seeing warts disappear on a ministry trip with Chris Gore and Karen received that testimony for herself. A few days later, the Band-Aid on the bottom of Karen’s foot shifted, and when Karen lifted it up she only found pink soft skin where the hard wart had been!

February 11, 2017
Carmen from Pacific Palisades, CA
Carmen fell three weeks ago and came in with two broken ribs. In the greeting area she received prayer for the length of her legs, which were slightly different. As one leg grew out to match the other, her ribs seemed to pop back into place and the pain left. She has also had cancer (multiple myeloma) for six and a half years. Because of chemotherapy treatment, her stomach was very bloated. Two people called out words of knowledge for stomach in two different rooms, but nothing happened at that point. When she came into the Prayer Room and received prayer, she felt heat go through her body and the bloating in her stomach went down 90%.

Ryan from Sacramento, CA
Ryan fell off of a piece of equipment a year ago and hit his arm and foot. Since then he has had pain in his elbow, which he believed was cracked, and pain in his heel. The pain could be as high as 7 or 8, but he believed that God started healing him the very morning he came in to the Healing Rooms because he didn’t have the pain he normally feels in the morning. As he received prayer he felt a sensation like water on his elbow, and when he felt his elbow to try to make it hurt, it actually felt like there was water inside of his elbow. He could barely feel any pain in his elbow. He also stomped on his foot to try to make it hurt, but it did not!

February 4, 2017
Michelle from Penryn, CA
Michelle had been struggling with Lyme disease for four years. She had been down every medical avenue available but was still suffering from constant daily joint pain, fibromyalgia-like symptoms, and such extreme pain and bloating in her gut that it sometimes caused her to vomit. After receiving prayer today all her joint pain completely disappeared and when the team member laid hands on her stomach she physically experienced the swelling going down. Michelle is a massage therapist working with cancer patients and was full of joy that now she will be able to minister the love and healing of Jesus through her hands again. As she shared her testimony at the testimony table she actually saw and felt the fluid and swelling leaving the joints in her hands.

Marianne from Germany
Marianne has been in Redding for three months and is returning to Germany in three days. The first time she came to the Healing Rooms last November a young man in Encountering the Healer had a word of knowledge for her that God wanted to do something for her digestive system and prayed for her. At that time Marianne had been suffering from chronic digestive issues for ten years. Since that day until today she has been able to eat anything and is believing this will continue when she returns to Germany.

January 28, 2017
Daniel from Canada
Daniel came to the Healing Rooms with level 4-7 pain in his calf. Two years ago while playing volleyball the “muscle behind his calf muscle” had become detached. Now, rather like a bungee cord, the muscle was just lying down by his ankle making his ankle look swollen. His doctor said there was no cure and Daniel would just have to live with it. Because of the injury everything in his leg shifted and it was always sore and painful. While receiving prayer in the Encounter Room, Daniel felt what he described as “a little push in his calf where the muscle should have been attached. He tested it out by raising up on his toes–something he had not been able to do before! He said it felt as if he were using muscles that had not been used for a while, but didn’t sense anything else. Later, when he returned to the Encounter Room, he looked at his ankle and realized that it was no longer misshapen!

Brooke from Redding, CA
Brooke came into the Healing Rooms suffering from pain in her jaw, which she had endured the past ten years. She also had tooth pain that had afflicted her for the past eight years. As Brooke received prayer, she fell out under the Spirit, something that had never happened to her before. While on the ground she felt God say, “you need to show the prayer team your mouth when you get up off the floor.” As she cried and laughed on the floor, she felt a lightness and peace in her jaw and realized she was no longer clenching it as she had done previously. She reported having an amazing experience – lightness, peace, and joy. She also experienced gold dust all over her hands while the team was praying for her!

January 21, 2017
Michael from the Bay area
Michael had suffered from dystonia, a neurological movement disorder that sends faulty signals from the brain, causing muscles to spasm and pull on the body incorrectly, for about seven years. He liked to work out and run, but had not been able to sprint freely because of a problem with his balance. When he was receiving prayer he didn’t feel anything straight away, but then it felt as if the ground was shifting beneath his feet and he began to shake. After receiving prayer, he was able to able to sprint up and down the hallway without any loss of balance!

January 14, 2017

Monica from Abilene, TX
Monica suffered from pain in her back for two years. It started when she began praying for other people’s backs. The pain would range from a level 1 to 7, but it was constantly there and had gotten worse in recent weeks. The pain would shoot right across her shoulder blades and got so bad in days leading up to her visit to the Healing Rooms that she could no longer sleep on her stomach like she usually did. When the team prayed for her, the pain disappeared entirely! Monica said someone on the prayer team even hugged her really hard, and it didn’t cause any pain like it would have before.

Sanny from Australia
Sanny came in suffering from 17 years of back pain. The pain would range from a level 1 to 7 and was usually more painful in the mornings when she woke up. The morning that she came in to the Healing Rooms it was around a level 7. As the team prayed for her, Sanny opened her heart and prayed that she would receive everything God had for her. After that, all the pain in her back disappeared entirely.

Conner from Cincinnati, OH
Conner came in feeling a physical weight on his back, which made it hard for him to stand up straight and made him want to hunch over. He’d felt this weight his entire life. After the team prayed for him a few times, the weight disappeared entirely!

December 17, 2016
A man's stutter was completely gone.

A woman with ALS had an improvement in the movement in her arms and her handgrip increased to double.

A man came in for prayer for Parkinson's, hypertension and degenerative disk disease in his back and neck. He had fused vertebrae in his neck (C5, C6). After prayer he had full movement and no pain. He also felt peace and stopped shaking when he was hugged.

December 10, 2016
Tyler from College Station, TX
Tyler came with extreme stomach pain, migraine headaches, fatigue, and mouth blisters. He also suffered from insomnia. Doctors couldn’t find a diagnosis. This all started when Tyler went to Nepal with a team in May. The entire team got sick and Tyler was admitted to the hospital for three days. After his return to the U.S., the pain was so bad Tyler had to take a semester off from school. The pain level would go from a 6 up to a level 9. In the Healing Rooms the team prayed and all the pain left. His strength returned so he went outside and was able to run around the building with no pain. He was full of joy, pain free, and expected a good night sleep.

Cal from Clovis, CA
Cal came with several physical issues, but he didn’t come for prayer for himself, he came for his grandson. He was suffering from lower back pain and his left leg was 5/8 shorter than the right leg because of a car accident. The ministry team asked him to sit down on the floor and lean back against the wall so his hips would be even and they could see the difference in the length of his legs. As they prayed his left leg grew out (5/8 inch) to match his right leg. They also prayed for both of his shoulders, which had level 4 pain. He was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, which caused shooting pain whenever he would reach backwards. All the pain left both shoulders and full mobility was restored after prayer. He also shared that a prophetic artist drew and presented him with a prophetic drawing in the Encounter Room describing God’s love for him and the restoration of love in his family. It touched him deeply and he said he was going to frame it and keep it the rest of his life. He also received prayer for heart issues that could not be tested at the moment. He felt like he was leaving as a different person with a physically, spiritually, and emotionally healed heart.

December 3, 2016
Judy from Redding, CA
Judy had suffered from plantar fasciitis for ten years in both feet, but her left was worse than her right. When she came to the Healing Rooms, she had level 7 pain in her left foot. During the prayer time a ministry team member encouraged her to forgive herself for not taking care of her feet, for always being on the go and not taking times of rest and in general abusing her feet. Judy forgave herself. Immediately afterwards, she jumped on both feet, and the pain was completely gone! Judy feels sure the physical healing was a direct result of her self-forgiveness.

Manisha from Redding, CA
Manisha had a baby 15 days before she came to the Healing Rooms and her feet were very swollen and at pain level 10. She also had numbness in her fingers. She received prayer once and her feet reduced to their normal size and all the pain left. She also received all the feeling back in her fingers! Her baby was actually an answer to prayer. The couple shared that although they don’t believe in Jesus, they live in Redding, and in March 2015, they came to the Healing Rooms to receive prayer so the wife would be able to become pregnant after 16 years and three attempts at IVF.

November 26, 2016
Cassie from Redding, IN
Nineteen-year-old Cassie had anxiety for as long as she could remember. She had stomachaches every morning, but she thought it was somewhat normal because her mom and grandma also dealt with stomachaches. Although she had prayed for other people and seen them healed, she had never received healing for herself. When she came to the Healing Rooms the level 6-7 pain she felt went down to a level 5 and her stomach felt heavy and uncomfortable. When she received prayer, she felt peace come over her and her stomach pain completely went away. She was so happy to receive peace and healing for the first time!

Pam from Reedsport, OR
Pam came to the Healing Rooms two months ago and was on hospice with fourth stage cancer in her liver. She said she only had three chemo treatments and it spread the cancer from the inside to the outside of the liver. Then she went to a naturopathic doctor and was doing natural treatments with oils, healthy eating, and green shakes. Since she visited the Healing Rooms she got off of hospice and had a CT scan. They found that the tumor inside her liver calcified and died! The cancer on the outside of her liver had shrunk to just a trace. Pam said, “Jesus is healing me.” She also said her doctor was flabbergasted by her healing and said there was no explanation.
When she came to the Healing Rooms two months ago she said, “It was the most wonderful experience. My favorite part was the dancers.” She felt a warm wind from the Holy Spirit go over her when a dancer waved a scarf over her.

Dante from Port Orchard, WA
Dante was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease sixteen years ago. It felt like a truck was ramming a knife into his gut and twisting it. He would normally feel pain level 7 but there would be days he could not get out of bed because of the pain. He said he wouldn’t wish the pain he felt on anyone. When he came into the Healing Rooms the pain was a 7. The ministry team prayed for the Crohn’s disease to be taken away. Once the ministry team member took his hands off his stomach, it was like everything that was causing the pain was taken away and he felt no pain. He could normally always feel his muscles rubbing against each other and after prayer he couldn’t feel anything. He said, “I feel the healthiest I have felt in sixteen years.”
They also prayed for his eyesight and he noticed a 10% increase in the clarity of his vision.

November 19, 2016
Mary from Marysville, CA
Mary fell and broke her left wrist and the side of her left hand and badly bruised her right knee back on the 5th of July. She had her hand in a cast for three and a half months and the doctor had to put pins in it. Ever since, her wrist was at a constant level 10 pain and she couldn’t move it or rotate it. Her right knee also was very swollen as a result of the fall, making it painful for her to move it or walk. When she came in her knee was swollen to roughly the size of a cantaloupe.
As the team prayed for her she went down in the Spirit. When she managed to stand back up, they prayed again and she went down a second time. When she stood back up again, all pain was completely gone from her wrist and her knee and she had full mobility once again!
“I didn’t think it was true,” she told the testimony table, eyes wide, “but it’s true.”

Lisa from Kitty Hawk, NC
Lisa suffered from rheumatoid arthritis for more than eight years. She was in constant pain, usually around a level 5. Sometimes the pain would get worse–up to past a level 10 where she couldn’t even get out of bed. She also had constant black dots floating in front of her vision. While she was in the Encounter Room she began to feel the pain in her body diminishing and the black specks in her vision completely disappeared. Once in the Prayer Room, the team prayed for her and the pain completely vanished! She shared her testimony with the room through her tears.

November 12, 2016
Gabriel from Cames, WA
Gabriel has suffered with level 7 arthritic pain all over his body for over 20 years. Heat hit his body from head to toe. His neck began to tingle, and then the tingling continued all the way down his back. Gabriel’s neck came back to complete range of motion. Before, Gabriel would black out if he moved his neck too much. After prayer all the pain in his entire body was gone.

Jesse from Electric City, WA
Jesse came in with type 2 neurofibromatosis, which causes benign tumors to grow on nerve endings. She came in with a tumor behind her left eye, which caused blindness and constant level 4 pressure, which would increase to level 10 when she had a migraine. During prayer, she felt tingling and fire, then burning. After prayer, the pressure behind her left eye went to 0 and she began to see shadows in motion out of her left eye, which she couldn’t do before. Chemo-therapy had caused blurry vision in her right eye, and after prayer, she was able to see clearly out of her right eye. She had tumors on her auditory nerves and felt burning there also.

November 5, 2016
Jessica from Canada
Jessica had never heard of Bethel. She and her three children simply turned up on a road trip and came along to the Healing Rooms! Jessica had suffered from chronic vertigo caused by Meniere’s Disease for twenty years. After receiving prayer she was able to close her eyes without any sense of vertigo or losing her balance. She also experienced popping in her left ear and the pressure lessened. The ear was continuing to pop, which it hadn’t done for several years.

Bob from Nashville, TN
Bob had been attending the Leader’s Advance conference and on Friday night he lost a crown whilst eating a bread roll. Bob grew up in a family that gained value through performance and he felt the loss of his tooth was connected in some way to that and that God wanted to do some healing around his identity.
He came to the Healing Rooms filled with expectancy and hunger for what God was going to do. He also needed healing for his left hip and shoulder and ongoing minor stomach issues. In the hallway the ministry team was praying for back pain and for legs to be aligned. As he received prayer, Bob felt as if his leg was stretching like a rubber band, and it grew out about an inch. As it grew the pain in his hip left and he knew he had been healed.
When Bob went into the Encounter Room a member of the ministry team came up to him and laid hands on his left shoulder. Bob felt heat, which was unusual for him. His shoulder had been injured playing college football over thirty years ago. The heat felt like a massage and the pain left completely.
Earlier in Encountering the Healer someone had a word of knowledge for stomach problems. Bob stood and received prayer and believed he was healed of that too.
The tooth incident was very significant for Bob. He knew that as well as fixing his tooth God wanted to heal the trauma connected to it. When he was fourteen he had had an accident while competing in a cycling event, during which he went over the handlebars. When it happened it had not been the injury that had traumatized him, but the fear of what his mother would say – that now he’d never be handsome, never have a wife, etc. In the Healing Rooms, when the ministry team prayed for him they had no knowledge of this. One of the team felt Bob needed to go and receive prayer from the Shalom Blessing team. As the Shalom team prayed for him Bob had a very powerful healing experience. He felt a blowing wind and he could hear chains breaking off him – supernatural chains. That was the first time his senses had actually experienced the supernatural. He knew God was setting him free of performance. If there were two words to describe how he felt it was that he had been given a new “bold identity” in Christ.

Geoerl from Camas, WA
Geoerl suffered from pain in his back caused by an accident in February leaving him in constant pain and on medication. When he arrived at the Healing Rooms he was experiencing his usual pain level of 4-5. While he was filling out the form in the lobby, he suddenly realized that the pain had completely gone! In the Healing Room he and the prayer servants laughed together because God had already done the work and there was nothing more to be done.

October 29, 2016
Spoorthy and Charlton from San Jose, CA
Spoorthy and Charlton had been trying to have a baby for 13 years. They came to visit Bethel one year ago and received prayer and prophetic blessings over their family line at church and the Healing Rooms. They got pregnant that very weekend and they came back to show us their 3-month old baby Anayah! Her name means “God’s promise.”

October 22, 2016
Suzanne from Vacaville, CA
Suzanne visited the Healing Rooms last year and received prayer for a disabling athletic injury to her knee. There was an immediate improvement, and over the course of a year the pain completely went away, mobility returned, and she began training again and ran a half-marathon. She also suffered from a broken toe but never asked for prayer for that injury. Following the visit here, that recovered totally as well.

Mindi from Kirkland, WA
Two Fridays ago, Mindi tore her calf muscle. She went to the ER and had to use crutches and a wheelchair. The doctors told her it would take at least three weeks to heal. She went to a conference shortly after and had to walk a lot, which was excruciatingly painful. She used a lot of pain medicine just to get through the day. She also had chronic migraines and horrible light sensitivity for 31 years since she was 12.
Mindi did not take any pain medication before coming into the Healing Rooms. While waiting for prayer in the Prayer Room, she left to worship for a little bit in the Encounter Room and when she came back the team prayed for her. She didn’t even realize that she had taken off her sunglasses while talking with the prayer team. Normally, the lights would have been painful for her but she felt fine! After the team prayed for her, the pain in her calf disappeared as well!

Frank from Prineville, OR
Frank came in with partial deafness in his left ear. He had trouble hearing ordinary conversations especially in busy rooms. He had lived with the condition for ten years. While in the Encounter Room, a word of knowledge was released from the stage about deaf ears. Frank’s ear got slightly better after hearing the word of knowledge. In the Prayer Room, the team prayed for him and his left ear opened up! They tested it by snapping next to his left ear and he could hear it–something he couldn’t do before.
Frank also had back pain, which he didn’t even mention on his sheet. One of the team members got a word of knowledge about a lower back problem exacerbated by uneven legs. He had been living with the back pain on and off for about 20 to 30 years. The team checked and Frank’s right leg was shorter than his left. After they prayed, Frank’s leg grew out and his back pain got 90% better.

October 15, 2016
Sarah from Richmond, CA
Sarah had spots all over her abdomen. She went to several dermatologists, but none of the doctors could give her a diagnosis. She had a biopsy scheduled for the next week. After prayer, all the spots left and her skin went back to normal.

Carolyn from Sacramento, CA
Carolyn came for prayer for a grass allergy. During prayer she encountered the Lord. He took her back to the time it started when she was a child. She saw herself lying in the grass and taking on her parents’ burdens. The Lord took the burdens from her, and He restored her child-likeness. She tested out her healing from the allergy by rubbing grass on her neck, which in the past would cause itching and hives, and nothing happened. She also had neck pain that went from level 3 to level 0.

October 8, 2016
David from Taiwan
Seven or eight years ago, David began suffering age-related pain in his knees, and his knees even changed shape. He was often in level 10 pain and unable to walk and was unable to bend his knees. After he received prayer at the Healing Rooms, his pain left completely and his mobility was restored to the extent that he was able to do complete squats with absolutely no pain for the first time in five years.

Mike from Wales, UK
Mike came to the Healing Rooms with severe arthritis in both knees and both hips, making it difficult to walk and very painful to the extent that he didn’t know whether he would be able to make it for the Open Heavens conference. He came to Redding with a pain level of 8, but despite a busy schedule, the pain at the Healing Rooms was minimal—about a level 2. After receiving prayer in the Healing Rooms, Mike experienced more flexibility in both knees and hips, and the pain was significantly reduced. He was able to crouch right down to the floor without pain for the first time in two years.

Cleo from Chico, CA
Cleo had polio when she was two years old and post-polio when she was 28 (17 years ago). She had been in a wheelchair for five years and could not raise her legs. She just had her legs tested two weeks ago and she could not lift them in the doctor’s office. She could do three things after prayer in the Healing Rooms that she could not do before: lift her left leg to cross it over her right leg, lift her left leg sitting down, and lift her right leg while on her tummy!

Aimee from Phoenix, AZ
Aimee had near constant pain in her back and spine from a few lower discs in her back that her chiropractor said were bulging and degenerating. The whole right side of her back hurt constantly, especially her lower back. The pain had been going on for two years. Aimee would wear orthotics to help the pain in her back. Two days prior to coming in the Healing Rooms, she felt like God told her to take out her orthotics while she was at the Open Heavens conference. Normally after a day of sitting in a conference without the orthotics, she would be in so much pain she couldn’t move at the end of the day, but that didn’t happen! When she came in to the Healing Rooms, she had level 4 pain. During her journey from the Encounter Room up the stairs to the Healing Rooms in the Upper Room, all the pain disappeared. Aimee spent much of the interview stretching and twisting her back with no pain, something she could not do at all before!

Rhonda from Medford, OR
Rhonda had a knee injury from a skiing accident in 1996. In the accident she stretched out and scarred the ligaments in the back of her kneecaps, which caused constant pain. The doctors told her there was no way to fix it aside from waiting until she was a little older and doing a knee replacement surgery. She lived in pain for 20 years before coming to the Healing Rooms. The pain was a constant level 3 and would get worse if she left her leg stretched out of had to drive long distances. While the team prayed for her, she felt electricity running down through her legs, and she felt a release. All pain completely disappeared. She told the testimony writer, “I feel wonderful, just wonderful.”

September 24, 2016
Roger and Tamra from Onalaska, TX (married)
Tamra struggled with terrible allergies and asthma her entire life. It was mostly triggered by flowers and pollen, and became worse since visiting Redding. As soon as the team laid hands on her she felt electricity go through her body and her symptoms disappeared. One member of the team went outside and cut a small bouquet of flowers for Tamra to completely test the healing. Tamra said normally a bouquet like that would cause her to cough and have very restricted breathing. Tamra was able to sniff the flowers deeply with no asthmatic or allergic reaction! She continued to carry the bouquet with her throughout the room and smell it every so often.

Roger also struggled with allergies. His ears had been stopped up for three days. The pressure was very uncomfortable and affected his hearing. He could not hear a person sitting directly across the table from him. After the team prayed for him, the pressure in his ears was totally relieved and he could hear clearly again! He also had a hernia that went down.

Cherub from Tuscaloosa, AL
Cherub came in with carpal tunnel in her right hand, which she’d had since January of 2016. Not only was it painful and sent tingles shooting through her fingers, it caused a tendon in the middle of her palm to become very hard and swollen. Cherub is a worship leader and a drummer and the carpal tunnel made it very difficult for her to play or hold a pick. While she was in the Encounter Room, a young girl came up and gave her a prophetic crayon drawing of leaves that said “fall harvest.” The girl had cactuses on her shirt, which had a special prophetic meaning to Cherub. The young girl and a few others prayed for Cherub and all the tingling instantly vanished from her right hand and the swollen tendon in her hand became, as she put it, “as soft as Jell-O.”

September 17, 2016
Wanda from Rio Rancho, NM
Wanda was born with cataracts and had been asking God for healing. The day before after Friday night service she felt oil on her eyes. After prayer in the Healing Rooms she was able to read the paper without her glasses, which she couldn’t do before.

September 10, 2016
Val from Brazil
Val came to the Healing Rooms five years ago, and received full healing in her hands from arthritis. Val came again to visit and had been having hip pain at 7 as well as some left eye visual problems. Entering the building, she felt the pain in her hip leave. In the prayer room, the ministry team prayed for her left eye, which was so blurry she couldn’t read large print. After prayer the eye cleared and she was able to read the small print on the testimony sheet!

Amanda from CA
A 21-year-old woman named Amanda had dislocation in her right arm since the age of five or six as well as an ulcer since the age of 18. She came with pain in her stomach at a 7-8 level. In the prayer room, the team prayed and the pain completely left, and she noted that her arm straightened out as well. Her previous range of motion was at about 90 degrees. After prayer she could straighten it to almost 180 degrees. She also felt much more peaceful.

September 3, 2016
Abraham from Norwalk, CA
Abraham did construction and heavy lifting most of his life and as result his shoulders wore out. He had pain in his right shoulder for 16 years and pain in his left shoulder for 14 years and he came to the Healing Rooms with level 9 pain in both. He got a compression fracture in his lower spine ten years ago when he fell on the ice while he was carrying a heavy piece of lumber on his shoulder. At Bethel’s Friday night service, he got a revelation that he did not deserve to carry the pain. He said he had a bachelor’s degree in theology, so he felt like he should have known that, but he didn’t. The prayer team measured his arms and his legs, which were different lengths, and after prayer they became the same. He tested his body and could almost touch his toes without pain and he could raise his arms without pain also! The sciatic pain that radiated from his back down his left leg went away too.

Devon from San Ramon, CA
Devon was diagnosed in March with a cancerous tumor (“nasal facial carcinoma”) and it was wrapped around her Eustachian tube. It reduced her hearing by about 60%. She had been in horrible pain since July and was in so much pain on the way up to Redding that she was crying.
Her doctors wanted to do proton radiation, but she did one round of chemo and was horribly ill and felt she couldn’t continue with either chemo or radiation treatment.
She received prayer, never mentioning that her hearing was affected, and after receiving prayer, her ear popped, the pain left, and she could hear!

August 27, 2016
Brian from Oregon
Brian came to the Healing Rooms ten years ago. He had a neck injury that paralyzed him. He could not walk and learned to walk again. He has been slowly recovering since. He had surgery in 2007 and they took parts of three of his vertebrae out of his neck. He could feel the gap where they did the surgery. On this visit he could not find the gap! It felt like it was totally restored and his neck didn’t crackle anymore. He didn't even write it on the list. He wasn't even thinking about it. He was just soaking in the presence of the Lord. This happened before he even got prayer. He said he'd be doing basketball soon.

Janet came to Bethel for a month from the East Coast/South. The trip was her and her husband’s anniversary gift to one another. Two weeks ago, the Lord healed her of tinnitus. She had a horrible hum in her ears for at least ten years. In recent years, the tinnitus had gotten unbearable. She said it wasn’t painful, just torturously distracting, and it kept getting worse. It was so bad she couldn’t hear normal conversations. She walked into the Encounter Room on Saturday, August 13, 2016 and sat in God’s presence, and all the ringing in her ears stopped.

When Amanda was around eight or nine years old, she had an infection in her right elbow. Her bones healed the opposite way they were supposed to, dislocating the joint and forcing her arm into a constant 90° angle. She could not extend her arm beyond 90° nor twist her right palm upward. After prayer in the Encounter Room, she could extend her arm to 150° and twist her palm upward much further than she could before, something she hasn’t been able to do in about 12 years. She also said she could feel the dislocated joint going back to normal. “I’m in shock right now,” she said. “It’s like a dream come true.”

August 20, 2016
Katy from Waikoloa, HI
Katy came for prayer for her knees from a childhood illness that caused her to be paralyzed for two months. After the illness, her knees were weak and she would often trip and fall. If she tried to run upstairs her knees would give out and she would fall. When she received prayer she got hot all over; it felt like fire. After that she was able to run up the stairs twice without falling. It was the first time she had been able to do that in 16 years!

Hannah from Canada
Hannah had age-related arthritis in her hip and back for about five years up until she came to the Healing Rooms. When she came to visit Bethel about two years ago, she came to the Healing Rooms to get prayer for her hip and lower back. She was 45 but walked like she was much older. She would have to get up very slowly from sitting or lying down to standing and would walk hunched over for a while before she could straighten up and walk normally. After she received prayer two years ago, her level 8 pain went down to 0 and she was able to do a high kick! Ever since then she has not had problems in her hip or back unless she eats the wrong thing.

August 13, 2016
Elfi from Germany
Three years ago Elfi had a severe cold and ever since then she wasn’t able to smell or taste many things. After she received prayer she tested it out by eating and apple she had with her. She could taste and smell the apple!

Candy from Redding, CA
A year ago Candy was healed of back pain she had for 28 years when Bill Johnson released a word of knowledge, but nerve damage in her leg and hand remained. She had constant burning and tingling in her left arm and leg that was debilitating. While the worship team was playing, she gave it all to Jesus and focused on Him as they sang “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus.” At that point the burning and pain decreased. As the ministry team prayed for her and declared healing, she felt heat go through her left hand into her arm and down her leg. All the burning and pain went away! She also had a Vitamin D deficiency, which caused her energy levels to be low. After five minutes of standing her energy would be sapped, but she felt full of energy in the Healing Rooms. She said, “God is good always!”

August 6, 2016
Joshua from Bellevue, WA
Joshua had sciatic nerve pain in his back and right leg for six years. When they were praying for his lower back it felt lubricated and looser. When he stood up his right leg would hurt at a level 9 after ten minutes, but after prayer his leg did not hurt at all when he stood. They also prayed for his legs and one of his legs grew out ¾ of an inch.
He had also been having major pain in the arch of his foot for the past two weeks. It was throbbing before they started praying for him and after prayer it went down to a 1. He said, “I got whacked by the goodness of God. He is the hero of the story. He loves me.”

July 30, 2016
Chuck from Oroville, CA
Chuck wanted to give a testimony from his mom, who passed away last weekend. She was 79 years old. He convinced her to come to the Healing Rooms almost two years ago, and although she didn’t believe in faith healing then, he told her that didn’t matter. She could still be healed whether or not she had faith. At that time she had been using canes and hobbling with sciatic pain for seven years. One of her hobbies was art, and so the first place he took her to see was the center of the Encounter Room where the artists paint. She said she had seen two of the paintings in her dream the night before. Right after that a prayer team prayed for her. She took her cane and threw it and started dancing! She did a couple of bunny hops and was pain free. From the time she came to the Healing Rooms to the time she died, she never once used her cane again. A couple of months ago she started to have a little discomfort. He said, “That’s okay, we’ll just take you back to Bethel for a tune up.” After that visit she was pain free until she passed away. Her son said, “It helped the quality of the last years of her life. It helped her gain an understanding of how gracious and loving our Lord is. She is with Papa right now.”

Janis from Bend, OR
Janis suffered from sciatica in her back that started in September 2015 that moved down to both legs. It was debilitating. She couldn’t sleep and had difficulty walking. She underwent physical therapy for awhile with poor results. The condition also caused right knee problems. In June 2016 Janis visited the Healing Rooms and in Encounter the Healer, the leader had a word that someone had a back, knee, or leg problem. The leader who was a woman prayed for Janis. She felt a little improvement. When she went into the Prayer Room she received prayer and prophetic words and had some more improvement. There was a gradual improvement over three to four weeks until the Lord totally healed her of the pain. She came back to report that she had no pain whatsoever in her back, hips, knees, or legs.

July 23, 2016
Abby from Los Angeles, CA
Abby was in a car wreck four years ago and experienced whiplash. Moving her neck was painful. While the team prayed, Abby felt God doing a physical adjustment. Her neck loosened, and she could feel the power of God all the way down her spine. The muscles in her waist loosened also, and all the muscles in her neck and shoulders felt stronger. Abby’s TMJ symptoms also lessened. She had less pain opening and moving her mouth. She felt drainage in her sinuses, and her ears were clearing up, too. When Abby came, her breathing was restrained. When she left, she could breathe freely.

A young man came with kidney and jaw pain at level 7. He was also suffering from anxiety. After prayer, all the pain in his jaw and kidneys left as well as the anxiety.

July 16, 2016
Diana from Egypt
Diana came to the Healing Rooms seeking healing for her feet. She had no arches, and had sprained her left ankle, having intermittent sharp pain twinges that were a 4 on the pain scale. After prayer she felt the arches of her feet getting hot, and actually felt the left arch reform. There was also something happening in the right arch, but not as significant as the left yet. The pain in her ankle reduced to 0.5. She felt so confident of her complete healing that she jumped up with the previously affected foot without any issues.

Julianne from Sonoma, CA
Julianne suffered from serum sickness. She came to the Healing Rooms with pain at a 6 on the scale, stiffness, and inflammation in her joints. During Encountering the Healer a word of knowledge was called out for autoimmune disease, so she stood up. As prayer was released, she felt tingling in her body and at that time all pain left. She felt the inflammation release and leave her body as well. She was happy that she could move her fingers and wrists normally, without tightness. She moved about without restrictions with full mobility. She felt completely free.

July 9, 2016
Jill from Redding, CA
Jill has had severe irritable bowel syndrome (I.B.S.) for six years. The doctors didn’t know what to do to help her. She had pain every day, and never knew if what she would eat would increase the pain. The pain and swelling radiated all around her mid-section, and sometimes bothered her kidneys and stomach. The pain was a level 5-6 when she came to the Healing Rooms. As Jill received prayer the pain in her stomach started to dissipate. The ministry team put a scarf over her head, representing God’s promises, and she felt God’s presence. They also prayed to break off fear and stress, and when they did that she felt something happen. It felt like her stomach was shrinking. She could feel the swelling going down and warmth inside.

Francisco from Centralia, IL
Francisco had a tear in his right shoulder muscle for the last year. He had an MRI in March that showed the tear. He also had a cortisone shot in March that wore off a couple weeks ago. He couldn’t lift anything above his head with his right arm without excruciating pain. He felt heat come over his right shoulder when he received prayer and he decided to test out his shoulder. He lifted a chair over his head with one arm and had 0 pain!

July 2, 2016
Kathy from Oklahoma City, OK
Kathy’s left knee was replaced three years ago. It never healed correctly and had a build up of scar tissue, so she wasn’t able to kneel. In the lobby, a lady had a word of knowledge for knee pain, so Kathy tried kneeling and she could! She came expecting God to heal her and He did.

Christine from Sacramento, CA

Christine ground her teeth at night. The doctor told her that the joint in her jaw had arthritis from the grinding. The last few days while eating, she said that her jaw felt painful (at a level 3) and it also felt like it was going in and out of joint when she ate or moved her mouth to talk. She was worried about this because it had been worsening and she was told that the only correction for it would be surgery, which would cost up to $7,000. She received prayer and did not feel a change, but while she was in Walking in God’s Best For Your Health the speaker asked for those who hadn’t received healing to stand. She stood and tested her jaw by opening and closing it and found that it was pain free and not disengaging any longer. She bought a crunchy bar to further check it, and her jaw stayed pain free and in joint the whole time she ate it.

June 25, 2016
Donna from Vacaville, CA
Donna suffered with neck and lower back pain for many years. In 1993 she had three hip surgeries on her right hip. The pain in her neck was at a level 4. She also came with level 8 pain in her lower back. When the prayer minister began to pray, all the pain in her neck and back left.

Marty from Ephrata, WA
"I was here a year ago last May for the School of Healing and received prayer for allergies at the Healing Rooms. It's been over a year, and I haven't taken any allergy medications. I live in Central Washington, where there is farming and dessert and dirty air. So I had seasonal allergies. My face hurt all the time. Now I'm healed."

June 18, 2016
John from New Berlinville, PA
John came to receive prayer last weekend for his addiction to smoking. He had smoked for 40 years since he was 15. He reported that he has not smoked since Tuesday (five days ago) and his desire to smoke is gone. He feels like it is a new beginning for him.

June 11, 2016
Connie from Eugene, OR
Connie had a partial knee replacement done on January 7, 2016 and had to go back in on April 7, 2016 for a manipulation surgery to help her walk. Unfortunately, those surgeries were not successful. She couldn’t fully straighten her leg, so she couldn’t walk well without crutches. If she walked without crutches she would limp and drag her bad leg. She normally had level 6 pain and at night the pain would wake her up. She also had fibromyalgia (pain in all her muscles) for 20 years. She felt like her nerves were on fire at various times. Along with that came extreme fatigue.
In Encountering the Healer the teacher called out a word of knowledge and she noticed that her back felt better. Then she noticed her shoulder pain and ear pain left. When she stood up she could walk without crutches! She could walk up stairs normally also! She walked out of the Healing Rooms carrying the crutches.

Andrea from Monterey, CA
Andrea couldn’t run for the past two and a half years because of pain in her leg and back. She had been running for five years and was training for a half marathon when she started getting bad back and sciatic nerve pain. When she would be still, her pain would be a level 5. If she walked or exercised it would go up to a 7 or 8. As she received prayer, her arms and legs started pulsated with strong vibrations. She alternated between crying and laughing and screaming. Simultaneously her husband felt God’s presence strongly in a different part of the room. After receiving prayer she did a test run across the room and she didn’t feel any pain!

June 4, 2016
Rachel from Hong Kong
Rachel had issues with the ligaments in both of her ankles for over 20 years, possibly from doing ballet and spraining it a lot. As the ministry team prayed, the clicking and looseness went away in her right ankle. Her left ankle was still loose and clicking so one ministry team member did a prophetic act of tightening a screw on that ankle. She felt a comforting warm presence where they placed their hands and it traveled up her leg. As they continued praying she noticed that ankle was not as loose and the clicking lessened.
Rachel also had extremely dry eyes and her eyes were overproducing tears constantly. The person praying for her told her that he used to have the same problem and when he received prayer for it, he felt oil go into his eyes. As she received prayer she felt a glaze cover the surface of her eyes and then felt it penetrating her eyeballs. When she opened her eyes and moved them they felt lighter.
In addition to this, she had back pain for 13 months ever since she gave birth. She went to the physio and it got better, but never completely went away. In Encountering the Healer she stood up to test her back out and as she moved around she realized her back pain was gone!

Ruth-Ann from Canada
Ruth-Ann broke her kneecap a year ago and she thought it had been healed, so she didn’t write that prayer need down on her paper. As she walked into the Encounter Room she felt heat in that knee and then all of the sudden it felt better than the other one. In physical therapy her therapist would have her do one-legged squats, and she could do them part way to the floor, but not all the way because she wouldn’t have the strength to get back up again. She thought she just had a weak knee and it would take time to regain strength in it. She tested her knee in the Healing Rooms and was able to squat all the way down to the floor and could get back up! She was so surprised it was actually stronger than her other knee.

May 28, 2016
Lori from Oroville, CA
Lori broke her back in three places in a car accident and suffered with the resulting chronic back pain for 18 years. She walked with a limp and was hunched over. Her husband would have to help her out of bed and help her into the shower. After prayer she was able to stand straight, go up the stairs and did not need her walker. Her pain went to 0 and it was a 9 when she came in.

Tim from Camis, WA
Tim came to the Friday night service. He had Multiple Sclerosis (MS) for over nine years. Chris Gore asked people to begin to pray for each other. After prayer, Tim’s brother-in-law told Tim to get up and take some steps. By faith Tim got out of his chair and began to take some small steps. Then he just kept on walking along the back breezeway of the sanctuary. He didn’t stop walking. In the Healing Rooms Tim received more prayer and his legs got stronger and felt more stable. His legs were numb before and he would lose his balance whenever he tried to walk. Tim was so encouraged by what God had done so far. He was full of hope.

A man came with hearing loss in his right ear. He had no hearing in that ear for 35 years. After prayer he could hear again.

May 25, 2016 (Special Healing Rooms for Healing School Attendees)
Erin from Vancouver, WA
Erin is a young woman who has not been able to run for the past eight years. When she would run her fibula would come out of alignment, mess up her knee, and put pressure on her ankle. She felt her left leg go into alignment after she received prayer. She tested it by sprinted down the hall and she didn’t have any pain. She also shared that she normally has pain in her head and neck, and for the past two days she was pain free.

Frank from Pineville, OR
Frank broke his neck 42 years ago when he was 20. He had a stiff neck as a result, but on Monday after he received prayer he could move it normally. He could only hear 20% out of his left ear for at least ten years. It started itching while he was waiting for prayer. When he met the ministry team they tested his hearing before they prayed, and sure enough his ear had already opened! Then they prayed for his eyes and he could read two lines further down the eye chart at a distance than he could previously.

Efena from the UK
Efena was in a wheelchair and had level 9 pain in her back, legs, and shoulder from a car accident she had two years ago. She wasn’t able to raise her left shoulder beyond 90 degrees for a month because of the pain. When she received prayer she could lift it up all the way up with no pain. Pain in her legs and back also went down to 0 after receiving prayer several times.

Joyce from Singapore
Joyce came in for prayer for a prolapsed uterus. Her uterus prolapsed twenty years ago but she experienced supernatural healing. When she arrived on Saturday, May 21st for the Healing School she noticed in the shower that her uterus had prolapsed again. She was disappointed and sad and wondered if it was because of stress. She came to the special Healing Rooms for the Healing School and saw a painting of an eagle. When she saw the painting she felt an anointing on it and began to pray for healing. After being receiving prayer from the ministry team, she went to restroom to check if there was a difference and realized she was completely healed.

Anne from North Carolina
Walking in the door of the Healing Rooms before filing out the registration form, someone called out “legs” as a word of knowledge and Anne was healed from leg pain. Prior to the Healing Rooms she could not stand up without support and she had to hold onto railings to go up the stairs. She had started working out two months ago and randomly began to have pain in her legs and back spasms. In the Healing Rooms, while the ministry team was praying, she felt liquid warmth flow through her back and all the spasms left. She also began to cry during the prayer as the prayer servants prayed for her prolapsed uterus. After the prayer she said she felt her uterus go back into place.

David from California
In 1979, David was camping with friends and after some joking around he took on the challenge to box one of the men present. Unknowing to him, the individual was a reputable boxer who ended up breaking his nose in two places. The doctor snapped it back in place. A week later, while playing ultimate frisbee he got elbowed in the nose again. Since these incidents he has had a “terrible” snoring problem to where he wakes up his wife, a light sleeper, and himself through the night. On Monday night (two nights ago) of the Healing School, when a word of knowledge was released about nasal passages and sinuses, he got up and received prayer. Tuesday morning, his wife looked at him and said, “Did you know you did not snore last night?” David said, “It was the first time I slept through the entire night in 30 years and I slept through the night again (referring to Tuesday night). My wife is really happy and you know they say, ‘happy wife, happy life.’”
Also, on Monday night a word of knowledge for floaters in the eye was released which he had been seeing while driving. After prayer all floaters were gone.

May 21, 2016
John from Plantation, FL
John came with a left ear that was all but completely deaf. It went from hearing zero to 65% after prayer. Whereas he could not understand anything before, he could understand what everyone was saying.
He also had Lyme’s disease and he felt it purging and leaving as they prayed. It had been manifesting and increasing over the last six months to the point where it became debilitating. He could barely walk. He would have terrible pain. He would wake up in the morning and his heels would have level 10 pain. He had trouble working. After prayer he was running up and down the hall.
He also had spinal and nerve issues. He had a herniated disc in his neck pressing on his spinal cord causing different parts of his body go to sleep. He felt improvement in that. As they prayed for his legs and hips, he felt change. He marched down the hall and did the salsa dance.

Kimberly from Waxahachie, TX
Kimberly has had pain in her knees for ten years and was diagnosed with arthritis. There was basically no cartilage in her knees. She wasn’t able to go for walks because of the pain, which she used to enjoy doing. In the last year she had sciatic pain in her lower back through her left leg, anywhere from level 4 to 9. After she received prayer, the pain left her back, leg, and knees. She was able to go down stairs without pain. She would have previously had to hold onto a railing and walk sideways down the stairs. She also had carpel tunnel and she was able to move her wrists much better after prayer. She also requested prayer to be able to perspire to cool down, which was not something her body could do normally (she only perspired when she had a great deal of pain), and she started perspiring after prayer.

Chris from Austin, TX
Chris had to quit football because he tore everything in his leg and had to have a knee reconstruction. He had severe pain (it was at level 8 in the Healing Rooms), scar tissue, and limited range of moment. The scar tissue prevented him from squatting. He could not run without pain. This problem started in high school during his freshman year. A year and a half ago he had his sixth surgery and had to quit playing college football for the University of Austin. His healing started when he arrived at the Healing Rooms. When he walked in, he felt a burning, tingling sensation in his left leg. A greeter asked if he had a problem with his knees. He said yes. The greeter asked, "Do you feel anything now?" He felt like a cleansing, restoring feeling in his body. He just wanted to cry. He said, "It was like a weight lifted off my shoulders. Now I can bend my knee. I can do what I want to do. I don't have any pain." He could completely bend and demonstrated that he could do squats. There was no more pain in his back. He added, "I feel like my leg has grown. When I went to the chiropractor, it was a half inch shorter. I felt like I was off balance. I could not run as well, so I ran today."

Eunice from Riverside, CA
Eunice is four years old and was born with internal rotation of lower extremities, which meant that her legs, knees, and toes pointed inward towards each other. No one prayed for her, but after she danced in the Healing Rooms, her parents noticed that her legs were not turned inward like they used to be. Apparently her legs straightened out while she was dancing! She has beautiful straight legs now.

May 14, 2016
Fernando from Cocoa, FL
Fernando has had back and knee pain for over twenty years. His right foot was ran over by a forklift twenty-three years ago in the Persian Gulf War and it had to be amputated. Shortly after he got a prosthetic foot his back and knee started hurting and have been in pain since then. His daily back pain would be at a level 6-8 and pain in his left knee would be at a level 5-8. He had to have surgery a couple of times on his left knee (from compensating and putting more weight on it). When he came into the Healing Rooms his knee and back had level 6 pain. As he was sitting in the Encounter Room, he felt peace and warmth come over him. After he received prayer from the ministry team his pain completely left.

Fernando also wanted to share the biggest testimony of his life. He and his wife have been saved for three and a half years and he was delivered from PTSD six months after he was saved. One day his wife told him to read Mark 11:23-25 (where Jesus speaks about telling a mountain to be thrown into the sea). He would read it four to eight times every night. Three weeks into reading it he woke up one morning filled with peace. Previously he would wake up mad every day saying, “F-U.” He went to a psychologist, was tested, and found to be completely free from PTSD. He hasn’t had an episode of depression since then. He used to chew his nails until they bled, and now his wife sometimes has to remind him to cut his fingernails. He now shares his testimony freely with veterans in many places.

Melinda from Beaverton, OR
Melinda cannot usually hear without her hearing aids. She had chicken pox, measles, and mumps when she was age five and lost 92% of her hearing in one ear and 88% in the other. She didn’t wear her hearing aids in the Healing Rooms and after she received prayer and the ministry tested it by talking behind her. At first she couldn’t hear them, but gradually she could. She estimates that after ten minutes of prayer she could hear 30-40% better!

May 7, 2016
Amy from Great Falls, MT
Amy came to the Healing Rooms on March 26, 2016 and she received prayer for bulging disks and arthritis in her spine. She had had chronic pain in her back for six months. The ministry team prayed for her back and she noticed that in about two weeks she had no more pain. Her Pilates trainer noticed she had more mobility and strength in her back like she hadn’t before. The trainer said that it was like she had a new body.

Liyien from Malaysia
Liyien is in her upper 20’s or 30’s and injured her right ankle when she was 13 years old. She believes that injury may have stunted the growth in that leg and as a result her right leg was over an inch shorter than her left leg. She was prone to tripping and falling and when she put her right foot down to walk, she would walk on the outside part of her foot first.
On April 2, 2016 she visited the Healing Rooms and Byron (the greeting station leader) asked if anyone had one leg that was shorter than the other in the lobby. She raised her hand and Byron put her legs in his hands. They could see that her right leg was over one inch shorter than her left leg and watched it grow. She didn’t feel anything happen at that moment, but just observed it grow. When she went home she noticed her hips were no longer uneven. She and her husband both noticed since that day that she is no longer walking on the side of her foot!

Samantha from Canada
Samantha has had a persistent metal-like smell and taste in her mouth for three years. She had no idea why it started or why it was there. She had scopes done in her sinuses, breath tests, and CT scans, but the doctors couldn’t find anything. She couldn’t taste food or smell anything other than the metal for three years. After she received prayer she could taste the gum she was chewing!
She had tension in her neck and shoulders that was released after prayer also.

Kathy from Bend, OR
Kathy was a passenger in a car wreck last November and she hurt her neck and left arm. Kathy was experiencing numbness and tingling in both arms and her thumbs as a result of the accident. The doctors could not diagnose the cause of the tingling and stiffness. She was unable to pick up things and to do any work with her hands in general. The children began to pray for Kathy. They took her arms and while laying their hands on Kathy, began to run their hands down to the tips of her fingers. Kathy began to have a sensation of light water or oil. Feeling started to return into both arms and down into all of her fingers. When she came to the testimony table she was able to use a pen and flex her arms all the way to the tips of her fingers. All the pain and tingling went away.

April 30, 2016
Karina from Los Angeles, CA
Karina came in with bone spurs on her feet that prevented her from dancing, and back discomfort from a snowboarding exercise, which one of the team had a word of knowledge for (it was not written on her sheet). She felt warmth on her back as she received prayer and then her hip popped and the discomfort left. She came wearing cute shoes because she wanted to, even though she was told that she should not wear them. As a result she had level 5 pain in her feet. She wasn't really expecting anything to happen with the bone spurs, but she felt needles in her feet when she received prayer and then the pain completely left.

Jessica from Salinas, CA
When Jessica was ten years old she was playing kick ball and injured her pinky, which had been very crooked ever since. While waiting to go to Encountering the Healer a prayer servant called out a word of knowledge that there was a pinky that was sticking out. As Jessica put her hand out she saw her pinky completely go back to normal. Everyone saw her healing and another man who was there received the same healing as he watched hers. Then one of the prayer servants gave this testimony to another woman whose pinky also got healed.

Leslie from Vancouver, WA
Five weeks ago Leslie came to the Healing Rooms following a diagnosis of first stage metastasized breast cancer. She had had a lump the size of an egg on her neck and another in her right armpit. On the drive home and next day they decreased to half the size. She started chemotherapy that week and has had a couple of doses. Now, after receiving prayer the lumps in her neck and armpit have completely gone. She is due to have a pet scan next week.

April 23, 2016
Ashley from Alaska
Ashley did not really want to come to the Healing Rooms today because she had to study. Her Mom talked her into coming.
Twelve years ago, she fell and hurt her right wrist. It never healed properly and constantly hurt at a pain level of 9. When the ministry team prayed, her wrist got really cold. Then it hurt even worse. Finally, the pain dropped to 0 and she could move her fingers again. Also, her hands that were numb before got their feeling back.
They went on to pray for her ribs. When Ashley was 8 years old (16 years ago) she had an accident on a trampoline. Someone landed on her back and she hurt her ribs. After a while, it still hurt, and the doctors said she had an unhealed injury. Since then she was not able to take deep breaths because it hurt so much. Today the pain level was about a 7. It was so strong that she kept getting insomnia. When the ministry team prayed she felt a burning in her rib. Again, the pain first went up and then to 0. Finally she could breathe easily again and her mobility was completely restored.
The ministry team also got to pray for Ashley's eyes. One eye was nearsighted, and the other one, farsighted. The doctors said that she was legally blind on her left side and close to it on her right. Her glasses didn't correct her vision properly. She was supposed to have cataract surgery. As the ministry team was praying, she started to see better. She started reading the nametag of the minister and could see smaller details. Her eyesight improved significantly.

Ruth from Oxnard, CA
Ruth's hands had contact dermatitis. They become numb at times and really hurt. When praying she could feel warmth inside of her fingers, and the pain dropped significantly down. Ruth gave her life to the Lord in the Healing Rooms and got baptized in the Holy Spirit.

Angelica from Tracy, CA
Angelica is 13 years old. She had bilateral pain in her leg at level 4. Also, she had pain in her joints and throughout her whole body. At home, she was using a wheelchair but today she came in with crutches. After prayer, she did not need them anymore.
Also, she had had headaches all her life, and she came in with level 2 pain. When the ministry team prayed, all the pain left.
Angelica was baptized in the Holy Spirit for first time. For 15 minutes, she could not understand what happened. She was overwhelmed, encountering God. What she kept saying over and over again was: “ I don’t know what it feels like to be without pain.”

Penny from Dallas, TX
Penny had jaw pain for 22 years because of an accident. Since then she was in pain, especially when she ate. She had to wear braces for five years to get her jaw that was broken back into shape. After prayer, she didn’t feel any pain. She had surgery in 2002 for her stomach, but she still had pain every single time she would drink or eat something. She would have a doctor appointment twice a year for it and she always felt burning and pain. It would hurt always, but after prayer didn’t feel any pain. She also had pain in her lower back and her hip. She was supposed to have surgery, but could sit without pain after receiving prayer.

April 16, 2016
Deborah from Kane’ohe, HI
Deborah was in a car accident seventeen years ago. The impact of the accident shattered her C4 vertebrae and broke her C2. The injury caused level 6 headaches and a lump to appear on the back of her neck. The ministry team member described the lump as “scoliosis of the neck.” She also came into the Healing Rooms with an eye infection that made her eye pink. After prayer, Deborah was completely undone and overwhelmed by emotions. Through tears, she stated that all pain in her neck was gone as well as the lump. Her eyes returned to their normal white color and she felt as though her back was strengthened. Deborah also stated that all pain in her head was gone, from a level 6 to a 0.

Michelle from Boulder, CO
Michelle was in a car accident five years ago and had suffered from back pain ever since. She described the pain as a level 12 pain when given a scale of 1 to 10. She said that sometimes the pain was so bad she could not even walk. While receiving prayer she felt a tingling sensation and heat on her back. She began to feel extremely light and after the prayer all the pain was gone. Michelle said, “It feels like I have a new back. I feel like I can do cartwheels.”

Matthieu from Switzerland
Matthieu was born with, genu valgum, or “knock knees.” He had to wear metal braces to straighten his inverted legs. Although his legs were straight, Matthieu experienced level 9 pain whenever he would descend stairs or make any similar movements. He was tested several times but the doctors were unable to explain the reason for the pain. After living with this for twenty-seven years, he came to the Healing Rooms. While in the Encounter Room he tested out his knees, which were still in pain. After he received prayer, he did not immediately feel anything change until he went up and down the stairs right outside of the Encounter Room. He was so surprised by the change that he went up and down the stairs ten times in celebration that all pain was gone.

April 9, 2016
Steve from North Plains, OR
Someone on the ministry team had a word of knowledge for Steve’s right shoulder, although he had not written that prayer need on his paper. Steve had surgery on that shoulder twice. At times the pain level would be up to 10 and the shoulder would pop out three to four times a day. Steve would need to force it back into place and he could not raise his arm above his chest. Steve comes from a “baseball family,” but with the injured shoulder he was unable to throw the ball without the agony of it popping out. He wanted to play catch with his son again. After prayer the pain completely left. Steve could swing and lift his arm over his head. He looks forward to playing catch with his son.

April 2, 2016
Ellen from Mt. Shasta, CA
Ellen came to the Healing Rooms in February 2015 to receive prayer for stage 4 breast cancer. Since then her blood work has remained the same and her oncologist said she was the only person she has known where this has happened with stage 4 cancer. Praise God.
Ellen testified that when she was here in February the person who led the Walking in God’s Best for Your Health class said that if we receive healing and the symptoms return we have a choice either to focus on them or to give Jesus thanks for the healing.
Ellen had a chance to test that out in early March when her arm became swollen and sore and was keeping her from sleeping. She asked Jesus to take the pain from her arm and immediately it was completely gone. However, moments later the pain returned and her arm became more and more painful. She remembered the teaching and thought, "Let’s see if this works," and said, “Thank you Jesus for taking the pain. It feels so good to be pain free.”
Ellen has had no pain in her arm from that moment until her visit to the Healing Rooms.

Kimberly from Chattanooga, TN
Kimberly had been suffering from 50% hearing loss in her right ear for ten years because of a surgery that damaged her hearing receptors. After receiving prayer and prophetic words in the Healing Rooms, her ear opened up and she could hear again. She testified to needing to adjust to having equal hearing in both ears after being imbalanced for so long.

March 26, 2016
Martin from Austria
Martin came to the Healing Rooms not sure if he should come at all because he just wanted a little eye correction. He could read with his glasses on, but not the small print. In the hallway a picture on the wall stood out to him. It was a picture of Jesus reaching down, putting spit and mud on the eyes of a blind man. The title of the picture was “vision restored.” When he saw that picture, he started tearing up. He felt Jesus telling him through it that it was okay to come and get prayer. After he received prayer, he could read the small print that he couldn’t before.
Martin also told the ministry team that he wanted to speak in tongues. As they were praying, he started speaking in tongues. He said he sensed the presence of God very much.

Christian from San Diego, CA
In 2015 Christian fell off the stairs and snapped his left ankle. Since then the pain caused him to stop exercising. He was afraid that something was going to happen to it because he felt a constant tension. After prayer the pain dropped to a 0. Christian said it felt like he got a new ankle. He could put weight on it and bend it without pain. It felt great. Also he had had constant pain in his neck for the past seven or eight years. His mobility got completely restored, and he left with no pain at all.

Linda from Sacramento, CA
Last Wednesday Linda injured her wrist in a bike accident. She fractured her wrist and wore a brace. She only came to the Healing Rooms because her friend talked her into it. The pain was at a level of 6-7 and two fingers were numb up to the middle of the arm. After prayer the numbness was totally gone, and her mobility got restored. She could lift her purse and move her wrist around. The pain went down to 0.

March 19, 2016
David from Stockton, CA
David's right ear was blocked and his sinuses were clogged for 12 years. After prayer, he felt wind in the right ear and felt his ear unblock and his sinuses clear!

Micaiah from Redding, CA
Micaiah had been suffering from asthma for sixteen years; she actually became sick one week after birth and was in the hospital for a year. She couldn’t exercise or do sports, and she missed a lot of school and could feel a constant rattling in her chest. She had a daily inhaler and had to have breathing treatments once a week. This year she had pneumonia once and bronchitis twice. When she received prayer she felt calmness, then felt lightness in her chest and felt all congestion leaving her lungs. She then breathed perfectly with no rattling at all!

March 5, 2016
Paul from Citrus Heights, CA
Paul had been suffering for seven years from emphysema caused by long term smoking. This necessitated him stopping every twenty feet or so to regain his breath. When he got up this morning and went into the bathroom he had to sit down for fifteen minutes before he could shower, and he had to sit down after the shower to regain his breath.
However, from the time he walked into Bethel he was able to walk all the way down to the other end of the building without any need to stop, and since coming into the building he was breathing normally (and he was breathing normally all the time he was sharing his testimony).
Paul said: “The healing power of God is in this building and He is restoring my lungs.”

Bjoern from Sweden
Bjoern had injured pinky fingers for thirty-five years from playing handball. They were both crooked and he could not straighten them. After receiving prayer he felt warm and one of his fingers was completely straightened. He testified that many people had been healed when he had prayed for them, but until now he had never received healing for himself. His eyesight also slightly improved.

February 27, 2016
Dan from England
Dan strained his IT band muscle in the knee by running. It would usually be a pain level of 3 out of 10, but if he would run it would be an 8. Moreover, after five meters of running he would have been limping.
The prayer team asked him to run, so he ran back and forth in the corridor and there was no pain anymore. He tried to run as fast and as much as he could to find the pain, but there was none and they didn’t even pray for him.

February 20, 2016
Sonja from Switzerland
Sonja has had severe (up to level 10) abdominal pain for the last five years because of a very large gallstone that was causing her such pain that she could not eat. The only thing she could eat was raw vegetables. She couldn’t eat meat or fat. Sonja came for prayer last Saturday and 95% of the pain immediately left. This past week, she has been eating everything. She not only ate one bar of chocolate but two to make up for lost time.

Richard from Redding, CA
Richard has already had three healings in the past. He returned to the Healing Rooms last September (2015) to receive healing for sleep apnea. He had to use a CPAP machine to be able to sleep safely through the night. In October he stopped using the CPAP machine and there was no more sleep apnea. He has not needed to use the CPAP machine at all since then.

Jamila from Vancouver, WA
Jamila was suffering from complete numbness down her arm for two weeks. After prayer she started to feel warmth, then a dull ache with pins and needles between her fingers. After further prayer she had no more pain and regained full feeling again in her whole arm.

February 13, 2016
A woman came to the Healing Rooms for her left leg to be straightened and to see the metal dissolve in her knee. After the prayer team prayed, all the pain left her knee and she reported having greater range of motion. Afterwards the children’s team prayed for her in the Encounter Room, and she reported that her leg had straightened out.

Matt came to the Healing Rooms with pain in his abdomen. The doctors were unsure of the root issue. Matt had this pain for four months and the pain was gradually increasing. The pain was normally at a level 2; however, sometimes it would spike up to a level 10. While receiving prayer he felt “localized heat” and then it felt like every cell in his body was vibrating. After prayer, all pain was gone. Matt also had ringing in his ears for 35 years. After prayer all the ringing stopped in his right ear and was gradually decreasing in his left ear. He was also born with a deformed hip that caused his right foot to point out about 45 degrees. After he received prayer for his ear and his abdomen, he looked down and realized his foot had straightened out.

Cory from Kill Devil Hills, NC
Cory was in the military twelve years prior and because of heavy pounding he began to have knee pain. His pain levels were constantly at a level 1 but would shoot up to an 8 to 10 after physical activity. After prayer the pain was gone. Cory also had short-term memory loss. While he was in the Encounter Room, a word of knowledge about trauma to the brain was released. He stood up for prayer remembering he had a concussion at the age of seventeen. After prayer he was wondering how he could test out his memory. Sean, with Bethel’s Security, came up to Cory to ask if he had two dogs outside. Cory then remembered that he saw a man with two dogs as he was driving up the hill to get to Bethel Church. He provided Sean with a full description of the man and then was shocked at how much he had retained and was able to recall. Cory was not able to recall short-term memory like that before.

February 6, 2016
Heather from Prescott Valley, AZ
Heather came into Encountering the Healer when a word of knowledge was spoken for sinus conditions. Heather took that word and both sinus channels opened instantly. Heather also came with a headache. When the team began to pray for her, she felt a cool breeze go through her head. The headache left and the cool breeze continued to permeate her body all the way down to her feet. When Heather came to the testimony table she still felt the cool breeze running through her body.

Kari from Redding, CA
Kari came to the Healing Rooms for prayer for her left shoulder, in which she had been suffering rotator cuff issues, tendonitis, and bursitis caused by general wear and tear and softball. She could only lift the arm a little way from her side and her pain level was at 8. As she received prayer, Kari experienced the sense of being covered in a warm blanket. After receiving prayer, Kari was able to raise her arm above her head and full mobility was restored. However when she came to the testimony table she had residual pain when she moved it in certain directions. We prayed again at the testimony table for the residual pain to leave and immediately it went from a 3-4 to 0. Kari experienced release and God’s love and left rejoicing.

Tim from Tulare, CA
In Encountering the Healer the man who was speaking was speaking very softly. Tim decided that as an act of faith to believe God for healing he needed to take out his hearing aids, so he did. Once he had taken them out he could hear better from across the room than he could before he took them out!

January 30, 2016
Kathy from Antioch, CA
Kathy came to the Healing Rooms in July because she had torn her rotator cuff. It was separated from the bone 2.6 cm, and when they went to do surgery, it was only 1.5. It was seven months from the injury till surgery. That is not normal for the space to have shrunk. Doctors thought they must have measured it wrong. She had the surgery in August. Lifting her arm all the way up caused level 10 pain. After prayer it was only level 5 when she lifted it.

January 23, 2016
Jaziz from Redding, CA
Jaziz has had intestinal issues for eight years. She came to the Healing Rooms with a pain level 4 and her stomach had been hurting for four days. She also had a hernia for eight years, which was caused by her intestines not working. It used to be easy to see the hernia under her clothes. During prayer, Jaziz could feel something moving in her intestines and the pain left her intestines and her stomach. The hernia also disappeared. She is convinced that we are not designed by our Designer to be sick.

Eliyah from Canada
Eliyah had severe pain in his right side two months ago and the doctor could not figure out why. The pain had gone away after prayer for some time, but yesterday evening his side started hurting again at the Randy Clark Healing School. When he came into the Healing Rooms the pain level was a 4. He had been drawn to come to the Healing Rooms from hearing a friend’s testimony who said her pain disappeared when she walked into the lobby of the Healing Rooms. The expectation had been set in his mind that he could also be healed without receiving prayer because of his friend’s testimony. After Encountering the Healer he stood up to leave and the pain in his side was gone!

A woman called in to Skype and reported that since she received prayer for asthma a few months ago, it is gone and she no longer needs medication.

January 16, 2016
Jaclyn from Australia
Jaclyn first came to the Healing Rooms in 2014 and received prayer for allergies to animal hair and pollen that caused a lot of sinus congestion. Following a word of knowledge about suppressed emotions, she received prayer that led to complete healing from all allergies. She no longer has any allergic reactions. She has noticed that even mosquitos no longer bite her! She also received prayer for her ankles by a team from Bethel when she returned to Australia, and at the time they prayed she felt heat in her ankles, which were completely healed.

Lorena from Oakland, CA
Lorena felt the Holy Spirit come on her. She came in with ringing in her right ear for 12 months. The ringing left completely. Usually she could hear when there’s no background noise, but with all of the surrounding noise in the room, she could hear perfectly fine. She had pain in her right knee as well. All the pain left. The prayer servants didn’t even have to pray over her knee.

Jim from Salem, OR
Jim’s right foot had been numb for 40 years. The numbness came on gradually and then it stayed. As he received prayer, he didn’t feel anything at first. One person had his hand on his shoulder and he felt warmth on his shoulder. Jim wasn’t sure what that was supposed to mean. Then, like honey, the warmth dribbled down his back and it got hot all over his spine. Then, his leg got warm and the warmth went down his leg and he walked and walked and walked around the room. Nothing happened in the moment. All of a sudden, the warmth hit his foot. It was like a hot glove on his foot and all the numbness left.

January 9, 2016
Richard from Redding, CA
Over the last 18 months, God has healed the following for Richard: his shoulder, his back, his knees, and his left eye. About two years ago his shoulder became so painful, he could hardly lift it. He had a calcium deposit that the surgeon said was the biggest he had ever seen. Richard received prayer in the Healing Rooms, and he noticed that over time, he could move his arm more and more. His surgery was postponed for a month and the shoulder continued to get better. The surgery was postponed again, and he went to get reassessed. The surgeon was so impressed with his range of movement because he could raise his arm above his head that he took a new x-ray and the calcium deposit was just a shadow!

He loves to walk, and last year one morning he got up and had excruciating pain in his legs. He got an x-ray and was told he had stenosis in L4 and 5. His vertebrae were expanded and pinching the nerves that go to his legs. He started to see a chiropractor and got some temporary relief, but it came back, and he could help no more. He could not walk very far without pain and had to use a stick. He did Skype Healing Room. After, he noticed that he could get up in the morning without using the wall and he could walk in the morning and evenings without a cane. His legs improved little by little until he was able to walk fully without a cane and now he is using a tricycle!

In 2009 he had to have cataract surgery on both his eyes. His left eye was very severe, and it never healed properly. After surgery, there was a lot of pain and as the doctors followed up they said he had dry eye. He got some medicine for it because they said this was why he was in pain but instead of improving, it got worse. He came to the Healing Rooms, and they prayed for his eye. Shortly after that, he went away and left his medicine at home, and while there, he realized that his pain was reducing. He returned home and did not use the medicine again, and his eyesight improved and the pain left!

January 2, 2016
Terése from Sweden
Terése came to visit the Healing Rooms because her child is currently doing BSSM. She had level 8 pain in her neck, shoulders, and back and she also has often suffered from headaches since she was 18 years old. While receiving prayer, she first felt a shaking on her right foot. After a while, she felt an opening in her stomach, and breathing became much easier. It felt like something was opening up and she now could finally take a deep breath. After that, she felt something stretching in her back. The pain in her back and shoulder reduced to level 3.
The ministry team prayed for the filling of the Holy Spirit, and she fell under the power. The team recognized that there was a deliverance happening. When she got up again, her hip, which was hurting since her last pregnancy, clicked. After that she had no more pain. Also, she recognized that her neck was not clicking anymore, which it usually did when she moved it around.

Janice from New Zealand
Janice gave a testimony from three prayer cloths she took home from the Healing Rooms some years ago. The first one she gave to Michael, who had schizophrenia, but at the moment she doesn`t know how he is doing. The second one she hid under the pillow of her son, Steven. He had had increasing suicidal depression for two years and he was under psychiatrist therapy and really strong medication. He could not even leave the house, being bound to his bed most of the time. After receiving the prayer cloth, he was healed really quickly. The doctor afterwards reduced his medication, and he got so much better. Rachel, the partner of Steven, was exhausted through working in business. More and more she had to do it by herself since Steven was unable to work. (They are creative writers for an advertising website.) Rachel suffered from constant abdominal pain and stomach pain. Janice put the cloth under her pillow, too. Rachel’s stomach became well very fast. When she had very sore feet, Janice asked her to put the prayer cloth under her feet in bed, and shortly after her feet also got healed.
Steve and Rachel now feel so much stronger, put on weight again and simply are doing so much better.

December 19, 2015
Brian from St. Louis, MO
A year ago Brian began to experience sharp pain in his shoulder. After a while the pain left but he never fully regained his strength. He came to the Healing Rooms to soak in God’s presence and after he received prayer he was able to complete a full push up, which he was not able to do before.

Kaitlyn from Ocala, FL
Kaitlyn was diagnosed with ADHD since birth. She was never able to fully concentrate or remained engaged. She often found herself being distracted and not being able to regain focus. Kailtlyn felt as though she was often “tuned out” and filtering through thoughts going through her mind. In the Healing Rooms, during prayer she felt peace and a “different feeling” she could not explain. After prayer, she was completely engaged and could recall a previous conversation despite minor distractions, like a door opening, which she was unable to do before.

December 12, 2015
Simranjeet from Modesto, CA
Simranjeet had pain at the level of 5 in her right hip for the last 18 months since the birth of her daughter. After receiving prayer she felt heat, then all the pain left her hip. The pain in her right knee also reduced from 5 to 1, and as a result she gave her life to the Lord.

December 5, 2015
Shaloné from Sacramento, CA
Shaloné had pain all over her body because of arthritis and tendonitis and she also suffered from asthma and had high blood pressure. When the prayer team prayed for her, she felt how her rapid heartbeat slowed down, which is caused by the high blood pressure. All pain left completely and there was no more tightness in her lungs.

Gina from Redding, CA
Gina had a herniated disk in her back out 6mm and was suffering back pain for a year and a half. When she came to the Healing Rooms, she was in such severe pain that she wasn’t able to come from the sanctuary to the great room, so a team came to her and prayed. Before she received prayer her pain level was a 10+ and she was hardly able to stand or bend over. After prayer the pain decreased, so she came to the great room and got prayer from the same team again. All the pain left completely and she was able to stand and bend over.

Roxanne from Rock Island, IL
Roxanne suffered from leukemia, migraines, and a lot of back pain. Two protruding discs caused a lot of pain in her lower back and hips. For six months she has had waves of pain coming and going. She took a lot of pain medicine. She could barely get up on the morning of the Healing Rooms. After prayer, all the pain left.

November 28, 2015
Bethany from Coeur d’Alene, ID
Bethany’s right shoulder was frozen and had calcification, a bone spur, and a tear in the rotator cuff over two years ago. She had surgery on that shoulder seven months ago but she still had a daily pain level of 6-7. Her left shoulder also had pain for seven months at level 6-7, and she did not want to have surgery on that shoulder. After prayer she could move both shoulders in every direction without pain! She has also always had issues and aching in her hips and as they prayed she felt heat in her hips and no more aching.

Mike from Crescent City, CA
Mike has had lower back pain and neck pain at level 8 for four years. Mike’s ministry has a thrift store and they got a donation of a motorcycle four years ago. He test-drove the motorcycle in the rain and it flipped five times. He didn’t have the right insurance to get surgery on his back and neck so he decided not to have it and he has been in level 8 pain since then. A year ago something (probably a tendon) snapped in his left foot when he was getting in his truck, and he has had level 7 pain in his foot since then. After the ministry team prayed, all of the pain went away in his neck, back, and foot. It was also his birthday!

Josiah from Anderson, CA
Josiah came to the Healing Rooms on crutches. On Wednesday Josiah slipped on the mud and bruised a muscle in his right foot and sprained his right ankle. He had pains shooting up to his knee and even into his thigh. He has been taking painkillers to reduce the pain and the swelling. The pain level was 9 when he came, and he couldn’t put any weight on his foot. During prayer, Josiah unconsciously put his right foot on the floor and realized the pain level was down noticeably. Then he unconsciously lifted his left foot, and realized he could put all of his weight on the injured foot. His pain level went down to 1. He left with a big smile on his face, without using his crutches, and with a story to tell.

A woman said she called in to receive prayer via Skype four weeks ago for her shoulder and she has had no pain since then.

November 21, 2015
David from Woodland Park, CO
David received prayer for hyperthyroidism and restored sight. He received prayer for his eyes because he was cross-eyed. He physically couldn’t see without his glasses. Now he can see without any glasses. His family recognizes that his vision is straight, and he can focus.

November 14, 2015
Al from Stockton, CA
Al came to the Healing Rooms with level 5 pain in his knees caused by his work and level 5 pain in his lower back following surgery in 2006 when the surgeons fused his back with metal. He had suffered pain in both for over 30 years. He also had pain in a misaligned jaw. Al shared that he came this morning with a bit of unbelief and cynicism. He knew God healed, but was not convinced that he would receive healing today. When he first came into the hallway, he walked into what he described as a “circle of God’s presence” and felt faith arise in him.
In the Encounter Room, he was prophesied over regarding a new season he and his wife are moving into, and during that time he felt heat in his knees. After receiving prayer in the Healing Rooms the pain in both Al’s knees and back and jaw disappeared completely.

Kathi from Federal Way, WA
Kathi came for prayer, walking with a cane and experiencing level 8 pain in her left leg from which she had suffered for five years. She also had level 9 pain in her neck and shoulders. Kathi received prayer in the Encounter Room, and her left leg grew out, and the pain went away completely. The pain in her shoulders and neck also went from a level 9 to a 0. After receiving prayer in the Healing Rooms, Kathi felt her right leg trying to compensate, and it became uncomfortable and she experienced heat going down both her legs. The discomfort lessened, and she was able to leave walking without her cane for the first time in five years.

Marcus from San Francisco, CA
About two years ago, Marcus came to the Healing Rooms with a weakened immune system from which he had suffered for eight to ten years, experiencing some kind of illness monthly. Since receiving prayer, he has only experienced one cold. Today he came for healing for his neck. After receiving prayer, his pain level dropped from 7 to 4, and he left believing for full healing.

November 7, 2015
Beni from Mexico
Beni was in a motorcycle accident six years ago, which caused fractured damages in his brain. Ever since then the right side of his body was in a lot of pain, mostly at a pain level of 7/8. While receiving prayer, he felt the fire of God in his right hip, his lower back and in his right shoulder. God miraculously healed him from his head injury, and his mobility in the right side of his body improved. All pain is gone. Also, even without telling anyone this prayer need, his right foot that was flat, now is healed. He says that it feels great.

Kris from San Diego, CA
Kris has had a lot of back and hip pain for three years now, with a pain level of 8/9. He got hurt while fighting, which he frequently does as his hobby. As the ministry team prayed for him several times, it continued to get better. The last time they prayed, he saw an angel in front of him. The angel put a sword in his hip and was putting it back together. He can now bend, open his legs, and move without any pain.

A man had uneven eye placement and one eye was bigger than the other one. After prayer, his eyes looked the same.

Odduin from Norway
Odduin had broken his hip in three places from a bicycle accident on September 12th of this year. He was unable to walk and in a lot of pain, with a level of about 9 to10. He was on morphine for eight weeks. The medicine helped reduce the pain to about a level 2, but he could no longer work. After prayer today, the presence of God was very strong, and he tried to take some small steps, then bigger steps. He felt God was holding him in His hands. Since he hasn't used his muscles for such a long time, they've atrophied. Now, he's re-learning how to walk without the aid of his crutches.

Baby Asher from Redding, CA
Asher is an 8-month-old boy who fell down on concrete twice last week. In a couple of days, half of his forehead swelled up. It looked like a baseball on his head. His parents took him to Urgent Care and they said it would take 6 to 8 weeks for the swelling to go down. The doctor said it was the largest bump he had ever seen in his practice, calling it "the world's largest bump." After Asher received prayer in the Healing Rooms last week, it only took 48 hours for the bump to disappear.

Lane from Fort Worth, TX
Lane couldn't feel his right shoulder, elbow, arm, or fingertips. As they prayed, his right biceps started rapidly shaking, and his whole arm felt like it was on fire. Then the feeling came back to his whole arm and fingertips. He was also surprised when his left ankle was also healed. He had broken his ankle twice and experienced bad pain and swelling daily. However, God wasn't finished with Lane and also restored his eyesight so that he can now read without his glasses on.

October 31, 2015
Doug from Redding, CA
About six weeks ago Doug came to the Healing Rooms and a team leader asked if someone had a problem with their throat. He did not come in for prayer for that but remembered he had a strep infection that destroyed the nerves in his throat approximately five years prior. He didn't say anything but went home and realized he could feel in his throat!
He returned a second and a third time and on his third visit he only sat in the sanctuary. Someone placed hands on his back and the pain in his hand and foot, which were in pain at a 6 and 8, completely left.

Chera from Prineville, OR
Chera came in with back pain from a fall on a piece of ice at work and she had two herniated discs in her lumbar spine. She also had pain in her mid back from the five-hour drive to Redding. When in the Encounter Room, she sat in front of a painting of a ballerina that was called “Return of Joy” (painted by Angie). Chera then stood up and realized that there was no more pain in her back. When she came into the Prayer Room and received prayer, she felt like an icy hot pack was on her back from someone laying hands on her. It gave her Holy Spirit giggles. All pain in her back was gone.

A woman came in completely deaf in her left ear. She did not even ask for prayer, and the Lord opened her ear to hear. She can hear well now in her left ear.

October 24, 2015
Vicki from Athens, TX
Vicki had dizziness in her head for two years. She couldn’t move her head or rotate her neck without falling, getting nauseous, or super dizzy. After receiving prayer, she could move her head in any direction without any dizziness or change in vision. Her balance has become stable and does not shift as she moves. She felt a tingling on her neck and forehead after receiving prayer and noticed she was healed.

October 17, 2015
Sharon from Raleigh, NC
Sharon’s home was stuck by lightning 21 years ago. It damaged both of her eardrums. At first it was just ringing in her ears. Her hearing continued to decline until she was forced to use hearing aids. By faith Sharon removed her aids while in the hallway. She put them in again when listening to the Encountering the Healer teaching. The power of God touched her, and Sharon began to cry as she went into an encounter. When she returned to the Healing Room, Jared prayed for her, and she could hear his voice as he whispered into her ears. She can now hear clearly. Sharon came to the Healing Rooms with an MD who can verify her healing.

An eight-year-old little girl came to Healing Rooms with no hearing in her right ear since birth. After receiving prayer the hearing in her ear was completely restored. Hallelujah!

October 10, 2015
Charity from Vancouver, BC
Charity was in a car accident last January, resulting in pain in her right hip. Her hip would tighten up and cause a pain level of about 8, whenever she stood or sat too long. She had been going to chiropractors since the car accident happened, but it did not help her very much. When she received prayer, it felt like God was putting His hands on her hips and she felt fire. And then, the pain exploded and disappeared. Her body felt so light, she felt like she was flying, and she gained full mobility back in her hips.

Piyun from Rowland Heights, CA
Piyun couldn’t hear out of her left ear for 30 years. This was caused by an ear infection when she was young. She had surgery, but this only left a gap in her ear and didn’t help her hearing at all. The gap in her ear would cause frequent infections, causing her to go to the hospital. When the team prayed for her she could clearly hear people talking from that ear. She’s so happy!

A woman has had pain in her shoulder and neck since she started ministering in a South African village where there’s a lot of witchcraft. She saw Jesus come and give her a shoulder rub and then an arrow being pulled out of her shoulder. Then there was no pain at all.

October 3, 2015
Eve from the UK
Eve had arthritis in her hands, neck, back, feet, and knees for many years. Her hands were always painful and she couldn’t make a fist completely. If someone tried to close her hands she would be screaming in pain. She also couldn’t kneel down on the ground because it would be too painful. Eve felt God’s presence powerfully throughout the morning. After receiving prayer all her pain disappeared. She was able to kneel on the ground and make complete closed fists with no pain!

Zion from Portland, OR
Zion was internally bleeding in his gluteus maximus from a skateboarding accident that happened five weeks ago. He was in the hospital for a week. The whole drive to Redding was hard because it was painful for him to sit. His level 7 pain went away as he received prayer and focused on God. When he tested his leg by raising his knee up, he could fully stretch his leg up without pain and just a tiny bit of strain.

A woman with level 5 pain in her uterus from a cyst felt the pain go down to a 0.5. She also said that five years ago she was watching Bill Johnson on Bethel TV in the UK and she was healed of dyslexia. Since then she has loved reading books!

September 26, 2015
Shawn from San Diego, CA
In January 2015, Shawn was diagnosed with stage four incurable pancreatic cancer. He was given two weeks to a year to live. He started chemotherapy and came to Bethel Healing Rooms in May to receive prayer. During his time here, God told him he would be healed but had to undergo a process. Chemotherapy was torture. He would break out in boils on his head, chest, and hands. Shawn told his family he did not want to finish treatment. His doctors then told him he would have to go to hospice, but he didn’t accept the diagnosis that he was dying. He felt like Job trying to be grateful and like Abraham holding on to the promises. After he was told to go to hospice, he went back to the doctor in June and the strength of the treatment was reduced in half. In August his hair started to grow back and he was sent to get a PET scan. When the report came back the cancer was gone! Previously, the pancreatic cancer had metastasized to his liver. Therefore, after the PET scan he was sent to get a CT scan, which showed there was no cancer in his liver either. There was only scar tissue marking the spots where the cancer previously was.

A woman came to the Healing Rooms to receive prayer for multiple things that did not include her hearing deficiency. However, during prayer her ears opened up and she left without the need of her hearing aid.

Olivia from Redding, CA
Olivia had surgery a year and half ago on her thyroid and they removed half of it because they found a nodule. She received prayer in the Healing Rooms three weeks ago and went back to the doctor to get her thyroid tested. The results came back totally normal this week.

September 19, 2015
Samuel from Sweden
In February of 2014, Samuel came to the Healing Rooms for prayer. For a full year prior to that time, he had been vomiting regularly, at least once a week and sometimes as often as everyday. From the day he received prayer he was completely healed and the vomiting stopped.

Pattie from Mill Creek, WA
Pattie came to the Healing Rooms with knee pain from surgery she had in January. She had received therapy and exercise, both of which had helped a little. She came in with pain level of 5-6 and stiffness. After receiving prayer Pattie’s pain level reduced to a 0 and the stiffness disappeared. She was able to jump and dance for the first time for ten months!
She also had joint pain in her right arm with a pain level of 6. In Encountering the Healer a testimony was shared about a healing in a girl’s arms. Pattie took that and moved her arm around and her pain level reduced to a 0.

Kimberly from Orange, CA
Kimberly came to the Healing Rooms for severe arthritis in both knees from which she had suffered for twenty-five years, and needing a complete knee replacement on the right knee and partial replacement on the left. When Kimberly came she had level 10 pain in her knees. After receiving prayer the pain in her right knee went to a 0 and the pain in her left knee reduced 50%.
One of the ministry team members had a word of knowledge “Cutie.” Kimberly shared that she had suffered an abusive childhood. During that time her mother had given her a Bible, which she couldn’t read, but she would go to her room and hold it. She would feel Holy Spirit calling her “Cutie” and telling her “you’re my child - my daughter.”
She had also suffered from trigeminal pain in the face for nine years and intestinal blockages for five years. While she was receiving prayer Kimberly described feeling as if she was in a warm Jacuzzi with the water “inside her head.” It tickled so she began laughing. She was smiling so much her mouth ached, but she realized the trigeminal pain level of 6 she had come with was completely gone as though it had been washed away.
She had also been admitted to hospital thirty times for intestinal pain, migraines, and trigeminal pain. Her intestinal pain reduced to a 0.
One of the testimony team members discerned that her physical issues were tied to the abuse she had suffered as a child and that Holy Spirit was restoring the identity that was stolen from her in childhood and was now setting her free.
Kimberly described feeling as if she had had a vacation.

Leslie from Vancouver, WA
Leslie has been diagnosed with scoliosis and herniated discs in her L5 and S1 that have been causing her severe, level 10 pain for the last seven years. Today, when she was walking down the first hallway after checking in, the pain that never, ever let up went down to a 1. Later after she received prayer, she felt her back pop just before she fell to the ground. She could feel a tingling sensation go down her spine while she was on the floor and said it seemed like God was adjusting her back. After being on the floor for what felt like fifteen minutes but actually was an hour and a half, the burning in her back was completely gone. Everything in her body feels different now and even her left leg has more sensation in it.

September 12, 2015
Dion from Oregon City, OR
Dion was in the Air Force and he injured his back in 1991 during Dessert Shield/Dessert Storm. There was an 800 lb. missile that fell off of a jet on top of him, and thankfully it did not blow up. He had herniated L4/L5 discs in his back, a broken right arm, and nerve damage in that arm. He had six surgeries in the past two years on his back, wrist, elbow, and knee. He didn’t have any flexibility in his lower back because he has two metal plates in his back. He hadn’t been able to bend down to touch his toes for years, and after he received prayer he could! He also has more mobility in his right fingers, which suffered from nerve damage in his arm.

September 5, 2015
Nadia from Portland, OR
Nadia came with an energy level of 0. This was caused by year-round allergies, which she has had for nineteen years. This also caused congestion and difficulty breathing. Before prayer, her energy level went up to 4. During prayer, she felt burning in her throat all the way down to her lungs. And she said her energy level went up to a 20 out of 10!

Marcia from Huntington Beach, CA
Marcia fell in the rain thirteen years ago, and shattered her right shoulder. She has had surgery where they put a rod from her shoulder to her elbow, and then seven more surgeries and one and a half years of physical therapy to give her more range of motion. None of them were successful because she did not even have 10% range of motion. Today while Marcia was receiving prayer she felt tingling going through her body, and extreme heat. The ministry team then asked if she could raise her arm up, and she could raise it up 90%. She feels like a new person. Further, Marcia had a pacemaker put it one month ago, and has had deteriorating lungs for eighteen years. The 12-hour drive yesterday was exhausting for her. There was pain in her chest before prayer today. She was breathing 30% better after prayer.

August 29, 2015
Brent from Chehalis, WA
Brent injured his ankle awhile ago but reinjured it playing soccer two days ago. He came in on crutches and with level 7 pain. He received prayer several times. The first time he received more mobility in his foot and was able to lift it up like he couldn’t before. The second time he felt a release in tension from his knee down and felt like his whole leg straightened out. He walked around and felt more balanced. After more prayer he moved his foot and felt a pop in his foot and eventually the pain went from a 7 to a general soreness level 1. He then could walk without crutches!

August 22, 2015
Michael from North Port, WA
Michael had a parachute malfunction in 1999 and fell 80 feet. He broke both wrists and both ankles, had a concussion, his back was compressed two inches, and his knees were compressed. He also had to have reconstructive surgery on both shoulders. He was always in pain, and sometimes he could not move his arms when he woke up in the morning. His pain was at a level 3 when he came in. He felt the presence of God as soon as he walked in and was filled with joy. As he received prayer he felt tingling throughout his nervous system and his whole body felt lighter. He felt peace and warmth everywhere, specifically heat on his spine. He felt drunk and lightheaded. He could feel bones in his wrist popping into place, his muscles and tendons readjusting, his spine stretching, and also felt taller. He experienced mild discomfort as things adjusted but afterward had no pain.

Nancy from Seattle, WA
Nancy had pain in her back, off and on, for approximately ten years. She went horseback riding the day before she came to the Healing Rooms and the back pain was aggravated. She had pain at a level 6 when she arrived, but when she walked into the Encounter Room she felt tingling and warmth in her back. She could then sit up straight with no pain. She also found a lump in her right breast and a cyst on her wrist a few months ago. After receiving prayer, both the lump and the cyst shrunk 70%. The lump on her breast was hard and easy to find, but after prayer she had a hard time finding it, and when she did find it, it was soft.

Kathryn from Live Oak, CA
Kathryn had chest pain and foot pain on her left side for three years at a level 8-9. The left side of her body was swollen and noticeably bigger than her right side. The ministry team had a word of knowledge about the left side of her body. After they prayed, all her pain went away and the swelling went down so her left side was the same as her right side.

August 15, 2015
Paty from San Ramon, CA
Paty felt depressed her whole life and after she received prayer everything looked brighter and she felt happy for the first time in years! A ministry team member declared she had a new life and she believes it.

Mary from Arnold, MD
Mary came to the Healing Rooms two weeks ago and her leg grew out. Her leg was medically documented to be ½ to 1 inch short her whole life. She had received prayer for it to grow before, but it hadn’t happened until two weeks ago. She felt it grow out around her hip and she has felt different since then.

August 8, 2015
Sarah from San Diego, CA
Sarah could not hear very well out of her right ear and it opened 100%. She had a lot of ear infections and because of the scar tissue, she has not been able to hear well since. Her ear got hot, and there was pressure on it, and it opened up.

A woman's goiter is gone!

A woman wrote "lump in right breast" on her intake form. She could find it neither before nor after prayer. It's gone!

August 1, 2015
A woman’s eyes were dry and she had skin cancer in her lower eyelid for three months. After prayer, the mass in her eye decreased, and her eye was no longer red.

A man had had a stroke two and a half years ago that left him paralyzed on his left side. His feet were weak, and when he walked he dragged his left foot. He often rested on chairs while standing. His speech was also impaired after the stroke. After prayer, he stated that he felt stronger on his left side, especially his muscles. He had a lot more mobility in his left hand and arm. His left hand was just as strong as his right hand when he gripped the ministry team. When he walked, still using his walker, he was able to lift his left foot off the ground. His speech was a lot clearer, and he was able to speak louder than before.

A man came in for prayer today and shared a testimony from a prior experience at the Healing Rooms. He had been diagnosed with Hepatitis C and had cancer. Before he came to the Heal-ing Rooms he had been denied a liver transplant that was going to help treat the Hepatitis C. He visited Bethel Church and at his next doctor’s visit the MRI showed that all of the cancer was gone.

July 25, 2015
Korinn, Redding, CA

Korinn began having trouble with her eyes and brain. She could not focus and had difficulty speaking. Doctors could not diagnose her. She continued to have cognitive problems that were getting progressively worse. Three months ago, Korinn and her husband moved to Redding for the Healing Rooms. After coming several times, she began to improve. Today was her fourteenth visit, and Korinn is able to read a book with ease, play her harp and paint.

Bernadette from Salem, OR
Bernadette had torn both rotator cuffs, one a year ago and the other three years ago. She could not lift her arms without experiencing sharp pain at a level 8 in her shoulders. As she received prayer, her pain kept going down until it was completely gone. She was able to lift her arms above her head with no pain!

Christine from Vancouver, WA

Christine came to the Healing Rooms in summer 2014. She was healed of asthma and high blood pressure. She returned today to give testimony. She had both ailments tested and is off all medi-cation.

Joanne from Canada
Joanne had a thumb-sized lump on her stomach for six months. After she received prayer, her lump was gone.

July 18, 2015
Amanda from Medford, OR
When Amanda was a little kid she had a lot of ear infections and as a result she had 20% hearing loss in her right ear and 60% loss in her left ear. This morning she had trouble hearing someone right next to her unless they faced her. As the ministry team prayed for her hearing she felt like something was trying to be pulled out of her ear but wasn’t coming out, so she told them what she was sensing. The team prophetically pulled something out of her right ear and she suddenly could hear the music much louder from that ear. Then they prophetically pulled something out of her left ear and she felt God’s hand on her ear, and when it lifted she could hear!

Sixteen years ago she was diagnosed with acid reflux disease. The flap valve mechanism between her stomach and esophagus didn’t work properly and anytime she would eat or drink anything she would burp up acid. She tried drinking a lot of water after the team prayed for her and no acid came up!

She also had back pain so the ministry team checked the length of her legs. Her left leg was shorter than the right. When they prayed she felt her left leg grow inside her pants and the ministry team member confirmed that her legs were the same length after she felt it. When she stood up her back pain was gone!

July 11, 2015
Rose from Kenya
Starting on Wednesday Rose had trouble breathing. When she woke up this morning she couldn’t breathe at all. Her housemate suggested coming to the Healing Rooms, so she did. As soon as she received prayer her nose came unblocked and started running and she had to run to get a tissue. The ministry team told her numerous times she was going to get a bonus. She’s been wearing glasses for the last ten years and she was trusting God to heal her eyes. Without anyone specifically praying for her eyes, she could read words on the screen in the Encounter Room without her glasses, which she couldn’t do before. That was the bonus she received!

July 4, 2015
Pat from Texas
Pat had extreme arthritic pain throughout her body, including her back, knees, and hands. She also had nerve damage throughout her body. Before receiving prayer, she couldn’t grip someone’s hand to shake it without excruciating pain. After prayer today, she fell gently on the floor and was unconscious for about 35 minutes. When she got up, she was completely healed. All pain was gone! The pain level went from a 10 to a zero.

June 27, 2015
Daisymae from Chehalis, WA
Daisymae had scoliosis since she was born (she is 29) that caused curving in her spine in two places and pain at a level 10. Her doctors said she could be in a wheelchair by the time she is 30. As she received prayer, she could feel her spine straightening and felt fire in her back. Now she can touch her shoulders, she can move side to side and she can touch the ground, which she couldn’t do before.

Jody from Twain Harte, CA
Jody came to Bethel in January and asked for prayer for a friend’s baby, Aiden, who wasn’t born yet. Aiden was diagnosed with kidney failure in utero, and his parents were told he would need dialysis when he was born. When Jody was here in January, she had a vision in which she went into the body parts room in heaven. She found the aisle with kidneys and picked up a small box with baby kidneys. Aiden was born, and did not need dialysis! His kidneys are stable, although he still requires medication.

A man with joint pain received prayer, and the pain in his shoulder and hands went from level 9 to 0! He had been unable to stand without getting dizzy, but after receiving prayer, he stood without difficulty.

June 20, 2015
Lauren from Conroe, TX
Lauren walked in with swollen ankles from being pregnant, pain in one ankle, and pain in her hip. In the first room the pain in her ankle went away, but the swelling did not. Later, another ministry team member checked the length of her legs and one was slightly shorter than the other. She has had hip and back pain most of her life, but she never thought to check the length of her legs. After they prayed her legs were the same length and the level 6 pain in her hip went to 0. The swelling in her right ankle totally left and her left ankle reduced in size.

Chavez from Edmond, OK
Chavez is 21 and was born with cerebral palsy. His back was touched and he could reach his toes after prayer. His level 7 back pain went down to 0. All the tightness in his legs left and he could pull up his toes and rotate his ankle. His right ankle used to turn in to the right and is now straight.

June 13, 2015
Indiana from London, England
Nine-year-old Indiana came in this morning with level 9 neck pain. She has had varying amounts of pain every day for the last six years after a trampoline accident where she landed on her neck and pulled a ligament in her neck. The doctors told the family that there was nothing they could do to help her and that it was just something she would have to live with. This morning after receiving prayer, Indiana was 50% better but then the children in the room were all invited to come on the stage and dance. Indiana went up and danced and when she had finished, her neck no longer hurt. She was completely pain free for the first time since she was three years old.

Atira from Rathdrum, ID
Atira is fifteen and has had a very difficult spring. In the five weeks preceding Memorial Day, what started out as a typical school age illness with a slight fever progressed into something quite different. In the third day of the illness she started running a very high fever, had a severe headache, was nauseous, dizzy, and had blurry vision so much so that she could no longer read. She started being taken to all kinds of doctors to try to find a diagnosis and had to be helped to walk. She was so dizzy she could no longer walk on her own. The doctors did every test they could think of MRI’s, and tests that looked through her pupil into her brain. Still they failed to be able to diagnose it except for saying that they thought it was autoimmune. Light and sound was too much to deal with so when she was not at the doctors’ she would be in a dark, quiet room and missed all five weeks of school leading up to Memorial Day.
On that weekend Atira’s mother told her that she wanted to take to her all the way to Redding to so she could get prayer. Atira wondered if her mother just wanted to torture her because it would be so miserable traveling twelve hours by car but she asked her mother if she thought it would work. Atira’s mother didn’t know if it would help but she was out of options and it was all she could think to do for her daughter. Atira was willing to give it a try.
They arrived for Friday night service and had to leave part way through because Atira was in too much pain to stay. The next morning they came to the Healing Rooms and they asked for prayer in a private, quiet room so that Atira would not be put through too much unnecessary pain. The team went to work to make that happen but in the meantime, Gail who was part of the art team invited Atira to come and paint with her. Though she had to be helped to walk to the canvas, and though it was in a noisy place, Atira went in and painted with Gail. By the time she had finished her own painting, she found that her dizziness had subsided enough that she could walk on her own for the first time in weeks. Her level 9 headache had also diminished to level 4 or 5.
That afternoon they arranged to get art Sozos and after that Sozo, her headache and dizziness were completely gone. She still could not focus enough to read, though. So the next place they went was to the prayer chapel. Atira fell asleep there and when she awoke and went outside with her family by the stone lion, her mother opened her Bible randomly and read aloud the story there. It was about the time when Jesus put the mud on a blind man’s eyes. For weeks Atira had been unable to understand anything that was read to her or anything that she tried to read on her own but at this moment she said, “You aren’t going to try to put mud on my eyes are you?” Her family was amazed that she had comprehended the words and laughed. They did splash some water on her eyes from the pool there in front of the prayer house and headed to the car. When on their way to dinner, Atira picked up the CD case next to her and easily read the entire jacket. She read everything in sight the rest of the night, it was such a relief to finally be able to read again. Once she got home, she went back to school and with only two weeks to catch back up, she managed to do just that. She graduated the ninth grade with the rest of her class, catching up five weeks of missed work in two.

June 6, 2015
Elida from Vacaville, CA
Elida had polio from birth, one leg was shorter than the other, and she had no movement on her right side. She received prayer and her leg grew out. She was able to move her right ankle and for the first time she walked up the stairs. As she was sitting at the testimony table, she felt like her right arm was being healed. She was able to lift a water bottle, which she had been unable to do before.

Melody from Vacaville, CA
Melody had back surgery ten years ago and had eight metal rods put in her back. She could not bend over and had pain at a level 8. She received prayer and all of her pain left, she was able to bend and even began dancing!

May 30, 2015
Aletha from Williamston, MI
Aletha lost 50% of her vision in the right eye for the past 5+ years. After prayer, she was able to see her husband’s whole face. She couldn’t see his face clearly before. She also had neuropathy in both feet. They were always feeling cold and painful, and after prayer they felt warm and pain free.

May 23, 2015
Claudia from Santee, CA
Claudia had pain in her neck, back, and shoulder from two car accidents in the last three years with pain at a level 7. She has surgery scheduled on shoulder on May 29. She was diagnosed with degenerative bone disease in her spine and hips three years ago and had pain at a level 7. She also had a headache this morning at a level 5. She received prayer in the hallway and her headache went away. Then she saw a painting of a pearl in the Encounter Room that really affected her. She received prayer in the Encounter Room and couldn’t stand because the presence of the Holy Spirit was so strong. She fell on her knees in thankfulness and worship and felt His love for her. Her pain decreased to a level 2. She received prayer in the Prayer Room and all the pain left! She was able to lift her arms above her head with no pain, which she hadn’t done in three years.

Rose from Redding, CA
Rose had back, neck and shoulder pain from an accident 20 years ago. It was healed five years ago, but two years ago it was re-injured in a car accident. Her pain today was at a level 8. She began to feel sleepy in the Encounter Room but then she felt refreshed and the pain level went down to 6. She received prayer in the Prayer Room and felt a coolness, like water, over her body. All the pain left and a heaviness that had been on her came off. She felt free, like she could fly.

May 21, 2015
Marleigh from Canton, TX
Marleigh came into the Healing Rooms with a lazy eye and blurry vision that she said she's had for at least 12 years. Going to the optometrist, she couldn’t even see the biggest letters on the charts they use to test your vision. After she received prayer, she could not only see the writing on a standard piece of paper, she was able to take her contacts out, throw them into the bin and still read!

Martha from Cleveland, OH
Martha has had hearing loss for many years. Her ears were tested at the hospital ten years ago. The doctor said she had 82% hearing loss and suggested she get hearing aids. She chose not to. Her husband had to shout at her. She received prayer in the Healing Rooms, and now her hearing is totally normal.

Linda from Daley City, CA
Linda had bad pain in her left knee, a combination of injury and bursitis for over 30 years. The pain level tonight was 5. She also had bunions on each foot that caused level 5 pain. In the lobby, she lifted her hands to the Lord because the greeter asked if anyone had foot problems. A prayer servant touched her hands, and they began tingling. So she put her hands on her knee and it quit hurting. She then touched her feet, and they quit hurting. (She can now stand on her tiptoes.) She then touched her husband’s knee, and it quit hurting.Two nights ago, Linda teamed up with a guest named Bob to pray for each other. She had stood up for cataracts. Bob commanded new lenses in Jesus’ name. She looked up at the screen and it was totally clear, and her eyesight has been clear ever since.

Marki from Eagle Point, OR
Marki’s neck (C1 and C2) was bad for many years because of various injuries (she had muscle, bone, and nerve problems). She struggled with migraines for many years. She lived in severe chronic pain for one year and five months. She was bedridden last year for seven months because of the pain. Five weeks ago she came to Bethel and received prayer. She tried going without pain medication, but it didn’t work. On Monday night of the Healing School words of knowledge were called out for Lyme’s disease, foot pain, and chronic neck pain, and she identified with all of those and stood up. She received prayer from a conference attendee and felt a cool sensation and vibration in her body. She said, “I’m going to claim this and take this healing.” The last time she took her medication was on Sunday night and since then she has had no pain! She even rode horses this week with no pain. The other major thing she wanted prayer for was sadness, which she has had just about her whole life. After she received prayer in the Healing Rooms she felt the sadness being pulled from the top of her head and leave her.

Jerry from Long Beach, CA
Jerry was diagnosed with Parkinson's and had a lot of shaking in his movements. It really made it difficult to write and eat (sometimes it was messy when he ate). Tonight after prayer his symptoms improved significantly. As he sat in the chair after he received prayer he felt a complete sense of relaxation come over his body and he quit shaking. Then it felt like a large ballpoint pen was writing across his forehead. He noted that Parkinson’s is mainly a disease of the brain.

Rick from England
Rick had slight back pain coming in and that is gone now, but the thing that was really bugging him was the feeling in his ears that they were half submerged in water. He felt pressure and pain at a level 5 for the last three weeks but mainly it was annoying. One of team members said she felt like they just needed to blow it out. He bent down so that she could reach his ears and she blew. Instantly it was gone. He now has clarity of hearing, no pain, and no pressure.  

Patricia from Guadalajara, Mexico
When Patricia received prayer tonight she felt kicked in the belly and fell down on the floor.  Although she had been touched by the presence of God, she was pretty sure nothing had changed.  “Oh well, it will come next time or later tonight,” she thought. However, when she got up off the floor, the thrombosis (blood clot) in her ankle that she has had since January had shrunk. She has also had fibrosis in her chest for years and as she stood in front of Gail’s painting in the Encounter Room the hard spots disappeared and she could only feel the soft tissue that should have been there.

Patricia from Portland, OR
Patricia has had lower back pain since 1983 but the past two accidents she had exasperated the pain leaving her four and half inches shorter and in a constant pain level of 6. The back pain is gone and she is taller again. The hump on the back of her neck is gone and her shoulders pulled back straighter. She has also had such deep depression that three times in the last year she has been hospitalized for it and it has kept her isolated in her bed at home. Tonight she felt the darkness and heaviness of it off. There have been hard bumps on her hands from bursitis and they are all soft now and fleshy. Her eyesight got much better too. She couldn’t read the sign-in sheet without her glasses after prayer she could.  The numbness in her feet (neuropathy) is also gone.

Marlon from Hong Kong
Marlon wanted prayer this evening for his fatty liver and for sleep apnea and a floater in his eye. Three times over this evening, Marlon hit the floor.  The first time he landed on his hip and he felt fire run through him, starting in the hip he fell back on and coming out of his liver. After that he felt much lighter. Each time he was on the floor he kept laughing hysterically. The next time on the floor he felt the blockage in his sinuses release.  Since 2012 when God healed him of stage four prostate cancer, he has had trouble with urine incontinence especially when he laughs.  He had laughed and laughed and was prepared to be embarrassed but when he checked there had been no urine leakage at all.  He was saved from that embarrassment.  

Ellen of Kelowna, BC
Ellen had chronic back pain that averaged level 7 for 14 years. This was caused because she had a frozen shoulder, and her back was trying to compensate for that. During prayer in the Prayer Room, Ellen went down under God’s power. When she got up, she realized her back pain was gone.

May 16, 2015
Monique from Redding, CA
Monique has had major back problems for seven years. She has had degenerative disc disease for 20 years, scoliosis, stenosis (narrowing of the nerve canal), fissure on one vertebra, two ruptured discs, and one desiccated disc (in other words, no disc). This was all caused by working too hard, and then lifting a friend who had had surgery. Her pain level is always 8, a radiating, gnawing pain. She said she could see how someone could become a drug addict because of pain. She takes shots for the pain. Monique wasn’t able to stand for more than two minutes. Today she stood for five to seven minutes while receiving prayer. After prayer, the prayer servants measured her legs. Her left leg was shorter by an inch. Her leg grew out, and she felt warm all over and now feels no pain.

Greg from Grants Pass, OR
Greg came to the Healing Rooms in Aug. 2013, for prayer for bi-polar disorder. He had it for about 20 years, and was diagnosed officially and started treatment in 2007. As he drove home from Redding, he told his wife he was healed, but knew it would take a while to see the evidence. The evidence came in the spring of 2014. Because he has acreage, every spring he resets the irrigation pumps and repairs broken pipes. It had always been stressful and triggered panic attacks and anxiety. The spring of 2014 was different. There were broken pipes everywhere, and the equipment was in the worst condition of his career, but Greg had total peace. Then two months ago, he learned information that triggered bad memories, and a spirit of suicide attacked him. In the past, this would have caused months-long depression, but instead Greg felt a shift of faith. God said, “Take all those facts and give them to me. They are all covered.” He has complete peace.

A woman has had migraine pain for 30 years. During the last seven months, she has had a migraine four times a week. Medicine no longer helps her. She came in with level 8 pain and left with none.

May 2, 2015
A woman received prayer for a blood clot in her left leg. She had level 7 pain, and her foot was turning black. After she received prayer, all of her pain left and her foot returned to normal color!

A woman received prayer for back and hip pain. Her leg grew out, the pain in her back went from level 8 to 3, and her hip pain disappeared. She was able to run up and down the hallway for the first time in seven years, and she could squat for the first time in three years. She also received prayer for lung problems, her breathing improved and wheezing stopped.

Christy from North Carolina
Christy had Achilles' tendonitis for three weeks with pain in her right ankle that ranged from level 5-8. She received prayer last week and almost all of the pain left. She received prayer again in the Walking in God’s Best class, and the pain completely left. She has been walking one to two miles a day all week with no pain! Today Christy came in to receive prayer again. She had cancer ten years ago that caused degenerative discs and pain in her neck at a level 2-3. She also had pain in her groin for four years at a level 2. As she received prayer, her whole body felt hot and all of her pain left! She felt like she had a “full body overhaul.”

Rosa from Tijuana, Mexico
Rosa was here for the Leaders' Advance. When she came into the Healing Rooms, she had level 8 head pain caused by high blood pressure, which she had had for six months. After she received prayer, the pain completely left. This was the first time Rosa had been without pain for six months.

April 11, 2015
A woman came into the Healing Rooms with knee pain and lowers back and shoulder pain. Before prayer, the pain level was 6, and after prayer, the pain level was 0. Her leg grew out, and her hips became level. Gold dust also appeared all over her hands.

Elisa from New Zealand
Elisa had ADD for 25 years. During the Walking in God's Best class, she could suddenly listen and stay focused. She also remembered what was said. It felt like her mind has been cleared from cloudiness.

March 28, 2015
Three or four weeks ago, a man, who is a friend of one of our ministry team, Dorothy Logans, was on his death bed in Florida where he lives. He had been sick for years from an autoimmune disease, retroperitoneal fibrosis. Wasting away, he was down to 115 pounds and was eating through a tube. He had lost one kidney while the other kidney, his pancreas, and his lungs were all failing. Then he received prayer from one of our team over the phone. At that time, he was in lot of pain but it all went away. Every week since, he had changed for the better. He started eating on his own and has gained forty pounds, now weighing 155 pounds. He is out of the hospital and has taken a road trip and is getting ready to go on another. He says, “I feel like a teenager!”

Johannes from Sweden
In late January, Johannes jumped off the bridge into the river at Caldwell Park and the water was not deep enough so he injured his foot, leg, and knee. He tore all the ligaments in his ankle and some in his knee and broke the fibula bone in his leg. His friends immediately prayed for his knee and it was healed. The doctors put a metal plate with a big screw in his leg to mend the broken bone and fixed the ligaments in his ankle with surgery. Since he took off his cast in late February, he has had no flexibility or mobility in his foot. He works on it everyday to try to get it to move especially upwards but he has had little success. Today, he came in using crutches to get around and as he was going down the corridor on his way to the first room, Stephan prayed for him. The swelling subsided, his flexibility returned, and he could walk on it without pain. He left today carrying his crutches as everyone celebrated.

A member of our ministry team had torn a muscle in the palm of her hand for the past four weeks. Part of the torn tissue balled up at the base of her fingers making an ugly bump there. She has had many team members pray for her over the last weeks but the ugly bump still remained. This week she reached down to speak grace over her hand and as she went to touch it she realized that the bump had at that moment disappeared.

March 21, 2015
Jane from Redding, CA
Jane broke her back in October of 2013 when she fell backward and hit a butcher-block table. She broke her back in four places. This caused her to have four bulging discs and there was pinching in right leg. She could not bend to touch her toes and she was not able to sleep at night. Jane was on pain medications and always had a pain level of 6 or 7. Her doctor said she would always be restricted in her daily life. Today during prayer, Jane forgave herself and others and was healed. She can now touch, not just her toes, but the ground as well. No pain! She says she still feels the heat. She said, “I am no longer in the desert! Words cannot tell how free I feel.”

March 7, 2015
Betty from Lacombe, AB
Betty had Sjogren’s Syndrome for more than ten years, which causes dry eyes, dry gums and prevents her from creating saliva. She received prayer and began to feel moisture in her eyes and mouth. She usually cannot talk without water but after receiving prayer it was easier to talk. Betty also had varicose veins which caused poor circulation, swelling in her ankles and legs and pain at a level 8. The pain has been so bad that she can’t wear socks. After receiving prayer all the pain left and she was able to put pressure on her ankle with no pain!

Margarita from Live Oak, CA
Margarita had a disease for the last year that destroyed her nervous system and prevented her from walking. She had pain in her legs at a level 10. While receiving prayer she felt like her legs were being pulled. All of the pain left her body and she is able to walk!

Roelien from Netherlands
Roelien has worn hearing aids to hear for the last 25 years. She was in the Encounter Room and received a picture from one of the prophetic artists. The artist released a testimony of someone this morning whose hearing was restored. Roelien took out her hearing aids and was able to hear her own voice!

A woman came in with broken ribs. A word of knowledge was released at the Greeter’s Station and all of the pain was completely gone.

Tony from Tucson Arizona
Tony came for healing for the whole of the right side of his body, particularly his right shoulder, which had been tight his whole life because of birth trauma. After receiving prayer he received alignment in his hip and the whole of his right side opened up. His arms came into alignment where before they had been unequal because of the tightness in his right shoulder. (His shoulder opened up as the team broke off soul ties with his mother.) His right leg grew out. His body is now completely re-aligned.

Jesse from Cypress, TX
Jesse had a lot of pain in both feet. The pain level was eight to ten. It was excruciating. He would have to massage his feet to get any comfort. The ministry team found him in the Healing Rooms. They had been looking for someone wearing a purple shirt on who had foot problems. They also had a prophetic word for him about his life.  Now, all pain is gone!

February 21, 2015
Rebecca from Medford, OR
There was something wrong on the back of Rebecca’s left knee for 6 months. Her pain level was 7 this morning before prayer. The prayer servant received a complete “diagnosis” for her hip all the way down her legs into the toes. It was perfect. They prayed two or three times. Rebecca had an open vision of solid stairs going up into heaven, surrounded by blue sky and clouds. The prayer servants told her to walk up the stairs. As she did, the pain completely diminished.

Brion from Roseville, CA
Brion has had high homocysteine, probably since he was 7 years old; it’s genetic. He expected to take four pills a day for the rest of his life. The disease damaged his heart and his liver and caused headaches. He has had three heart attacks, even though he is only 39. Brion came to the Healing Rooms today and received prayer. During prayer, he was shaking and fell out under the power. The Lord kept telling him to go outside, run down the hill, and run back up. He did it, and he does not the feel the weakness or cloudiness he would have felt before prayer—just normal out of shape, like anyone would feel. His heart is beating hard but strong, instead of hard but weak. He is very thankful, since he is a pastor, and because he is leaving in April for Africa for six months.

January 31, 2015
Deborah from Atlanta, GA
Deborah has had three major cancer surgeries that have left her in constant pain in the left jaw, mouth, and neck areas. Surgeons took muscle and tissue from the neck to reconnect the floor and roof of her mouth after a chunk of her mouth was removed during the procedure. She has been in this state for nearly 11 years. After receiving prayer, all the pain and stiffness had left. She also had saliva in her mouth, which was usually dry because she lost most of her saliva glands.

Priscilla from Redding, CA
Priscilla’s rib had been out of place for three months and she had a pain level of 7. Ryan, the leader for the morning, called out a word of knowledge for “right rib.” Priscilla is on the prayer team and was in the middle of praying for someone and said, “I claim it.” A little while after she claimed it she realized the pain was gone.

January 24, 2015
Bill from Oroville, CA
Bill came to the Healing Rooms two Saturdays ago in a wheelchair. He had been in the Army in Iraq where his shoulder was injured.  He could not raise his right arm as high as his shoulder without pain level 8-10. The day after he was prayed for two weeks ago, he realized his shoulder was completely normal and now he has feeling and more control in his right fingers. He noticed that his scars have begun to disappear; he can’t find where a bullet went through his arm. He can now take a few steps without his leg brace. Bill has had a cancerous brain tumor that has been resting on his nerve to his eye and it has been affecting his sight and his ability to think clearly. Now the doctors can’t find the cancer in his head. His thinking has cleared up and he talks and sees more clearly. Today Bill came back for more prayer and he plans to come back every other Saturday to the Healing Rooms.

Lenora from Vancouver, WA
Lenora’s back was broken when she was three years old. For the most part, she has not been in a lot of pain, but sometimes she could not walk. Her pain level today was a 1. During prayer, she felt something shift in her lower back, and then again up higher, and the pain left. Also during prayer, she saw her rib cage go in and out and saw something like a dancing river going through her rib cage.
Lenora’s eyesight got really bad about three years ago (she’s in her 60’s). During prayer, she saw Jesus come, pull out her left eye, and put it back in. He said, “I like to be funny.” She asked Him, “What about my right eye?” He said, “Just a minute, I’ll fix that.” He rubbed her eye with his forearm. Her eyesight improved after prayer so she could read small print without her glasses.
Maureen from Salem, OR
Maureen’s leg has been damaged for 57 years. When she was nine years old, she had her ankle surgically fused after a staph infection destroyed it.  Consequently one leg has been shorter than the other, her foot was frozen, and she couldn’t curl her toes. After receiving prayer, Maureen’s two legs are now the same length and her foot is 40% of normal range of motion. She expects that she will be busier for the Lord when she gets back home.

January 10, 2015
Javoni from Jersey
In May of 2014, Javoni was diagnosed with acromegaly (a brain tumor of the pituitary gland).  She had had level two pain in her head for the last two years but for the last seven months, the throbbing in her head was constantly at a level eight or nine.  It would cause her sleepless nights.  She had brain surgery in June but the doctors could not remove the tumor.  Because of the tumor, her pituitary gland has been producing too much growth hormone and her body has started growing in random places and throwing everything out of proportion and causing her whole body to ache.  Her jaw was particularly bothering her lately because it was out of alignment due to the abnormal growth. This morning when she was sitting in the first classroom, her ever-present, throbbing headache just disappeared. Later, when she received prayer in the healing room, her body (and jaw) aches completely disappeared.

Linda from Santa Clara, CA
Linda (age 65) shuffled in this morning severely stooped over and barely able to walk.  She has been in pain since she was seven-years-old when she fell off her bicycle and landing on her head, suffered neck trauma and caused her to have life-long, upper-back issues. For the last fifteen years, level seven hip pain and a catching tendon has hindered her from being able to walk except for in a waddling motion. When a member of the ministry team placed her hand on Linda’s back, she felt heat released on her body and could all of sudden stand up straighter and noticed a 60% reduction of the pressure on her shoulders.  Linda’s friend who was with her was ecstatic saying, “Linda is walking so much better and straighter.”  It is 90% improved and her pain mostly gone with only a slight discomfort left in her back and hips.

November 29, 2014
Jackie from United Kingdom
Jackie has suffered from depression since she was 8 years old. She cried a lot during school.
She has had many low days where she stayed in bed all day, and could not take of her children. She was on antidepressants for 20 years. The prayer servant laid his hand on her head. She fell backward onto the floor--this was the first time she was slain in the spirit. She remarked that it felt very genuine. Her ears were burning while she was on the floor, and it felt like something was flowing out of her ears. She believes that depression left her. She feels cheerful and less pressure to try to keep her emotions in check.

Tim from Redding (Australia originally, now at BSSM)
Tim was born with clubfeet. When he was a baby, the surgeon broke and reset both of his legs to straighten them out. His left leg was in a cast for six months longer than his right leg so his left leg was 1/2 inch shorter and was not as developed. Tim received prayer today in the Prayer Room. He could feel his leg grow and his foot tingled. Now both legs are the same size and length. He says it feels good! He can walk normally now. And he is very happy.

Steve from China
Steve has had a rare brain aneurysm for four months. It is inoperable because surgery could
cause a stroke and maybe death. Before the Encountering the Healer class, Steve glanced at  a very powerful painting in the hallway but did not get to study it. In the Encountering the Healer Class, he felt like someone walked behind him with a sword and swung his sword in a down motion through Steve’s head. He felt heat in a very concentrated point in the right rear of his brain, where his aneurysm is. After the class, Steve went back and looked at the painting again. It is a painting of someone holding a sword, which has fire in the point of it. Steve is going to get an MRI in a few months during his regular check-up, and let us know if the aneurysm is gone. His shoulder pain is also gone.

August 9, 2014
A man was in two car accidents 30 years ago and experienced severe whiplash which has caused pain in his neck ever since. He takes 5-8 aspirin every day, is always in pain, and has to sleep with special pillows because of headaches. He woke up this morning with headache pain at a level 8-9 and his headache pain was at 6-7 when he arrived at the Healing Rooms. When he entered the Encounter Room he began to weep because he could feel a “current” of Presence that was so tender. After receiving prayer his pain completely disappeared!

A man with a crooked spine felt his spine straighten while he was waiting for prayer. He was able to lift his arms and worship, which he had not been able to do before.

August 2, 2014
Shawna from Gresham, OR
Shawna fell two weeks ago and hurt her back. She came in with a pain level of 3 or 4 in her back and neck. When she was in the Encountering the Healer class and the teacher said that Jesus is the exact representation of the Father she noticed her pain was less. After she received prayer, her back pain went away totally and her neck pain greatly reduced. She also noticed she was able to read her paper better without glasses after receiving prayer.

Andrea from Redding, CA
Two years ago Andrea fell down the stairs and injured her left big toe. Since the fall, she’s been having pain that was level 3 in her left big toe that radiated up her left leg. She also wasn’t able to sleep on her left side during the night because the pain was too much. After prayer she felt the pain lift and go down to 0.

July 26, 2014
A woman received prayer for arthritis in her wrist and thumb. She’s had immobility for a year, but after receiving prayer she had complete restoration of mobility and was able to clap with no pain. She had gold dust all over her hands.

A man came in with a hernia and an MCL tear in his knee. After receiving prayer he was able to jump with no pain in his knee and all of the pain from the hernia was gone.

A man with cerebral palsy, who required a walker to walk, received prayer and was able to walk on his own.

July 19, 2014
A family from Canada, traveling to San Francisco, heard the Lord say to stop in Redding for four days to visit Bethel. They got connected with a host, and the second night, they began talking about their young son, who had a lazy and blind right eye. The family had been praying for it for a while. As they were talking at the table, the little boy ran in the kitchen and said, “I can see!” He said he asked Jesus for it, and suddenly he could see! The parents have come to the Healing Rooms to share the testimony and to receive prayer for themselves. The little boy, around age 4, described seeing out of his right eye now as “super better, but I still can’t do a back flip!”

A woman here for school of worship came in today with no intention of asking for prayer for being bow-legged her entire life, but she heard the Lord say to write it down as she began feeling something different in her legs during the first class. After she was received prayer, she sat down on the floor and realized her legs were straight!

July 12, 2014
Alton from Redding, CA
Alton came for prayer for inner healing, but as he was waiting in the hallway he remembered that his foot had been hurting for a week, possibly from exercising on cement. Someone encouraged people to test out their conditions because they could get healed before anyone prayed. He tested his foot and it felt less painful. At the testimony table he received prayer for his foot and all the pain in his foot left.

A father testified that a little over three years ago his wife was told she miscarried her baby. She got prayer at Bethel while the baby was still in the womb and their baby Joy was born a few months later. The girl is 2.4 years old now.

June 14, 2014
Danny from Muncie, IN
Danny broke his back in September because cancer ate part of his L2 vertebrae and it snapped when he lifted something heavy. He normally has level 8 or 9 back pain. He could hardly move last night and this morning because of the pain. When he was soaking in the Encounter Room the pain totally left his back.

Brian from Sonora, CA
Brian broke three of his ribs five years ago in a dirt bike accident. He has had pain in his ribs and wasn’t able to take a deep breath without pain ever since then. After he received prayer, he felt his ribs pop outward and he was able to take a deep breath without pain!

June 7, 2014
A woman who had hip pain for 5 days (level 5 out of 10) said she was healed in the hallway. Her pain level is at zero!

May 24, 2014
Alberto from Victorville
Alberto’s hands had been stiff, painful, and “locked up,” causing trouble at work. As he walked into the building, they stopped hurting, and full mobility was restored.

Jarrod H. from Arkansas
Jarrod came to the healing conference and received prayer for flat feet, and when he woke up this morning, he had arches, so he came in to share his testimony.

May 17, 2014
Anna from Seattle, WA
Anna had PTSD for ten years and it caused her to lose all of her childhood memories. She could only remember things that her parents told her about. As she walked into the Encountering the Healer class happy childhood memories that no one had told her about started coming back. Her memories continued to increase while she was in the Prayer Room.

Ferraris from France
Ferraris broke his right knee in 1995. When it healed there was no cartilage in between the bones. Three years ago he had an operation they put screws and a chemical sort of gum in his knee to separate and put space in between the bones. He always had uncomfortable pain in that knee. It was hard to bend his knee and get back up again. Several people prayed for him in the Healing Rooms. Ryan Aitken released fire to melt the metal and then Ferraris and his daughter and the prayer servants all smelled metal. He also felt heat in his leg. When he bent down he was able to get back up easily with no pain. He is scheduled to go to back to the doctor and get x-rays because they were going to do another surgery to take the metal screws out.

Priscila from France
Priscila had tendonitis in her right shoulder for one year. When she moved her arm it would hurt. Sometimes it would also be in pain when her arm was stationary. The pain would wake her up at night. She received prayer and the pain lowered from 5-6 to 1-2. After they prayed, the prayer servant encouraged her to continue focusing on the presence of God instead of the pain. She did that and then went to go get a coffee. She started looking at the artwork in the lobby. She looked at a painting called “The voice of God” painted by Angie Rypma and started weeping. She also looked at a painting called “Rapha” and started crying again. When she went to buy a copy of Angie’s painting, she realized that all her shoulder pain was gone.

May 10, 2014
Michael from Huntington Beach, CA
Michael was a surfing instructor. A surfboard hit him and broke his neck last August. He had surgery and five metal plates were put in his neck. The doctors said the surgery failed and that he needed two more surgeries. He was also diagnosed with spinal stenosis. He hasn’t been able to move his neck very much since then. He could only move it side to side a little bit, and the pain would be at a level 8 when he would move his neck.He came to the Healing Rooms to receive prayer for something other than his neck. In the Encountering the Healer class, the teacher asked who had problems with their neck. He raised his hand and tested it out. He discovered that he had full mobility with no pain!

Heidi from Redding, CA
In March 2013 Heidi was living in Florida and visited the Healing Rooms to receive prayer for a hormonal imbalance. She had had insomnia, depression and anxiety for about three years and was taking 17 supplements a day ($400 worth per month) to manage the symptoms. When she received prayer, God did an emotional healing between her and her husband. She went off her supplements five weeks later because she thought she might be pregnant. She wasn’t pregnant, but realized she didn’t need the supplements anymore. Since then she only takes one daily progesterone supplement and she hasn’t struggled with insomnia, depression, or anxiety.

May 3, 2014
Camila from Brazil
Camila came to the Healing Rooms with a deformed arm (twisted). She was not in pain,
and the deformity had been caused by an accident that she was in when she was seven
years old. When she received prayer today, she felt her bones move inside of her arm,
tingling, and her arm twisted back into its normal place 16 years after the accident.

A man from Japan suffering from Spinocerebellar ataxia degeneration disease was able
to jump today for the first time in four years after receiving prayer. He felt heat going
through his body, and his walking improved.

A man from Oregon experienced healing and improvement in his body from several
conditions today: some pain that he had been having for 6 months caused by pinky
tendon problems disappeared, some pain in the neck also completely disappeared after
two months, and the numbness he had had in his hand for a year reduced after he received prayer today.

Dale from OR
Dale has had back pain for 25 years. He was in some bad car accidents and fell off a
roof a couple of times while he was working. His back pain became more chronic over
the years, and the past three years he has been on disability. Today when he came to the Healing Rooms, the pain was a level 3 or a 4 out of 10, but typically it is at an 8 or a 9, and he has limited mobility. Today the team prayed for him, and all of his pain left!

April 26, 2014
Barbara from Brentwood, CA
Barbara has had problems with her knees for the past eight years and was scheduled to have two knee replacements next month. Both knees were bone on bone, with no cartilage. They bled inside and had to be drained periodically. She had braces on her legs to help her walk and she couldn’t get up from sitting in a chair without using her hands to boost herself, and even then it would be very painful. She had a 10 out of 10 pain level this morning. After receiving prayer several times, she could walk without the braces, get out of chair without using her hands, and hold her leg straight out. Her knees were pain free as well!

April 26, 2014
Kari from New Port Richey, FL
Kari had been limping for the past month because of pain in her hip. She had outpatient surgery on her hip joint right before she came to Bethel so she could sit on the plane. It only made the pain tolerable. The prayer servants checked the length of her legs and found that one was about a half an inch shorter than the other. As they prayed, her leg grew and she felt a release in her hip. Afterwards all the pain in her hip left!

April 19, 2014
Rocky from Pasadena, CA
When Rocky was in the Encountering the Healer Room, she felt heat in her neck. While she was waiting for prayer servants in the Encounter Room, her hearing aids became full of static. So she took them out to adjust them and realized she could hear the same without them in her ears. Rocky has worn hearing aids in both ears for the last five years. She is now fully healed and does not need her hearing aids to hear.

April 19, 2014
Susan from New York, NY
Susan came in with an autoimmune disorder that presents with severely dry eyes. She has had symptoms for about five years and hasn’t been able to use contacts for the last year because of it. After prayer, her eyes are now moist, her vision is clearer, and she is able to put in her contact lenses with comfort. She left healed and seeing clearer than she has before.

April 19, 2014
A woman had “drop foot” related to MS and was using a cane to help her walk. She had to drag her foot, couldn’t dance, and could not lift her leg. After prayer, she was able to lift her leg and walk without the cane.

April 19, 2014
Skype: A caller wrote, "My son has hydrocele, believing God for miracle." A prayer servant encouraged another to sing a Will Mathews song that the boy, in fact, really likes and felt that he would like to dance up and down and sing it, and he did. The mom was feeling a pain in her neck at a level 5, and the boy, around five years old, laid his hands on her, and all the pain went as the Holy Spirit was touching her. He then laid his hands on her tennis elbow, and the pain went from a 4 to a 0. She was able to lift up something heavy with absolutely no problems. One prayer servant prophesied over the boy that he would see many miracles and encouraged his evangelism calling, which he agreed to.

April 12, 2014
Marietta from Fountain Hills, AZ
Marietta has had ear problems most of her life, but she didn’t come in specifically for prayer for her hearing. She had a titanium inner ear implanted ten years ago and it stopped working a few years ago, so she couldn’t hear out of that ear. In the Encounter Room she felt air going out of her ear and then realized she could hear!
She did come in to receive prayer for pain she had in her hands and neck caused by a bus accident in 1963. The bus she was in rolled over a mountainside. Today the pain level of 8 in her hands and 5 in her neck disappeared after prayer.

April 12, 2014
Christopher from Ridgefield, WA
Christopher had back and neck problems, so the prayer servants suggested they check the length of his legs. They found one leg was shorter than the other so they prayed and as it grew out he felt the joy of the Lord. When he stood up he felt that his spine, which was previously curved, was straight. He could stand up straight and his shoulders were level with each other.
Christopher also had dyslexia his whole life. As they prayed for him he felt a sensation of fire and water on his mind and also like he was getting a new body, soul, and spirit. He tested it out by reading a book and was able to read faster than he ever has before!

April 5, 2014
Shelley from Roseville, CA
Shelley broke her neck in 2004 and has experienced back and neck pain ever since. The team prayed, and the pain went from a 7 to a 5, and then from a 5 to a 3. Then the pain went from a 3 to 0. She can move it now with no pain. They also prayed for the four bulging discs in her lower back. Usually the pain is at a 7 or an 8; now it is at a 1. Last night she came to the service and got prayer for her diabetes. The number is normally at 600 (which is so severe a person with this level can go into a diabetic coma). Then, this morning before she came to the Healing Rooms she checked it, and it was at 119. It is normally over 300 in the morning. She just checked again in the Healing Rooms after receiving prayer, and the number is 84, which is a normal number for someone without diabetes.

April 5, 2014
Steffen from Germany
Last September Steffen received prayer in the Healing Rooms for a food-related disease that he had had for 15 years. The disease kept him from eating many different types of food. When he received prayer back in September of 2013, there was no change or sign of healing. Then two months ago, five months after receiving prayer, he tried to eat what he couldn’t, and he was fine. Totally healed, five moths after receiving prayer! He came to back to share his testimony as an encouragement to those who don’t see immediate sings of healing.

March 29, 2014
Victoria from Redding, CA
About three months ago, Victoria Randolph came in as an artist in the Healing Rooms. She's had little floaters in her eyes since she was a kid. She was in the foyer and a man prayed for her and her eyes "went liquid." They felt clear, like they were really fluid. The floaters were gone immediately. She was happy and rejoicing in the Lord. A few weeks later, a huge floater broke off in her eye. She felt she was to say, "No, I'm healed in Jesus' name." She went to the doctor because, while playing with her grandchildren, she had hit a wall hard. It was like a branch coming into her eye. When she hit her head, her eye went dark. She has never had that happen before. The doctor verified that it was a huge floater and that there was nothing he could do. She came into the Healing Rooms and said, "Jesus, you healed me before. You can heal me again." He healed her. Her sight is so clear now. She could not have functioned with that huge floater, especially as an artist.

March 22, 2014
Tim from SF Bay area came experiencing asthma and sciatic pain. After prayer sciatica and asthma symptoms are both gone! His wife, Kathy, was also completely freed of osteoporosis pain.

March 15, 2014
Joshua from Sausalito, CA
Young Joshua got juvenile diabetes a year ago. His family has been contending for a year for his healing. When they came in today, his blood sugar level was 142. He received prayer, and it went to 121. Then his mom gave him sugar in the form of a fruit strip. Then it went down to 113, whereas it would normally have risen after the fruit strip. At the moment when they were giving the testimony, it had gone down to 110. (Normal is 85 or 90.) We will follow up on this one.

March 8, 2014
Erin from Redding, CA
Erin had lower back pain for 15 years. The pain left when she went to the Encountering the Healer class. She did not even write this down on her sheet because she forgot (she came for prayer for something else). Then in the Healing Rooms a team prayed for her leg to grow out because one was longer than the other and it did. Also, she broke her tailbone, and all of her pain left. Last time she came to the Healing Rooms she received prayer for her infertility, and now she is pregnant!

March 1, 2014
Sonya from Redding, CA
In 1999 a drunk driver going 65 miles per hour hit Sonya and she has been in pain ever since then. Sonya had a pain level of 10 in her shoulders, neck, back and knee when she came into the Healing Rooms, and after prayer all the pain in her body totally went away.

Her right shoulder was replaced a year ago and she had pain and limited mobility since then in it. Her left shoulder was bone on bone and the doctor said she would need to have it replaced. Both shoulders regained pain-free mobility after she received prayer and she can no longer feel the grinding in her left shoulder.

She was diagnosed with demineralization of the spine and had four ruptured discs. She couldn’t turn her neck well from side to side. She got full mobility in her neck and back after prayer.

She also had shingles in her mouth, throat, and all the way down to her stomach for the past month because of an antibiotic she took and stress. She had two-inch raised bumps on her tongue that disappeared after prayer. She could no longer feel the shingles in her mouth and she could swallow fine with no pain.

She also noticed that her sinus pain disappeared.

She was diagnosed with dry eyes and resisted taking medication or getting surgery on her tear ducts. After prayer she felt like her eyes were producing tears for the first time in 10-15 years.

She also couldn’t see well either far away or close up, but after prayer she could read signs far away as well as small print on paper she held.

She also received wonderful inner healing prayer and felt peaceful for the first time in a very long time. She felt like every burden she was carrying was lifted off and that depression left her.

March 1, 2014
John from Portland, OR
Six months ago John was in a motorcycle accident and his clavicle separated. The doctor couldn’t do anything for it. Certain movements would cause pain. When he would stretch his shoulder his pain level would be a 7 or 8 in the clavicle/collarbone area. He wasn’t able to sleep on his left side. In the lobby of the Healing Rooms someone told the group they didn’t have to wait to receive their healing and they should test their bodies out to see if they were healed. John stretched his shoulder and found that all his pain was gone!

February 22, 2014
Katrina from Oregoan
Katrina was diagnosed with leukemia in November 2012. She has come to the Healing Rooms three times from January through March 2013. In March 2013, while Katrina was at the Bethel Twin View campus, prior to the service, she was looking at the prophetic paintings. An “older Asian gentleman” sat down and began drawing a picture of a new plant coming up out of the ground with a cross over the plant that was raining down red and white blood circles. Then the man who was painting said to her, "Jesus is replacing your red and white blood cells with his own." Then he drew a green shamrock on the page and added a fourth leaf. Then he added a fifth leaf and said it was God’s miracle shamrock and that He was going to make Katrina a minister of signs and wonders. He prophesied that Katrina was going back to Oregon and would see her doctor and that her blood was going to be normal.

Katrina returned to Oregon and went back to the doctor. She received a report from the doctor from a blood sample that was taken before her last trip to the Healing Rooms in March. It showed cancer, and the doctor wanted to put her back into chemo. She asked the doctor to take another test. He took another very specialized test that could detect even the smallest amount of cancer. The report came back five days later and showed no sign of cancer whatsoever. A second doctor also did the same specialized test with the same result—no cancer. After Katrina had returned to Oregon from the Healing Rooms in March, she found an empty flower pot of dirt that she put on the window sill. Three days later, she saw a shamrock growing up out of the dirt. As Katrina finished sharing this testimony in the Healing Rooms on Feb. 25, one of the prayer servants, an “older Asian gentlemen” by the name of Terry, came to sit down at the testimony table. Katrina asked him if he was the man who had drawn the picture, and Terry shook his head yes. He was the one!

February 22, 2014
While ministering over Skype, one of the prayer servants had a word of knowledge about Mary Ann receiving healing for her back. He asked the person receiving prayer if she knew someone named Mary Ann. She said her friend’s name was Mary. She called Mary, who was driving, and Mary said that she was having severe pain in her neck. When she heard about the word of knowledge, her pain decreased from level 8 to level 2. She pulled her car over to the side of the road and began thanking Jesus. Her friend asked Mary what her middle name was. It was Ann.

February 15, 2014
Robert from Venice, CA
A year and half ago Robert came to receive prayer for severe chronic lower back pain, which he had off and on for 15 years. Sometimes he would have to lie in bed for three weeks at a time. It affected his ability to volunteer at church and he couldn’t do different things like ride his bike.

When he came to the Healing Rooms a year and a half ago, he walked crooked and was in pain. When he came into the room to receive prayer, the Lord told him to kneel on the floor. He did and then he felt the glory of the Lord press him onto the floor facedown into the carpet. His back got healed before anyone even prayed for him. After he left the Healing Rooms, he got struck with holy laughter in the parking lot (which he wasn’t convinced was a real spiritual manifestation) and couldn’t stop laughing. No one facilitated that. He hasn’t had back pain since!

February 15, 2014
Julie from Reno, NV
Julie had a fatty tumor the size of an egg on her left rib cage for two years. She finally went to the doctor not too long ago and her doctor wasn’t concerned about the lump, so it wasn’t x-rayed. The enemy was trying to use the lump to scare her, which is why she prolonged going to get it checked out. She came to the Healing Rooms with her husband, not originally intending to ask for prayer for the lump. She did ask for prayer for it in the Prayer Room. She got really hot when she received prayer, doubled over, and felt like something was coming out of her back. Then she felt filled up by the Lord. She could physically feel the lump before prayer, but after she could not!

February 1, 2014
Annie from Star, ID
Annie had arthritis, which caused degeneration of her jaw joints over nine years. She has had surgery to put metal plates and screws in jaw to hold it in place. Another surgery is scheduled for March 2014 to remove bones from her ribs to place in her jaw. She has not been able to touch her front teeth together and could only open her jaw less than an inch wide. She fell under the Holy Spirit while receiving prayer and afterwards she could clench her front teeth and open her jaws more than an inch! Her pain level went from 6 to 0.

January 25, 2014
Robert from Zimbabwe
Robert did not have any sight in his left eye. His poor eyesight was caused by his Albinism. Now he has 50% vision in his left eye. He can see clearly even when he puts his hand on the left side. That means he has peripheral vision now but didn't before.

January 18, 2014
Lisa from Redding
Lisa was diagnosed with low thyroid and put on parathyroid. Her doctor said that once on that medication, she would need to keep taking it. She came to the Healing Room a month ago, received prayer, and went off her thyroid medicine. She has subsequently had her blood retested and her thyroid levels are back to normal.

January 18, 2014
Melike from Istanbul, Turkey
A year ago, Melike had a diagnosis of cancer in her female organs. Doctors wanted to do surgery immediately, but she said, “No, I’m getting prayer at Bethel.” So she flew out from Michigan and received prayer. When she got back, doctors did blood work again, and it came back negative. When it was checked six months later, it was still clear.

January 11, 2014
Laure Wang from Atherton, CA
Following a stroke four years ago, Laure had been paralyzed from the neck down and is also mute. As she received prayer, her legs raised from the knee 90 degrees, her arms were able to move, she stood up with help, strength returned to her legs, and the muscles in her arms and legs were twitching.

Woodie Woodsom from Redding, CA
Woodie came to the Healing Rooms right before Christmas because he had just had surgery to remove a tumor in his jaw. The prayer team prayed once for him, and the swelling went down. The team prayed a second time, and the pain was gone and the swelling further reduced. His stitches ended up dissolving much faster than they were supposed to. He came in the Healing Rooms today to let us know about the reports he has received back from the doctor. The test result for his tumor came back benign. (His doctor and dentist had told him before that is was most likely cancerous.) Also, when he came into the Healing Rooms back in December, he received prayer for his general health and his heart. He went in for a physical, and his doctor had said that something is up with his heart. His EKG was abnormal. Just yesterday he got all his health report back and everything is normal, including his EKG. He brought in a copy of all these reports, and we made copies.

January 4, 2014
Steve from Canada
Steve was in a head-on collision last year. The tendons in his right leg were severed, and his right knee shattered in the car accident. His right shinbone split up the middle. The doctors had to take a piece of his knee out and reconstruct his knee and reattach the tendons in his legs. They also put a medal rod in his leg with pins. Also, his left femur was broken, so they put a metal rod in his leg from his hip to his knee. The doctors figured he would be in a wheel chair until at least next April; he was injured in April of 2013. In the Encounter Room, he started testing his knees out. He normally could not bend or kneel down; he can now do both. Then he just tried walking around, which he normally could not do, either. When he came in this morning, his pain level was 6, and now the pain is gone. He also just stood next to me while sharing his testimony, which he normally could not do without his walker.

January 4, 2014
William from California
William was deaf in his right ear, and had not been able to hear for ten years or more (he could not remember how long). Last year the doctor told him he had problems with his ear and would need surgery. He could hear very little out of his right ear, but now can hear from 10 feet away easily.

Also, he hurt his back picking up concrete. The pain in his back was between level 8 and 10 when he came in today. Now, the pain is at level 2 or 3. He received prayer again at the testimony table, and he felt heat in his back. The knot in his back also decreased in size. When he came in, his vision was foggy, and now he can see more clearly. He could even make out the bottom line of the eye chart, whereas before he could only read the first two lines. The pain in his shoulder also went down from level 10 to 2. He said he is also breathing easier since he received prayer. Finally, the doctor told him that he needed surgery to fix his colon, spleen, appendix, and gallbladder. The prayer servants put their hands on his chest, and he felt heat in his chest burn and go all the way down to his stomach where those organs are located. At the table, he is still currently experiencing heat in his stomach. He also told us about an experience he had 12 years ago that he wanted to share. One day when he was driving, he felt extreme heat, and felt the Lord say that he healed him of Alzheimer’s disease and a brain tumor, which are what his dad died of.

January 4, 2014
Tricia from France
In June, Tricia was biking and found out later that her left kneecap had slipped out of place. From then on, any kind of bending would grate on the side of the bone. She started physical therapy to strengthen it, and it's been better, but she had to wait to move into higher levels of usage. She had to be very careful with steps and avoided deep knee bends and stadium steps. If she did use high stadium steps for do deep knee bends, she would feel the shaking and pulling to the side. She would have to do something to support it. Yesterday, at Mt. Shasta, she realized she needed to be careful not to put it out of place again and that was just a height of about 5 or 6 inches.

Today, two women prayed for her. She felt heat and movement in her knees. To test it out, she tried to lift her leg up to climb every other stair, which is way beyond what she could have done. In the first four or five times, she felt the similar weakness, but it didn't pull. She kept doing it about 15 to 20 times with total strength. She came back in the prayer room and stepped up on the chair and felt total strength. She will go back and tell her French physical therapist! Gloire à Dieu!

January 4, 2014
A man's shaking from Parkinson's lessened significantly. He had a hobble when he walked that he called the "Parkinson's shuffle" but he left without that. It left when he walked. The ringing in his ears also lessened.

December 21,2013
Ethan from New Zealand
Ethan’s right foot was turned inward, caused by playing basketball. He thinks he had muscle damage from running a lot. He had it for two or three years, and did not walk correctly because of it. He received prayer and both of his legs grew out. Then his leg and his foot straightened. He walked around, and for the first time he walked with proper arches. After more prayer, the pain in his legs went from a 6 to a 1. The pain in his legs went from a 1 to a 0 after receiving prayer at the testimony table.

December 21,2013
Lynne from Australia
Lynne had pain in her right arm for two years, and could not move it without being in extreme pain (level 10); the pain was a 3 out of 10 when she was not moving it. The pain in her arm was caused by chemotherapy treatment. She could not move it above the height of her shoulder. When she received prayer in the Healing Rooms, she felt a tingling and heat sensation, and she could move her arm up and down without experiencing any pain. All of the pain left.

December 14,2013
Daryl from Idaho
Three weeks ago Daryl came into the Healing Rooms for prayer for a fractured bone in his hand at a pain level 10. He was lying in the Encounter Room, and someone walked by and touched his hand. Intense tingling started up and down his hand. After he left the Healing Rooms, he went over to the Prayer House to soak. The pain was diminishing from his hand as he soaked. He said by 4 o’clock that day the pain was completely gone. He came in today to report that his hand is working perfectly, and he is not having the scheduled surgery to put a rod in his hand.

December 7,2013
Rick from Redding, CA
This is Rick’s second time to be healed. In 2009, he was healed of esophageal cancer. Two months ago, doctors said he ruptured a disk and pinched a nerve in his lower back. He had level 10 pain level, which only reduced under medication to a 7. Rick felt like the Lord directed him to get the children to pray for him, since during his prior healing, he also had received prayer from children. So Cece and the children prayed for him, and his pain level dropped to a 4. Then they came back after their break and started singing in tongues over him. As they did so, all pain left and mobility was completely restored.

November 30, 2013
Anthony from San Diego, CA
Anthony was diagnosed with autism when he was three. His parents were told that he would not speak and would need to be in a special needs program. He came to Bethel in the fall of 2011 and sat under the glory cloud with his father. Since then he has been transferred to a regular school and test results say he is not autistic. He is now seven years old and is still not showing any symptoms of autism.

November 30, 2013
Jennifer from Redding, CA
Jennifer had carpel tunnel in her wrists for three months, as a complication from pregnancy. Her wrists were swollen and caused nerve compression, which caused numbness and pain up to her shoulders. It was difficult to hold her new baby. Her pain level was a 5 in both arms and wrists this morning. First she got filled with the Spirit and as they prayed all the pain left. As they continued to pray and praise God all the numbness and tingling left her arms and wrists.

November 30, 2013
Micha from Redding, CA
A year ago Micha was driving her moped and was hit by an SUV. She suffered nerve damage in the left side of her face and could not blink, smile, or talk. She moved to Redding in July and has been coming to the Healing Rooms most Saturdays. She has been getting better week by week. She can now blink and talk. Today, she felt the muscles on the left side of her face get looser so she could partially smile. Her mind feels more clear and balanced as well.

November 23, 2013
Debbie from Sacramento, CA
Debbie had chronic neck pain for five to seven years. She is a dental hygienist, so her pain was work related. She also dove off of a surfing board in 2-3 feet deep water and landed on her head at ten years old. It didn’t bother her then, but as she got older it started to act up. The pain was sometimes at a level 9. She would go to a chiropractor, and that would help for a while. Three people prayed for her, for insomnia and for her neck pain, and she felt her neck loosen up. She used to have a swollen area on her neck that would hurt when she touched it for at least the last five years, and now it’s gone.

November 23, 2013
Maureen from Redding, CA
Maureen had Grave's disease, where here eyes were blurry, red, aching and protruding. There was level 6 pain in her eyes for about a year. Now she feels like there are feathers touching her eyes, cleaning them, and there is 0 pain.

November 23, 2013
Cia from Florida
Cia received prayer for her joint pain. The prayer servants had her test her joints by walking and bending over. At first the pain was still there, but then it went way down. The pain in her joints, specifically her hips, has been going on for about seven years. She even had an operation five years ago on one of her hips, but it didn’t get any better. There was no diagnosis for her pain. She also has four degenerative disks, and during prayer, her pain went from a 5 to a 1-2.

October 26, 2013
Eboni from Visalia, CA
For the past ten years, Eboni has had a large cyst in her thyroid gland. She was set up for surgery, but after she received prayer, the cyst is completely gone!

March 9th, 2013
Allison from Ellensburg, WA
Allison came in for healing from a blepharospasm neurological disorder, which cause her eyelids to close involuntarily when exposed to bright light. She came into the Healing Rooms with sunglasses on because the lights were too bright for her eyes. When the prayer servants prayed for her, she closed her eyes and after the prayer servants finished praying she was able to open her eyes under the lights without the lids closing.

Tam from Sacramento, CA
Tam had been experiencing a level 8 pain on and off in her back for twelve years. Twelve years ago, she passed out on a hike and was carried off the mountain. Ever since her episode on the mountain, she has been experiencing painful flare-ups. The current pain flare-up was so bad she could not stand for more than ten minutes without pain. She would go to work, come home, and just lie on the couch because of the pain. The doctor and the chiropractor told her they could do nothing for her back because of the arthritis in her back. She was given muscle relaxers and ibuprofen. She took ibuprofen the morning of the healing, but that was at 5:00am and she received the healing at 10:30am. She received prayer and the level 8 pain left. She was able to stand for more than 10 minutes with no pain. There was some residual pain in her hip but she explained it was more sore than painful. In addition to her back being healed, a cyst on her neck was reduced after prayer. She had a cyst on her neck for eight months. She could physically feel a reduction in the size of the lump after prayer.

February 23th, 2013
Olga from California
Olga had about five cysts on her breasts. She felt heat on her body when she received prayer. When she went to the bathroom to check, nothing was there. She is scheduled for a mammogram this week and is excited to go hear a perfect report!

February 16th, 2013
Marie from Oconomowoc, WI
Thirty years ago Marie was diagnosed with a tumor which wrapped around two of the three bones required for hearing. She had surgery to remove the tumor and since the surgery she has been living with a 60% hearing reduction. She felt God’s healing presence over her when she received prayer and each time the prayer servants prayed, her hearing improved. She is now able to hear difference between higher tones and lower tones.

February 9th, 2013
Marcia from Redding, CA
Marcia had a brain tumor that caused a lot of pressure above her right eye, and her ear was blocked because of the pressure. She was in the Encountering the Healer class when someone called out a word knowledge relating to head problems. When the prayer servant prayed she did not feel anything, then the pressure in her ear eased.

February 2nd, 2013
Pat from Corvallis, OR
Pat came to receive prayer for pain in her lower back and pain in her knees, particularly the right knee. The pain in her lower back has lasted 13 years. She had multiple surgeries in her right knee in 1980, but a year ago the pain returned. She normally takes medication to dull the pain, but because she had high expectations to be healed, she did not take the medication this morning. The pain in her back was at an 8 and the pain in her knees was at a level 5. When she received prayer, she felt heat and tingling in her body and she got goose bumps all over. She also experienced a sensation which felt like someone walked up behind her and gently pushed on the back of her knees. The pain in her back has gone down to a 1, with only some slight, lingering tightness. The pain in her knees has also gone down to a 1 and she has increased movement in both knees.

January 26th, 2013
A woman with stage four cancer in her lungs and spine had only walked a few steps in the last four months. She walked all around the room twice and took off her back brace.

January 19th, 2013
Barry from Delaware
Barry injured his back picking up 5-gallon cans about a year ago. He lived with constant pain because of a pinched nerve and when he came into the prayer room today, the pain level was 3. When the prayer servants prayed over him, he felt the Lord touch his back, and now he is able to sit with no pain. Barry had also been experiencing respiratory difficulty for over a year because of inhaling some bacteria from a construction site. He would often cough and wheeze. After receiving prayer, he was able to breathe deeply without coughing.

January 12th, 2013
Deborah from Yakima, WA
As a child Deborah was beat severely, and in 2003 one of the discs in her neck ruptured, probably due to the injuries she had sustained. She had neck surgery and they put a metal brace and two screws in her neck to fuse the two disks together. Since then she has had terrible neck pain, especially at night. After driving to Redding from Washington on Thursday, the pain was excruciating and she couldn’t move her head to the side. When she came in today, she had great expectation because she had read many testimonies of metal disappearing. When the prayer servants laid hands on her, she got a vision of being on an operating table and Jesus saying, “I am the great physician.” He also said that the prayer servants were his doctors and He was going to take care of her. All the pain went away instantly and now she can move her neck all different directions. She said, “I think that coming with great expectation and faith makes such a difference. I’ve been prayed over before but I understand the value in reading testimonies. And I have been having so many visions lately. God is so good. He wants us to be well and free. For so many years people thought this was my cross to bear, but I was believing a lie.”

Chrissi from El Segundo, CA
Last year Chrissi came in for prayer because of lactose intolerance and wasn’t able to test it right away. Since then, she has been totally healed and can eat dairy products without any trouble and without medication. Her healing has been an incredible testimony to her parents and many people around her who did not understand the supernatural power of God.

January 5th, 2013
Maggie from Redding, CA
Maggie had pain at a level 10 in her tooth and her face. An abscess from a gum infection caused the pain in her tooth and stress caused the pain in her face. This morning she went to the dentist to have her tooth worked on, and while she was waiting she heard the words “Healing Rooms” in her head. The receptionist said there was a complication with her insurance and she would have to pay full price for the dental work. She decided to come to the Healing Rooms instead. When she received prayer she felt the infection draining out of her gums. All the pain in her tooth and her face disappeared. She currently feels tingling in her gums that tastes and feels like peppermint. She also said that the Lord broke a lie off that she believed, which was that when she steps out in faith she’ll always be attacked.

December 8, 2012
Alan from Kodiak, Alaska
Alan was a deep sea fisherman who had lost his job because he had lost feeling on his left side following thyroid cancer surgery two years ago. In the Healing Rooms he started to have feeling in his foot and it worked its way up his body and he could feel his tongue for the first time. His anger and anxiety are also gone. He was the only survivor of a commercial fishing accident and he wants to tell the world what God has done for him.

December 1, 2012
Tracey from Tennessee
Several years ago, Tracey was diagnosed with arthritis in her back and spine. Her doctor told her at age 35 that she had the back of an 80-year-old who had been in a severe accident. In ten years, she would be in a wheel chair. Three years ago she went to a specialist who told her if she moved her neck in the wrong manner, she could pinch a nerve and kill herself. She also pinched her sciatic nerve a year ago, causing numbness in her foot. Today she received healing for her entire body. She now has feeling in her foot and is able to touch her toes and rotate her back with no
pain. A calcium deposit on her wrist that caused her daily pain decreased in size by two inches. All of the afflictions were hereditary, and Jesus healed them all!

November 24, 2012
Louisa from Ireland
Louisa had a lump in the left side of her neck just above her collarbone. Today while receiving prayer, she felt the peace of God really strongly, and afterwards she tried to find the lump and it had disappeared!
November 21, 2012
A guy in the Healing Rooms diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease went up
and down the stairs doing a dance, running up and down the corridor.

A woman who had had brain surgery for a tumor in 2008 had lost all sense
of taste. A word of knowledge was given for taste buds being restored.
Someone gave her a watermelon candy, and she could taste for the first
time in four years.

November 17, 2012

Gail from Pollock Pines, CA
Gail had arthritis in her neck that would cause her level 10 pain when she would turn her head or look up, and she had level 10 back pain. She also wears glasses because of poor vision. After receiving prayer today, the pain in her neck and back reduced to 0 and she has full range of motion when she turns her head. She is also able to read the small print on the front of the Healing Rooms intake form without her glasses. Gail visited the Healing Rooms last May to receive prayer for her gallbladder. She had been unable to eat full meals, and the doctor told her that it was because her gallbladder was full of stones. After receiving prayer, she went back to the doctor to be examined and no stones were found in her gallbladder. She has been eating full meals ever since!

Anne Marie from Antioch, CA
Anne Marie came to the Healing Rooms to receive prayer for her eyesight and scoliosis, which she had since she was 12. She would usually feel pain at a level 6 when she was cold or when she would sleep wrong at night. She also had restricted movement and was unable to bend over forward or to her sides without pain. Anne Marie usually wears glasses because one of her eyes was nearsighted and the other was farsighted. This would cause her to have blurry vision. After prayer today, Anne Marie is able to bend her back in every direction without pain, and her vision has improved. She can now read to the bottom of the eye chart without her glasses.

Peter from New Zealand
For eight years, Peter had Meniere’s disease, a middle ear disease that acts like extreme vertigo. It would cause him random nausea and dizziness. Sometimes it would be so bad it would affect his work and it would have him bedridden for a few days. Though it is not as severe as it was in the past, if he would simply look up or move his head too quickly, it would cause dizziness. In the Encounter the Healer class, someone gave a word of knowledge about dizziness. One of the prayer servants prayed for Peter, and now he can move his head quickly and look up without any dizziness or nausea.

Greta from Tulare, CA
Ten years ago Greta had fibroid tumors removed, but they grew back. She also had
endometriosis, which is inflammation in the tissue of the uterus. She had pain in her lower back, tailbone, hips, and spine. She also has had foot pain because she walks awkwardly to avoid the pain in her back. She has had to be on medication to keep the pain down, and when she sits she usually feels a stabbing pain. As they prayed she felt peace, and now she can’t feel any of the tailbone pain and she can recline in her chair for the first time in five years! And she can rock back and forth. “There is no way I could be doing this (sitting and relaxing) without a touch from Jesus. I’m free, I’m free, I’m free. This is a miracle!” Her smile is huge.

Josh from Palm Springs, CA
Josh had no arch in his right foot, which caused him pain at a level 5 when he walked. After receiving prayer, an arch grew in his right foot and there is no longer any pain when he walks.

November 10, 2012

Gideon from California
The bones in Gideon’s back were out of alignment because of asthma, and this has been affecting him since he was three (he is now 13). While receiving prayer, he fell down under the power of God, and while he was lying down on the floor for 4-5 minutes, he had the sensation of a hand wrapped around his spine, moving up and down, adjusting it into alignment.

November 3rd, 2012

Stephanie from Colorado
In June of 2011 Stephanie was in hospital to have a port put in her right side to receive chemotherapy treatment. For the procedure, she was turned upside down and her right arm was pulled back and her rotator cuff was torn. Today while receiving prayer in the Healing Room, her pain level went down from 6 to 0, and mobility has been restored to her right shoulder.

A woman came into the Healing Rooms today with a tooth that stuck out. She received prayer and the tooth is now aligned in place.

A woman with two tumors on her thyroid from thyroid cancer had one tumor shrink in half and the other completely dissolved.

October 20, 2012

Bob from Vancouver, WA
Bob had a stroke, which affected his speech. He lost his ability to speak in tongues. When he received prayer, his speech improved and his prayer language returned.

Paul from Carmel, CA
Paul’s left foot would curve in as he walked, and he would have to concentrate to keep his foot straight. While he was in the Encounter Room, it straightened out. When he walks now, his foot stays straight naturally, and he has more strength in his left leg now.

October 27, 2012

A screw in a lady’s back is gone.

Maire from Washington
Maire was diagnosed with MS twelve years ago. She felt a constant pain of about 3 or 4 in the back of her legs and in her hands. Her vision was also blurry. While receiving prayer in the Healing Rooms, she started feeling electricity in the back of her head. When the prayer servant laid hands on her she fell out in the Spirit. When she fell down she said the Holy Spirit was radiating through her soul as she was being healed inside. She felt healed in her soul. The pain in her legs is completely gone.

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