How it Works:

  1. Registration occurs through the “Upcoming Events” ticketing window. Tickets are free and made available every Monday morning at 9 a.m. Pacific Time. Typically we will be able to accommodate 36 Skype calls on a Thursday morning. This means that tickets will usually go quickly. We suggest you are online to register as close to Monday at 9 a.m. as possible.
  2. On Thursday morning, please be online at least 5 minutes before your time to make sure your technical connection is stable. Note, you must sign in so that you show up when we are trying to reach you.
  3. Due to the limited amount of ticketed guests that we can have, we are unable to guarantee that we can call you back if you are unavailable for your appointment time.
  4. The Skype connection works best in a well lit and quiet area so we encourage you to be in a distraction free zone where you can prepare your heart and atmosphere to receive God's love for you.

For More Information

Please visit the Bethel Prophetic Ministry homepage or contact us at:

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On Earth as it is in Heaven